Muslim Terrorists Continue Attacks On Civilians…EU Nations Caught Hiding Muslim Rape Data

At least 7 dead as Jakarta rocked by multiple explosions, gunfire in ISIS-related attacks as the religious war rages onwards.  This explosion of activity in mostly Muslim countries is directly due to two things: modern vaccinations/medicines have stopped the major killers of young children and the refusal to allow any birth controls to balance population growth since one no longer needs to birth multiple babies to keep a stable population.  The chaos churning in these parts of the earth will only double in violence in the next decades thanks to these two forces at work.


A huge problem with sex exists inside the Muslim life style system.  The Catholic Church fought birth controls endlessly, too, and has recently given up not due to ideology but due to liberalism finally stopping the nonsense.  They can’t use laws to prevent women from controlling their child production systems.  In South America, this tradition of making birth control ‘illegal’ continues to struggle along but it is finally being forced back.


Europe allowed itself to be overrun by mostly male Muslims who hate women’s rights and are intent on changing things so the dire conditions destroying Muslim nations (gross over production of humans via birth control restrictions).  Here is some interesting news: Swedish prosecutors won’t probe reported cover-up of sex assaults by refugees — RT News


The newspaper report, which cited internal police memos, said as many as 50 Afghan refugees were suspected to be involved. Peter Agren, the officer in charge of policing at the festival in 2015, commented that the police were reluctant to report crimes committed by asylum seekers not to “play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats,” an anti-immigration party.


After the publication, police spokesman Varg Gyllander told AFP that the police “simply do not know” why the information was not reported. National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson said the police must look into the matter further and conduct internal investigations “to see if any errors or crimes have been committed.”


There were no ‘errors’ there was a ‘policy’ that was not debated nor voted on, it was simply done.  That is, no one examined who was raping citizens and nothing was done to protect citizens and no one informed citizens who were in grave danger that grave dangers existed.  All parties in charge of public safety including politicians should be thrown out of their jobs and offices.


Rape isn’t the only danger:  Danish 15yo girl who converted to Islam arrested for possessing explosives, sanctioning terror.  Yes, the radicals are luring young, impressionable children and cynically using them as human bombs.  They know that spreading terror works in various ways, note how our own liberals reacted to the present surge of Muslim terror.  They chided the victims and claim that we should let in more Muslim radicals and let them live next door!  This is insane and is infuriating to me.  Don’t liberals think?  These radical Muslims hate liberals, a huge, huge amount and want them all DEAD!  This is the last population liberals should encourage to move here.


Former soldier faces up to five years in jail for ‘crime of compassion’ after being caught trying to smuggle Afghan child into UK which is funny since liberals are demanding that a million illegal male foreigners be allowed to stomp all over Europe unrestricted!  Indeed, citizens can’t take in ANYONE foreign without permission and getting this is hard but if you are illegal and have no one who is a citizen helping you cross borders illegally, it is OK.  You will be fed and housed!


‘Soldiers of Odin’: Finnish anti-migrant group with ‘extremist features’ takes to patrolling streets since the government refuses to do this.  All over Europe, citizens are warned to stay away from illegal alien neighborhoods instead of controlling the illegal aliens and we can thank the Bilderberg gang for this insane policy that never existed before the free trade garbage began!  They do this to scare citizens and to keep them in line as the citizens then cling to the same people bringing in the illegal aliens.


Note how voters in the US, for example, run from right to left to right seeking someone sane and end up with the EXACT same policies in the end.  I see no difference at all when it comes down to this.  The GOP loves illegal aliens, they are CHEAP LABOR.  The DNC loves them because they eventually get to become voters who hate the GOP!  Wow.  Win, win both sides.  Losers are the rest of us.


Turkey blockades Syrian Kurdish areas surrounded by ISIS (RT EXCLUSIVE): this story today which is from Russia where I get a lot of news since we are occupied territory run by hostile invaders (the GOP and DNC rulers are all aliens from outer space, so to speak) and here is news hidden from Europe which supports Turkey even though Turkey is ruled by a hostile man who is provoking WWIII at this point.  He is very abusive towards the Kurds.  No one cares in our media, it seems, only when Assad fights Kurds then suddenly we are to weep for them.  Turkey does this, we don’t give a damn.


On to the election:  Cruz Did Not Report Loan From Goldman in Senate Race which puts him in hot water.  He was chosen by the media giants to be the anti-Trump.  He was supposed to save the GOP from being run by an outsider instead of a Bilderberg gangster.  Whoa!  Can’t have that.  Trump hates me and I despise him but at least he isn’t a Bilderberg gangster.  Seriously, I tricked Trump many years ago and he will never, ever forgive me.  I beat him in the gambling game.  HAHAHA.  I am not allowed into any Trump casino.  If you are able to game his system successfully, you are banned for life.


Global Markets Stagger, Following Wall Street Lower as we get the 5 year standard ‘cold feet’ business.  Duh.  Stocks never ever go up and up forever any more than the weather, it goes up and down due to not being stable.  A stable economy is a dead in the water economy.  Like any growing system, it grows and then dies off and then is refertilized and grows again.  Panics are caused by one thing: people playing stocks using borrowed funds.  Period.


THAT has to be controlled by government fiat to some degree.  Using funny money to gamble in markets is very stupid.  Doesn’t stop fools from trying to do this.


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43 responses to “Muslim Terrorists Continue Attacks On Civilians…EU Nations Caught Hiding Muslim Rape Data

  1. Melponeme_k

    The only thing missing from the current collapse in money and weather is the burning of witches.

    The Little Ice Age starts (1300’s) and witch trials begin

    1350 Venice causes a global monetary collapse due to printing funny money. Europe steps up on burning some witches.

    1600’s Maunder Minimum – 1690s Lowest point of the Maunder, Witch Trials still continue in Europe.

    Salem, MA in the New World Colonies gets into the act. The American Witch Trials also occur in conjunction with the Puritan Colonies switching to paper script which quickly turned into…you guessed it…funny money.

    So when do the elites start burning witches this time around?

  2. CK

    One of the delightful tidbits about witch-burning is that it only occurs in areas devoid of witches.
    In any area where there are real, powerful, witches; witch hunting is an empty occupation. Real witches turn witch hunters into small amphibians, newts, frogs, etc., and then squish them.

  3. Jim R

    Mel, I wonder if it isn’t going to be Muslim-burning this time around.

    As for the money, the big-picture folks I read (mostly Automatic Earth) say that we are in for a spell of DEflation, in which the money goes up in value. They don’t disagree that it will just evaporate at some point, but for the next, probably at least five years, money will be valuable. It is worth what people think it is, and the majority of people still like it.

    Not that deflation is any fun. Nor is witch-burning. A co-worker of mine has been harassed in public because he is Sikh, and wears a funny hat and a beard. A really nice guy, but xenophobia is definitely up since 2001. . .

  4. JimmyJ

    Policy coverup of many immigrant rapes, including that of minors, in Sweden, yet Assage is still hiding under Ecuador’s skirts in London to avoid extradition on “rape” charges for consensual sex with adults who later regretted the lack of the use birth control. Shows that all along the extradition was about punishing wikileaks actions.

  5. CK

    @Jim R
    Do you use high speed internet on a computer or a smart phone or a portable? Deflation is fun and fine isn’t it? Consider what you would have paid in 1995 for 100 megabyte speed into a 2 terabit harddrive, were it not for government interference you could have had those same levels of product improvement and price decrease in almost every thing you consume.
    There is exactly one reason for inflation and that is that government is able to tax all without having to accept any blame for the increased taxation.
    Inflation is always and only a way to steal wealth from the productive and give it to the parasitic.

  6. vengeur

    Great point JimmyJ! Also Elaine sez: “Note how voters in the US, for example, run from right to left to right seeking someone sane and end up with the EXACT same policies in the end.” How true! Which is why we are offered another tapioca brained Bu$h and hitlerian Hillary to “vote” for.

  7. Christian W

    Note how voters in the US, for example, run from right to left to right seeking someone sane and end up with the EXACT same policies in the end.

    No. Voters are running from right to right. When will you understand this simple fact? There is no right and left dichotomy in US politics. The US is an militaristic corporate oligarchy.

    The voters are in fact running from right, to right, to right, to right, in a continuous narrowing spiral into deeper and deeper fascism.

    The European immigration policies of bringing in unwanted immigrants in the declining economic situation is by choice and design. The elites have no problems with nurturing groups like Azov and Friends of Odin. They love to have idiot thugs at their beck and call for their armies and death squads.

    The elites know this policy will push Europe too into military fascism.

    Add a collapsing economy etc and you will have the possibility to break the back of liberal social democracies.

  8. vengeur

    Are open borders (in Europe and US) an example of “moving to the right”? Ig has nothing to do with the right. It is a corporatocracy.

  9. Christian W

    @1 The rape culture of the US military is another thing carefully kept out of the headlines. Rapes by US service men in the nations hosting US bases, and within the US military, are a huge problem but we don’t hear much about that.

    Unhealthy sexuality, and cover ups, is not only a Muslim problem. Look at the Catholic Church and the British establishment.

  10. vengeur

    ANY opposition , verbal or otherwise, to Merkel’s open border insanity in Germany is derided in German media as “brown -(shirt) ” , “Pack” (mob) , or simply Nazi. So this idea of moving to the right is baloney.

  11. Christian W

    A Corporato-crazy 🙂 is by definition right wing I’d say.

  12. Christian W

    @ vengeur

    No, it’s a fact you can see on the streets.

  13. vengeur

    “Note how voters in the US, for example, run from right to left to right seeking someone sane and end up with the EXACT same policies in the end.” You missed the entire point. The VOTERS run from right to left, the Corporatists don’t move at all.

  14. Christian W



    Israel’s new minister for African immigration is “proud to be a racist”.

    This is where Europe is headed, down into the far right sewer. It starts with “concerned citizens” patrolling the streets and ends up with armed thugs murdering and looting.


    The European Council for Human Rights (ECHR) refuses to investigate Turkey for it’s ethnic cleansing of Kurds. Erdogan has his thugs murdering Kurds as we speak but the ECHR “trusts the Turkish government. The same government that also supports ISIS death and rape squads in Syria (a large part of which are Turkish special forces), the same government that has imprisoned 160 journalists fired 800 more etc.

    But Erdogollum is owned by the CIA so he can do anything he wants.

    The EBRD (the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) has increased it’s investments in Turkey to close to €2 billion. On top of that the EU have given Erdogan €3.5 billion to deal with the refugee crisis and stop them from coming to Europe (right). Fascism? No problem!

  15. Anonymous

    african immigration to Israel??? tell us more, pls.

  16. Lou

    vengeur–the prosecutor is the same one who went after Amanda Knox.

  17. Christian W

    OT: UK establishment rapeculture

    The latest cover up by the UK establishment protecting Lord Janner.

  18. Lou

    CW–I doubt the overlords [a very small percent of UKs peeps] are
    raping as much as the endless mussies and africans.

    Nice deflection attempt, however [ha ha].

  19. Christian W

    I didn’t deflect anything, Lou. Maybe try harder to keep up.

  20. melponeme_k

    It’s happening, the nemesis that Elaine warned everyone about regarding illegal aliens from lesser cultures. Yes, lesser. I think it is long past the time to throw away the P.C. cultural relativity. Germany is by far the superior culture in comparison to where all these invading illegal aliens originated. The United States is a superior culture to Mexico, Central America and South America. Forcing Superior cultures to bend over backwards for illegal aliens will never work and create the nemesis backlash.

    How the elites think they are going to control this is mind boggling. The sides they are inciting in Europe and the US will not be content to attack recent aliens. They will expand to every minority (including Jewish citizens). Once a Hitler type takes power, a person the elites can’t control, everything will fall apart quickly.

  21. Floridasand

    Far right sewer?

    It is the liberal left which has brought stupidity and danger to the streets of Europe. They are trying to bring it to the United States, but we are not going to let them.

    It is a crime when European citizens are told they must change their behavior, not walk in certain places, or pay a surtax to house people who weren’t invited (and ultimately would have been better served in their own countries with their own value set—which is not necessarily compatible with European values)

  22. Lou

    Christian W –are you in Sweden?
    Lou. Maybe try harder to keep up.–You are not worth keeping up with, CW.

    Sewden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium. England and others are hiding the truth about blacks and middle easterners and the government traitors.

    A 15 year old Lithuania boy defended a Swede girl from a fake refugees sexual attack. The Syrian tried to sexually assault the girl, at school and the Lithuanian tried to stop it. The Syrian stabbed and killed the Lithuanian.
    The Swedish news interviewed the family of the Syrian kid who stabbed the Lithuanian and claimed the Lithuanian bullied the syrian, the Syrian boy was a good boy, dindu nuffin. The Lithuanian parent’s of dead boy were never interviewed.

    Amazing that blacks and middle easterners play the victim quit well, gave the same talking points of being downtrodden, the kids are good kids and dindu nuffins, the ones who were attacked deserved it because they started it or were White or any excuse to blame the victim. The facists protect this garbage slime sorry excuse for people, and the media protect the slime governments and slime blacks and middle easterners. Absolutely dumbfounding…..and nothing will stop these attacks by blacks and muzlims because they are a protected class. The lies just…’s demoralizing what is happening and Whites in the U.S. are not alone.

  23. Christian W

    But you don’t get it, Lou. I’ve protested against the rape and the influx of battering ram refugees. Now what do you say?

    The refugees are a “protected class” (for now) because it suits the US/Bilderberger agenda. That is a simple point to grasp. They are protected because the elites know this will stoke aggression and resentment against this protected Muslim/African class. They have replaced the ghetto Jews with ghetto Muslims. Next step is to cook the working and middle class in a prolonged economic depression and have the Muslims undercut the wages of those that work.

    The end result is 100% guaranteed. The Elites will have willing far right fascist fodder for their death squads and military. Sieg Heil.


    It’s not the “liberal left” that has brought danger to the streets of Europe. Elaine has written lots about this. It’s the Bilderbergers and gang. They are not the “liberal left” they are the far right in Sheep’s clothing, or Trojan horses, they always were from day one. After 9/11 they have been able to put the “liberal left” in Europe under their thumb.

    There wouldn’t be any Europan wave of Muslim refugees unless US Whites and Zionists had decided they need to rule North Africa, the Middle East, Caucasia, Afghanistan and Iran through military boot prints and puppet regimies.

    The wave of refugees into Europe is 100% the result of US Republican and Democratic, that is WHITE, warfare.

    And now you play the victim card and claim it’s the “liberal lefts” fault? Incredible.

    Over 90% of the US military had NO PROBLEM invading Iraq and Afghanistan to, supposedly, fight Al Qaeda that either didn’t exist (there were ZERO AQ in Iraq at the time of invasion) or were CIA agents to start with.

    The refugee waves now are 100% the result of US elite machinations and warfare. The European rulers are deep in the US/NATO/Zionist/Bilderberger pocket and DO NOT have independent policies of their own.

    At the time of the US invasion of Iraq 2003 to oust Saddam there still was some resistance, even France (Chirac) protested and got labelled Surrender Monkeys for their trouble. But that last old guard of European politicians got old and were replaced with US/Zionist/CIA agents like Blair, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, Zarkozy, Kascynski in Poland, Erdogan in Turkey etc. All in the pocket of the US/CIA, “left” or (far)right.

    Blair in the UK had to break the law to push Britain along. The left protesting the war and the injustice were crushed and ignored and so was the left in the rest of Europe. That is what we are seeing today. Blair, supposedly “iberal left” ended the fiction of “the rule of law” and revealed the UK as fascist.

    Sweden is another spineless US puppet state at this point and I’ve been protesting against that for years.

    Now in Europe we have refugees that we need to teach everything from don’t pee in the pool, don’t poo in the showers, treat women with respect regardless how they are dressed etc. All thanks to US machinations, thank you very much.

  24. e sutton

    Exactly, Christian W. Neocons firmly in control, using black and browns as their tools.

  25. Lou

    neocons? Its the Jews and the left that gave too much attention, power, AA laws to NAMs. [non asian minorities].

  26. Lou

    Blair in the UK had to break the law to push Britain along. ?
    Thatcher opened the multi cult flood gate? Thats what I have read.

  27. Lou

    If neokons are jews, I agree,
    Jews Control U.S. Immigration Policy
    A typical example of what characterizes the Jewish push for open … Israel,” and a virtual open border here in … except Israel is able to …
    [Search domain]…
    Jews push “multiculturalism” everywhere BUT ISRAEL…WHY …
    Discussion about Jews push “multiculturalism” everywhere BUT ISRAEL…WHY? [Page 9] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspir

  28. Christian W

    Thatcher wanted to break the Unions… that is the LEFT. She succeeded. The far right elites want immigration because it destroys the Union and the political left. Same procedure in the US.

    Then the elites installed a succession of gate keepers, like Blair, to keep the left away from the decision making process.

    Corbyn, the new Labour leader is more of an old time leftist and he is hated by the elites. The BBC admitted to smearing Corbyn on live TV by having a (gatekeeper) Labour member resign on live television as a protest against Corbyn’s policies. The BBC chief is an ex-London City banker and best friend of the Tory finance minister. There really is no liberal/left media left in the UK (or the US of course).

    Yes, Blair broke the British and International law by invading Iraq. Everyone knows that, even the chief legal counsels that served under Blair and warned him have admitted that. The problem is that Blair can’t be prosecuted because that would open up the Pandora’s Box of culpability for the elites, which is a complete no no.

    I doubt the US Deep State is Jews only. There is in fact a vigorous Jewish protest movement against Zionism but it is getting increasingly brutally pushed down by the Zio-Likudniks and gang.

    The problem in the US is also that War Inc. the Deep State Military Industrial technocrats ie the Pentagon and the corporations and their backers, which is the White bastion, is allied to the Jewish finance, media and intelligence services.

    A leftist to come in and start to throw spammers in those wheels can not be tolerated, so the elites want carefully vetted tools to fun for President.

    The big danger is if Likud manages to get a real US puppet president (Hillary, Sanders? big question mark). Then the World War will get really hot. But in any case the spiral deeper into far right fascism and war is unavoidable as long as the elites get to pick their candidates to serve them.

    Look at how the US is rotting away. The citizens of Flint, Michigan (mostly black so I guess they don’t count for much) are now served Toxic Waste for water.

  29. Jim R

    Very well put, CW. Nothing to add.

    Problem is not Jews, nor Muslims. Problem is the fascist, far-right elites.

    Amazingly, they manage to get the poor (temporarily embarrassed millionaires) to support their politics.

    Not so amazingly, the media and established institutions cooperate to vet anyone running for office, and to demonize anyone who does not subscribe to the ‘official’ agenda. So you had a guy like Ross Perot, whose politics were very conservative, but he did not toe the line, and was vilified. You had a guy like Howard Dean, whose politics were more liberal, similarly vilified.

    This year’s unconventional candidates are Trump and Sanders. Their popularity continues to soar (I think thanks to the internet), even though the ‘news media’ ignores them.

  30. Christian W

    “Unconventional candidates”? Both Trump and Sanders are decades long veterans of the elite insider games.

    Howard Dean is now earning his living as a lobbyist I believe.

    Tbh I don’t think the US can be reformed/saved by a presidential run, not even by a leftist candidate. The system is simply too large and has too much momentum. It would take a genuine protest from the majority of the American population, think along the lines of the Solidarity movement in Poland back in the day, but things aren’t that far yet in the US.

    Maybe the best we can hope for at this point in time is someone in the White House who does as little damage as possible.

    Trump strikes me as a blowhard and a bully and bullies don’t make for good leaders do they, people tire of them quickly.

    Sanders sounds ok I guess (“keep Wall Street ouf ot government”) but I don’t trust him when it comes to Israel, which is a critical issue since Zionism is dragging the world down into another round of the Dark Ages.

  31. Lou

    I doubt the US Deep State is Jews only. There is in fact a vigorous Jewish protest movement against Zionism but it is getting increasingly brutally pushed down by the Zio-Likudniks and gang.–its all too much for me.

    This is making the rounds—Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902, South African financier, British statesman and industrialist, who wanted to make Africa a “British dominion from the Cape to Cairo”), with the financial support of Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild (1840-1915) and Alfred Beit, was able to control the diamond mines of South Africa with his De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd., by buying out the French Diamond Co. and then merging with the Barnato Diamond Mining Company. He eventually controlled the production of diamonds throughout the world. His Consolidated Gold Fields was also a prosperous gold mining operation. He made $5 million annually. [which was a huge sum in those days –ed]
    In 1877, while still studying at Oxford (it took him 8 years because of having to run the diamond mines), he wrote the first of seven wills, in which each became a separate and legally binding document. It called for the establishment of:

    “…a secret society with but one object — the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, (and) for … making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire.”
    Frank Aydelotte, a founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Secretary to the Rhodes Trustees, wrote in his book, American Rhodes Scholarships:
    “In his first will Rhodes states his aim still more specifically: ‘The extension of British rule throughout the world … the foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the interests of humanity’.”
    When he died, his third will, drafted in 1888, called for the establishment of a trust, run by his son-in-law Lord Rosebury, a Rothschild agent, to administer his fortune. His seventh and last will, named Nathan Rothschild administrator of his estate, and established an educational grant known as the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University (which was controlled by the Fabians). The Scholarships provided a two-year program for young men, and later, women, from the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, to carry on the Illuminati conspiracy.
    Among the more famous Rhodes Scholars:
    • Dean Rusk (CFR, Secretary of State, 1961-69)
    • Walt Whitman Rostow (Special Assistant for National Security Affairs, 1966-69)
    • Harlan Cleveland(Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs in the Kennedy administration, Ambassador to NATO under Presidents Johnson and Nixon)
    • Nicholas Katzenbach (CFR, U.S. Attorney General, 1965-66)
    • Sen. James William Fulbright (Arkansas, 1945-74)
    • Sen. Frank Church(Idaho, 1956-81)
    • Sen. Bill Bradley (New Jersey, 1979-97)
    • Sen. David Boren (Oklahoma, 1979-94, CFR)
    • Sen. Richard D. Lugar (Indiana, 1976-)
    • Sen. Larry Pressler (South Dakota, 1979-97, CFR, Phi-Beta-Kappa)
    • Sen. Paul Sarbanes (Maryland, 1977-)
    • Rep. Elliot H. Levitas (GA, 1975-85)
    • Rep. Carl Albert (OH, 1947-77, Speaker of the House from 1971-77)
    • Rep. John Brademas (IN, 1959-81, later New York University President)
    • Gov. Bill Clinton(Arkansas, 1979-81, 1983-92; President, 1993-2001; CFR, Trilateral Commission — he didn’t graduate from Oxford)
    • Gov. Richard Celeste (OH, 1983-91)
    • Supreme Court Justice Byron ‘Whizzer’ White(1962-93, also Phi Beta Kappa)
    • Brig. Gen. Pete Dawkins
    • Gen. Bernard W. Rogers (Supreme Commander of the NATO forces in Europe, 1979-87)
    • Gen. Wesley Clark(Supreme Commander of the NATO forces in Europe, 1997-2000)
    • Stansfield Turner (CIA Director, 1977-81)
    • R. James Woolsey(CFR, CIA Director, 1993-95)
    • Charles Collingwood (TV commentator)
    • Howard K. Smith (TV commentator)
    • George Jerome Goodman (writer known as ‘Adam Smith’)
    • Hedley Donovan (former Editor-in-Chief of Time magazine, later a senior advisor to President Carter)
    • Robert Penn Warren (Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and novelist, best known for his book All the King’s Men).

    The Rhodes fortune, through the Rhodes Scholarship Fund, has been used to promote the concept of globalism and one-world government. Up to 1953, out of 1,372 American Rhodes Scholars, 431 had positions in teaching and educational administration, 31 were college presidents, 113 had government positions, 70 held positions in the media, and 14 were executives in foundations.

    Rhodes began developing his philosophy after hearing a speech by John Ruskin(1819-1900) at Christ Church at Oxford University, which espoused an opinion, which by extension, furthered the teaching found in Plato’sRepublic. Plato called for “…a ruling class with a powerful army to keep it in power and a society completely subordinate to the monolithic authority of the rulers.”

    Rhodes was also greatly influenced by Windom Reade’s book The Martyrdom of Man, published in 1872, which advocated Darwinism and the tremendous suffering that man must undergo, which was epitomized in the phrase “the survival of the fittest.”

    The book said that the “inevitable progress of man (was) to perfection.” Rhodes incorporated this rationalization into his thinking.

  32. Christian W

    In other news. Sanctions against Iran were lifted today.

    A victory for America and Iran I’d say. Netanyahu overstepped badly when he visisted the US to humiliate President Obama a year ago. Netanyahu is not yet President of the USA. And Boehner is gone too.

    Now let’s put the IAEA blood hounds and economic sanctions on Israel for their illegal and actual nuclear arms.

  33. Christian W


    Terrible news out of Syria. ISIS have murdered 280 civilians, mostly women and children even babies, in Deir ez-Zor. The victims were Sunni Muslims.

  34. Name

    Obviously off topic,

    Just wanted to dedicate this as an homage to Elaine:

    It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, after all.

  35. Jim R

    Well, yeah, there’s that, CW. They are like WWF ‘villains’ … and Dean had to do something, you know.

    I’m a fan of Jill Stein, but almost no one has heard of her. I think she means well, but she does listen to all that dumb shit financial fraud about ‘carbon credits’ …

  36. Christian W

    Yeah, Jill Stein seems smart and well meaning… but as you say she is a Green and I don’t think they have figured out that they got co-opted by the elites yet. 😦 That is what is so annoying with the “liberal-lefty Greens”.

    The elites are just so damn good at those kind of games.

  37. emsnews

    Thanks for the debates and conversations!

    I was stupid this week and two days ago, used my hand wrong while putting together the chimney pipes for a stove and sliced my palm open and it bled like crazy and so I had to keep it above my heart and couldn’t use my keyboard and write anything.

    Stupid stuff! I can’t believe I did something so crazy.

    Anyways, it is still bandaged up but I can type now again.

  38. Petruchio

    “”Rhodes was also greatly influenced by Windom Reade’s book The Martyrdom of Man, published in 1872, which advocated Darwinism and the tremendous suffering that man must undergo, which was epitomized in the phrase “the survival of the fittest.”” This “philosophy”, dogma, belief system, whatever you want to call it is just a variation of Calvinism. This is the “Rich people deserve to rule over everyone else because they are “pre-ordained” for the Kingdom of Heaven, etc., etc. It is just a self justification for stomping on your lessers. And here’s how you know their beliefs are a fraud: as soon as these self appointed “elites” start to take a beating they no longer start mouthing the phrase “it’s survival of the fittest” and such. Only THEN do they start complaining about how life is unfair and there needs to be some ‘justice’ in the world. When these “disciples” of social Darwinianism start to take abuse, then and only then do they start talking about how unjust the evil World is and how things should change. When these guys have the upper hand in life, it’s survival of the fittest though.

  39. Lou

    I forget what book I read a quote. And I forget the exact quote BUT it was something like,

    The British railroad now allows the commoners to mill about aimlessly.

    or something like that. A 1% er bemoaning the masses, moving about aimlessly.

  40. Petruchio

    An interesting tidbit of info about the 1%’ers. Their wealth USUALLY get frittered away after a few generations. Take John Jacob Astor as an example. John Jacob Astor, at the height of his wealth in the mid 19th to early 20th centuries was one of if not THE wealthiest people in America. The current Astor family members can BARELY hang on to their Lake Homes. Of course, the Rockefellers endure, but they are a part of the International Banking Elite. Losing one’s wealth, among the very wealthy is THE ultimate humiliation, btw.

  41. Jim R

    Another factor that figures into that arc of wealth (“3-5 generations from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves”) is that the girls are educated.

    And when you educate your girls, and they learn a little biology, they say “Noooo! I’m not doing that!” … and then you don’t have grandchildren, you know.

    The guy who built the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC only lived a couple years after the house was finished. And he had spent his inheritance on the thing. It’s a nice tourist destination now. Some of his descendants still live in a private wing of it.

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