Ethnic Asian Students Totally Dominate Math Competition…And Face Open Discrimination In Hiring At Universities

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 Raytheon Mathcounts National Competition

Asian students increasingly dominate all science fields, step by step, their involvement in winning competitions and signing up for the best schools is no shock to me, I have taught Chinese students and they soak up information rapidly and change direction sometimes 180 degrees with amazing suddenness.  Years and years ago, European and especially Jewish students were the top winners of math competitions like this one.  Now, 90% of the top students are mainly Chinese with some Indian winners, too.  Does this mean that Asian students go on to be hired when they finally leave the universities?  Getting a teaching job for them all is similar to the ruthless hiring practices which have now sidelined most white males from getting university jobs!


First off: I came in second in the National German Scholarship exams way back in 1968 after only 3 years of German classes.  I was mainly self-taught, too!  The winner was a German kid who took the exam and thus, cheated!  My teachers protested this and the committee made me a joint winner.  I was still very pissed off about all this.  I was given a chance to go to school in Germany but due to a rabble rousing speech I gave during the student uprising there that year, I was deported which was a very amusing life experience.


These national exams have consequences.  In my case, the CIA wanted US citizens well versed in languages to fight the Cold War.  I could have joined this group easily only I decided at age 14 to fight the CIA and to spy on it, too, which was lots of fun for a kid with real life consequences.  Even so, in 1984 when my parents were asked by the Chinese government, after it overthrew Madame Mao and her Mad Gang, to suggest someone to host Chinese officials so they can learn about America, I was chosen for this job.


It paid well, too!  I then decided, as an experiment, to get them all to debate economics and so we had regular sessions about this which ended up with some of them working for me in my business and they had this revelation: THEY LOVE MONEY.  Big time.  One day, Zheng announced he loved capitalism and when he returned to Shanghai, he immediately began to change that city and it exploded into a major trade hub in the world.  Way back then, I warned the government that the Chinese learned swiftly and this is a danger to our country which was and still is being run by a gang of idiots.


The list of winners above show a tiny handful of non-Asian top contenders.  At least one is a Jewish male, there seems to be a Russian near the top and a German name.  Asians are now being discriminated against in science hiring at Universities which this story reveals starkly: Job ad at U of Louisville raises questions about considering race in faculty hires


Even before the recent, widespread student protests over campus climate issues, many colleges and universities were working to make their faculties more diverse. But can a department specifically reserve a position for an underrepresented minority candidate? That’s what some are asking after a job ad for an assistant professorship reserved for nonwhite, non-Asian Ph.D.s was abruptly deleted from a jobs site on Tuesday.


The post (inactive but still cached here) on HigherEdJobs mostly resembled a typical ad, encouraging applicants “with a Ph.D. in physics or a related area, a strong research record and a passion for teaching” to apply… “The Department of Physics and Astronomy announces a tenure-track assistant professor position that will be filled by an African-American, Hispanic American or a Native American Indian [sic].”

The ad, posted in mid-October, was taken down after the department received a complaint that the preferences didn’t include applicants with disabilities, said C.S. Jayanthi, chair of physics and astronomy.


White racists believe that ‘white’ is best.  The smartest…clever…but look at how many European-stock students made the top 56 in the above list!  Virtually none.  I am the grandmother of a half-Chinese boy who is extremely bright like his mom and dad who are careful parents and make all their decisions based on ‘will this improve the schooling our child is getting?’  When house hunting, this is the #1 consideration.


When my children went to school in South Orange years ago, several of my neighbors were successful, well-to-do or even famous black families.  Since their children played with mine and were good friends, I could overhear them discussing things and the most distressful conversations were, ‘I don’t have to study so hard, I can go to any school I wish!’  So they GOOF OFF.  One black child of immigrant parents from Africa, wasn’t allowed to do this by his very strict parents but they were definitely the exception, not the rule.


This goes along through college years: black students don’t work very hard because they don’t need to do much to get the best jobs, ever.  They are winners without running the race.  This has huge implications in the future.  First off, if universities hire an army of ‘diversity’ professors, they screw up everything and are poor teachers.  The ability to do research collapses unless these legacy professors work mainly with Asian graduate students who do 90% of the thinking and the work on projects.


This, in turn, is infuriating for the students competing with each other for the crumbs from the table while the black/Hispanic winners of the lottery goof of or exploit them.  Over time, this will lead to a very serious backlash.  Or our educational system deteriorates even more than it already has.  In the soft sciences, it is easy to coast along and know very little.  In the hard sciences, it is fatal.


Having an army of poorly trained, ill-prepared black/Hispanic ‘teachers’ running our educational system is suicidal.  Black children can learn but will put in the hard sweat of the brow only if motivated.  If they know and they most certainly know that they will be hired and petted and given higher salaries than their co-workers, they will do minimal work and view this as an exploitable moment in life. This, in turn, erodes everything around it, it is highly toxic and the worst off will be…black and Hispanic professors which everyone will assume is stupid and lazy!


And white males?  There is no future for them in the sciences so I note they are not bothering much anymore and going off their own way!  The Asian immigrants all think this will lead to a wonderful future and only this last two years is it dawning on them that they are the New White Oppressors and they will no longer be protected by the civil rights rules.  Instead, they will all be pounded into the ground to make everyone else seem higher.


Way back in the Ice Ages of the 1960’s I launched more than one legal challenge of the system, one item was my demand I get to take shop and auto repair classes in high school.  I won but was way into college at that point.  But over the years, I notice many girls have zero interest in either class and few thrive in it and I did thrive when I took these classes as an adult at my local high school (amusing everyone!) that I was the only female in the classes!  If we have a secret law forcing all employers of mechanics and house building to hire a set number of women, I would be a millionaire for there are very few women who do this sort of thing.


Which reminds me that house building has been taken over by Hispanics mainly due to illegal aliens being paid under the table!  Maybe the government ought to do something about that little shocking business?


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32 responses to “Ethnic Asian Students Totally Dominate Math Competition…And Face Open Discrimination In Hiring At Universities

  1. Melponeme_k

    Only blacks and hispanics profit from freebies in education and job opportunities with the only requirement being their skin color. As a Native American I was barred from this because I was adopted and not part of any tribe. In order to receive “entitlements” I would have had to get a blood quorum certificate which would mean opening adoption paperwork etc.

    It wasn’t worth it and I’m now glad I didn’t. I worked hard in college and my grade was earned. Nor have I since benefited in employment due to my minority status. In fact most of my paperwork identifies me as white. And this doesn’t matter to me since the other is vestigial only.

  2. Lee

    The 1965 Immigration Act ruined things. USA population has gone from 180 million [about] to 340 million and the Mexicans that legally immigrated refused to learn English quickly.
    That paved the way to ‘bi lingual society.’
    That then caved in to ‘multi lingual society’ and ‘multi multiculturalism.’

    Elaine admits we are in a ‘Maoist Campus revolt’—here–cultural rot in a Black, brolke, needs hand outs city,

  3. Lee

    Only blacks and hispanics profit from freebies in education and job opportunities with the only requirement being their skin color.

    Blacks average IQ 85- mentally retarded [until bar was lowered to IQ 75 being retarded standard —-because of Army tests that showed the truth about Blacks].

    So how does a degree in ‘studies’ help someone who has IQ 80?
    If they get an AA job, thats the help. Corporate or Gov job = welfare.

  4. Petruchio

    This is about the Elites REVENGE for the Viet Nam War protest movement that was so visible while that war was going on. The elites figured the Universities were producing too many smart Middle Class kids who would not bow to the Corporate, 1%’er’s agenda. This Middle Class must be destroyed and any method was acceptable. 30+ years later we are at our current position. Oh and don’t forget about all those Middle Class kids today who have so much Student Loan Debt they will NEVER get out from out of it. And, thanks to Bush Jr., even BANKRUPTCY will not discharge this debt.

  5. e sutton

    Careful there, Lee. You’re going against the “We’re all the same!” meme so popular today. Please don’t try to confuse us with facts! See, it’s all about how you feel. What you know isn’t important.

    And while we’re at it, why not give not just the winners an award, but an award for everybody who “tried”, because everyone knows that each and every one of us is a unique snowflake and our tender feelings must be coddled. This is what fifty plus years of feminism has done to our country.

    Meanwhile over in Sweden, Europe’s most celebrated new citizens were apparently quite pissed off over having to stop raping a ten year old boy, so they chased the police away. See, diversity is something we all have to embrace. We’re really all the same …..everyone’s a winner, laws and rules are arbitrary. Can the world possibly be any nuttier?

    And the icing on the cake is when you hear people say, “Where are all the men who should be protecting the women and children from these rapists?”

    Answer – feminism castrated them fifty years ago. You certainly do reap what you sow. Enjoy!

  6. e sutton

    Addendumb (sic) to the above…if we’re really all equal (smart, pretty, clever, etc., etc.) why the need for Affirmative Action and set asides………….? I’m waiting……….Bueller? Anyone??????

  7. e sutton



    Why anyone would send their child to the indoctrination camps formerly known as universities is simply beyond me, yet many of my friends’ children will be graduating this Spring. Let’s see, four years (if you’re lucky) of hearing about how whites are evil and negroes invented the pyramids, traveled back and forth to Mars, invented calculus and philosophy, until evil YT stole their magical juju, and you get to go into $40 grand of debt for the pleasure. Yeah, makes infinite sense to me.

  8. Melponeme_k

    @ e sutton

    The Nubians intermarried with Egyptian royalty for centuries. The Pharaohs would look black to us in present day and portrayed themselves honestly in their artwork. If you look at pictures of North Africans they are a mixture of many races and have been since the Egyptian royalty heyday. The color of the aristocracy started to change after Alexander the Great and an influx of Greek migrants entered the area. Ultimately one of Alexander’s Greek generals took over after Alexander’s death.


    ELAINE: Egypt had MANY rulers of ALL TYPES some from Eurasia and many from Northern and even southern Africa. From very black to very pale, this long, long history is one of mixing and changing and shifting which is how rich cultures arise.

  9. Jim R

    I still maintain that college-level athletics should be absolutely required to mirror the racial makeup of academic classes. If sixty percent of the students are white, then sixty percent of the basketball, football, soccer, etc., teams should be white.

  10. Ken

    In 2003 the Supreme Court heard the case of Grutter v. Bollinger, and mentioned in dicta that “The Court expects that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest approved today.” Basically, it is OK to discriminate against white people on the basis of race, but by 2028 that should stop.

    If Elaine’s observations remain true, and blacks continue to have a sense of entitlement that removes any incentive to compete on a level playing field, then the problem will remain unsolved by 2028. Basically, racial preferences against white people will need to continue forever.

    This was totally foreseeable, and the Supreme court helped to destroy this country. The 5 justices who voted in favor of racial discrimination should be ashamed of themselves.

    On a related note, I know a white woman who had two children with her black boyfriend. She was glad that he was black because of the preferences their children will receive in life. I suspect she is not alone. If society ever changes the rules and re-institutes merit-based standards her kids will be out of luck. I wonder how she will feel then.

  11. csurge

    Maybe the Asians should go back to Asia. That’s the First World now anyway. Why bother with the dump called the West? If the whites finally find some backbone and take back their civilizations from the filthy Muslim hordes, who will begrudge them that?

    I can understand their frustration. Why won’t these other races just fuck off? Why do they always insist on integrating with whites? Do you see the whites running off to Asia in the millions? Nope. So why do all the other races think it’s okay to go over to Whiteland and breed by the millions? Something is up here. If they’re so superior, why are they bothering with the whites at all? Why do I prefer talking to a smart, uneducated white guy to a smart educated whatever else guy? It’s weird…


    ELAINE: um, you must have missed the 500 years of Europeans invading and settling in North and South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, etc.

  12. Lee

    Meanwhile 3 immigrants have escaped a California jail. Very dramatic escape. Their crimes include cutting a guys dick off, murder, vehicular homicide [a year in jail for ‘bodily harm] etc. None are White or Black.

    and for—I know a white woman who had two children with her black boyfriend. She was glad that he was black because of the preferences their children will receive in life.—– well.

    theres a tale online about ‘someone w 9 grandsons, one of whom is mulatto. guess which one is maladjusted, low IQ and a jailbird?’

  13. csurge

    That black entitlement BS is going to end in America. I don’t think the white majority there will put up with it much longer…

  14. Henry

    If you got a scholarship and got into a top college by Affirmative Action, if you were given good grades in spite of your poor efforts because of your skin color, if you were given job preference because of some quota system, then why would you every stop whining about racism. Every thing you have and every you will have is not based on your own ability and efforts but on special privileges granted supposedly to fight racism. That is why most of these people spend their lives looking for racism in everything. If we could announce the end of racism tomorrow, these people would have to stand on their own merits and they’re not ready to do that!

  15. emsnews

    The rising Asian population is quite annoyed by all this since they do well based on merit. This is a huge change but also…note that they ARE beating out ‘European’ people quite handily.

    None of this harms my own family since we now are a half-Chinese next generation. But seeing my grandson being discriminated against for being ‘Chinese’ scares me since he is so studious and hard working.

  16. Christian W

    @ csurge

    Oh how the elites are cackling with glee:

    Let the Nazi hordes march forth!

    Looking at the MSM candidates for the US predidency they are Nazis to a man/woman.

    The elites realized they need willing and eager executioners for their armies so now they are stirring the pot.

  17. Christian W

    Maybe it is time for white voters to STOP voting (Zionist and otherwise) warmongers and race baiters (and their tools) into Congress? How about that idea?

  18. Petruchio

    Looking at the test results, I have to wonder: Where are the Indians and Pakistani’s? I thought these two countries was where a lot of the IT work in the USA was outsourced? Have they stumbled or have the Chinese basically passed them by?########################################
    @ #7 e sutton: It has been demonstrated over and over and over. A College education is now a bad investment and likely to get worse!! (If future earnings are important to you). If a person, starting at age 18 (Freshman in College) invests their tuition money each year for a total of 4 years (to Senior year), the return on investment (ROI) is BETTER than the projected earnings are for a typical College Grad!! And there is no student loan debt burden by simply investing your tuition money! And here’s what makes investing your College tuition instead of giving money to a bloated, cynical University crowd STILL better!!! After only FOUR YEARs, ages 18,19, 20 and 21, you don’t have to put another PENNY into your retirement account!!! This means more money to start a family, more money for cars, vacations, etc. But in my opinion THE best result from putting money into your retirement account instead of the good ol’ ‘U’ is you throw a bunch of rude, arrogant, thieving College types OUT OF A JOB!! It’s a win all the way around…

  19. Henry


    About thirty years ago there was this obscure professor at some obscure college in Ontario who did a study on differences between racial groups. He used very rigorous scientific methods in his study. I don’t believe he had any preconceived ideas, he just let the data take him where it would. The results was that in regards to intelligence and such thing as family cohesion the Asians (Chinese, Korean and Japanese) ranked first, the Whites came second and the Blacks were on the bottom. When this guy published his results in a scholarly paper he probably thought that maybe fifteen or twenty of his peers would read it. Somehow the media got a hold of it. Well the shit hit the fan. This guy was the devil incarnate. Hitler, Stalin, and Pot Poy all in one. They wanted to take away his tenure, his credentials as a scientist, fire him from the university. Some facts and ideas are beyond the pail. Thing that cannot even be discussed.


    ELAINE: What is scary here is, in China, Japan and Korea, the birth rates are falling fast! There is some connection to all this which is highly verboten to discuss.

  20. Henry

    Here’s more information about the professor: P. Rushton

  21. csurge

    @ Elaine

    Yes, my apologies. I forgot about the little thing called Colonization. Still… that epoch is long past. They are a minority worldwide, and they are being pushed into a corner. They must think of themselves, not the other races… who are doing just fine the last time I checked. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your nation mostly white. That’s all I’m saying

  22. csurge

    @ 22

    I’ll concede there is something very suspicious about the timing.. The white masses will remember who brought them to this point though. Your elites haven’t been secretive about their agenda over the past decades. They are stirring the pot, but in doing so they are lighting a fire under themselves as well

  23. Lee

    Shockley—I believe he sold his Nobel to survive….dont be honest about RACE.

    The transistor was co-discovered in 1956 by William Shockley for which he received the Nobel Prize…back when it actually meant something. Unfortunately Shockley was soon to be demonized as a racist for simply anticipating “The Bell Curve” and stating the obvious! us!

    His entire family abandoned him thanks the media witch hunt. He may have invented the transistor which allowed the computer revolution but he made politically incorrect comments about race which means he should be burned at the stake.

    Shockley was actually concerned that the Black community was degenerating because of welfare and that liberal policies meant to help Blacks would actually have the reverse effect because they didn’t take genetics into account.[sounds like EMS]

    Liberals today still can’t wrap their heads around the idea of someone being concerned for the Black community and accepting racial differences. You’re either an evil ignorant raysiss or one of the good Whites.

  24. Lee

    Today I was reading the paper. News about 2 students at UCLA. The male one slit the females throat in a chemistry lab.

    Guess the wanna be killas race? i wonder what his grades in Hi school were?

  25. Lee

    This goes along through college years: black students don’t work very hard because they don’t need to do much to get the best jobs, ever. They are winners without running the race. This has huge implications in the future.

    —the White race has been targeted for extinction by the Khazar’s [Russian Jews]. With robotics even ‘smart’ people are not so needed.

    End of Work–Rifkin
    Bell Curve–Murray
    And Murrays book on Whites in USA that I have not read and forget title of.

    seen elsewhere– Our Jewish friends are too selfless and kind that they focus so much on enriching Europe. As a result they simply forget to bring the same cultural enrichment to their own shores.—-
    Actually some africans did make it into Israel but they gave them to Sweden.
    Yeah, Sweden decided to take them and fly them all the way to that multicultural heaven on earth.

  26. Ken

    Our current president is a classic example of affirmative action. His grades from Columbia and also law school are sealed to protect the affirmative action aspects of his education. However, Columbia did at least confirm that Obama did not graduate with honors. Basically, he was a C student.

    Yet he got into Harvard law school. I suspect none of the white students admitted had such a low grade point. And the part about law review? The law school has a policy setting aside a certain number of spots for minorities regardless of merit.

    So, Obama is the perfect test of affirmative action. Depending upon your views of how successful his presidency has been, he can be seen as either a celebration of the success and justification for affirmative action, or an indictment of its failures.

  27. emsnews

    Most Presidents do very little actual ‘work’ they are puppets (REAGAN) the last one to really try running things was Carter and we were told to hate him (warning: I am partial to him because my dad was a good friend!).

    Our presidents are basically puppets except the Bush family who are Skull and Bones and Kerry, ditto S&K. Hell’s bells, S&K (CHENEY) run the business here.

    So, a bunch of witches who use the skull of Geronimo and bin Laden for black magic run our nation. Ahem. Education? What is that?

    How many people know how the US is run, anyhow? Not that I should complain, my family ancestor, Henry Steele, was one of the founders of the S&K and he knew all about this business about skulls thanks to family home practices. Ahem.

    This would be actually hilarious if I were an alien and not involved at all.

  28. emsnews

    So…who is Secretary of State running our wars and doing business overseas day and night? Obama or the SKULL AND BONES????

    Easy answer. And Obama gets to play golf in Hawaii every few weeks, nobody misses him at the White House or State Department.

  29. Lee

    Our presidents are basically puppets except the Bush family who are Skull and Bones and Kerry, ditto S&K. Hell’s bells, S&K (CHENEY) run the business here.–what is S n K?

    So, a bunch of witches who use the skull of Geronimo and bin Laden for black magic run our nation—–what is Black magic and how is it done? Why is that indians skull so special?

  30. emsnews

    The ritual with the skulls is on April 15 which is why the Skull and Bones which also created the Income Tax (!!!!!) have us all pay them on this particular day.


    Yes, the income tax stuff is part of this ritual. I would think the average born again Christian should be enraged about this but no, few know and even fewer care so long as right wing Republicans BS them all over the place, poor fools.

    Left and right are delusional and easily used. I find the S&B gang to be very good at this, after all, many of them were from the exact literally exact same stock as me. No dummies, them. And they know about the Darkness very well and are too arrogant to understand how it totally works (I am referring to lightning here).

    Ech. I always feel sick when writing about this stupid stuff.

  31. William

    @13 That black ‘entitlement’ meaning Affirmative Action which is a program for women (white) and minorities, has benefited white women the most if we are honest with ourselves.. BTW, it was not given freely it was fought by those groups who for so many times were not given a place at the table. So, as some of us do not have their experience, at least some understanding of the reason for such a program should be acknowledged. Blame the systems that set the human experience in such a way that some people have to fight for the basic right to live and thrive. I am old enough to see through all this white man’s angst.

  32. Petruchio

    ” I find the S&B gang to be very good at this, after all, many of them were from the exact literally exact same stock as me. No dummies, them.” Elaine: take away their inherited wealth and their family connections and most members of the Numbskulls and Boneheads would be unemployed, homeless dumpster divers. I present to you as prime example: George W. Bush. Honorary degrees from Yale and Harvard. Goes on 53 (!!!!!!) job interviews. Even with a VERY powerful Daddy and Family, NOT ONE JOB OFFER!!!! But then, what do you expect from an organization started by an opium dealer. (Yes, opium was legal at the time, but still….).

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