Space X Landing Amazes Everyone, Good Job

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Congratulations to the crew that launched and landed Space X and the landing is the key here, a success.  The satellite payload was put into orbit successfully and this is a revival of the dead in the water civilian space program.  Bravo.  NASA has  been reduced to being a global warming hysteria operation that is wrecking it as a scientific enterprise though the satellites are nice to have, monitoring the earth is a good thing so long as the data isn’t tampered with and the mess of NASA today will haunt the organization for years to come.

All this on top of the fact that our local star, the sun, has decided to become active for Xmas, a little burst to warm us up for a couple of days of more hysteria.  But then even the crazy hysterics at the Washington Post realize this spurt of fun warmth is fading fast:  We’re entering a ‘solar minimum’ — what it means, and how it influenced 2015.  Duh.

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The modern maximum coincided with my birthday  in 1950!  Hurrah!  I once lived in Death Valley in the late 1950’s and then Tucson and remember how hot it was until 1964 then it was cold and wet which was a relief.  I remember standing with my back to the sun in the schoolyard so my shadow would cover my feet so  my toes wouldn’t roast and then several years later I had to pull people from raging rivers during violent winter storms and it snowing and we kids screaming and running out of the school every time it snowed and no one could stop us.


Then it got warmer again only this time, we had tons of hysteria about this…now we are going to get another demonstration of how much our local star controls our climate, a harsh, hard lesson.  But it still hasn’t snowed on my mountain this year, hurrah, again, I don’t even have snow tires on my truck yet!  Time to do it, though, the el Nino is fading.


I am happy a billionaire group decided to revive our rocket program with progressive machines!  Thanks, guys, brilliant work there.


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4 responses to “Space X Landing Amazes Everyone, Good Job

  1. Diane

    Have heard from an Air Force member that NASA monies were converted to Muslim education under Obama. Could someone check this out??

  2. Seraphim


    Are you sure it wasn’t for “Holocaust awareness” programs?

  3. JimmyJ

    All the Best of the Season to you and your family Elaine! And thankyou for your insights.

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