US Military Actions In Syria Aimed At Russia And Syrian Government And Is Really Protection Of Terrorists

This 1946 film shows actual footage of the atomic bomb destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan – YouTube

The US media is a propaganda machine.  In the case of all the governments of Muslim countries that Israel wanted overthrown, the chaos and destruction of these countries turning them into wrecks has been the US strategy for years now.  Ever since Saudi Arabians attacked us on 9/11, all the energy fighting terrorists (sic) have been directed at countries that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.  Here is the latest attempt by the NYT to explain what is going on in Syria:  In ISIS Strategy, U.S. Weighs Risk to Civilians – The New York Times


The three-month-old Russian air campaign has stood in stark contrast to the caution of American military planners. The Russian campaign has mostly targeted rebel groups in northwestern Syria that are opposed to the government of President Bashar al-Assad, and it has deployed fighter jet that use largely unguided bombs to strike their targets, killing hundreds of civilians, human rights groups say.


The fear among many in Syria and the West is that the Russian campaign is handing the Islamic State and other militants a major propaganda victory. American officials say that if the United States were to go the same route, it would be likely to alienate the local Sunni tribesmen whose support is critical to ousting the militants, and the Sunni Arab countries that are part of the fragile American-led coalition.


Just like during the Vietnam War, the US has shown no desire to protect any civilians where we are stomping people into the ground.  We attack whatever and whenever we want to hell with anything.  Drop nuclear bombs on civilians!  Where is the US getting off on ‘we are anxious to not kill civilians’?  Our history drips with civilian blood!  Always has since day one (when Europe crashed into the New World, for example).  Not that other empires didn’t so the same.  This is how empires are built and ruled since humanity began fighting wars and invading other communities thousands of years ago.

My friend Jungsan chanting at the Grafton Peace Pagoda.


Putin says Russia ready to increase military role in Syria after US bombed Syrian soldiers fighting the Islamic terrorists who are NOT all Syrians at all: ‘Tentacles of terror: Chilling map shows the 31,000 mercenary ‘gun for hire’ jihadis from 86 countries who left their homes to join ISIS… and a third may return to carry out Paris-style attacks | Daily Mail Online reports.  US citizens seldom if ever see such headlines because our darling media bosses lie about the Middle East nearly nonstop.  We are controlled via these lies which is why it is amazing that Donald Trump has overridden the propaganda talking at least with some honesty about what he hopes to do instead of outright lies.


The US government simultaneously tells us all and our media owners echo this nonstop, that terrorists are terrible and justifies overthrowing governments that are NOT terrorizing us but instead, we must support anti-government rebels who are…TERRORISTS not only at home but here, too.  Except the Saudi terrorists are evil but the rulers of Saudi Arabia are wonderful people who run one of the most evil and repressive regimes on earth, Saudi Arabia to behead Abdullah al-Zaher who attended anti-government protest at 15 where he did nothing except expressed an interest in stopping the terror!  Oh, note how this is again, EUROPEAN news not here in the US.


Vladimir Putin beats David Cameron to top of Express poll on who you want as British PM mainly because Putin is much more honest about his goals and methods unlike the NATO rulers who lie, cheat and steal from their own people with impunity. Congress is debating letting in Syrian ‘refugees’ like the fine lady who shot up California last week when in reality, Figures show over 100,000 Syrians have come to the US since 2012 | Daily Mail Online of England again, informs us.


JUST IN:  New Russian Air Defenses in Syria Keep U.S. Grounded – Bloomberg View whines.  How dare they set up air defenses preventing the US from bombing Assad’s military troops like we did this last week!  Since the US cannot be bothered to coordinate with Russia and Syria, we should butt out, not go in all the way while not communicating with these other people who are already there and fighting these terrorists.


Mufid Elfgeeh tried to recruit for ISIS in Syria on Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook | Daily Mail Online reports.  This was in NYC, I live in NY and am furious that terrorists are allowed to operate here so of course, our President wants to bring in more.  In England, Homeowners now face £60 rise in council tax bills to pay for the flood of Islamic people who are stressing the welfare state greatly so the English middle class must pay up for all this.  The right wing is rising in Europe as the leftists openly destroy their home states.  Here is a typical comment from that news story:


Elba22 hours ago
This is intolerable. The UK state pension is not increasing by £60, let alone the additional costs of food, power, transport and other essentials. Apparently having worked hard for 40+ years and paid into this insulting farce of ‘income’ for our old age we are not as entitled to financial help as total strangers, foreigners, who arrive on our shores – legally or illegally. Our savings are worth nothing in terms of interest thanks to the banks and successive governments, since the financial crash in 2008. Instead of being able to supplement the miserable state pension with interest on our savings, we’ve been obliged to use capital, which is now running low. This is not because that we’ve been profligate, or failed to save for our old age, or ever relied on others – it’s because successive governments have dipped into the national pensions income pot and failed to ensure that pensions kept pace with inflation for many, many years – the result is that pensions are unrealistic and would be laughable if it wasn’t killling so many old people who simply can’t afford both heat and food. How many of them could live on £130 a week?


Exactly.  Yes, these endless wars have been paid for via pretending there is no inflation here in the US and Europe.  And we have the devil to pay for all this.


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10 responses to “US Military Actions In Syria Aimed At Russia And Syrian Government And Is Really Protection Of Terrorists

  1. Jim R

    My favorite media trick lately, is when they run military video released by the Russian MoD as the soundtrack talks about ‘coalition air strikes’ on ISIS. Sometimes, it will be very brief, about half a second, but when you freeze the frame, there is Cyrillic writing on the display. Other times, they just crudely black-out all the status information.

  2. vengeur

    The NYT comment : “The three-month-old Russian air campaign has stood in stark contrast to the caution of American military planners.” Should read more like: “The three-month-old Russian air campaign has stood in stark contrast to the unlawful, wholly deceptive, terrorist supporting activity of American military planners.” Bravo Elaine, you nail it once again.

  3. John Doe

    Apparently the Air force needs more bombs.

  4. Seraphim

    @In the case of all the governments of Muslim countries that Israel wanted overthrown…

    The irony, if irony is, is that the said Governments Israel wanted overthrown were not Muslim. They were secular, nationalist, socialist (hopla, sounds almost like Nazi, sure the Jews felt that the Holo is back). Muslims have been unleashed against them. They are the objective allies of Israel and US in their struggle to remove any hindrance to the full spectrum domination of Israel in the region. Muslims are the foot soldiers. They want the head of Assad, never Bibi.

  5. Ziff

    Gurrker +1 on that link . Wow

  6. tio

    A seasons greetings from Airstrip One,

    I thought you might like this. The Ministry of Truth, the BBC1 6PM news broadcast, has consisted of three informational segments recently 1) the health service is failing; 2) V.V.Putin is the Devil; & 3) the country is full of kiddie fiddlers. It is as relentless as it is lacking in irony. With this in mind, I saw this out of the corner of my eye recently ..

    Putin for PM: 4 out of 5 say they would prefer Russian president than Cameron as UK leader

    Pity us Dear Blog Reader as I fear the punishment beatings will continue until moral improves, for some time.

    Thanks Gurrker, you might also like this, another layer of the onion.

  7. vengeur

    Agree AWESOME link by Gurrker. Explains EVERYTHING Syria.

  8. vengeur

    #9 Gurrker: It’s up on Drudge now! Awesome!

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