DOW Falls, World Trade Suffers As Muslim Wars Spread Across EU And Middle East

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So, Jews in Israel are up in arms against each other over the issue of ‘who is a Nazi’?  Zionism is, by definition, a form of Naziism, the two appeared in Austria/Germany at the same time, roughly, during a revival of ‘ethnic/religious’ identity politics defying the existing old-style empires/nobility rule.  It was part of the ‘nationalism’ movements.  Now, we have this headline which appeared in Russian news but not US media:  Israeli justice minister turns to police after professor calls her ‘neo-Nazi scum’ on FB — RT News


Shaked is a member of the hardline, right-wing, ultra-Zionist Jewish Home party. She is also the architect of some controversial legislation passed in Israel this year, including a law that radically toughens punishments for people who throw stones – a tactic that is predominantly used by Palestinian protesters. The bill prescribes a 10-year sentence if prosecutors are unable to prove harmful intent, and 20 years if it is clear that the stone thrower desired to cause bodily harm.


The lucky stone throwers go to prison.  The unlucky ones and these are many, are shot dead.  The same US media decrying police shooting dead black males who are violent is utterly silent about killing Palestinian children tossing rocks.  The disaster of Gaza is never mentioned in the US, it barely exists even though it is at rock bottom, the pulsing heart of what is happening in the Islam versus Zionists/NATO nation conflicts.  The ‘West’ has chosen to do horrible things to the natives of Palestine since WWII.  This, in turn, has turned Jews into Nazis, too.


Saudi Arabia and Iran are at war with each other again, after the Saudis executed a Shi’ite cleric.  Below is a picture made by the Iranians mocking Saudi Arabia for being the same as ISIS which is true, it certainly is.

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‘Any differences?’ Iran Supreme Leader’s cartoon equates ISIS with Saudi Arabia after executions — RT News reports this story.  I get a lot of news from Russia.  Here is the top story at the Zionist New York Times:  A Liberal Arab Oasis in Israel is a story praising the fact that some Palestinian youth somehow manage to be liberal, too.  Zionist Jews who are recent immigrants are also often very liberal, too, EXCEPT when it comes to anything about the natives of Palestine, then it becomes racist and cruel except for a very few Jews who feel some guilt but not enough to remove themselves from invading, too.

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The cruel rule of the Saudi royals, some of the cruelest rulers on the entire planet, it backfiring now:  Soaring Unrest After Saudis Execute Shi’ite Cleric  Bahrain joins Saudi Arabia and severs diplomatic ties with Iran as row over the execution of 47 terrorists escalates  while their followers who are tormenting Syria and Iraq, thanks to the US and NATO illegally invading or helping these actions not to mention creating al Qaeda way back in the 1980’s to fight Russia, we have one horror story after another like this one:  ISIS throw 15-year-old boy off a roof for being gay… but the terror chief who raped him is let off.


Hunt for the ‘new Jihadi John’: Intelligence agents launch bid to identify new ISIS poster boy who threatened Cameron in video showing executions of five ‘spies’  as this ugly activity rages onwards and millions of mostly Muslim males flee the Middle East, swamping Europe.  Now, Sweden launches its own ‘Berlin Wall’ with Denmark in desperate bid to halt the tide of migrant arrivals as it orders travellers to show ID for the first time in 50 years as the EU self-destructs.  It won’t exist much longer at this rate now that a recession is beginning thanks to the Paris attacks and the shut down of Belgium.


Dow tumbles 300 points in pre-market after China rout but mainly this is due to the instability in Europe which affects China since China is the manufacturing base for the EU and US now.

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9 responses to “DOW Falls, World Trade Suffers As Muslim Wars Spread Across EU And Middle East

  1. Jim R

    If the refugees shut down Belgium, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving place. If you’ll recall, NATO is hosted there. And the EU and the ECB. They have been financing WWIII, and coordinating all these ‘humanitarian bombing’ attacks on the ME/NA region.

    If not for them, ISIS would just be some Arab malcontents flailing around with scimitars…

  2. Jim R

    On second thought, there is a more deserving place. But it’s hard for the refugees to cross the Atlantic.

  3. CK

    Transatlantic airfare is cheap. Cheaper and faster than a week in steerage or 3rd class on the Titanic.

  4. csurge

    I keep hearing they’ll fight back…. but I see no signs of it. Germany is a shambles militarily and politically, as are Britain and France. They have no capacity to fight. Their people are hopelessly brainwashed. Only the Eastern bloc has the manpower and the will to deal with the Muslim threat

  5. Nani

    Tumbling stock markets worldwide, heightened tensions in the Middle East, and the refugee crisis in Europe showing no signs of abating. This doesn’t look like a promising start to the new year.

  6. JimmyJ

    If youre following the Bundy takeover of the Oregon wildlife refuge building heres a background of what the Hammonds and other local ranchers have been through.

  7. Lou

    This [DOW Down] doesn’t look like a promising start to the new year.
    It is good. Let the DOW collapse. It is about time.

  8. csurge

    Front page on RT:

    Look at them…. totally helpless in the face of their doom as a society. The Germans are not what they once were, and Europe is certainly not what it once was. This may be their last suicide march. They deserve their fate for such rank stupidity

  9. Sunger

    The Bundy occupation- these darn ranchers are ridiculous. They have the Hollywood movie industry to thank for convincing the American people that they are the natural decendents of John Wayne. BS

    These ranchers can be a bunch of idiots. They have access to the BLM lands & other grazing lands for their cattle & sheep herds. The fees are so low that they are laughable. Then they cheat on even the low grazing fees and want to play the part of the persecuted cowboy who is being bullied by the big liberal govt.

    Just watch these guys. They will proclaim their independence from all governments until they have a disaster. Then they are screaming at high pitch like a bitch for the Fedgov to ride out and save them with lots of taxpayer dollars. And they do scream in expectation that the fedgov will make them whole for all losses.

    All the so-called GOP conservatives do the same thing.

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