Baltimore Black Cop Hung Jury: Chaos Rises As Contradictions Proliferate In Race Issues


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Freddie Gray’s family call for calm as Officer William Porter walks FREE: the police officer being accused of killing a criminal in this case is a black officer.  Note at the rage-filled demonstration against the police in Baltimore, the cops are all black and the rioters are black.  As inner city communities that were once proud manufacturing centers are now broiling mad quarantine zones holding mainly black welfare families who produce criminals as this is the only way they can survive in our Free Trade universe today.  Selling or doing illegal stuff is how they make a living and suppressing these populations which are mainly black but increasingly Hispanic, is also a major expense and industry.  Now, activists are decapitating the ‘police/prison’ side of the equation making crime spike back upwards again.  This, in turn, will destroy what remains of the Democratic Party that is making our cities worse off as the GOP works to do the same, too.  After all, it was Clinton himself that foisted free trade on us all, wrecking my own business (raising and selling rare breeds of sheep).



Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams declared a mistrial after a hung jury on all four counts on Wednesday afternoon. Lawyers will meet tomorrow to set a new court date.


The result came as a major blow for prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, who drew international attention by charging six officers within just weeks of Gray’s death – a speedy decision that analysts now wonder could have been too quick to build a case.


Speaking outside court, Shipley added: ‘We thank this hard-working jury for their service to the public, their quest for justice, their personal sacrifice of their time and effort. We are not at all upset with them, neither should the public be upset. They did the best that they could.


‘We are hopeful that [Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn] Mosby will retry Officer Porter as soon as possible, and that his next jury will reach a verdict.’


Yes, the black prosecutor is gleefully anticipating putting a black police officer in prison.  We are not told what hung up the jury but I would suspect it was a black juror who refused to convict.  Two of the five officers under inditement are white and I am betting they will be convicted immediately.  As it now stands, most white people thinking about patrolling black communities are going to rethink this.  I am all for blacks patrolling black communities, by the way.  Having worked with and knowing black cops in the past, they tend to have a good idea what is going on in their neighborhoods.  On the other hand, they are also easier to corrupt, due to the same factor.  This happened with Italian cops in Italian communities in say, NYC in the past.


The Mafia worked very hard to get cops to side with them or look the other way, and this was a lot easier if the cops were also Italiano.  But it remains a truth that patrolling communities from the outside leads to huge messes and that wiping out crime is nearly impossible if the economic system encourages crime.  For example, the Mafia didn’t thrive first unless there were gambling/drinking prohibitions in the 1920’s onwards.  Ditto goes for the War on Drugs which made profits in the illegal drug trade shoot through the roof.


The real problem here is entirely caused by our rulers who chose free trade and elimination of much of our manufacturing base over job creation.  The flood of legal and illegal aliens was also 100% the fault of our rulers who wanted cheap, illegal labor instead of hiring American citizens who might be troublesome.  I trained black inner city males who were in prison to do construction work 35 years ago.  I got all of the graduates a good paying job in New Jersey and NYC.  Then the flood of illegal aliens poured into the construction trades and now one rarely sees black males at work sites.


Backs to the wall, black males have chosen to attack what little policing remains since being totally illegal is their only remaining job opening for many black males who drop out of school.  They want the cops gone, basically, since this interferes with business.  When I lived in a mainly black community, I worked with some very fine black citizen males who wanted to stop crime and we had our own patrols particularly at night.  We made a series of very profound citizen’s arrests and crime went down, the hoods in the hood figured really fast to avoid our small enclave.


Al Sharpton confronted me about all this and demanded I be destroyed!  Luckily, my fellow patrol members closed ranks and pushed him out of our neighborhood which today is one of the safer places in Brooklyn.


Obama has been a complete disaster for black males:  Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities – The New York Times


Screen shot 2015-12-17 at 8.10.09 AM

The police superintendent in Chicago, Garry McCarthy, said he thought an abundance of guns was a major factor in his city’s homicide spike. Even as officials in both parties are calling for reducing the prison population, he insisted that gun offenders should face stiffer penalties.


“Across the country, we’ve all found it’s not the individual who never committed a crime before suddenly killing somebody,” Mr. McCarthy said on Monday. “It’s the repeat offenders. It’s the same people over and over again.”


Among some experts and rank-and-file officers, the notion that less aggressive policing has emboldened criminals — known as the “Ferguson effect” in some circles — is a popular theory for the uptick in violence.


“The equilibrium has changed between police and offenders,” said Alfred Blumstein, a professor and a criminologist at Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University.


I no longer live in the inner city.  I live in a mountainous small town in upstate New York.  We have a local gun store.  Nearly everyone is armed here including me.  A number of us hunt including me.  We have a zero murder rate, too.  I have confronted criminals here in the past (all had to do with drug guys who were angry I owned a property where they grew pot illegally) with a rifle in hand and words about shooting them dead.  We live in a wild country but here in the deep countryside, we have guns because of the need to use them for good reasons, we have no cops to call.


In the cities, on the other hand, I never used a gun on patrol, I had good relations with the police on  the street (the guys who actually patrol) and over time won them all over and so if I or a member of our organization called for back up they responded very, very swiftly.  They also greatly appreciated our organization’s full backing when cops were harmed including the one that was shot in the head right in front of me when responding to a break in call in a brownstone on 7th Avenue in Brooklyn.  I was the chief witness and successfully identified the killer and assisted in the successful swift arrest of the killer.  For this, I was invited to the memorial march in downtown Brooklyn.  There was a great deal of anger that week because the mayor was previously attacking the police not the criminals who were interacting with the police.


Many of the letters to the editor back up my contention that the political attack on cops is causing worse crimes, for the story really is all about crime rising again thanks this year to the Black Lives Matter movement and Obama and other black politicians embracing this while not backing up attempts at stopping black on black murder which is 50% of the murders in our country.  Here is a typical response to the NYT article:


Gagg Door County, WI September 1, 2015
Cops in our big, black cities have determined – with the utmost of logical perfection – that distancing themselves from known crime areas is safer for them in the long run. They’ll avoid BLM pretenders who seek to draw them into no-win confrontations. If cops actively police, they could be reprimanded, fired or accused of over reaction and indicted. If they engage in limited by-the-book policing – merely responding to calls, they will cede territory to the punks, but guarantee their pensions and even their lives. Essentially, BLM has guaranteed a tragic increase in black-on-black murders…and, as a taxpayer, I don’t really care. Let ’em kill each other; it’s cheaper than locking them up.


They did this back in the 1970-1990 period which saw many of our inner cities burn to the ground.  I was in the middle of one of these ‘burn down the hood’ events and it was scary as all hell since fires can spread very easily especially if the fire departments cannot respond and cops flee for their lives.  It appears that all the vain attempts at saving black-dominated cities is now going up in flames again and unlike previous times, no one really cares anymore.  Since black males in particular no longer matter to anyone, they will be left to fester and kill each other and no one will raise an alarm so long as they don’t leave their enclaves to do this.


And that is the problem.  They will leave their own enclaves!  It is life and death for them to do this.  The real issue is, Democrats have courted both illegal aliens pouring in to steal jobs black males used to do, and they are now taking over the Democratic party to expand this activity and blacks vote nearly 100% for Democratic candidates who are allies with the Hispanic pro-illegal alien branch of the Democratic Party and this is an alliance that is suicidal for black citizens but they can’t help it since many white voters are fleeing the Democratic Party which has one saving grace: it is pro-women’s rights.


Which the Catholics do not support!  This alliance of activist women’s rights people with black power activists and Hispanic pro-illegal alien groups is a rickety car with square wheels going nowhere in the long run.  And this irritates me because I despise Republicans who want to interfere with my hard-won civil rights.  What to do?  One is in despair.


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29 responses to “Baltimore Black Cop Hung Jury: Chaos Rises As Contradictions Proliferate In Race Issues

  1. Lou

    The real problem here is entirely caused by our rulers who chose free trade and elimination of much of our manufacturing base over job creation.

    Uh, no. The problem is african DNA. The democrats and LBJs welfare- Great Society.

    Che Gueverra,
    “The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

    Ghandi; “A general belief seems to prevail in the Colony that the Indians are little better, if at all, than savages or the Natives of Africa. Even the children are taught to believe in that manner, with the result that the Indian is being dragged down to the position of a raw Kaffir.”

  2. Lou

    The new ‘Star Wars’ has a Black hero [from JJ Abrams, multi cult jew]
    The powers-that-be are black-topping a couple other movies. Stephen King’s Gunslinger, is very white in the books (it’s essential to his character), is now black in the movie.
    The Girl With All The Gifts, Melanie, is a small white girl with blonde hair in the book. They’ve cast a tallish black girl with glasses in the role for the movie.
    The last version of ‘Annie’ as well. With the girl with the ridiculous name.



  3. Lou

    We have a zero murder rate, too.
    Only because yr area is –presently– White. The democrats want it to be minority White.
    100,000 Syrians admitted. Illegals. Section 8. Integration.

    LOOK AT THE COLOR OF CRIME. Not the city.

  4. Melponeme_k


    It isn’t DNA. It is a matter of culture. MLK knew this was the crux of the problem and worked hard to reverse it. He was murdered for his good deeds.

    As far as casting in films, that never mattered to me. It will still be Stephen King’s crazy “Alchemy” religion story no matter who plays Roland. My only complaint about the future film is that they have Idris Elba set to play him. He isn’t American. But then again Hollywood was always at the forefront of FREE TRADE. They love using foreign actors in almost everything so they don’t have to pay union fees and play by union rules.

  5. Name

    @ #4

    Arguing with racists is a waste of time.

  6. Ken

    I don’t want to believe Lou’s argument that there is something inherent in African-American DNA that predisposes them to all of the group;s negative stereotypes. However, it is hard not to notice that every single black dominated area (whether a whole country like Haiti or various African nations, or just cities like Detroit and Rio and Port au Prince) all have the same problems.

    Some of the populations are descendants of slaves, and some are not. Some are in dictatorships, and some are not. Some were colonized, and some were not. The only thing they have in common is African heritage.

    I don’t want to believe it, but Lou may have a point.

  7. Melponeme_k


    The single factor that affects all of those places is a welfare type program. Whether it is actual welfare like in the first world countries or aid funds. By any name, the money for a lifetime instead of temporary aid has destroyed countries and small groups across the board.

    All of this “aid” has the aim of destroying pride and self sufficiency. Plus it encourages theft and cultural collapse. Which elites and their companies want, so that they can steal whatever resources they need without having to pay true world value prices.

  8. Seraphim

    @What to do?

    Continue your fight with Catholics. They are the root of all evil. Even of the Climate Change.

  9. Floridasandy

    Nice post Mel.

    Dependency creates problems, not race, in America.

    We have people of all races who rise above it, think Ben Carson, but it surely isn’t easy to do something that bucks the generations. Those of us with good two parent families are in no position to judge.

    Although we do have to punish bad behavior as a society, or there really is no hope.

  10. Lou

    Dependency creates problems, not race, in America.
    Then why is South Africa a ‘train wreck?’.

    Why are most killers in USA drawn from 3% of USA population? Answer that before you sling mud at me.

  11. Floridasandyo

    Lou, not slinging mud- just giving a different opinion. Who knows how any of us would turn out with different upbringings?

    It really helps to have a stable family, and I blame the governments of the world for the destruction of that. They are now olsending kids here alone, for crying out loud. How will that turn out, I wonder?

  12. emsnews

    I lived deep inside the black community in NYC. The chaos there isn’t 100%, there are MANY good people struggling to do the right thing and it is an uphill battle. When we organized our anti-crime force, the major part of it, the ‘muscle’ that made it work were all fine black FATHERS who cared for their children.

    and this is what welfare killed off. Fatherhood. It is tragic watching this and it afflicts white and Hispanic families more and more, too, as WORKING CLASS jobs vanish overseas.

    I rage about this for I am very, very fond of working class men who try hard to be good fathers and provide doing the muscle work. I made my living in construction, after all, which is all about hard, hard work, 80% of which is done by men.

  13. Lou

    Welfare killed off marriage, not fatherhood for blacks. [Fixed that for you]
    And the democrats were behind this?
    Maybe LBJ really did make the comment, ‘I will have these n— voting democrat for centuries.’

    this worthless piece of african dindu has 30 keedz


  14. Lou

    And the media, always at work to denigrate Whites and elevate u no hus,

    SyFy miniseries “Childhood’s End” was another in the long list of movies/television programs to feature as one of it’s main characters a genius Black astrophysicist.


  15. Lou

    Section 8, destroying yr area next?

    These UPPER CLASS WEALTHY neighborhoods are filled with liberal hypocrites. I can tell you that most of the middle class and lower class redneck cowboys living in this town I call home would not be welcome in these peoples neighborhoods. These are the asshole type people that would be offended by seeing a PICK UP TRUCK parked in somebodies driveway.

    These wealthy upper crust white people send their children to expensive LIBERAL UNIVERSITIES where they are brow beaten into submission with all the “share the wealth” bullshit socialism crap. Their professors are radical left wingers and feminist.

    Little “Johnny boy” is told he is racist if he doesn’t date black girls and that he is homophobic if he is not turned on by a guy.

    So Trashcaneesha is moving in next door with half a dozen bastard children who will be climbing over the fence to use these rich dorks swimming pools. How many of these rich f-ks have ever worked as a cook or waitress at a truck stop. Do they even know how to change a flat tire. I’ll make you a bet that most people reading this blog would not be welcome into their fancy neighborhoods or country clubs. They consider us toothless hillbillies and white trash.

    Here in the FREE ZONE we just got 8 to 10 inches of snow. I know a guy in his 60’s and a lady in her 50’s who were out shoveling snow because they needed the extra money.

    These upper class white folks have no idea how the average American is striving just to put food on the table and pay the rent or house payments. Both parents are working at two bit shit jobs they hate and are praying the car don’t break down. Millions of people are one or two paychecks from being out on the street.

    So the hood rats will now be breeding in these wealthy enclaves. Hey liberal wealthy dip shit…..Cry me a river. All your liberal bullshit has come home to roost [from sbpdl blog].

  16. Lou

    Meanwhile, In our medium-sized Midwestern city, since blacks began flooding in from Chicago for shorter Section 8 waiting lists, our crime rate has skyrocketed, school violence and fights have gone way up, along with gunplay and homicide, almost all black.[TNB- typical n– behavior].

    Recently a 15 year old shot and killed a 14 year-old. You invariably hear the mammies ooking that they came here for a “bettah life.” But, they bring the same ghetto lifestyle which inevitably leads to the same problem they fled from.

    Still the same deal–single mommas popping out illegitimate kids that receive no parenting.

    One of the most humorous recent stories was a black kid who was trying to pick a fight in a school bathroom when he slipped on the tile floor and KO’ed himself on a urinal.

    Of course mammy was all mad at the “skoo,” I guess for putting the urinal where it was.

  17. Lou

    Floridasandy Nice post Mel. Dependency creates problems, not race, in America.

    Where are the Black astrophysicists? In fantasy land with ‘genius’ Neil De Grass.

  18. Jim R

    Lou: Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    I’ll see your Trashcaneesha and raise you an Ellie May Clampett. Or if you live in Louisiana, a Boudreaux.

  19. Lou

    JIM R —Real people, real killings, raise me 10,000 [black killers],

    I’m adding Quendrick to my list of great first names that I stumbled across in 2015. I’ve posted this list of interesting first names before and figured some folks would get a kick out of my updated list.
    All of these names are from crime stories I’ve ran across on the Internet… if I were to search for names from the rosters of NFL and NCAA football teams I’d break the Internet with this post.

    Quendrick “Bailey (20) shooter at Bunny Field Park massacre in at New Orleans (LA)
    Ryndreaka Gooseberry (?) survived Bunny Field Park massacre in at New Orleans (LA)
    Expavious Tyrell Taylor (20) murdered in gun battle (FL)
    Zyquabious Romaire Williams (18) Sexual assault (SC)
    Ketrellia Monaja Harris (15) murdered white man for $3 (NC)
    Breonna Thorne (19) protested black-on-black murders (PA)
    Tremon Rahquis Pittman (22) murder victim (NC)
    Shiparish Yates (21) looting (SC)
    Jemetric Nicholson (28) cop killer(IL)
    Porshau Hewitt (37) Triple homicide (NC)
    Shakeem Ricks (21) murder (NJ)
    Tyheem Mayfield (23) murder (NJ)
    Nyje Johnson (20) murder (NJ)
    Quajeir Culbreath (17) murder (NJ)
    Jeavonte Dennis (18) murder (NJ)
    Divonite Almestica (?) New Orleans councilman who says crime is result of lack of opportunity (LA)
    Donwan Tonwlsey (26) raped U. of Indiana student (IN)
    Chicwanda Forbes (32) murder (LA)
    Latausha Nedd (?) goes by name Eye Empress Sekhmet and burns flags and threatens whites on youtube (GA)
    Jkukuruin Corley (19) former gang member (TN)
    Nanyamka N. James (20) arrested for assaulting police officer while out on parole (WI)
    Jamycheal Mitchell (24) committed suicide while in jail (VA)
    De’Eris Marquan Brown (21) shot 9 year-old girl named Jamyla (MO)
    NuPhaeya Hassen (12) attacked a 12 year-old boy who she claimed was in KKK (MO)
    Juruary Miles (30) cop killer (TX)
    Barvetta Singletary (37) worked at White House! – shot her boyfriend (DC)
    Shyteak Lawrence (25) killed in drive-by (MD)
    Timiquae Marquan Slaton (22) murder (GA)
    Jaelyn Delshaun Young (19) tried to join ISIS (MS)
    Shavinskin Thomas (21) murder (PA)
    Janaris Shamer Cunningham (34) pistol whipped a detective (AL)
    Kingquintav Davis-Ringold (1) infant killed by mother (IL)
    Lavauntai Broadbent (16) pulled a gun on a white guy in a robbery, got shot by guy b/c he had CCP (MN)
    Yahdea Brown (19) part of ‘knockout gang’ group (OH)
    Najee Harmon (21) cop killer (WI)
    Dhoruba Shakur (25) public supporter of man who tried to assassinate a police officer (MO)
    Draon Armstrong (21) claimed police brutality when police roughed him up for resisting arrest after not paying metro fare (MN)
    Demaryius Thomas (27) President Obama gave a full pardon to the cocaine trafficking mother of this NFL player (GA)
    Shuntayvious Primes-Willis (15) murder (NE)
    Tajanetta Downing (24) beat up a 72 y.o. lady (MA)
    Kenoldo Alexis (17) part of gang rape of mentally disabled girl (FL)
    Ajanique Legrand (16) leader of gang of 15-16 year-old girls that mugged Brooklyn residents (NY)
    Trepierre Hummons (21) cop killer (OH)
    Jordyn Wade (16) QUADRUPLE homicide (OH)
    Cudellious Love (59) murder (AZ)
    Johnren Gaines (17) raped an 11 year-old (LA)
    Shitavious J. Cook (15) murder (GA)
    Quartavious Davis (19) Serving armed robbery (FL)
    Dajerria Becton (15) girl who Cpl. Casebolt detained in infamous “Pool Party” incident (TX)
    Lyndell Dunnigan (15) beat a white man at a public park because “whites ain’t allowed there” (TN)
    K-Vonne Jenkins (21) sex offender (KY)
    Malandus Pearson (32) killed two white teen-age girls (MS)
    Daquantrius Johnson (21) stealing a wedding ring and other items from a woman who was dying from a brain aneurysm in a Taco Bell (KS)
    December 7, 2015 at 8:04 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Part II:

    Qwinterrious Dodson (22) theft (GA)
    Antwonetta Jones (22) strangled baby after delivering it and put it in trash compactor (LA)
    Ruhemmeion King (17) 2 counts of felony-murder (GA)
    Xzoyloysius Wood, Jr. (19) shooting suspect (VA)
    Shaquaid Cox (18) rape (OH)
    Shanetria Lanier (21) neighbor of Detroit “Freezer Mom” (MI)
    Shontavious Chestnut (25) murder (GA)
    Desunda Brown (18) teen-age girl with Robbery and firearm charges (TN)
    Dayvone Malvo (20) arrested for indecent exposure (TX)
    Dominiq Marquan Deloach (18) murdered innocent white bystander to an argument (NC)
    Tariq Jordan (15) murdered innocent white bystander to an argument (NC)
    Yvon Norton Jr. (20) rape (OH)
    Nehemijel Houston (?) murder (NC)
    Centrilia Shardon Leach (?) murder (NC)
    Demarquise Elkins (?) murdered infant (GA)
    DQuan Ingram (21) aspiring bus driver (FL)
    La’el Collins (22) murder(LA)
    Johnesda Perry (19) murdered infant (PA)
    Shyrome Jaquane Johnson (25) obstruction of justice in homicide of white 5 y.o. girl (SC)
    Rohbanni Wilson (24) sex offender & murderer (FL)
    Ymmacula Pierre (30) female NYPD cop who used credit cards of murder victim (NY)
    Donte Adaryll Noble (41) murderer(SC)
    LeRoya Moore (36) stabbed her 6 and 8 y.o. daughters to death (CT)
    Lakecia Hyman (41) embezzled $10,000 from charities (NJ)
    Orinthid Jabbar Hayes (19) sexual assault (FL)
    Quincinio Canada (24) murdered young marine and his wife (TX)
    Quinellia Shanice McKoy (24) B&E (NC)
    Jamealia Moore (36) theft (NC)
    Dontejio Taft (28) theft (NC)
    Younikue Stewart (18) larceny (NC)
    Shaequan Demetrice Johnson (22) robbery (NC)
    L-Vic Nicholson (22) stolen property (NC)
    Tykerious Raheem “Grumpy” Jones (17) murder n (GA)
    Quanterrious Wynn (18) murder (GA)
    I-Key Tumazs Pinkins (18) murder (GA)
    Ty’Cameron La’Darius Hayes (18) murder (GA)
    Lyryan Robinson (19) murder (GA)
    December 7, 2015 at 8:04 AM

  20. Floridasandy

    Lou, that is an impressive list but aren’t we all trying to figure out how to stop it, or none of us are really safe. What all the countries, including America, need is stable homes with two parent families.

    But how do we get there from here?

  21. Floridasandy

    Oh,and Haiti needs to stop that voodoo crap. In case they didn’t notice, it’s not working out for them.

    There is first world behavior, which results in first world countries. Helping the weakest makes us stronger.

  22. Lou

    Blacks are very superstitious. Especially Haitians and Africans. Thats where all the ‘end the violence’ walks are from. Magical thinking.

  23. Lou

    i will take ‘Black Killers’ for $100.

  24. emsnews

    The destruction of the black working class guys is being done to white ones too. And the only way out is for BOTH TO UNITE which is why racist crap like Lou posts here is dumb.

    Um, the woes of the black community is now blasting through the white working class as manufacturing/union jobs vanish overseas!!! And illegal aliens are hired to replace what remains here.

    Race wars are dumb. Stupid. Idiotic. Uniting is much smarter and the GOP doesn’t want this to happen and the DNC uses race to keep a voting base that is being destroyed by DNC programs on the bus.

  25. Lou

    why racist crap like Lou posts here is dumb.–facts are not racist.

  26. Lou

    After seeing 50 years of attempting to get Black n White 2 unite, I see the effort was doomed. Too must testosterone in Blacks…like
    Mr. Rational said…I have also been following the Las Vegas Strip massacre and FINALLY found a description (still no photo!) of the perp:

    “Lt. Dan McGrath, of LVMPD, said the suspect is a black woman in her 20s.”

    It was obvious given the initial media silence that the perp was one of the left’s pets, it was only a question of which variety.

    It really IS time to make “driving while Black” a crime. A vehicle is a weapon. You are Black, you don’t have weapons including vehicles.

    (I can’t wait to see how the usual suspects on the SBPDL blogroll spin this one.) a black women intentional ran over a bunch of pedestrians in las vegas. we have had 2 such ” accidental” deaths in Chattanooga lately involving blacks running over, and in one of the instances, killing whites. And I have heard of a few more across the country. I think I’m seeing a pattern here.
    When I heard just the headline on the news this morning, my first thought was “either a Muslim or a Dindu!” Then I read the story.
    3 year old in the car. Yep that was a Dindu.
    When people tried to get her to stop driving on the sidewalk, she accelerated and started mowing pedestrians down. Yep. Definitely a Dindu. Ever tried to tell a negro to slow down? They get very angry. They get offended. That’s what happened. No doubt she was in a hurry and just trying to get around traffic. Had to get to “da sto” to play her lottery numbers most likely. When those darn white people had the nerve to commit the racist microaggression of telling her she couldn’t drive where she wanted, she felt disrespected and acted out in the only way she knew how.

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