Messy Mother Palin Endorses Multiple Wives Trump To Lead GOP To Heaven


Are you ready to go ‘kick ISIS’ a**?’ Sarah Palin says that a Trump presidency would mean ‘no more pussyfootin’ around as she publicly endorses the ‘rogue’ Republican frontrunner: it always puzzles me how far right wingers think.  Like the opposite pole, far leftists, they tend to not practice what they preach very much.


Attacking say, Clinton on the issue of his sex life while ignoring collapsing ‘family values’ of their own leaders like Palin, showing fury about ‘saving marriage’ while supporting Ronald the divorced movie star Reagan, shows up again and again.  The very messy sex lives of leaders of the ‘marriage is for life’ crew never ceases to amuse and horrify anyone watching this silly business.


The GOP supports divorce.  Why they can’t be honest about this business baffles me.  Not to mention, these same stern Puritans are often caught in their own sexual nets and then cry for mercy, not stern justice.  Just like God always forgives them, they believe God never forgives anyone else, only themselves.  Then there is the issue of all the priests who are caught in sex abuse allegations.


Sarah Palin’s son Track, 26, arrested after ‘punching his girlfriend, 22, in the eye before holding an assault rifle to his head and threatening to pull the trigger at his mother’s home’.  Palin’s children are a mess.  No surprise to me.  Children out of wedlock, domestic violence, abuse: to be expected.  Mommy still runs about preaching to us about these matters while her children make fun of her right in her face.


And so this is the perfect endorsement for Trump.  Now Clinton has to be endorsed by one of her more corrupt buddies on Wall Street or maybe Saudi Arabia, perchance.  She needs the boost.  But it seems it is too late for Her Majesty.  After sewing up all the Democratic Operatives before any primary, boasting about this and then…this turned off voters who hate having zero choice:  Hillary takes massive nose-dive in crucial early state as Bernie opens up 27 POINT lead in New Hampshire and this doesn’t surprise me.


She goofed, using her power tools to secretly set up the election for herself and then she goofed off about appearing in public and then the debates, she was ill-behaved and careless and despite desperate help from the media giants, looked pretty bad.  I love debates!  Wish I could debate on a huge forum like the one she was given.  But dictators despise debates and she was acting like a dictator, not a democratic leader.  So into the history bin she goes.  Good riddance.


NONE of the seven Iranians freed in the prisoner swap have gone back to Iran: At least three have decided to stay in the US, while the other four didn’t even bother to show up for flight home; the ideal Islamic States of all sorts are ugly affairs mainly due to lack of civil and human rights of citizens or anyone especially women and children, gays, etc.  What baffles me is how many of these people come here to not be free but instead, plot to destroy our civilization and freedoms.


Everyone talks big about ‘saving families’ but don’t have any interest in this, they want to oppress someone else while running riot, themselves and in the Muslim world this is 100% true, too.  They flee their homes, come here and then want the same toxic mess here, too.  But then, all religious fanatics of ANY type does the same thing.  Hell, my family came here due to religious wars in Europe hundreds of years ago and then, to be really free, kept moving restlessly across the country from Albany, New York all the way to California 150 years ago because they disliked being pushed around by fanatics who wanted us to be ‘pure and no sins’.


Meddlesome busy bodies!  As one ancestor said, ‘If you can see your neighbor, they are too close’.  Maybe this is why I love living on my mountain.  No near neighbors aside from deer, bears and other critters.


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26 responses to “Messy Mother Palin Endorses Multiple Wives Trump To Lead GOP To Heaven

  1. Petruchio

    Elaine: it’s all a charade. I seriously wonder if even the GOP candidates themselves believe the sh#t that spews out of their mouths. I mean, do they seriously believe some of the things they say they will do during the “debates” or are they merely saying these warmongering comments because they think that will get votes? Maybe with the real rulers of the US Government. But Sarah Palin being asked–and then QUOTED on an issue of foreign policy is a sad,,sad testament to how badly US Presidential elections have degenerated. Personally I think these comments are probably a little of both: some stuff they really believe and some of it is just a cynical ploy to appeal to the soiled masses. EXCEPT for Mrs. Clinton. She uses a different tactic. Mrs. Clinton is PURE cynicism and corruption; she will sound the part of the traditional Democrat (she supports raising the minimum wage). Then, once elected, she IMMEDIATELY transforms into the bought-and-paid-for political wh#re that she is now and FOREVER will be.

  2. vengeur

    I lived in Alaska when Palin was chosen as McCain’s VP. It was a very sick feeling to have to face the fact the GOP leadership could be THAT utterly clueless as to the capabilities of Palin, who in NO way was qualified to be VP. The woman has absolutely NO political value to any republican, and the fact that they keep dredging her up to endorse candidates is pathetic and scary. Trump f’d up accepting her endorsement. Huge mistake.

  3. vengeur

    Don’t be puzzled Elaine, many of us conservatives wish Palin would just disappear forever.

  4. Lee

    Is Sarah P ‘skull n bones?’ Why was she picked in the first place?

  5. emsnews

    They needed a ‘goil’ to prove they are not sexist. That is why. They picked out a ding dong female to also prove these wimmen are silly and thus can’t be trusted to run things. See? Simple. 🙂

  6. Petruchio

    I guess my favorite Sarah Palin “moment” was when–I think it was Diane Sawyer–asked Ms. Sarah what is on her reading list. Palin couldn’t name ONE thing!!! Oh well. At least Palin didn’t outright lie.

  7. vincelamb

    The New York Daily News headline for this story was “I’m With Stupid.” I’ll see that and raise with a Pet Shop Boys song.

  8. Lee

    Petruchio, whats on Hitlerys reading list? Mein kampf?

  9. JimmyJ

    I agree with the notion of not seeing your neighbour. I had a nice “quarter” all lined up and ready to move to but life decided otherwise for me and I ended up wandering the country for work instead. Now I’m back in the City I grew up in, Vancouver, in a seniors complex. I’d still rather be on that quarter way up in northern BC, but get to see my young grandson regularly living here and that gives me joy.

  10. Lee

    ‘Palin’s children are a mess’—Sarah and her family are far better than most Blacks, and you know it.
    But criticism of non Whites does nt go over well. Not PC.


    ELAINE: In what way? Her son now has been arrested for being very violent and hurting people while threatening anyone in his vicinity. A real mess!

  11. Christian W

    Palin and Trump seem a perfect match to me.


    Christian, Who are the Neo Cons and what are their goals? War?


    Her son now has been arrested for being very violent and hurting people while threatening anyone in his vicinity. A real mess!
    THREATENING PEOPLE? gosh. how scary.

    Is he a felon? 1in 3 afro males is..or is that 1 in 4?
    Is he on EBT?
    Does he have 30 kids?Man who fathered 30 kids says he needs a break—a Tennessee man who has fathered 30 children is asking the courts for a break on child support. Desmond Hatchett. [guess his color]..

    and in the last few days—


    EMS maybe will shrug off the facts that I posted.
    Those behaviors are COMMON among afros.
    Wherever they are. Murder rates in E St Lou are similar to those in haiti and africa.


    ELAINE: Pray tell, do you know the killing rate in European wars when white males fought each other and tried to annihilate other ‘tribes’ such as say, WWI and WWII????

    You are crazy.

  15. Petruchio

    @#8 Lee: Mrs. Clinton doesn’t need to read Mein Kampf; she knows the entire book, word for word, by heart.

  16. Maddie's Mom

    Sarah Palin seems a bit unhinged these days. It is hard for me to watch and listen to her and not because I entirely disagree with what she’s saying.

    I do agree with Petruchio though-100%. It’s all a charade. ALL of it.

  17. Lee

    ‘ELAINE: Pray tell, do you know the killing rate in European wars when white males fought each other and tried to annihilate other ‘tribes’ such as say, WWI and WWII????’…I mean within ones own city, country, etc. I didnt mean in ‘us v them’-war, I meant on any MLK blvd on any day.

    You are crazy.—No, I am not. Insults an name calling are what people do when they feel threatened by facts.

    [I am back to my old name, didnt mean to confuse by using my other one, unintentionally]

  18. Lee

    ELAINE: In what way? Her son now has been arrested for being very violent and hurting people while threatening anyone in his vicinity. A real mess–PTSD will do that to someone.

  19. Jim R

    Lee: De debil made ‘im do it!

  20. emsnews

    Her baby boy was not exposed to ANY combat at all at any time, Sheesh. All the news media is carrying the story about how he was kept in the safest places when over there.

  21. Christian W

    Yeah, the PTSD crap excuse was so crap Palin had to drop it.

  22. dick

    Face it…women have NO business in politics…the founding fathers restricted voting to WHITE, LANDHOLDER MEN and had much better results.

    There has never been a female capable of running a country, and there never will. Just as Elaine pointed out that girls/women can’t play CHESS. And Brezinski called world politics the GREAT CHESS GAE

  23. Jim R

    History tells us that when things get like this, the plantation owners take us to war. That used to be the mechanism by which the crop of psychopaths would be thinned. At least on the losing side.

    As for females running a country, Elizabeth I did a pretty good job with England. That’s just stupid old misogyny to say a woman can’t run things, they can and do, small things like families, and big things like empires sometimes. Ekaterina, of Tsarist Russia, became ‘great’, when she took over for her inbred imbecile husband, who had inherited this empire thingy…

    What we really need, in this nuclear age, is a better way of weeding the psychopaths out of the management chain. Almost all the candidates in this election are obviously suffering from this form of insanity, some more obviously so than others.

  24. emsnews

    Power corrupts.

    The famous queens (Elizabeth I and Anne, for example) nearly all were unable to have children, when a powerful queen did have a son, they spoil these guys rotten and the sons are failures.

  25. Jim R

    That’s a separate issue. A well established fact that power corrupts. And that weaklings wither in the shade of a powerful tree.

    I was simply responding to dick’s ridiculous handwaving lie that women cannot run things. The Pailins may be too stupid to run a garage sale, but there are women who can manage.

  26. Name

    @ # 22


    There are many women that can beat your ass off in chess– blindfolded— assuming you even know how the pieces move.

    Tell Carrisa Yip, for example, that she can’t play chess because she is a girl and see what kind of reaction you get. Not to mention Judit Polgar, who has beaten Garry Kasparov in a serious game.

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