Obama Proposes More Gun Controls That Won’t Stop Black On Black Murder

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Black Lives Matter demonstrators avoid the real issue which is, Black Americans Are Killed At 12 Times The Rate Of People In Other Developed Countries and are rapidly destroying any black-population city, rendering these uninhabitable.  Of course, these dead zones also were uniformly once upon a time, industrial power houses that the US has destroyed relentlessly thanks to trade deals.  Here is our President talking about murders in the US:


 “We as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries,” President Obama said earlier today, in reaction to the killing of nine people at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday. The details of the case, including the motivations of the suspect, Dylann Roof, are still unfolding…


Extending on an analysis by the academic Kieran Healy, I calculated the rate of U.S. homicide deaths by racial group, based on the CDC WONDER data.3 From 2010 through 2012, the annual rate of homicide deaths among non-Hispanic white Americans was 2.5 per 100,000 persons, meaning that about one in every 40,000 white Americans is a homicide victim each year. By comparison, the rate of homicide deaths among non-Hispanic black Americans is 19.4 per 100,000 persons, or about 1 in 5,000 people per year.


Black Americans are almost eight times as likely as white ones to be homicide victims, in other words.


I decided to go to an official source which has data only until 2008 but it covers the topic pretty well anyways:  US Homicide Statistics Report:


Most murders were intraracial
From 1980 through 2008—

 84% of white victims were killed by whites (figure 19).

 93% of black victims were killed by blacks.
Stranger homicides were more likely to cross racial lines than homicides involving friends or acquaintances
For homicides committed by—
 a stranger to the victim, 26.7% were interracial (figure 20a)
 a friend or acquaintance of the victim, 9.7% were interracial


This means more black males kill non-black strangers than white males (90% of murders are by mainly young males of any type).  The issue of black on white murder is not brought up by any activists on the left at any point in time which strengthens the hand of the right wing whites who support Trump, for example.  White people are not killing all that many black people but, far fewer than the reverse.  No one in the media or our government is talking about this disparity.  A great deal of this killing of white victims by black murderers happens during the commission of crimes such as robbing stores.

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What is interesting is how victim rates shot up during the Reagan/Clinton era and has fallen since but the disparity between black males and all other groups, as victims, is extreme:

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 5.57.09 AM

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 5.57.31 AM

The US white female murder rate is virtually the same as Europe’s overall murder rate.  The black female victim rate is 13 per 100,000 whereas the white victim rate is only 3 per 100,000.  The black female victim rate is slightly higher than the white male victim rate.  The black victim rate which is nearly entirely black males killing each other, is an astonishing 100 per 100,000 which is right through the roof and far above all other statistics.

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 5.57.23 AM

Across the board, as the baby boom ages and as black males are eliminated by themselves, the rates overall have declined greatly, cut in half since the early 1990’s.  Another fact that has been studiously ignored by black leaders and by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ kids is this:

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 6.13.40 AM

Black killers are killing far more white victims than the reverse.  White males are not killing black people at a mad rate.  The black on white rate is well over double the rate of whites killing blacks.  Obama won’t talk about this even though it is the government that has these statistics on hand.  The liberal media owners whine about why white people kill black people but won’t mention this information at all.  It is never even a part of any discussion of these issues.


These same media giants get hysterical about Trump talking about all this.  They are puzzled as to why the bulk of GOP voters consider this an issue.  The GOP voters tend to believe that arming themselves is life and death whereas liberal voters want everyone disarmed although, amusingly, when the mayor of NYC who was a Republican, did exactly that, he disarmed black males in the age category of ‘most likely to kill’ cohort, he was savaged by the media for being mean to young black males who murder each other at a mad rate.


So now, with a liberal Democrat as mayor, the killing has resumed.  This is why Obama, with little support in Congress, is going behind the back of Congress to enforce gun rules via fiat even though the majority of guns in the black cities are illegal and I seriously doubt any young black males planning to use guns for crimes are going to register even one of these.


 Young males (14 to 24 years-old), particularly young black males, were disproportionately involved in homicide compared to their proportion of the population.


 Since 2000, young white males have accounted for about 6% of the population and about 10% of homicide victims. Their proportion of offenders has declined slightly from 18% in 2000 to 16% by 2008.


 While young black males have accounted for about 1% of the population from 1980 to 2008, they have made up an increasing proportion of homicide victims, going from 9% of all homicide victims in 1980 to 18% in 1994. After 1994, their proportion of homicide victims has remained relatively stable at about 16%.


 The percentage of young black male homicide offenders also increased rapidly from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, going from 17% in 1985 to 35% by 1993 before declining. By 2008, young black males made up about a quarter of all homicide offenders (27%).


1% of the population of the US is responsible for 27% of all murders.  Focusing on this 1% is the sane thing to do. Why are they killing each other at this mad rate?  This pressing question isn’t being asked by the liberal media nor ernest young college students who are wrapped in cotton and protected from dangers as much as universities can do this.  The streets run with blood in black neighborhoods that vote nearly 100% for  Democrats who have no solution except disarming everyone else who aren’t doing anything wrong.


By pretending that everyone is acting like black young males is destroying the Democratic Party.  The illusion of being fair has led to great unfairness.  Why are black males murdering each other so much?  The answer to me, as I have worked with black prisoners in the past to reform them and get them out of the hole, in Newark, NJ, I know that the lure of easy money dealing drugs is a huge draw for black males who think this is a nifty way of living.


They get to goof off all day long and then do serious dealing during rush hour and then spend the night fighting each other for street market shares.  Most of these murders are business deals, basically.  Holding one’s dealership territory is a bloody job!  Just as Prohibition created the Mafia and gave them vast power which they continue to have to this day, the War on Drugs has destroyed black males at a mad, mad rate and the lure of quitting school and doing drug deals on the street is too alluring for young black males.


No black males would be killed by cops if they were mainly law abiding citizens.  Instead, the vast majority of police killing blacks happens at night when most people are scared to death about roaming in our city streets!  The Black Lives Matter kids should look at the dark statistics and start moving on changing our way of dealing with black males who need jobs and hope for a strong family home, not the chaos we have today with the black marriage rate nearing zero.

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 6.40.19 AM

And this is part of the problem.  Since I was born in 1950, the collapse of marriages began in ernest.  Virtually no black families are headed by married adults and a third of white families are the same, a mother with a revolving door of men coming and going and the murder rate of very small children by non-fathers living with a mother is very high compared to married fathers killing their own children.


Hispanic families that marry when say, in Mexico, increasingly do not get married when leaving their home countries.  Half of all Hispanic families now are unmarried, too, which is very high and climbing rapidly.  Marriage overall is declining across the board, heading towards zero marriages at this statistical rate.  Mothers make poor role models for young males of any type.  The disappearing father is a huge issue and is very connected to ‘do they have regular jobs’ which brings up why many lower class males are in trouble: their jobs have been exported thanks to free trade deals.


And so it is ravaging the lower classes hugely as they lose a grip on the economic ladder.  This is the real issue being avoided by many liberals today who cling to silly solutions rather than going after the real problem.  And I still remember with a great deal of rage that it was Bill Clinton, the liberal President who foisted free trade on us not that the GOP is or was even a tiny bit better, they helped launch it starting under Reagan.


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14 responses to “Obama Proposes More Gun Controls That Won’t Stop Black On Black Murder

  1. Sunger

    Good discussion and analysis that supports your viewpoint.

    Good job.

  2. CK

    3 years ago citing these statistics got one the RACIST label from our hostess.
    Noticing things … can change ones words.

  3. e sutton


    Any mention of the destructive nature of black youth is strictly verboten. One tiny problem confounding our uber lib friends, however. That sneaky thing called the internet is catching these feral young blacks and their vicious attacks, despite MSM trying to censor comments and black out all news items that don’t depict our African friends as role models, sage professors, and all around great family men. At least Elaine tolerates differing opinions, which makes me respect her all the more.

  4. Petruchio

    Am I the only one who finds it REALLY strange that Barack Obama, chief warmonger of the world and–without dispute–the world’s #1 arms supplier is also proposing gun control measures in the US? This must seem odd to even people who favor gun control in the US Now personally, I am a longstanding gun owner and supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but even if I were not, it would seem strange that Obama the Warmonger is pro gun control in his own country, but kill, kill , KILL!!! in every other country in the world. Drone strikes on wedding receptions? Check, fire missiles. Kill ’em all. Fighter jet strikes on Doctors without Borders hospitals? Check, kill everybody–then bulldoze the hospital to destroy evidence. This list could go on, but I think the point has been made. BTW: seeing Obama tear up while making his gun control announcement made me want to upchuck. Obama has no regard for human life, but then neither do his masters, the people who own him.

  5. e sutton


    Exactly, Pet. Obama is a classic psychopath. I enjoy watching him do that weird thing with his mouth, kind of puffing out his lower lip filled with air. Watch that a few times while noting his theatrics. He is a low life scoundrel, much worse than “W”, who like Obama was nothing other than a front man for the criminals who run our government and escape with their crimes unpunished.


    The difference between Obama and the Bush CLAN is obvious: the Bushes are RULERS. They have ruled for years and years and years and have considerable hidden power. They are also big Skull and Bones people (when the S&K were founded by my ancestor, Henry Steele, he was part of a very ancient ruling elite, the Norman rulers of Britain) while Obama is a near-total outsider, a puppet used by others. I feel sorry for him.


    And thanks for bringing up the Doctors Without Borders hospital bombing. MSM did their usual excellent job of burying that crime against humanity. No one will hold this administration culpable for their evil deeds. Europe has backed up Washington and is more than willing to cut their own throats to support the NWO Neoconservative goons.

    Merkel should be hanged from a street lamp until dead, only the German people gave up their balls many, many moons ago. Now PC reigns supreme, and the new “assylum seekers” feel free to rape, rob, pillage with complete impunity. Sad to watch, really. I visited Cologne back in ’93. The Germans were at that time an industrious, hardworking, intelligent race. I particularly enjoyed their very dry, sardonic sense of humor. The German people as well as all European whites have given up Western Civilization to the brown hoards who actively despise them and wish them dead. Rest in peace, Western Civilization.

  6. Ken

    Elaine, good analysis of the problem. I would be interested in more of your thoughts on possible solutions. Reading between the lines, it seems that you feel matters would be better if welfare reform was used to encourage the return of the nuclear family, and the low skill jobs were brought back to the US. Do I have that right?



    We exported nearly all of our unionized/lower working class jobs to China. This was insane and stupid and I do NOT blame black males for moving into crime because of this. It is heart breaking to watch. I once worked to get black males out of prison and into jobs way back in the early 1980’s before ‘free trade’ and the flood of illegal aliens wrecked everything.

  7. Lou

    NEWSFLASH ‘UT COED KILLED BY MARINE’—Guess ’20 year old Black male stranger who wanted to rape her’ didnt sound good.

    He was a rapper ‘Sage’— almost impossible to find news on this killer—Eric Jamal Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com

    .University of North Texas … a rapper by the name of Santana Sage, … of North Texas student was shot and killed in a road …

    [Search domain heavy.com] heavy.com/news/2016/01/eric-jamal-johnson-santana-s…

  8. Christian W

    So, which party has the best solutions to the problems facing the US now and in the future?

    No, that is not a troll question.

    Or is it?

  9. Christian W


    Obama is a narcissist, which is a variation of psychopath.

    Netanyahu and Erdogan are real psychopaths. Erdogan is also a narcissist and extra crazy.

    Psychopaths feel calmer than narcissists, they lack the emotional volatility. Compare Bundy and Netanyahu with Obama and Erdogan.

    Check out this interview with Ted Bundy. He comes off as calm, rational and convincing doesn’t he. Yet it is all a game in his head:

    President Abbas in Palestine has come out to say he stands with Israel and Saudi Arabia against the very people he is supposed to represent. Another psychopath. Not hard to see why Israel pushed hard to put Abbas in power.

    There is also something wrong with Merkel, I haven’t figured out exactly what yet but suspect she is another psychopath or she was severely damaged at some point. She is way too buttoned up.

    Cameron in the UK is not a psychopath, but he very definitely is a sycophant sucking up to power. Osborne, the finance minister, is a psychopath.

    These people are ’empty’. With real people you feel there is someone there you can connect with and rely upon. With psychopaths and narcissists everything is a mental or an emotional game.

    The reason the West is going down the drains is that someone (the Deep State) very deliberately is ensuring that sane, normal, people get nowhere near the leadership positions. Look at how Corbyn is treated in the UK. The media is slandering him and backstabbing him at every opportunity. Instead it is the Blairs, the Merkels, the Hollandes (sycophant), Stoltenbergs (sycophant), that get promoted into office because they can be relied upon to follow the elite agenda.

  10. emsnews

    Merkel is simply stupid. Stupid people cause all kinds of problems when they do stupid things. It is infuriating.

    Europe is about to have a very vast change, it is going heavily right wing now. Liberalism is doomed. And if any liberals think bringing in millions of angry Muslim males from the Middle East and Africa is going to save anything, this is nuts.

    Few, if any of these invaders are going to be ‘liberals’ ever.

  11. Sunger

    Petruchio- “it would seem strange that Obama the Warmonger is pro gun control in his own country, but kill, kill , KILL!!! in every other country in the world.”

    It is very disturbing.

    Obama is a puppet. But he has now realized that the puppet-masters have made a fool of him and he will now go down in history as a warmonger and corporate tool. With few to no accomplishments in the positive sense.

    What has happened is that the US lost it’s mind after the collapse of the USSR. We acquired what seemed at the time as global hegemony but has since devolved into corruption, greed, religious insanity, and nothing more to offer the world except more war.

    I like this quote from the native-American shape shifter in the movie Wolfen-

    “you have your technology but you have lost your minds”

  12. Sunger

    I complimented Elaine above not because I necessarily agree with all of her stated views on this post.

    I complimented her because she back down from the high-intensity literary shotgun blasts and put together a reasonable argument in support of her views.

  13. Jim R

    Sunger, I agree. Elaine’s blog stands as one of the best discussion sites.

    Recently, I posted a comment to the ultra-progressive site BoingBoing, in a discussion of that rancher occupation in the news currently. I expressed sympathy for the ranchers (I think the BLM railroaded them bigtime with that arson case). Everybody jumped all over my remark, going on about how the ranchers abuse their children and repeating the silly notion that they are ‘terrorists’ and etc.

    I don’t really feel that close to the ranchers, and don’t play around with guns. I live in town, and don’t need them, but lots of other people do. And these ranchers are being run out of business like every other small business these days.

    Anyway, to wrap up this overly long ramble, I agree, it’s nice to be able to actually discuss these issues and not simply shout at each other.

  14. csurge


    Yes it’s going Right, but so what? It might not get there. I felt a little bit of hope last year, but that feeling is quickly evaporating. The general public are still fast asleep, or brainwashed Leftist shitheads. The Rulers might realize the jig is up and become openly fascist… kill any who oppose them and start their glorious war. They could do it. They still have all the cards. And in all the chaos, who would care about elections?

    The genocide is going wonderfully. The millennials are obedient little apes who believe everything on BBC and CNN. The willing white girls see the brown guys and think they’re ‘cute’. The unwilling white girls are either crazed feminists or lonely introverted ‘fangirls’. The guys are being pushed into being gay. The Jewish propaganda machine rolls onward, emboldened more than ever by the success of taking Western culture and making it ‘multicultural’ and very profitable (see Force Awakens)

    I’m not seeing a lot of hope for the Right/Center, despite their rise in the political sphere. I think Europe is totally screwed. America is too methinks. Trump is a walking dead man, as you say, and even if he gets into office the Rulers will make sure they plant their people around him or convert the ones he chooses

    Not to mention the utter stupidity and naivety of the Western masses in the face of the Muslim invasion and the persecution of Western whites. They are so fucked…

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