Weak, Small Woman Forces NYC Fire Department To Hire Her After Failing All Tests


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Female firefighter Wendy Tapia to get seventh chance to pass FDNY physical test: she is too small and way too weak.  But they still made her a firefighter because the city is scared she will sue them.  I have pushed very hard for equal rights since 1964 when I sued the school system in Arizona for the right to take boy’s classes, that is, auto shop and wood shop, etc.  I won long after I left school but I learned these skills elsewhere.  I always followed the exact same rules and regulations as the males doing these things, nothing special.


At work, I did the exact same work as men, I didn’t force the other workers to do double work while I did light stuff, nope.  Ladder work, brick work, cement, cutting, hammering, whatever it was, I did it and did it at the same pace as the men.  I worked out in gyms in between work to keep fit and trim and strong.  This woman is wrecking all my hard work.  She will not be able to do half of what the men do and she will be a hazard to them or double their work load since the bosses will assume they have X number of men when actually they will be missing a man in any crew.


This, in turn, endangers the entire crew who will be unable to do proper procedures and will have to take much more dangerous chances to fill her slot while she stands aside and does various small tasks.  This happened in various road work crews over the years.  You drive by and notice the female usually was flagging traffic while the men did the hard labor.


This sort of goofiness is going on in the military, too. They really expect all the women being coddled to join will die fighting in terrible conditions.  They won’t.  They will end up hogging the easy positions and double the hazards the men have to take since the generals will count these as ‘fighter’ when they can’t fight very much in any realistic way.


I do fighting for fun.  I used to put on full steel armor and spend holidays bashing people on Medieval Battles with sometimes a thousand fighters.  Lots of fun.  The number of women in armor who actually ran riot and really fought was less than 10% and I was very much one of the 10%.  I gave no quarter and asked no quarter and earned my stripes the same way a man had to do this.


Men have something we women don’t have:  Testosterone.  This is the element that drives men to do heroic deeds.  It drives them very hard and evolved to make them able to win territory and female favors and protect children.  I have to intellectually drive myself to do things, men do instinctively.  The only women who will succeed in areas dominated by males due to the maleness of the work are women willing to change their innate innermost being to be more male.


Now on to the weather: it is warmer on my NY mountain than my old home in Tucson, Arizona, which is in the far southwest.  It is cold in northern Mexico, too.  No longer is half the nation warm, now it is cold everywhere except the southeast.  El Nino strikes again.  We have ice on the mountain today. Before the storm, I rigged up the snowplow to the Willy Jeep and tested everything and it was fine.




Screen shot 2015-12-29 at 6.25.37 AM

Then the ice storm came.  Turned on the jeep today and nothing.  It was broke.  We found that the solenoid blew out.  So tomorrow, I must slide down the mountain in the other truck and go forth to buy a new one.  So much for planning ahead!  Typical of life.


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22 responses to “Weak, Small Woman Forces NYC Fire Department To Hire Her After Failing All Tests

  1. john obvious

    Women soldiers deployed to Bosnia in winter during the 90s. It got cold they got pregnant, that was their ticket out of the situation. Another fact the Israelis discovered when the women in a unit get killed the men in that unit lose the will to fight.

  2. e sutton

    Your steadfast refusal to accept that the negro is unable to compete in the white man’s world leaves me with no sympathy in your analysis on this point. You and other libs have SCREAMED FOR THIS. Congrats! You’ve got what you wanted. No disrespect to you – you EARNED what you got. Most women are no match for men in terms of physicality. Surprise! Not before 1964 anyhow! CHEERS! Drink deeply, my lib friends!

  3. Petruchio

    “Female firefighter Wendy Tapia to get seventh chance to pass FDNY physical test: she is too small and way too weak. But they still made her a firefighter because the city is scared she will sue them.” Isn’t it really curious how the owners of government are terrified of some things but not others? Police brutality charges? Time and time again the City is ready and willing to spend EVERY SINGLE PENNY of the taxpayers dollar to fight lawsuits against cops–and other city officials. And no matter how many times they lose those kinds of lawsuits, the City will go to war against certain lawsuits regardless of the cost. Letting this female firefighter into the Fire Dept. fits their agenda. They don’t care; lawsuit settlements don’t come out of their pockets.

  4. Petruchio

    “I do fighting for fun….” I don’t think I’d want to tangle with you. I bet you are meaner than a boll weevil in a cookie jar.

  5. Christian W


    Israel admits they have been spraying poisons in Gaza to kill crops.

    The Zionists are Nazis. Sieg Heil Jews.


  6. Christian W

    On topic:

    There were fluff pieces in the Norwegian press recently that the Army finally managed to pass a dozen females into an elite combat regiment, something they have tried to do for years without success. The women were expected to perform to exactly the same standards as the male recruits, meaning eg humping the exact same (very) heavy loads across long distances in mountain terrain with very little, if any, food and same standards regarding weapons drills, navigation and everything else.

    The women that finally made it were basically natural extreme athletes having spent their youth/teens long distance hiking, doing sports and building up their stamina and bone strength. Even so the drop out rate was pretty extreme less than one female recruit out ten made it iirc. The Army wanted these women because they wanted female under cover agents for one thing.

    I bet the women that made it also have unusually high testosterone levels to start with.

  7. vengeur

    I had a female friend many years ago who was accepted to be a firefighter at Anchorage Int. Airport. While in training she hurt her back lifting hoses and went on workmen’s comp . She never “got better”. There is this idea that if a man has a certain job, ANY man (let alone any woman) is also physically capable of doing the same job also. I myself ALWAYS had a bad back (since my teens) and had to forgo many good jobs because of it. All men are NOT created physically equal.

  8. vengeur

    VERY interesting and enlightening discussion on intelligence and race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZPsXYo7gpc Elaine please watch this!

  9. Jim R

    I think the Kurds have some female battalions over there. Of course, they are fighting for their very existence. The Kurds got the shitty end of the stick when Sykes-Picot was written.

    And there are a few women fighting for Novorossiya in the Donbass militias. For similar reasons as the Kurds, their families are being killed by the neonazis and they have nothing to lose by fighting. But I think in that case, the militias give them the easy jobs as much as possible.

  10. Lou

    Christian W Israel admits they have been spraying poisons in Gaza to kill crops. —- Elaine does not want to look into the fact that the world is being sprayed. Chem trails. Western USA especially.


    ELAINE: ‘Chemtrails’ are stupid. There is no such thing. Sometimes the government DOES spread chemicals but 99% of ‘chemtrails’ are vapor trails.

  11. Petruchio

    I can remember the firefighter “tests” in my home area. Some of the makes were FORCED to stop taking the qualifying tests! Why? Two reasons. One, the men were stopped from finishing the tests to make room for “qualifying” females. Two, the people overseeing the tests could say that these men did not qualify to be firefighters, and it would be–technically–true! Of course, none of these overseers would EVER mention that the reason these “failing” males failed is because they were FORCIBLY stopped from finishing the tests. What weasels. You know a system is rotten to the core when they have to resort to such deceptive and dishonest (even though technically true) “testing” methods to determine results. Just plain SLEAZY.

  12. Petruchio

    “Some of the makes were…” Means to say: “Some of the males…”

  13. Ken

    “Affirmative action” always places less qualified people ahead of others for political reasons. The only reason people are more upset about firefighter and military affirmative action is because lives are at stake instead of mere careers. But all forms of artificial, political preference are equally wrong.

  14. Ziff

    OT but we had the first small 4.8 dish rattler quake last night here In bc . Knickers all in a twist now but it’s strange how they start with a lot of weird noises you don’t immediately recognize as a quake.

  15. emsnews

    Every earthquake I have been in, there is this brief time of DISBELIEF. You just don’t think about quakes.

    Once in San Francisco many years ago, I was cooking over easy eggs. I flipped the eggs and they MISSED. Made a mess! I was pissed off and then noticed we were in the middle of an earthquake! I ran out of the kitchen quick!

  16. Lou

    ELAINE: ‘Chemtrails’ are stupid. There is no such thing. Sometimes the government DOES spread chemicals but 99% of ‘chemtrails’ are vapor trails.—

    I cannot believe you. Sorry. I am in California and what I see is confirmed worldwide. Grid patterns that leave gunk for a day, they nothing for days and weeks at a time. Sometimes the planes make ‘U’s and ‘L’s in the sky.


  17. emsnews

    And that is caused by rising humidity which is agitated by jets flying. The contrails can travel for hundreds of miles which is why they seem to appear out of nowhere.

    If you live in a region with a global airport and lots of air traffic like LA or NYC you get frequent contrails. This casts some gloom over everything when it normally would be a bright, sunny day.

    Back when I was a child there were nearly no contrails since only the military had jets but in Tucson where I grew up, we had Davis Monthan, a major base so we had military contrails and I think it increased the rain in our desert community which was appreciated.

  18. Lou

    What I see is reported worldwide. Grid patterns for days, then nothing. I am near the biggest? airport in USA. The flight paths are not overhead, but the chemtrails are, some days.


  19. emsnews

    The wind moves the ‘grids’ to other places and the moisture level is lower so no more con trails show up. The drier the air, the less the turbulence caused by jets condenses moisture.

  20. Jim R

    Back in 2011, when Texas was in a drought, there were no “chemtrails” (H2O is a chemical) … there was also no humidity. At ground level, nor up in the stratosphere. It was quite a severe drought, thank the el-nino for bringing us rain since then.

    So, no humidity, no trails. You could hear the jets flying over, if you listened. And if carefully inspected the sky, you could see the little silver speck that was making the noise, way out ahead of the sound.

    When trails started to appear again, I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that, although the drought was still underway, there would be rain soon.

  21. Lee



    ELAINE: Generally, I patrol for spam. No spam, yup.

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