El Chapo Captured After Penn Interview: My Childhood Neighbor Was Big Mafia Boss

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El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord escapee has been recaptured and now, after a fair amount of arm twisting by the US government, Mexico seems to have finally decided to send him to el Norte for drug/murder trials because he committed crimes via conspiracy in the US.  Now we learn a movie star activist, Sean Penn, has secretly  met with the fugitive along with a Mexican actress who is now being investigated.  Calls for Penn to be charged are rising, too.


The war on drugs is insane and stupid.  Prohibition in the past created the Mafia which still runs smoothly today.  I once lived near Joseph Bonanno who brought the property next to my own parent’s rance in Tucson.  Right after he moved in, a coyote caught and ate his wife’s favorite lap dog.  Two of Joe’s body guards came to my ranch and asked if I saw the dog.


I explained that the dog was probably eaten and so I went off to visit Joe and his family and explain how they should live in the desert.  He was very interested in this information and I connected him to people who ended up teaching his family how to care for and ride horses and clued him into what sort of dogs thrive in the desert like the dogs I had.


Anyways, everyone knew he was now living there and I was hiding nothing and he was clever back in 1960 about raising hell where his new home was, I left my parent’s ranch back in 1967.  But it was amusing in a horrible way to live next door to a Mafia kingpin.  Of course, in the desert, I was heavily armed and I let him and his buddies know that all of us out there in the desert were heavily armed and good shots unlike city dudes.


Playing around with FUGITIVE Mafia types is extremely dangerous. It was interesting living next to one, we didn’t have high crime, if anyone was stupid enough to approach my Mafia neighbor, they would be found later in some arroyo dead.  The movie stars involved in this story about el Chapo are in serious trouble now since they knew where this killer was hiding and told no one.  Or more interesting, DID tell the cops!  Sean Penn Secretly Interviewed ‘El Chapo,’ Mexican Drug Lord – The New York Times


The seven hours Mr. Guzmán spent with Mr. Penn, and the follow-up interviews by phone and video — which began in October while he was on the run — marked another surreal turn in his long-running effort to evade the Mexican and American authorities. Mr. Guzmán, one of the world’s most wanted fugitives, who had twice escaped jail, was captured in his home state of Sinaloa in northwest Mexico on Friday after a gun battle with the authorities…


Mr. Penn wrote that he had gone to great lengths to maintain security while arranging to meet Mr. Guzmán. He described labeling cheap “burner” phones, “one per contact, one per day, destroy, burn, buy, balancing levels of encryption, mirroring through Blackphones, anonymous email addresses, unsent messages accessed in draft form.” Nevertheless, he wrote, “There is no question in my mind but that DEA and the Mexican government are tracking our movements,” referring to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. A Mexican government official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe confidential matters, said the authorities were aware of the meeting with Mr. Penn…


Now, unapologetically, he said: “I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. I have a fleet of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats.”


Though his fortune, estimated at $1 billion, has come with a trail of blood, he does not consider himself a violent man. “Look, all I do is defend myself, nothing more,” he told Mr. Penn. “But do I start trouble? Never.”


The War on Drugs is stupid and insane.  It made el Chapo very rich.  And pretending he never did nothing bad is silly.  But then, Joe talked exactly the same way, too.  Here are some comments by NYT readers most of whom are horrified that a movie star would play real life gangster:


Dotconnector New York 12 minutes ago
Historical footnote:

John Miller, then with ABC News, interviewed Osama bin Laden at a secret mountaintop camp in Afghanistan in May 1998, five years after the World Trade Center bombing, three years before 9/11 and 13 years before the raid at Abbottabad.

The very same John Miller is now deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism for the New York City Police Department.

If memory serves correctly, the reactions to Mr. Miller’s interview and Mr. Penn’s were quite different.

James M CA 21 minutes ago
The person Kate Del Castillo is the actress who played the female drug kingpin in the Telemundo biggest budget ever soap opera La Reina Del Sur with 63 episodes. This soap opera is about the story of Sinaloa cartels gang warfares linking Mexico, Europe and Russia. Wonder why Telemundo & Kate Castillo is able to film all this without any harassment from the Sinaloa cartels… now we know Kate Castillo is in the camp of El Chapo.


Just in case people dispute my story about Joe living next door and knowing him, personally, here is his obituary:  Joe Bonanno Dies – Mafia Leader, 97, Who Built Empire – NYTimes.com


Law enforcement officials said that Mr. Bonanno reached the summit of his power in the early 60’s, reaping huge profits mainly from illicit gambling, loansharking rackets and heroin trafficking. The officials said that he also became a millionaire through legal investments in garment factories in New York City, a dairy farm in upstate New York, cheese companies in Wisconsin and Canada and real-estate investments in the New York metropolitan area and in Arizona.


During 30 years as boss of the Bonanno family, Mr. Bonanno was never indicted for a crime. But in retirement, he served prison terms for obstruction of justice and for civil contempt of court.


In his years in power, Mr. Bonanno shunned the flamboyant styles favored by many contemporary mob bosses, including Charles (Lucky) Luciano, Thomas (Three Finger Brown) Lucchese and Frank Costello, who delighted in wearing elegant clothes and being the hosts of lavish parties in nightclubs in Manhattan and Miami Beach.


Mr. Bonanno was rarely seen carousing in public places; he preferred meeting with his mob cronies at his home in New York or in rural retreats, where he helped prepare pasta and steaks for his guests and associates. The exception to his otherwise conservative appearance was a fondness for ruby, sapphire, jade or onyx pinky rings, and for expensive cigars.


Mr. Bonanno’s authority, organized-crime investigators said, disintegrated in the mid-60’s when Mr. Lucchese and another Mafia boss, Carlo Gambino, learned that he was plotting to assassinate them in an attempt to solidify his position as the nation’s dominant mob leader. Mr. Bonanno’s plan backfired when Joseph Colombo, the gangster who was assigned to organize the murders, betrayed him and informed Mr. Gambino.


Yup, he fell off his horse back when I moved out.  And yes, he was not ‘flashy’ and yes, he kept to himself but he wanted his daughters to be ‘normal’ and there was a huge gulf between his desire to make money illicitly and his desire to have a ‘good home’ for his own children.  It was lunacy.  But he was a much harder fish for the cops to catch unlike el Chapo who does flourish thanks to corruption in Mexico but Mexico’s rulers were crooks long before he was born.


I used to joke that I left Tucson for Germany to hide from the Mafia but Joe went into hiding the same year because of the other Mafia bosses and then made a deal with them to ‘retire’ and give them his toxic businesses.  This is why he lived to be 96 years old, I guess.  I wonder if I will live so long.  But then, I am retired, too.  I guess!  HAHAHA.


Anyways, the Mexican drug mess is the responsibility of the US War on Drugs ditto Afghanistan which had hashish and such way, way back years ago when hippies went there (and I knew more than one such back in the ’60’s in San Fransico) but by 1980 it was Big Business there and the country was wrecked and is in ruins today.


Illegal drugs and drinks=huge profits for anyone peddling these items which is why prohibition is insane.  It stops nothing and destroys a lot of things starting with for example, families.  Black citizens of the US are seeing this at work, as black males take to drug dealing because it is easy and the hours are fun and you get to hang out with your gang and do other crimes, too.


It has reduced the marriage rate from 80% of all children’s mothers to less than 20%.  This is why thousands of young black males are killed by thousands of other black young males fighting over drug territory.  It is wrecking poor Mexico making huge hunks of the country uninhabitable except for criminal gangs and people venturing into there like the recent case of the Van of Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman found burned out in Mexico and their dead bodies burned to nearly nothing by drug dealers.


The roaring mess in the Middle East was launched ultimately by our own rulers, too.  They feed off of this garbage which is why they continue it on and on and on and never change course.  And this election cycle, every time Trump ventures to tell some of the truth, the mass media, our rulers in DC and LA howl like banshees while…proposing to continue this disaster totally unchanged.


Trump has no solution, either, but even mentioning this mess is Verboten, big time.  Instead, we should worry about el Nino, not el Chapo, and we are supposed to roast to death in New York this month when the temperatures this week will drop again below zero.  Being scared of the wrong things is criminal.  But then, the real big nasty Mafia here are our present rulers, after all.


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14 responses to “El Chapo Captured After Penn Interview: My Childhood Neighbor Was Big Mafia Boss

  1. csurge

    Sure Trump has a solution. Build a wall and start policing the border! That might have some effect. I agree he doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s better than anything the Rulers are offering Americans.

  2. Eric Blood Axe

    I have read that your presidentsits down once a week and decides who will be murdered next

  3. vengeur

    Why are you ignoring the goings-on in Germany?

  4. csurge

    @ 3

    Because she has already discussed it length. The current events in Germany are not surprising to her. They’ve been going throughout Europe on on a smaller scale for years. They are lost. She believes what’s left of the Germans will go on a rampage, as they have done in the past. I hold a different view. I believe they have let the rot set in too far and won’t rise to fight this time. We shall see.

  5. vengeur

    @4: The recent events in Germany (Koeln) have changed everything. The Press and the police (i.e the government ) have in stark and uncontroverted fashion been shown to have massively withheld an unprecedented scale of criminal deeds perpetrated by “asylum seekers”. This is not “more of the same”. The mask has indeed fallen.

  6. csurge


    *nod* You have to understand, though, that I watch ground zero… the masses on Twitter. I’ve seen no real change in attitudes there. The majority are still caught in the twisted mind traps of the mass media.

    Yes, there seems to be a bit of backpedaling going on, but the powers behind the EU fascists are still in control and still have considerable power over the populations of Western Europe. They will fight to the bitter end, and use every trick in the book to stay the current course of white genocide

    Resistance will be crushed

  7. emsnews

    Go check out Newark, one of my old stomping grounds where I once did a lot of politics: utter destruction since free trade came.

  8. Christian W

    The EU fascists (or mafia) are intertwined with the US fascists (or mafia). The fascists are the powers behind the banking systems that ruled the planet for centuries. Now, this model is faltering but the fascists will not go gently into the good night.

    The US is rotting, the EU is rotting, Israel is rotting, Turkey is rotting, Saudia Arabia is rotting. In the rotting process these entities spread rotten wars.

    The only way out for the Western banking system in the current model is to take over the world economic stage once and for all and dominate it completely. For this to happen they must crush Russia, China and Iran. This does not mean the salvation of the banking system, but it means that there is no alternative to the rule by the fascists behind the rotten banking system.

    The NATO military build up in Iraq and Syria is not aimed at ISIS/Daesh. It is the staging ground for the attack on Iran.

    The citizens of EU and the US need to wake up fast or they will find their nations turned into versions of Ukraine by their mafia overlords.

  9. Petruchio

    HaHaHaHa! El Chapo aint going nowhere North for ANY trial no how. El Chapo is going to pay his “escape fee” and disappear.

  10. @ Petruchio. Mr Guzman’s wealth will not save this time. The Mexican equivalent of Tom Hagen will visit him and discuss history.

  11. Dear Elaine,

    the Corleones were obviously based on several people but it looks Joe Bonanno was a major influence in the creation of the character of Anthony Corleone.


    ELAINE: The best thing to happen to my former neighbor was when the other bosses muscled him out. Yes, he went to prison but survived to be free truly and totally and got to die in his bed! Amazing, isn’t it? His kids were really nice people, by the way. He moved to Tucson to keep them out of the ‘business’.

  12. Jim R

    On another topic, as predicted here and many other places, Germany is a-changing:

    On Sunday, we learned that the man who stormed a Paris police station while waving a meat cleaver and donning a fake bomb vest once lived in a center for asylum seekers in Germany and may have ties to the wave of sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

    The revelations came just a day after some 1,700 people turned out for a PEGIDA rally where demonstrators waved anti-migrant banners and called for the ouster of Angela Merkel.

    We’ve long argued that the influx of Mid-East asylum seekers had the potential to trigger dangerous bouts of scapegoating xenophobia across the bloc. We’ve also noted that with each passing “incident” (be it a massacre of civilians like that which occurred in Paris, a bomb scare like what unfolded in Hannover, or sexual assaults like those that took place across Europe on New Year’s), Europe’s goodwill towards refugees gradually evaporates as even “compassionate” Westerners run out of patience in the face of what’s perceived as a growing threat to the region’s culture and security.

    Ultimately, we’ve argued that it’s probably just a matter of time before some Europeans take matters into their own hands. That contention seemed even more likely after the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne where police have been blamed for their failure to protect the crowd.

    Well sure enough, reports now indicate a rogue band of “bikers, hooligans and bouncers” organized a migrant “manhunt” on Facebook before attacking a group of Pakistanis in Cologne.


  13. Petruchio

    @#10 billibaldi: you may be right. Maybe the Rulers will “Noriega” El Chapo. It will look like something is being done about the Mexican Drug Wars and perhaps the rulers feel they have gotten all the bribe money they can from ‘Chapo’. He is no longer useful to them.

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