Howler Monkey Press Not Allowed In Same Room As Harpy Eagle Hillary

Heart Of Ice (Evil Ice Queen) Make Up Tutorial for Hillary.


Nothing irritates me more than the fact that Ms. Clinton wants to be crowned queen.  Every action taken by the DNC is to make certain she is crowned.  This is beyond stupid, it is suicidal.  Giving us no choices is a very bad idea.  The only real person to challenger her is a non-Democrat, Sanders of Vermont.  Here is the latest goofball attempt at crowning Clinton:  Democratic Party will make reporters cover Saturday’s debate from atop the ice in a hockey arena | Daily Mail Online:


The Democrats have taken heat this year for discouraging the press from covering their debates, holding half of them on weekends when few Americans follow the news closely.


After this Saturday’s liberal slugfest, the party’s next debate will be in South Carolina on January 17 – a Sunday – in the middle of the NFL playoffs, on the same weekend the so-far undefeated Carolina Panthers are expected to play their first postseason game.


The November 14 Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa drew the smallest audience of any primary debate this year, just 7.2 million viewers.


ABC’s college football broadcast that night posted higher ratings.


This week’s Republican debate, held on a Tuesday night in Las Vegas, drew 18 million pairs of eyeballs on TV.


So, this bitchy woman thinks by hiding from voters, she will win?  La, talk about stupid!  It is funny that the press will be corralled in an ice rink, after all, Hillary is an Ice Princess herself.  Virtually no one is talking about Hillary right now.  All eyes are focused on Trump who has stumped all the professionals who have been chopping away madly at him, howling like…Howler Monkeys 


Indeed, our media giants and their howler monkeys imagine this racket they are making is smart, clever and oh-so-effective.  Everyone must hate Trump.  But how can howler monkeys elect Hillary?  Harpy Eagles eat howler monkeys!  The reporters know this which is why they are not unhappy about being confined to a hockey rink instead of trapped in the same environment where the Harpy hunts.


This election cycle is one of the most futile and dumb ones I have lived through and I have lived through a number of near-candidates for ‘stupidest election ever’.  The top tier of our ‘democracy’ is now so rotten, the only way to characterize it is to compare it to a jungle.  Full of screaming monkeys throwing shit.


MORE NEWS:  Democratic Party claims Bernie Sanders aides stole Hillary Clinton’s secret voter lists | Daily Mail Online


 It’s all-out WAR as the Democratic Party claims Bernie Sanders aides stole Hillary Clinton’s secret voter lists – and the Sanders camp threatens to SUE if it isn’t allowed back into its own database…But the party believes a 40-minute-long software glitch allowed Sanders aides to pillage similar data belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign – and documents indicate that four of them took full advantage by searching and downloading much of it to their personal folders on campaign computers…
Weaver suggested that the Sanders organization’s data was ‘stolen by the DNC’ as part of a scheme to put the Vermont senator at a disadvantage, and pledged to file a federal lawsuit if the party continued to ‘hold our data hostage.’


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24 responses to “Howler Monkey Press Not Allowed In Same Room As Harpy Eagle Hillary

  1. Jim R

    Wow. Just wow. I saw the title and had to laugh.
    So true … the howlers think their noises are so profound. ❤

  2. Lou

    Elaine–off topic but fun.
    Brooklyn boy makes bad, some of hhis family still in the apartment in bklyn,

  3. emsnews

    Yes, that jerk was arrested today. Good riddance.

  4. Petruchio

    “So, this bitchy woman thinks by hiding from voters, she will win? ” Yes, she does. Mrs. Clinton–apparently–has ALREADY locked up all of the at-large delegates to the Democrat Convention. Big Surprise. A US Presidential campaign that is rigged!!. Who woulda thunk it????

  5. ruffian

    monkey majik

  6. Christian W

    The US Air Force has managed to precision strike another Iraqi military unit close to Fallujah. Over 30 soldiers have been killed and 20 wounded.

  7. vengeur

    @CW : This is really starting to look like some kind of tipping point. Deadly f*ckup after deadly f*ckup. It seems as if the US is trying to make it unsafe for any American anywhere on the planet.

  8. vengeur

    Hagel is pissed that Obama didn’t go along with the plan. LOL Even if it WERE true Assad used chemical weapons, Where in the hell does the US?nato think it gets justification to attack a nation that is not a threat to the US?

  9. vengeur

    Correction, that is Ash Carter (current SOD) , NOT Chuck Hagel.

  10. Elaine, won’t you write about the end of ZIRP ?


    ELAINE: I just got my last ZIRP loan last week, I knew this was coming.

  11. Joseppi

    I second that request, Matt…..

  12. Lou

    Yes, that jerk was arrested today. Good riddance.

    Im not sure how much jail time he will get. With Obama the BIG time fraudsters – banksters just get fines, NEVER jail [imo].

  13. Lou

    write about the end of ZIRP ?
    Right or wrong it was a ‘token gesture’ and shows how bad the USA economy is.
    Look at real figures — baltic dry index, velocity of money, shorting of gold on the comex. There are many blogs and youtube channels that have the facts.

  14. vengeur

    End of zirp? At this rate of rate increases it will take YEARS to actually raise them.

  15. CK

    The makeup tutorial was marvelous. Since I am an old reprobate, I always enjoy watching young females make themselves awweeessssooooommmmmmeeeeeee for my delectation. Maybe the audience here will appreciate a future tutorial on giving oneself a Brazilian before going out on the town.

  16. vengeur

    @16 :”Business insider” AKA yahoo news is Totally biased Trump haters.

  17. Floridasandy

    Haha, CK. No doubt if you look hard enough, there already is one out there.

    Hillary must not feel as confident as she is trying to project.. She certainly has needed a lot of help from both the media and the DNC, and they don’t trust her in the debates, hence Saturday night opposite football, with no advertising.

    Yesterday,dana-whatever said that most trump voters were lower socioeconomically, and today the new poll said that non college educated were his block. Trying to shame the trump supporters- they are clearly out of ammo at this point.

  18. Ken

    FloridaSandy, if the description of the Trump supporters from that poll is accurate, it tells me that he has tapped into the old Reagan Democrats base. If true, this could be a huge source of political strength for him.

  19. Floridasandy

    Ken, let’s hope. It is seriously time for s change, especially with both parties folding on every issue. The new budget is a disgrace

  20. emsnews

    As per usual, Congress says one thing and then does the opposite, both parties do this. They do NOT represent the US voters who swing from one to the other in despair.

  21. Petruchio

    I believe the Elites, the Rulers, the oligarchs, whatever you want to call them are gonna ram Mrs. Clinton down our throats whether the voters want her or not. The ruling class wants her in The White House so to The White House She will go. The only question is how they are going to rig it.

  22. floridasandy

    petruchio, the real question is how are we going to stop them.

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