NYT and WP Both Totally Ignore Major Killer Blizzard Hammering US Right Now

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Here is the headlines from Europe reporting a major, killer winter storm that is relentlessly still hammering the United States.  This normally would be major news in the US media, too, once upon a time.  So I went to the Washington Post and New York Times both which are in the path of this dangerous killer storm, it is coming to my own mountain, too, and will hammer us, too, and NO NEWS ABOUT IT AT ALL.  Insane.



Screen shot 2015-12-28 at 9.33.18 AMScreen shot 2015-12-28 at 9.31.16 AM

A bakery closing in the Bronx is headline news at the NYT.  For the third day, they have the same story of one dead child whose dad was illegally trying to enter Europe to get on welfare, He is now safe and sound and living well, this dad, isn’t that nice?  But nearly 50 dead Americans because of a violent winter cold storm?  No news  here!  Who cares!


Some of the dead are children as young or younger than the Muslim child who drowned thanks to daddy carting him about the Mediterranean Sea illegally.  These dead children lived in small homes in the US, places the NYT and WP never visit because they are mostly poor people with no storm shelters, some of them in Texas.  Who cares about these losers?  Not the NYT.  No need to mention their agony.


The ‘we are roasting to death’ news is gone because the entire US is much colder now.  No more el Nino balminess in the eastern half of the nation.  News bias is easy to spot in reality.  When the news can carry a propaganda point, it is front page.  If it makes the propaganda look stupid, it is ignored or put deep in the back pages.  This selective use of the news to peddle propaganda is old stuff but interesting to watch especially since our rulers seem to be telling us all that citizens are NOTHING to them at all. They don’t give a damn if a citizen is being killed by bad weather or is homeless or endangered by diseases if this goes contrary to the various propaganda stories being peddled.


How long will people tolerate this stupidity?  I mostly read news overseas because it carries more news about the US than our media these days.  It stinks to high heaven.


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9 responses to “NYT and WP Both Totally Ignore Major Killer Blizzard Hammering US Right Now

  1. Lou

    But nearly 50 dead Americans because of a violent winter cold storm? No news here! Who cares!
    elaine, despite her understanding of the jewsmedia, JUST DOESNT GET IT.
    They [elite Jews] HATE YOU.
    Read ‘Crimes of the Times’ blog.
    read the story there about the fire at the music club that killed over 100 Whites.



  2. Lou


    Evidently my statements about the presidents was unclear. I never intended to imply these men were unaware of Jewish influence in American politics.
    What I was trying to impart was how unaware they were of the details surrounding the Jew’s top secret nuclear project known as “Manhattan.” The Federal Reserve central bankers funding the Manhattan project kept everyone, including presidents, congressmen and other top politicos on a need to know basis, not only about the technical details of the

    The main reason Jews were hugely involved in the Manhattan Project is because the A-Bombs were intended to be used on women and children in Germany.
    Jews such as Oppenheimer were in on this that murderous prospect.
    Fortunately the war in Europe ended a bit early, so the blood lust of the tribe was slated by picking a Christian city, Nagasaki, for destruction.

  3. Jim R

    Yup, it’s funny isn’t it? You have to get the news from The Daily Mail or Der Spiegel or RT to find out what’s going on in your own back yard.

    Again, the 250 HPa level is instructive here. .

    This is the ‘jet stream’ map for the US right now.

    The unusual ‘kink’ pattern from a couple days ago has returned to a more normal seasonal pattern. Instead of a strong south-to-north stream from Mexico, we now have a broad west-east stream, allowing polar air to dominate the weather over North America.

    Here in Texas, we went from 75°F Saturday, to hail and tornadoes. Some of the ice from the hail is still piled on my back porch at noon today. Pretty amazing change. But this kind of stuff is pretty common in Texas. I had my pipes freeze in the winter of 1992, can’t remember what it was the day before, but it was another one of those sudden transitions.

  4. Lou

    Off topic– Elaine, what about the Porter Ranch Gas Leak?

  5. Jim R

    Lou, I posted a link about that several days ago … SoCalGas says they’re drilling a relief well. Looks like it’ll be done about the 3rd week of January.

    All in all, it’s not as big of a deal as the BP well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico a few years back.

  6. Sunger

    And just a few days ago the temp in Hudson’s Bay (northern Canada) was 45F over historical average.

  7. emsnews

    El Nino years has a jet stream that goes way south and makes cold places up north much warmer.

    It was colder in Tucson, AZ this morning than on my NY mountain! That is NOT NORMAL. Nor is it ‘global’ either. Mexico has cold and snow this year, ditto reason. El Nino does this all the time.

  8. Jim R

    Patience, Elaine. The jet stream is moving along, and soon you will be colder than Tucson.

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