PBS PC BS: Civil War Series Starts With Refusing Nurses Wearing Hoops, Which NEVER Happened


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Every generation has to rewrite history to suit modern fads.  Sometimes it is quite outrageous.  PBS has a new series about the Civil War.  It is pure PC from top to bottom.  I know via my own family history, this war!  My great grandpa on my mother’s mother side of the family fought in Arizona, of all places.  Yes, there was one small fight there.  Anyhow, the new PBS series launches immediately with this young lady noticing a crying lady running down the stairs at this volunteer place.  She was refused permission to join a volunteer nursing group due to wearing a hoop skirt.


Now, about hoop skirts: my ancestresses all wore these on the frontier in California, Arizona and Nebraska way back then!  I actually saw one of these dresses when I was a child, it was grey and white and black stripes and very lovely but falling apart due to old age, of course.  It was a hoop dress, big time.  Literally big.  The natives were very curious about these dresses when my great great grandma came to Tucson.  They thought she had huge hips which was considered a wonderful thing in the desert (women like this survive child birthing best) so they all wanted to see her naked, too.


The PBS show not only has this lunatic nursing operation desperate for volunteers turning away ladies due to their dresses (Good grief!!!) they had this young nurse volunteer lecturing the older people in this really snotty way.  My grandma would laugh to death about that story line.  Even today, if a young kid shows up in an organization and lectures everyone, they would be chucked into the street unless it is about the internet, this is where youth and fools dare tread, the rest of us shiver with fear.  HAHAHA.  Anyways, back then, no one and I do mean no one lectured the Elders about anything.  You grew up in school where misbehavior was silenced with the rod or a whip or something that ‘smarts’.


Even when I was in school in the south, they beat us mercilessly!  I remember those years!!!  We were still very snotty, just had to learn to take the pain and then boast about it afterwards.  To not cry was the golden prize we all desired greatly back in the Ice Ages of the 1950’s.


What is worse about the PBS BS is, there is lots of photos, that new invention, and surviving garb proving that nurses wore hoops.

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How They Dressed

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African Americans in the Civil War | Civil War Saga: yes, there were black nurses, they were essential to this operation literally operations that were ugly affairs with SCREAMING in agony.  My granddaddy told me all about this, he praised the discovery of stuff that put people to sleep for surgeries.  He grew up in the Wild West and when I was a child, would tell me in a warning voice, horror stories of little children dying on ranches.  Didn’t stop me from running with horses and throwing rocks at coyotes and playing with my pet Gila monster which, along with the Greater roadrunners which dined on the dead animals and insects from the swimming pool filter I cleaned out.


About the Civil War nurses: NO ONE was turned away, the casualties were horrific and many and the surgery was a nightmare and the staff was entirely overworked, big time.  The fussy fuzzy all modern PBS version is a lie, it is disgusting, it is infuriating, I knew a number of ancient Victorians when I was a child, Mrs. Mitchner was my grandfather’s neighbor she died in 1967 age 105 and she told me stories about the 1860’s when her own father sailed into Japan to represent the US at the embassy there and all the Japanese lords freaked out when she came before the Shogun because all the court ladies who were in hiding squealed with joy, ran out into the chamber and grabbed her up and ran off with her!  She said it was loads of fun.


They also were freaked out by her mom’s hoop dress and peered under it and touched it all over, making her mother laugh.


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18 responses to “PBS PC BS: Civil War Series Starts With Refusing Nurses Wearing Hoops, Which NEVER Happened

  1. Melponeme_k

    The feminism movement was hijacked by whatever runs the P.C. crowd and it committed the same sin against it that it committed against minorities.

    It makes feminists/minorities angry for no reason, blaming all and sundry for old, old faults that can’t be righted in the present. Instead of looking ahead, every one looks to the past and cries over spilled milk. That milk is old and mildew now. LOOK at the wrongs NOW. Look at minorities murdering one another. Look at violence against women in countries we give aid. Its so easy to see, if you close your eyes against the propaganda.

    I used to be a member of NOW. But when I saw they were ignoring violence against women when it didn’t suit the P.C. crowd. Plus their unquestioning support of that sham, thief Hillary Clinton. I left and didn’t look back.

    As far as this television show, I’m not surprised they are lying. Just take a look at Downton Abbey where they try to portray everyone LOVING being a lackey servant for life to the rich. Or we get films like The Keeping Room in which the South is portrayed as continually raped and wronged by the Northerners.

    I want a real account of the Civil War. With all the Financial shenanigans, the real impetus, put back into the equation. It will be quite enlightening. Just as I finally realized historical Witch burnings were all about catastrophic weather changes and financial skullduggery.

  2. Sunger

    Melponeme said “I want a real account of the Civil War. With all the Financial shenanigans, the real impetus, put back into the equation. It will be quite enlightening.”

    Well its all there. All the writings. Photographs. Interviews. Vast collections of historical work on the period. Fine historical work by authors such as Shelby Foote etc. Hundreds and hundreds of re-enactments all over the US.

    No conspiracie theories required to explain the US Civil War.

    Melponeme said ” Just as I finally realized historical Witch burnings were all about catastrophic weather changes and financial skullduggery.”

    Witch burnings about financial skullduggery? Gack. I would like to hear the explanation for that one. Yikes.

    And catastrophic weather changes? You mean like-

    “Honey, it’s raining cats and dogs. Let’s go burn some witches?”

    No. The explanation is in the christian bible ie supersitition book ie-

    “Don’t covet your neighbor’s wife or ass — or any thing that belongs to your neighbor. You see, in the eyes of God, women are the possessions of men. Deuteronomy 5.21”

  3. JimmyJ

    I chuckled when I read that you had a Gila Monster as a pet, a uniquely beautiful and challenging reptile to have as deliberate company. Did you capture and confine it, or was it hanging around but still wild?

    As a kid, I used to love looking for reptiles and amphibians in the wild. I tried to keep some in captivity, both wild and captive bred, but I wasn’t successful for very long in most situations. And I never kept any venemous critters. My Aunt used to long complain of all the garter snakes I brought home to her garden. My favourite wild critters were salamanders, some of the least dangerous critters in existence. (To humans that is.)


    ELAINE: My brother, Wally, was swimming in the pool and got out and Gila followed him into the house! So we put him in this huge aquarium. We caught him by snapping a towel at his face which he bit (they don’t let go!) and we lifted him into the tank. He had a nice home there with a hidey hole and got so used to us, I could put my hand on the ground to feed him, he would flick his black tongue on my hand and then climb aboard to eat things I got from the swimming pool filter.

    He lived in the TV room and watched TV with us.

  4. Sunger

    The religions of the desert- which see everything as extremes of black/white, light/dark, good/evil, angel/devil etc generally view women as property.

    And the christian fathers were a nasty lot-

    Early (catholic) Church Father Tertullian:

    “You [woman] are the devil’s gateway: you are the unsealer of that (forbidden) tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. On account of your desert—that is, death—even the Son of God had to die.”

    And here is what the evil psychotic John Calvin has to say about women-

    “Woman is more guilty than man, because she was seduced by Satan, and so diverted her husband from obedience to God that she was an instrument of death leading to all perdition. It is necessary that woman recognize this, and that she learn to what she is subjected; and not only against her husband. This is reason enough why today she is placed below and that she bears within her ignominy and shame.”

    The witch burnings were how the christian fathers kept control of the evil of women- KKK style. Especially as christianity is a warlike religion and women must be kept in their place- so as to not corrupt the male warriors and leaders.

  5. Melponeme_k


    “Well its all there. All the writings. Photographs. Interviews. Vast collections of historical work on the period. Fine historical work by authors such as Shelby Foote etc. Hundreds and hundreds of re-enactments all over the US.”

    Yeah, it’s all there but I would someone intelligent to amalgamate it for me in a truthful honest fashion. If I have to sift through it, I would have to write it myself. Re-Enactments are only a microcosm, more interesting to weapon buffs over history buffs.

    “No conspiracie theories required to explain the US Civil War.”


    ELAINE: my own family was totally against slavery. And slavery WAS the key issue. Slave labor competed with free labor and this hurt free labor. Want to do ANYTHING in the south? Slaves did it all! Built homes for the rich, shoed horses, cleaned houses, made clothing, cooked, etc. etc. The white labor in the South got to hunt, kill and chew tobacco while the rich rolled around with lots of slaves, living like royalty.

    Back to Melponeme

    Nor are there today. It was all about MONEY not freeing slaves. MONEY and rich people not wanting to pay honest wages. Just like today.

    “Witch burnings about financial skullduggery? Gack. I would like to hear the explanation for that one. Yikes.”

    All of these trials have two commonalities, the main charges against these poor women were practicing magic to change the weather to kill crops and/or livestock. Another factor were that they all occurred during financial meltdowns (Venice markets going up in smoke in 1350s, black plague winnowing the knowledgeable workers, Puritan colonies running their own rubber money press). Ultimately most of the “victims” could hit jackpot by being given the “Witch’s” property if the woman accused was found guilty. One Salem family came out of the bloodshed FILTHY, BLOODY RICH!

    No doubt crazy religion had some part of it. But with the weather ruining crops and money turning into playdoh in your pocket…accusing your poor widowed/widower neighbor as a witch with the likely event of being rewarded their property for your “pains” looks very reasonable.

  6. vengeur

    “History is nothing more than commonly agreed upon lies.”

  7. Henry

    All historical movies and plays tell us more about the current attitudes and customs than they do about those of historical times. Thus all the women are modern day feminists rather than woman of their time.

  8. vengeur

    I don’t know, the story would have made more sense if the evil patriarchal men FORCED the women to wear hoop skirts , and this woman refused and was not hired! They can’t even make shit up believably!

  9. CK

    Surprise surprise, you all , we all are not the target audience for this drivel. This drivel reinforces what your children and grand and great grandchildren are taught have been taught and will be forced to believe and regurgitate if they wish to pass out of the confines of currently fashionable public education.
    You can watch it and tell your world how untrue and ridiculous it is and how “it really wasn’t just about “Song of the South” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDEd5digtms
    but also about the great tariff debates of the 1820-1860, and about the right of a state to leave a confederation of equals if it felt that its existence was threatened. Truth is a moveable feast. My specific truths are not yours … our shared truths are not our ancestors’ or will they belong to our inheritors.
    There is evil in the world but that evil is not white males from west of the Hajnal line … it is what those white males protected civilization and high culture and free thought from time after time after time.

  10. e sutton

    Yeah, ahem…..while we’re at it, let’s continue the lie about how WW2 was fought to free the poor, misunderstood jews from those nasty germans. Yeah…..there was no reason for the mean germans to rid their country of these filthy creatures…..yet fast forward to today. Will history repeat? Will the “folks” who are engineering all of this misery upon white civilization be finally held accountable? Or will YT continue to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  11. emsnews

    The issues that created the Civil War and the resolution of all this continues today and is still hotly debated because it is all very FUNDAMENTAL and there are many contradictory essential issues at work here which existed way back when we had the Revolution which did NOT free the slaves.

    Anyone who imagines there is any excuse (except for the joys of being the owner, of course!) to slavery is nuts. I often tell anyone who thinks slavery is a fine idea, that I agree and furthermore, since I need free labor, they are now my slaves (or serfs, as my ancestors called those who toiled on the lands we took via sword).

    I don’t see anyone taking up my kind offer of being a slave so far. Duh.

  12. e sutton

    Oh, I don’t know, Elaine…there were plenty of homeless, stateless men and women who happened to be white who would (and are) happy to trade their labor for a free roof over their heads and food. On the other hand, most white people eventually long for self governship, something the negro is loathe to understand. Don’t hold your breath waiting for negroes to take you up on your offer for free room and board at your place in exchange for free labor. The negro? Not so much.

  13. wellwell

    Underneath his misty sentimentality, Shelby Foote was a Confederate apologist, and I cannot stand watching him for more than a few seconds.

  14. Ziff

    It’s called historical anachronism, and yes very irritating . So hard it seems to reimagine the different mindscapes of the past.

  15. Real history is very smelly. It has lots of sweat, blood, tears and feces, lots and lots of feces.

  16. emsnews

    The majority of Americans came from people who came here after the Civil War. The needs of industrialists who were rolling in money after the Civil War, dictated the flood of immigrants.

    I would say around 80% or more of the US population is post-Civil War. I come from the First Founders of the New World (mainly in the Hudson Valley region). We were invaders, of course, and quite violent invaders who did invading in Europe, too, repeatedly in fact.

    Real History for me is my family history. The funny part is, my family even unto my own generation, got along just great with the natives here. Odd, that is? All the ‘old’ families from Europe get along better than recent immigrants (those who came after 1870) with the native Indians.

  17. Lee

    History is told by the conquerors. ——-

    History is nothing more than commonly agreed upon lies.

  18. emsnews

    History tends to be the stories of the elites. Including when they are killed off by revolutionaries or their own stupidity.

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