Japan Reneges On Paying For Comfort Women In Asia, New Deal Collapses

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South Korea, Japan strike deal on comfort women – Channel NewsAsia

No ‘comfort women’ fund until removal of Seoul statue: Japan source: Japan just sealed a deal with South Korea (not China!) to pay reparations to the tiny handful of still alive ‘comfort women’, aka, ‘sex slaves’ they abused during WWII.  No sooner were the Japanese names inked, one of the men ran off to tell the right wing Japanese nationalists that the only way Japan will pay a single yen to these women is if the South Korean government removes this statue commemorating the victims of Japanese aggression.  The South Korean people are up in arms now about this and the deal has collapsed to the great satisfaction of the Japanese imperialist elites.


This statue is inoffensive.  It simply shows a Korean young girl sitting on a chair waiting to be processed by the Japanese military authorities.  It is not melodramatic or obscene, for example, it could show the girl being raped, after all!  Yet this silent tribute and reminder of past crimes irritates the Japanese elites no end and they are very determined to eliminate even the most gentle reminder of their past crimes.  Imagine Germany demanding all reminders of the Holocaust be eliminated so the Germans won’t be embarrassed about the past!


The Japanese readers at the Japan Today site are very angry that the Koreans are reminding them all about WWII crimes.  Here is a typical example:


DEC. 31, 2015 – 03:00PM JST
Kazuaki Shimazaki DEC. 31, 2015 – 02:50PM JSTLet’s reduce this case to mechanistic terms. Recently, you placed a statue in front of my house of me molesting a little girl. I think it offends my dignity. Though even you are forced to admit I’ve been a decent citizen these past 30 or so years, you justify it by saying it is harmless (really?) and it is true 30 years ago (though you don’t have that much except a little girl whining about it – hardly court case material). Eventually I agree to pay you $8 million and you agree to remove the statue.
before going on details, I suggest unconditional surrender, just like in 1945, and move on.


A number of readers say the same thing: forget about it!  And eliminate any mention in the future!  Further, note how they verbally degrade this delicate, very quiet statue as provocative and undignified.  It is the essence of ‘dignity’.  The girl is sitting very silently, hands in her lap.  Nothing else.  Everything about her it totally implied.  If one doesn’t know the story, one would be puzzled by this statue.  Here is an even more hysterical response by a Japanese man:


oldman_13DEC. 31, 2015 – 03:02PM JST
As mentioned earlier, this exactly falls into the hands of the anti Japanese nationalists and their rabid fan base throughout the world.
Actually, I am willing to bet the anti Japan crowd is quite ecstatic at this latest revelation.
Their ultimate hope is that this deal fails, so that they can continue to perpetuate the anti Japanese hatred and myth that Japan has ‘never’ apologized or compensated in regards to this and other WW2 atrocity issues.


The ones who killed this deal were the Japanese.  The day the deal was signed, the wife of the Japanese prime minister visited the Yasakuni war shrine where the war criminals from WWII are enshrined.  The prime ministers dare not visit this place openly due to it causing a huge diplomatic row but the fact that the wife did this was a signal to the Japanese right wing that they are insincere about any apologies for WWII crimes.  And there were many, many crimes.


The attack on Pearl Harbor, for example, was a war crime.  The original invasion of Korea was a war crime (the Japanese enslaved the people in both countries and brutqlly raped and killed and worked them to death not to mention stealing everything).  The West committed war crimes, too, which we didn’t pay for over time and the invasion of Iraq was very definitely a war crime based on false charges (9/11 which Saddam had nothing to do with at all).


The Japanese are even trying to prevent Americans from seeing this statue:  Statues Placed in South Korea Honor ‘comfort women’ enslaved for Japan’s troops – Honolulu Star-Advertiser


But the new statues are the first to be built in a collaboration between Chinese and South Korean artists and activists, and the one depicting a Chinese sex slave appears to be the first of its kind.

“Koreans and Chinese resisted together like brothers against Japanese aggressions,” Leo Shi Young, a Chinese-American filmmaker from San Francisco, said during a dedication ceremony Wednesday.

Shi, together with a Chinese sculptor, Pan Yiqun, along with South Korean civic groups and artists, helped organize the building of the statues — which, like other statues dedicated to the women, their creators call “peace monuments.”

Such statues have raised considerable ire in Japan, particularly among conservatives. Seoul has rejected Tokyo’s demand to remove the statue across the street from its embassy, which quickly became a magnet for South Koreans — and lately, Chinese tourists — paying tributes.

Copies of that statue have since been built in several U.S. cities with sizable Korean communities, with the backing of South Korean civic groups and Korean expatriates. Conservative Japanese politicians have traveled to one such city, Glendale, California, to ask that the statue be removed.


Japan never really paid for its many war crimes.  When WWII ended, the communists won in China and so the US didn’t want reparations to China!  Here is a Chinese movie about the Japanese invasion:


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8 responses to “Japan Reneges On Paying For Comfort Women In Asia, New Deal Collapses

  1. Nani

    The ruling elite in Tokyo will never show any sincere remorse for Japan’s crimes.

    Happy new year Elaine. May the new year be more peaceful and harmonious than the previous one.

    Here is a beautiful New Year’s concert from Denmark:

  2. Lou

    EMS has noted that ‘Japan is finished’, yes? Radiation and other problems.

  3. Petruchio

    Elaine: any further developments on the Japanese fertility/birth rate? What I know now says that, a.) Japanese youth population is shrinking-fast and that b.) Japanese youth are, if they can leaving Japan as fast as they can, so in other words, Japan is going to experience a strong negative population growth and that this trend is going to do nothing but accelerate.

  4. Christian W

    Thanks for the link, Nani, enjoyed it. 🙂

    Best wishes to everyone for 2016.

  5. Sunger

    Temperature above freezing at the North Pole on December 30, 2015.

  6. Nani

    My pleasure, Christian 🙂

    Happy new year.

  7. hblink

    Imagine Germany demanding all reminders of the Holocaust be eliminated so the Germans won’t be embarrassed about the past!

    the did in a way by boycotting the 70 anniversary of the Red Army triumph of WWII

  8. Christian W

    OT: The Saudi royals execute (by crucifixion…) the Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr for the crime of calling for freedom and pro-democracy. This is another move by the Saudi Wahhabis to inflame the situation in the ME even further and escalate the slaughter and sectarian wars.


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