NFL: Gladiator Meat Grinder Destroys Men And Their Families

NFL Players That Have Died This Decade – YouTube

The US has this long tradition since WWII of celebrating football.  As we finally drag ourselves into yet another Super Bowl, the destruction of the players is studiously ignored by the media giants and our rulers because both love this sport since it is quite violent, destructive and above all, is mainly destroying black males, not ruling elite groups.  This is so very much like the Roman Empire!  Lots of money is made betting on these gladiatorial games.  Black males in particular, dream of making it big, getting rich, playing this game but head injuries (aside from the many other injuries) and the long retirement period usually destroys their lives which saddens me.  They are loved when playing the game and despised when on the streets, afterwards.


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White middle class mothers no longer wish their sons go into football.  My brother-in-law played football and his mom now wishes he didn’t do it.  White males still play the game and in the lower levels, children die due to this game 6 high school football players in the US have died this season … and I believe very few mothers will want this game in the future if this news gets out.  Average 12 school football players die each year, study says and no other sport has as many injuries, though hockey tries to get there.


Hockey is on skates on slippery ice so smashing into someone and then grinding them into the earth by digging in one’s feet which has spikes on the shoes is impossible so the rate of killing is lower.  The next statistic is interesting:

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These are the non-meatgrinder positions.  The blacks are hired to take the major part of the violence.  Here is another sad video:

Video Released in NFL Player Murder-Suicide – YouTube

The violence surrounding football players extends way off the field and engulfs everyone and everything around them.  Former Texas A&M receiver to be charged with murder for hacking jogger to death, cops say last October.  This poor guy went insane and after tormenting his family endlessly, he ran off and in a rage, killed an innocent person he met randomly. He is only 21 years old and will spend the rest of his life in prison.  The key here is, football players are encouraged greatly to be as violent as possible.  They are cheered when they ‘destroy’ the other team.  Couple this with brain damage and you get a killing machine.


This guy played in college at the University of Arizona, my old school, back in 1990:  Former Raiders defensive end Anthony Wayne Smith sentenced to life in prison


They said Smith posed as a police officer to kidnap brothers Ricky and Kevin Nettles from their Los Angeles car wash business on Nov. 10, 1999, before killing them. Smith was also accused of kidnapping Dennis Henderson on June 24, 2001, from the Mar Vista section of Los Angeles before beating and stabbing him to death.


While at UA, I dated the receiver for the team and he was quite smart and I argued with him about the dangers to his brain and he decided to not go pro afterwards but became an architect, if I remember rightly.  Most of the guys playing the dangerous positions come from poorer families who see this as a desperate exit from poverty.


No one is safe from these exploited players even in prison:  Ex-NFL player charged with murder of prison cell-mate.  He was in prison for running over a group of people due to a football game gambling dispute and trying to kill his girlfriend on another occasion.  He was going to get out of prison eventually but now, never.  He did escape the pen, afterwards: Lawrence Phillips found dead in prison at age 40 due to suicide.  Too much money rides on the back of these black males for anyone to stop the NFL killing fields.  This will go on and on and on until Black Lives Matter does something about this.


Instead of romping around college campuses attacking statues and yelling about how the schools must re-segregate by having ‘black kid’ classes and areas where whites are not allowed, they should focus on life and death issues.  Very, very few blacks are killed by cops compared to killing each other.  Facing reality which is the vast majority of black children have no genetic father in their lives is a huge, huge issue, too.  When I used to go to the New Jersey state prisons to pick out men to sponsor for release, they all had to sit down with me and talk about their obligations to their children and any woman in their lives.  It was life and death for them to get a handle on all this.


I learned recently that the man I worked with this project has died age 59.  He was tall and very strong and…played football in the past.  Very sad.  Abdul was wonderful to work with and he was gentle as a lamb and very kind.


The college students who are very ernest and if white, wishing to help their fellow black students, should be loudly demonstrating against football games.  It isn’t just the many deaths and murders associated with football players, it is also other injuries, crippling injuries as well as the mental health problems all of them suffer from for example, Alzheimer’s disease problems later in life.  Nearly a 100% damage rate to the brain so far according to autopsies of pro players.


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4 responses to “NFL: Gladiator Meat Grinder Destroys Men And Their Families

  1. nomial

    I played RU at school as a boy. We wore no protection. I just wonder if all the injuries, in US football is due to all the armour the players wear.

  2. Lee

    Nomial — The Helmet is used as a weapon. Plus the men weigh 200-350 pounds. Read ‘100 Yard Lie.’

  3. Petruchio

    It makes perfect sense that the Rulers would like a sport like American Football. Look at the kind of Foreign Policy the elites like: Perpetual War. Like war, American Football is very profitable. In both the Elites can indulge their love for the two things they love the most: Money and Violence. And I don’t know about what others have heard, but more and more I hear about NFL games being rigged. Not necessarily games being out and out ‘thrown’, but using the Rules and the Appeal process to “tilt” outcomes to the desired results. Notice the comedy involving Tom Brady and the “Deflategate” scandal. Deflating footballs IS illegal, but no penalties for Brady or the New England Patriots. At first it was a measly 4 game suspension for Brady, but even THAT was removed. No penalty. And there are some who say that this ‘Deflategate Scandal’ was used merely to cover up the Head Trauma/ Concussion issues. When all is said and done, I think Las Vegas has a lot more influence on Pro Sports than most fans realize.

  4. I believe the only thing that will stop this perversion of “sport” (for profit, like its similar sport? War, will be The Second Coming and change in the nature of humankind to one of peaceful, loving coexistence. Let’s all pray that !this will happen soon to restore us to what we were created to be. – The Image of our Loving God! Bless the peacemakers.

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