Witches Cause Bad Weather! Breaking News…

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Mastodons that once roamed (with very long fur not shown here) in Los Angeles during Ice Ages.


Malleus Maleficarum – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia(Der Hexenhammer in German) is a treatise on the prosecution of witches, written in 1486 by Heinrich Kramer, a German Catholic clergyman. The book was first published in Speyer, Germany, in 1487 (100 years into the deteriorating conditions of the Little Ice Age).


Malleus Maleficarum 1486:
“However, it has been found that witches have freely confessed that they have done such things, and there are various instances of it, which could be mentioned, in addition to what has already been said. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that, just as easily as they raise hailstorms, so can they cause lightning and storms at sea; and so no doubt at all remains on these points. ”



The rulers of this planet have decided (now that the Pope is on board and happily circling the earth using fossil fuels like crazy) that we humans are going to doom humanity unless we repent our sins and stop consuming the magic stuff our rulers consume in tremendous, stupendous amounts: fossil fuels.  Unashamed of their own consumption levels, they go about the place screaming about all this.  Obama is a prime example.  Right after telling us we are all going to roast to death if people fly huge private jets to Hawaii, he flew there yet again as he often does, to play golf with his rich buddies.


This insanity continues despite the collapse of the Paris weather talks.  Everyone talks about the weather and can do nothing about it, of course.  But the desire to tax thin air is very tempting and our rulers persist in doing this despite falling public desire to let them do this and I see a clash over this issue in the not-too-far future especially if we go yet again into yet another Little Ice Age cycle.

President Obama: 3 Year Moratorium on New Coal Mines because burning coal is going to roast us all to death somehow.  I burn coal, by the way, when it is extremely cold here on my mountain.  I haven’t burned much coal this year due to it being an el Nino year but even during a ‘warm’ winter up here, it still goes below zero during January and will do so yet again, this week as it did a week ago.


Aproxymations using all sorts of data to figure out past temperatures especially tree rings is bizarre since tree ring size is caused by how much water falls on trees as well as how warm or cold it is.  All one can say is, ‘was this a good year for tree growth?’  Droughts can happen in cold summers, for example.  Fat tree rings usually means happy times for everyone especially us since humans came out of the jungles of Africa two million years ago.


We know for a fact, just looking at the evolution of humans, that we are warm weather animals because we have little fur and the majority of this in on the top of our heads and it is thick and grows quite long including the beards which means we grew this to protect the top of our heads from warm rains or sunshine as well as being nearly totally naked.


We know there were massive repeated Ice Ages due to all sorts of clues in the geological landscape and that these Ice Ages shaped human evolution, too, as desperate humans took animal skins and used these as fur instead of re-evolving fur via natural selection.  The sharp rise in temperatures during the repeated Interglacials were all times of ‘Garden of Eden’ life for the naked apes who very rapidly evolved big brains to deal with the challenges of severe climate change.


From the WUWT article above:


My conclusions from all of this:

• Transforming a dataset from tree ring widths in mm to temperatures in degrees C, thence to standard deviations, and finally back to degrees C, seems like a doubtful procedure.

• Without seeing the underlying data, it is hard to judge the full effects of what they have done. While having the normalized datasets is valuable, it cannot replace the actual underlying data.

• Whatever their iterative nested method might be doing, it’s not doing a whole lot.

• I do not know of any justification for normalizing the proxies before averaging them. They are already in degrees C. In addition, normalization greatly distorts the trends a time series, in a manner that depends on the exact shape and variance of the time series.


All of the fretting over slight (compared to the gross, huge leaps and falls in temperature during each Ice Age cycle) temperature changes during any Interglacial is silly.  All Interglacials were much, much, tremendously shorter than any Ice Age and each Ice Age is somewhat nastier than previous Ice Ages and if all this has been caused by the joining of South America to North America disrupting the Pacific/Atlantic Ocean heat exchange system, then the solution is to eliminate Panama and thus stop this cycle process.


Using tree rings is good for figuring out if some period is a pleasant climate for plants but nothing else.  The very worse droughts the planet has ever seen has been…during ICE AGES, not warm cycles.  It is much colder and much of the available water is tied up in great ice sheets.  Much of the Siberian and Alaskan tundra during Ice Ages were quite dry as well as slightly warmer than during Interglacial periods when it is warm during summer over much of Canada.


The riddle as to why most of Siberia and Alaska never see glaciation no matter how cold it is, is one that no one can fully explain.  This shift of the center of Northern Hemisphere cold from Siberia/Alaska to Canada/northern US ice sheets and cold is the core of understanding Ice Ages.  Antarctica and Greenland both are gripped in near-perpetual Ice Ages for over 2 million years and we don’t know why this began, either.  We can suggest, for example, that this coincides with the closing of the mid-range ocean heat exchange cycles by Panama but this isn’t proven and it doesn’t explain the regular, periodic heat cycles that suddenly make the planet much, much warmer.


One of the readers at WUWT posted this, after an email exchange with one of the authors of the study of tree rings and global warming:

Old England January 16, 2016 at 2:13 am
Hi Willis,

When I read the extracts at BH it raised questions in my mind and I emailed Rob Wilson:

“I have just read the brief comment on your recent paper at BH and had a quick question from that.

I understand that you have used the datasets which you considered most robust going back over past centuries. I know from my own experience and observation from growing timber that temperature is just one of a number of factors which influence the rate of growth in trees and thus tree rings. Two simple examples are rainfall and cloud cover. Records of those seem, at best, patchy and generally non-existent for most of the period your study covers.

My main question is did you, in selecting datasets to use, assess the original studies to be certain that they had taken or were even able to take full account of all of those other factors which I believe have until quite recently been considered largely irrelevant in dendrochronology?

Are you able to point me towards any work which is able to explain how the growth rate of a tree 500 or 1000 years years ago can determined as being a result of temperature as opposed to rainfall levels, or reduced / increased sunlight from higher / lesser cloud cover, or a change in wind levels (perhaps due to abnormal jet stream positions) causing a degree of stunting / or preventing wind stunting for a year or two, or perhaps a 1 in 100 year flood that deposits nutrients enabling higher growth rates for a period of years thereafter ? The reason I ask is because data on those causes is typically unavailable and if there is a robust methodology for determining this I would be very interested to know and understand it.”

he kindly replied very promptly :
“You misunderstand the basics of dendro [climatology].
All trees are sampled in locations where tree growth is predominantly controlled by summer temperatures.
The residuals from the local scale modelling may represent “other” factors but are random over space and time When averaging over large regions, the “other” factors are further minimised by averaging

You cannot expect to get a temperature from a tree that is not growing in a temperature limited location.”

To which I replied and asked ” many thanks for such a prompt reply which is helpful as I try and get my head around some of this !

Temperature limited locations controlled by summer temperatures makes sense but is there a way to identify and exclude the other variants of cloud cover and rainfall at that location going back over the last thousand years ?”
[ I did not say that I actually do not understand how ‘locations controlled by summer temperature’ are determined – but you may have come across this….]

Rob Wilson again replied promptly :
“There is some debate about the effects of clouds on photosynthetic rates and a comparison between ring-width/density parameters and carbon isotopes is addressing that situation somewhat.

Brief take home story is that one of the reasons that ring-width is generally a poor proxy of temperature in this moist-temperature limited environments is that other factors are also impacting growth.

Density and related parameters are controlled almost entirely by summer temperatures in these environments.

It is far from perfect, but we state this in the paper – there are good reasons why we don’t explain 100% of the temperature variance.”

I didn’t have time to pursue this further but did briefly check out a few papers on variations in rates of photosynthesis [PS] related to cloud cover – there have been a number of studies. One using artificial light at times of cloud cover found a 25% increase in PS in the illuminated leaves; conifers may respond differently to deciduous.

Anyway the above may be of interest.


The other problem with Obama’s sudden move to UNILATERALLY prevent exploitation of coal reserves is that he did it via fiat.  This is supposed to be a democracy.  Even bad decisions have to be made by the collective, not a Dear Leader.  By circumventing Congress, he is going against the will of the voters.  This is wrong.  He has to persuade the voters he is right, not order us around.


The Greens want a dictatorship as do right wing lunatics.  Both extremes of the political spectrum desire total domination of citizens because then they can order us to do things that harm or upset us and then persecute or kill anyone who resists their demands.  This is why fascist/communist rulers are so cruel and destructive.  The lust to tax thin air and give back nothing is very powerful lure for our present rulers but they are fools because anyone who subscribes to their belief systems they are displaying MUST arrest and or execute all of these rich powerful people flying around in their private jets and living in huge palaces.


This logic fails our rulers who cannot see the end result of their propaganda push.  They, themselves, are the ‘pure evil’ they rail against.  Obama should be ashamed of himself, flying to Paris to wail about the weather and then flying off to Hawaii just so he can play golf in the warm sun.  This is totally disgusting to watch.  Shame of him, huge shame on him.


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34 responses to “Witches Cause Bad Weather! Breaking News…

  1. emsnews

    I didn’t post a story for two days because while installing this chimney flue for a pellet stove for a friend, I slammed my hand down on a pipe and cut the palm of my right hand so it bled all over kingdom come.

    Had to bandage it up and even then, it bled over the keyboard so I kept it high and dry, that is above heart level while watching BBC shows on You Tube instead.

    Fun times for me.

  2. melponeme_k

    Yes, the elites know they need to burn some witches to distract the little people.

    I have a feeling these “witches” will be the people who point out the fact that the elites are burning massive amounts of fuel and polluting the earth.

    Also take heart, Obama is so ridiculously stupid, he rolls around Hawaii oblivious to the fact that it is now covered from top to bottom by radioactive waste from Fukushima.

  3. Jim R

    There are other proxies for temperature. Seafloor sediments make a record of temperature (in quiet places where sediments form layers, like tree rings). Micro-fossils tell the story, different species of forams live in the water depending on temperature, and isotope ratios change just a little bit as well.

    Of course the elites are seeing many other forms of destruction, the planet’s forests getting mowed down, human populations surging in some places, the ocean garbage patches, and have an urge to clamp a lid on all that activity.

    Sort of understandable, really, but most of us will see it for what it is, tyranny.

  4. Sunger

    Melponeme said “I have a feeling these “witches” will be the people who point out the fact that the elites are burning massive amounts of fuel and polluting the earth.”

    This is just more ridiculous “FoxNews” level blowhardism with no facts of any kind.

    Melponeme does not know that all the fuel usage figures are public knowledge and can be readily accessed at any time by anyone.

    It’s funny when FoxNews viewers get all mad. They start repeating BS they have heard on Fox and actually believe they are expounding brilliantly. Unfortunately, they end up publicly demonstrating that they know absolutely nothing about anything.

  5. Jim R

    My new-favorite graph from the “Cryosphere Today” is this one:

    It’s useful for discussion because it shows the last several decades, not millions of years ago. And it shows a time scale that matters to us, not millions of years from now when we are all dust many times over.

    It shows the sum-total of polar sea ice, north and south, added together. The bottom red line is the trend, and you can see that there is slightly less ice, overall, than there was in 1980. The top blue line is total ice, and you can see the annual variation. It has double peaks because the north and south polar cycles do not quite exactly cancel. The lines are relative to the ‘zero’ line on the graph, so you can see that there is still quite a LOT of ice on the poles. On a lot of graphs, they’ll zoom into that little bit at the end of the red line, and it looks like a catastrophe.

    You can also see that, although it is a warm winter on Mount Airy, the red line varies both ways, and it is extremely unlikely that it will keep gong down. Next winter or the one after that, will probably be quite cold.

  6. Sunger

    Oh, on the “ELITES”.

    Add this up.

    1. ELITES who do NOT believe in climate change- Kochs, entire GOP, etc.

    2. ELITES who believe strongly in climate change- Al Gore, Dems, Branson.

    3. TOTAL- 0(zero)

    So the OPPOSING ELITES cancel each others vote out. And there are many people in the supposed elite group who have drastically different ways of thinking from each other.

  7. CK

    In any area wherein witches can raise hailstorms, raise lightning and aim it … there will be 0 witchhunters.


    ELAINE: I have been hit four times by lightning, one time my husband threw it at me by handing me a transformer that was melted by a previous bolt and was too hot to handle so he said, ‘Here, take this to me’ at the same instant a lightning bolt hit AGAIN and hopped to it and then to ME hitting my hands as I held them up to push the stupid transformer away from me.

  8. Jim R

    To clarify, the bottom red line is the difference between the average ice area, for the time of year, and the current ice area.

    We are currently between 1 and 2 million sq km low. OH, NO, the ice is melting! MILLIONS of SQUARE KILOMETERS GONE!

    But then, when you look at the blue line, you realize that in a normal year (over the last four decades), seven or eight million sq km of ice melts and freezes. Every single year.

    And Elaine: please wear appropriate work gloves, when you do stuff like that. They aren’t terribly expensive, any hardware store will have them. Good old rawhide work gloves. Use ’em. ❤


    ELAINE: I have insulated thick leather gloves but was too lazy to go fetch them that time. Heh.

  9. Sunger

    JimR- great article here-

    Here we see that the IPCC climate assessments are 10 years out of date-

    “The (IPCC) review process takes over 5 to 7 years, and writing the assessment takes roughly 3 years. The IPCC does not consider anything outside of these parameters (such as the latest science and measurements) making its report already out-of-date long before actual publication. There are many elements of climate change that are not even included in its reports, such as the “speed and ferocity of climate change are outpacing IPCC projections on many fronts, including CO2 emissions, temperature rise, continental ice-sheet melt, Arctic sea ice decline, and sea level rise.” (1)”


  10. Sunger

    JimR- Analysis of stock market trends by technical analysis – analyzing price and volume charts & curves- is looked at by experienced investors as not conclusive in most cases. But many investors do do use technical analysis to ascertain timing of trades.

    Not sure that climate change can be predicted from chart trends in any meaningful way.

  11. Jim R

    OK, Sunger, fine. Just go back to reading your chicken guts.
    The graph covers the last 4.5 decades, wherein you can see the annual variations, and also the change resulting from the CO2 level rising from what, about 280 ppm to 400 ppm? Going forward, there’s probably some CH4 going to appear. Watch that chart.

    … as for your “elites opinions cancel out”, good luck with that idea. They basically agree on taxing the plebes, and if they can’t do that then kill ’em off in a war. If you don’t want to go to war, they’ll bring the war to you. You’re welcome.

    You may draw your own conclusions.

  12. melponeme_k

    “This is just more ridiculous “FoxNews” level blowhardism with no facts of any kind.”

    LOL. I don’t watch Fox news. Never did. I’ve long since stopped reading the Huffingtonpost, the other side of the coin. BOTH Of them lie. BOTH of them are propaganda.

    Are you seriously going to argue that a mega mansion estate uses less energy than one or two middle class homes? Seriously?

    Are you saying Obama is using less fuel using his own private jet (on the tax payer dollar) than he would on a commercial flight?

    You need to get your head straight. The elites love you.

  13. vengeur

    LOL. That is a typical liberal way of dismissing a counter argument : “You watch Fox news” (even if you don’t) , therefore (as Sungee said previously) “you don’t read books and are a climate denier” and can be insulted , then ignored. The one thing the climate change hoax brings out clearly is the arrogance and intolerance of liberals toward ANY DIVERSITY of opinion.

  14. Floridasandy

    Melponeme, like your posts lately.

  15. Lou

    EMS, were you wearing gloves?


    ELAINE: Nope. I was being very stupid. Eeek. The guy I was working with nearly laughed to death then he burned his arm and had to go to the emergency room!

  16. Christian W

    Wow. Combine the news below with the price of oil going south big time it looks like it’s time to say buh bye to US frackers…. it was “sweet” (teehee) while it lasted.


  17. Jim R

    CW, that is an all around win for the administration.

    Obama has defeated the evil frackers, saved the sensitive environment, prevented global warming and saved the planet!

    And kept prices low at the gas pump! ((what’s not to like?))



  18. Lee

    Cover of Economist from 1998 – predicting event in 2018–
    First 4 minutes covers this–

  19. JimmyJ

    Too bad about your hand Elaine. Rural living is hard on injuries.

    Pellet stoves are clean burning and mighty convenient too- if you can easily get pellets, if the pellets aren’t too expensive and if you have a power source to run the auger or whatever feed system is in the stove. For TEOTWAWKI, they aren’t much good though, sadly.

    Whenever we talk about us naked apes I always think about Elaine Morgan’s interesting take on Alister Hardy’s Aquatic Ape hypothesis. To have gone through this phase there had to have been one hell of a drought for long enough to have made such an impact, the extended ice age drought. If the earth had remained toasty we would have stayed as hairy hominids on the savannah. Maybe during the next Ice Age we’ll become a littoral species. I support Ice Age evolution!

  20. John Doe

    One begins to wonder with oil prices falling if the oil and gas lobby groups are at work here eliminating competition using using climatism to fill their bank accounts?

    Big gas goes after big coal – http://www.politico.eu/article/descalzi-eni-oil-gas-emissions-carbon-pricing/

  21. Christian W

    Speaking of oil prices, competition and Rockefellers. Iran is rejoining SWIFT as part of the deal for lifting the “nuclear” sanctions… and if of course now allowed to sell oil again on the open market.

  22. Jim R

    About oil prices. … I feel somehow qualified to comment as a former reader of The Oil Drum

    What is happening is old fashioned cutthroat capitalism. It happened back in the ’20s in Texas. Oil went as low as 10¢ a barrel. But the price was horrifically unstable. So eventually Standard (the Rockefellers) and other surviving oil companies got together and employed the Texas Railroad Commission to figure out how to regulate it. Produce just the right amount so that the price is stable, but high enough for the drillers to drill.

    Some decades later, (after WWII) the Arabs became the biggest producers. They organized OPEC in the image of the Texas Railroad Commission. Same deal. Oil stabilized at around $10 – $20 a barrel.

    No, we have the Russians and Iran running wide-open. $100 a barrel is too high, (fracking and tar sands never made sense anyway) but the price should be a little higher now. We are somewhere near, or recently past, peak WORLDWIDE production, and it is getting harder to obtain.

    My prediction is that there will be a Eurasian Oil organization (which may well go by some Cyrillic acronym), and it will do the same thing as the Texas Railroad Commission (which still exists, but has no influence on oil prices), and OPEC. When that happens, OPEC will cease to be relevant. The price will stabilize at maybe $50 a barrel. For a while.


    ELAINE: Da, tovarich! Putin plays chess at grand master levels.

  23. Jim R

    Edit that next-to-last paragraph to read:

    Now, we have the Russians and Iran running wide-open. $100 a barrel is too high (fracking and tar sands never made sense anyway), but the price should be a little higher. We are somewhere near, or recently past, peak WORLDWIDE production and it is getting harder to obtain.

    …. thanks.

  24. tio

    For those of us that like to dance on nail infested rafters, punch engine blocks or wrench old pipework.


  25. Lee

    off topic—is the sky falling? or just sprayed w aluminum?


  26. Lee

    Off topic—25 dead in Global Cool, back east.

  27. Lou


  28. Lou

    Yahoo news—
    Ex-Football Player Allegedly Murders Woman, 86, in Sexually Motivated Attack at High School Track
    Christine Pelisek,People Fri, Apr 28 1:54 PM PDT

    An 18-year-old former football player is accused of fatally beating an 86-year-old woman in California this week in a sexually-motivated assault after she tried to stop him from allegedly attacking her friend, authorities tell PEOPLE.

    Investigators claim Fusako Petrus and her 61-year-old friend were attacked by Neven Glen Butler about 6 a.m. Wednesday as they were walking on the track at Highlands High School outside Sacramento, California.

    The “stranger attack” was sexually motivated, Sacramento County sheriff’s Sgt. Tony Turnbull tells PEOPLE.

    The friend managed to escape but Petrus was killed, he says.

    Notice the headline, ‘Ex Football player’ as if that is important.
    How about ‘Black man kills woman?’

  29. Lou

    He was already[??? previously] in custody for an unrelated but similar assault on Wednesday of a 92-year-old woman at a local elderly care home, authorities say.


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