Muslim Radicals Attack Civilians Again: Pakistan University Students Gunned Down


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Pakistan university attack: Dozens killed and injured as militants storm university as the religious war strengthens.  The jihadists doing this never hit the same place twice in a row, they move from one venue to the other.  Last week, it was Africa’s turn to be hit with suicide bombers and people using guns, etc. to attack hotels and hospitals and sports events, etc.  Above is a screen shot of You Tube which has censored a video about Mohammed but after protests, put it back up but restrict access.  The concept of ‘free speech’ does not exist in any Muslim country nor places like China, etc.  And of course, radicals in the US want to impose language limits, too.  They are very, very intent on preventing open debate on most of our university campuses.

It is not just this movie, video games infuriate the jihadists, too:  Video Game Based on Peshawar Attack Taken Down After Criticism – TheQuint


Pakistan has removed a video game based on the attack at an army-run school in Peshawar by heavily-armed Taliban militants after criticism.
At least 150 people, mostly children, were killed in the attack on the school on 16 December 2014…


The first-person shooter game titled Pakistan Army Retribution begins with the national anthem and depicts events that took place on the dreadful day.  The player’s task is to lead soldiers into the main building and eliminate the heavily armed terrorists scattered throughout the premises.

The last sentence is what really caused the censorship: the game is pro-suppression of these radical religious terrorists.  They bank on people being scared to death of them all and don’t want even video games showing the government winning against them!


Censorship by various powers is a problem for us all.  All rulers want to control conversations as much as possible.  YouTube To Get Localized Pakistan, Ban To Be Lifted?


Go back to 2012 and you may remember the American-made film “Innocence of Muslims.” For many, the simple depiction of the Prophet Mohammed is enough for many to scream blasphemy. Charlie Hebdo’s simple depiction of Muhammed prompted an attack on the magazine’s offices that left 12 dead and led to another attack at a Kosher supermarket. However, “Innocence of Muslims” took it a step further, not just depicting the Prophet, the film portrayed him as a bully and a sexual deviant.


Many believe the film was largely responsible for the Benghazi consulate attack in Libya that left American’s dead and created a scandal that presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will certainly have to deal with again and again as she seeks the democratic nomination for president.


But many forget that the film caused protests in Egypt, India and Bangladesh among others. Pakistan alone saw demonstrations that left over 20 people dead when things calmed down.


So NO You Tube at all for citizens of that country!  But in the last few hours, Pakistan ends 3-year-long ban on YouTube, imposed over anti-Islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ so long as You Tube censors that and other videos.  Thus the warning at the page site which I posted above.


Pakistan Removes Its Ban On YouTube — Here’s Where It’s Still Banned


There are six countries that still don’t grant access to the site: China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and South Sudan. While North Korea, China and Syria block the site for political reasons, Iran, Sudan and South Sudan’s most recent blocks were also inspired by “Innocence of Muslims.”


Here is a long list of Websites blocked in mainland China – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Censorship in today’s world is a fool’s errand.  I will note here that the mainland Chinese post many videos of things happening in China such as car crashes, women fighting each other over access to men, etc.  The Internet has spoiled the ability to censor but has stepped up the ability to infiltrate.


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5 responses to “Muslim Radicals Attack Civilians Again: Pakistan University Students Gunned Down

  1. Lee

    ‘And of course, radicals in the US want to impose language limits, too.’

    Do not be dishonest. Let me fix that—Leftists, SJW, Democrats in the US want to DENY US OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    Here is one example, from the place that hired Gayley to buy his silence after what he saw Sandusky doing to a 12? year old.

    Penn State | students to report Microaggressions | admin
    Turning college students into … Penn State asks students to report microaggressions to … of a massive campaign that encourages students not only to …

  2. wellwell

    China is a special case, because freedom of speech there is spotty but real. Anti-corruption protests are sometimes used by Beijing to punish local authorities, and are tolerated to a surprising degree. Gay media is flourishing with feature length films and a gay dating app called Blued, which has more daily users that the US-based grindr. All of this can be taken away if the government wishes, but the freedom is real.

  3. ziff

    Pakistan again, why do they allow this ? ” oh i’m murdered but it was my muslim brother so its ok ,, ”

  4. Elaine, heads up this weekend it is the wolf moon…

  5. Christian W

    Hej Lee/Lou, what leftists are you talking about? Can you give me some names so I can look into it?

    From what I have seen so far it is 100% the far right that has destroyed your constitution over the last four decades or so.

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