China Bribes Of UN Gangsters Exposed, Trump Triumphs Cause Bilderberg Fury

Chinese CEO of human rights foundation admits to using cash, Rolexes and BMWs to bribe a senior U.N. official who ‘illegally accepted more than $1.3million from businessmen’.  The UN guy who was soliciting bribes is here:

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 7.43.05 AM

The third world, the tiny island nations, are all using the UN and other international operations as machines to collect bribes for the gangs who rule these tiny places.  The global warming game is being played by these same ruling elites who lord it over tiny places so they can line their own pockets, fly fancy jets all over the place, have huge yachts and big palaces.


The Chinese are playing these same games because it seems to them to be the way business is done.  I hosted a number of Chinese officials to live with me in the NYC region way back when China overthrew Madame Mao and wanted to learn about the West again.  One day, a high official living with me announced to me, ‘I love money!’


I said to the State Department, ‘Watch out, they have figured out capitalism and love it!’  Well, they did and they figured out the ‘illegal’ parts too, of course.  But then, who created this situation?  Our own rulers who make bribes illegal yet can’t resist doing this game to the hilt, too.


Stock downturns also irritate people who play money games that are silly.  Here is a prime example of this:  Jack Dorsey kicked out of billionaires’ club after Twitter stocks fall like a rock. What, pray tell, was valuable about Twitter?  A number of hot hot internet stocks shot upwards for silly reasons and now that cold winter has finally set in, they are falling.  Duh.


Washington Post runs lengthy expose on Trump’s casino bankruptcy – AFTER he warns that ‘If you write this one, I’m suing you’.  The Taj Mahal casino was the place I took advantage of years ago when Trump offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse, that is, a free bus ride, free $20 voucher and free meal if I went to his casino so I went every weekend so I could swim in the Atlantic Ocean.


Took him nearly two months to figure out I was winning every time in this deal and he banned me for life and I laughed at him.  HAHAHA.  Well, three years later he went belly up there and I wonder how many people did what I did, too.


The Washington Post and the entire elite crew is desperate to knock off Trump and Trump thinks he is invincible but he isn’t, someone has something trained on him already and they will wait until the primaries are mostly done so they can then run a candidate who is ‘popular’ when Trump is fixed, Mafia-style.


Too early a knock down and the voters might not choose the ‘right’ candidate, timing is everything.  The Mafia gambling/booze/drug bosses are mini-kings compared to the guys who run everything via the Bilderberg international looting operatives at the top of the dog pile.


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22 responses to “China Bribes Of UN Gangsters Exposed, Trump Triumphs Cause Bilderberg Fury

  1. Jim R

    OT, but how is the Global Warming (TM) snow up there on Mt. Hoosick?
    Did you get a lot?

  2. Lee

    Anecdote, I knew someone who had a friend who liked to visit Tonga. She knew the King of Tonga. He liked disasters. The foolish Whites sent lots of money, that he kept to himself.

    Meanwhile, this is worth a casual glance.

  3. John Doe

    The Neocon magazine National Review just committed suicide attacking Trump, lots of cancelled subscriptions and apologies from the management, not only that they violated the law governing non-profits.

  4. Petruchio

    “Too early a knock down and the voters might not choose the ‘right’ candidate, timing is everything. The Mafia gambling/booze/drug bosses are mini-kings compared to the guys who run everything via the Bilderberg international looting operatives at the top of the dog pile.” Don’t give these elites too much credit, Elaine. These elites need to operate in secret to thrive and I think too many people outside of the elites are aware that the elites exist. I think ANY candidate who is tainted by being the elites “choice” will be received very negatively. And the elites rely VERY heavily on government protection! Without the façade of BEING the government, the Bilderbergers and the numbskull and bonehead types are merely sleazy, bribe-taking politicians looking to line their pockets. Or they are media whores looking to “belong” to an exclusive club. As more and more peole become aware of their existence, the less influence these elites have. Example? Think how much damage one could do to the Wall Street banksters if you reinstated Glass Steagall. It is why their political whores like Phil Gramm made it his sole mission in the US Senate–before leaving for a cushy job at Credit Suisse. Throw Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon in jail for 20+ years and the elites lose their bribing ability. These elites can be taken down and they know it–and it scares them.

  5. e sutton


    I don’t know, Pet. The more I study the whole thing, the more I think the entire mess will never get solved until one thing happens (and yes, it scare the living daylights out of the “elites”). Once the dollar is no longer the international reserve currency, all bets are off, as well as the bullying power they possess. I have no doubt in my mind that Russia and China will be any kinder or gentler than our dear leaders, except they both seem to have a respect for their people and their countries.

    Contrast this with our elites, who are actively importing more violent Muslim extremists into our civilization, not to mention the endless coddling, enabling, and lifetime maintenance of the American negro. Seems the elites are very anxious to rid our shores of the intelligent, self determined, driven, Christian white man with the ranks of the FSA (free sh*t army), which necessarily include the negro and his undying loyalty for a “free roof n’ food”. Little does said negro stop to think about what happens when the “free” gravy runs out – that is, the last white man expires. Guaranteed, they’ll be BEGGING for the world they kissed goodbye in 1865…absolutely GUARAN-freaking-TEED!

  6. Christian W

    Oh please Elaine.

    The Bilderbergers have no problem with Trump. He is just another US elite fascist. He is no hero or anti-establishment in the slightest. He is yet another billionaire bully and asshole playing the game taking up the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush cowboy hat. He knows his GOP voters, which is why he accepted the endorsement from Palin.

    Trump isn’t exactly going for the intelligent vote is he?

    He is taking up the position of Protector and Guardian of the White middle class against the hordes of the Brown Untermenschen. “Let’s make America Great again” “Let’s make the American Dream real again” (never mind that the American Dream was always bullshit).

    Trump is just playing to Nazify the US which is exactly what the elites want, only I suspect the elites want to be more circumspect and subtle than the crude Trump.

    Trump wants to:
    * Rise to power on racism
    * Have Muslims wear ID tags
    * Proposes mass deportations
    * Blames Muslims (not the US elites) for Americas problems
    * yadda yadda

    The only problem with Trump is that he isn’t owned 100% by Likud, that is why the neocons are freaking out. They are so close to getting Hillary or Bernie elected and after that it would be plain sailing. The Zionists, somewhat frustrated with Obama, don’t want to have to “make a deal” with Trump, but they will probably end up having to do so.

  7. Ken

    Pandering to the intelligent voters is a losing proposition. Ask Adlie Stevenson form the 1950s.

  8. Christian W

    Something (observing US elections over the years) tells me you are quite correct, Ken. White brains are clearly overrated.

  9. Christian W

    You remember the video posted here a few weeks ago where Israeli soldiers threatened a small Palestinian girl and threw a knife down and ordered her to pick it up?

    Well, I’ve just seen a video where they shot a 13 year old girl point blank. There are many more examples just like it. The Zionists are insane.

    It’s time to end the Zionist project called Israel, it has forfeited any supposed positive idea behind it’s mistaken creation.

  10. Christian W

    The Swedish Foreign Minister has been threatened with assassination by a former Israeli official:

  11. e sutton

    Well, I certainly don’t remember Trump suggesting Muslims wear ID tags. Mass deportations wouldn’t be needed if we only enforced the existing laws regarding undocumented labor. And Muslims are, unfortunately, being used as a tool by the elite, as are the negroes hence these past 70 years. Nothing new under the sun there.

    As for Israel? The average American who considers himself fairly well educated, will state that Israel is “America’s friend”. Don’t even try to convince them otherwise. Facts, figures, studies, and existing documents will not dissuade them from their myopic beliefs. Same thing with the liberal, “We’re really all the same” crowd. The elite mop these easily duped, distracted folks up like dirt from an earthen floor. Doesn’t even require any sweat of the brow.

    As for Mr. Stevenson’s unsuccessful bids for the presidency, intellectuals seldom to well in comparison to the bought and paid for types, like Eisenhower, Wilson, etc., etc. (get those evil commies….:D )

  12. William

    e-sutton, you are not a Christian judging by your diatribes against a whole group. May I remind you that in Christ there is no black or white if you comprehend the true message. Get a grip! We are all in this shit together so stop this nonsense about white this and white that.


    ELAINE: Yes, we are all HUMANS. I do talk about race because the entire US is constantly talking about race and there are huge race issues that do need talking about like say, the tragedy of black families disintegrating badly (as are many other ethnic groups, increasingly!) or the crime wave destroying black communities. They are victims of the present system and victimized themselves, too, which is even sadder.

  13. Christian W

    Wow. The New York Police Department is going to ARREST anyone moving on the roads due to snow after 2:30 pm. (I take this is not a joke?)


    Seriously the US is going down the drain amazingly fast.


  14. Christian W

    More wow.

    The State of New York LEGISLATES against people and companies protesting Israeli apartheid…

    New York passes legislation against BDS

    By Ben Ariel, Israel International News

    The state of New York this week became the latest state to pass legislation against the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

    The New York State Senate passed a bill that prohibits the state from doing business with companies that seek to harm Israel and other American allies through boycotts and discriminatory economic agendas.

    The bill (S6378A), sponsored by Senator Jack Martins (7th Senate Distict) and Senator Simcha Felder (17th Senate District), passed on Wednesday.

    It expands existing state law to prevent New York from entering into a state contract or investment with those seeking to economically harm American allies.

    Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan said following the approval, “New York taxpayers need to be protected from becoming unwitting supporters of those who are trying to undermine our greatest ally, Israel, and other critical allies. We are demonstrating that New York will continue to stand with our international partners and protect our shared interests.”


    #Trumptotheresque #yeahright

  15. e sutton


    I never claimed to be a Christian. In fact, after twelve years of Catholicism, I’m quite proud to be free of the dictates of the Church. Of all the loathsome religions, Christians are probably among the better. That being said, I refer you to Bertrand Russell for a more expansive view of what I consider an accurate portrayal of an educated male, most specifically, “Why I am not a Christian” by Sir Bertrand Russell.

    @Christian W,

    Yep. Grab the popcorn and let the real snow job begin. Exactly WHO do you rubes think RUNS the whole she-bang in the US/ Israel. We are ALL Palestinians now, in a Zionist world. Instead, I get reamed for calling out the Jew World Order, as well as the few Christians left to fight against it. But no, it’s the white male who is the cause of the chaos and malinvestment. Yeah….okay………. 🙂

  16. Christian W

    We are indeed all Palestinians now, all of us. If only more people understood this simple concept.

    When it comes to Zionism I believe it is mainly up to the Jews themselves to sort that mess out. However, on a similar note I think real reform and change in the US can only come through the US middle class with the white population leading the charge. But… there is a reason Trump is pointing at the Muslims.

    In fact there is a whole host of Red Herrings and Straw men put out there for the American voters to attack. “Liberals” “leftists” “GOP” “commies” “Muslims” “terrarists” “ISIS” “Al Qaeda” and so on and on and on.

    Yet nothing that points directly at the power structures is ever allowed on the political scene or to be talked about rationally and with deliberation.

    “Break up the Banking Trusts” “bring back Glass Steagall”? Verboten.

    “Reform/replace the FED system?” “Clean up Pentagon and the MIC?” Verboten.


  17. Christian W

    An Israeli government Rabbi (Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu) just called for execution of Palestinians.

    “Israeli army has to stop arresting Palestinians, it must execute them and leave no one alive.”

  18. e sutton


    Christian W,

    It appears we’re on the same page vis a vis the Muslims. I’ve known many in the past ten or twenty years. All of them have been fine folks I’d be happy to have as neighbors. Point of fact, they run most of the independent convenience stores/ gas stations in America. They’re no strangers to hard work, enterpreneurialism, and success – unlike the American negro….but I digress.

    The PTB have successfully, since 911, used the Muslims as lightning bolts, attracting vehement hatred from North Americans, when we all know the attacks were given full carte blanche courtesy American Zionists Incorporated ™. Americans are nothing if not rubes, and you literally have to bitch slap the living daylights out of them to see something they’ve been “taught” to believe. Do as you’re told, they tell us. Hence, your observation of DiBlasio ORDERING tax paying citzens off******THEIR********** ROADS!!!

    OH, and the negroes, they MUST be given SPACE TO DESTROY. Real words, Christian W, by Baltimore mayor Mosbey. Don’t believe ME, ……please……look it up, my friend. The Zionists aren’t idiots. They’re fully aware that they’ve put Affirmative Action negroes in control of once fully functioning, thriving American cities. And it’s all……..wait……for………….it………….THE WHITE MAN’S FAULT.

    I used to be aghast in the horrors that Hitler and the Nazis inflicted on the Jews before and after WW2. Now? Not so much. There’s a reason Christ threw their a**es out of the temple a few thousand years ago. And every functioing society has taken appropriate steps to keep them at bay for thousands of years. Coincidence? I think not.

  19. Christian W


    The Jews suffer like all of us. They have the same problem. They have some of the best human beings imaginable yet also the worst (Zionists in the current incarnation). Most are normal people that want to have normal lives.

    In fact, I think the “appropriate steps taken to keep them at bay” is what has made the problem so deeply embedded. The “appropriate steps” have done nothing but push the crazed ones deep into the very power structures of the cultures that have tried to uproot it, and deeply undercover to boot.

  20. emsnews

    We have two forces at work run by the same gang: everyone is supposed to be open borders/integrated/multi-cultural.


    This bizarre system is insane, unstable, dangerous and crazy and must be addressed and even talking about it is verboten at the top.

  21. Lee

    EMS– a book was banned in Israel. Guess what it was about?

    Israel bans book on affair between Israeli and Palestinian …
    From the indispensable New Observer, “Israel Bans Interracial Marriage Book”: Israel’s Education Ministry has formally banned a book about an interracial affair …/ I would say its not racial but inter marriage.

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