Canadian University Yoga Teacher Removed Because She Isn’t From India

Many ethnic groups are on the warpath these days demanding no one imitate them.  This open hostility is all over the place due to the media and rising beliefs that ethnic identity trumps everything else.  Some very odd moments happen because of this new ideology, empires like the UK and US are discovering that encouraging ethnic divisions does make it easier to rule since people can’t unite over political issues but it backfires in the end as these ethnic groups demand autonomy.

When I was a teenager, for example, people who lived next to mountain of the Kitt Peak National Observatory became angry about loss of sovereignty in their tribal lands the Tohono O’odham people had a list of demands one of which was to be left alone and not be pestered by ‘foreign people’.
It is even more interesting that when I visited them back in 1984, they were very happy to see me and quite friendly remembering me from years earlier.  Here is their home page:Tohono O’odham Nation.
On college campuses, the PC gang is in full swing preventing now, staff there teaching anything that is connected to any ethnic thing unless that thing is taught by foreigners:  Yoga class earlier put on hold over ‘oppression’ resumes — minus the white teacher – The Washington Post

Now, it appears the controversial class is back — with an Indian teacher, who is wondering whether she was hired because of her race.

In a blog post, ousted teacher Jennifer Scharf, the white teacher who led the class for up to 60 people at the school, expressed her thoughts.


“I heard today that my old yoga class is back on,” she wrote. “Maybe since I called my foes ‘SJW’s’ [social justice warriors] and then refused to speak the word ‘intersectionality’ with people who don’t even have a cursory understanding of the term, the student centre has decided to hire a teacher of South Indian descent.”


In November, Scharf told The Post that she had taught a yoga class since 2008 through the school’s Centre for Students With Disabilities — part of the university’s Student Federation — until she got an email explaining that it had been canceled.


This ruthless elimination process is highly toxic.  It is, indeed, full Naziism.  The idea that a culture is corrupted when someone of the wrong genetic background participates in it, is fascism.  That is, we can only be what we were born and can’t change anything without infuriating someone who wants ‘purity’.


Here is the school explaining why people not from India are allowed to teach something anyone can easily learn and teach, themselves, despite not being from India:  Yoga class earlier put on hold over ‘oppression’ resumes — minus the white teacher – The Washington Post


“I think that our centre agreed … that while yoga is a really great idea, accessible and great for students, that there are cultural issues of implication involved in the practice,” Scharf said she was told by a student group representative in an email. “I have heard from a couple students and volunteers that feel uncomfortable with how we are doing yoga while we claim to be inclusive at the same time.”…


 Now, it appears the controversial class is back — with an Indian teacher, who is wondering whether she was hired because of her race.
 A funny comment from one of the readers:

8:48 AM EST
We had better axe lacrosse games or only let them be coached by Native Americans. I’m sure there’s an ideological angle to soccer, too. So much to unearth, so little time: get busy, vigilant young PC police!


So, no one is allowed to perform say, Wagner’s opera ‘Der Ring Der Nibelungen’ unless they can prove they are German for the last ten generations (too many immigrants there today!!! HAHAHA!!!)?  I could sing it 50% due to being half German on my father’s side!  Better still, my clan who are still very much in the Home Village of Mittenwald, Bavaria, can control anything anyone says or does due to ‘owning’ this spot of the planet…the mind boggles.
This tiny town is the heart of violin, viola and cello making by in particular, my own clan:  Bavarian Rhapsody: Mittenwald, Germany’s Violin-Making Capital.  My cousin took apart my own cello and totally rebuilt it making it very fine indeed and when I sold it later to pay for my first baby (had no insurance) it fetched a fine price.
But what if the Meinel clan claimed that everything connected to our culture and homeland be ours exclusively?  HAHAHA.  We could demand all orchestras bow to us especially since our clan also makes bows!  HAHAHA again.  The mind reels.
But then there is history: who gets to teach it?  As a half-Norman, I believe history is all about us, namely, our manic wars, infighting within the clan, disgusting things we loved to do, etc. be taught ONLY by Norman teachers.  All history classes that teach stuff about the peasants (everyone else, aka, our victims and slaves) should be taught by someone named ‘Tinker’ or ‘Tailor’ etc.  Last names denoting one’s occupation is a clue to who would be allowed to teach this history.  Right?
Back to the topic: this week we see the head of the Yoga business (it is a business!) is going to pay up for sex attacks on women: Bikram Choudhury ordered to pay more than $900k in harassment lawsuit.  But he is ‘ethnic’ ergo, he could teach this class even after being sued, no?  This is how screwing PC has become.


Here is the victim of being fired talking about all this:  Press Release: 1350 words – churchofentropy


Note that if anyone wants to try to censor the remaining revelations by censoring me, you will fail: I already have a proxy network in place ready to spring into action should anything happen to me. All proxies are under marching orders to spread the knowledge EVERYWHERE, as quickly as possible, including to people who do not revere sanctity and spiritual autonomy nearly as much as I do.


I do however, have a breaking point.


I had to follow the directions of my Guru, who insists that we never accept the spiritual authority of false Western avatars: only deride them. Students claiming authority over my love: Yoga, are unwittingly exposing the flaws of their operating ideology to the digestive juices of the gold-plated beetle. If you’re still wondering what happened, my foes, incoherent with my psychic projection, had their pathetic (to me) weapons effortlessly used against them.


She is a ‘romantic’ who believes in all the magic/smagic stuff including that we are all going to roast to death in particular, Canada (one of the funniest ideas on earth!) and she doesn’t understand how her own worship of the Exotic is being systematically destroyed the more she embraces all sorts of goofy beliefs and associated junk.

A side story:  Walt Disney Florida employees claim firm replaced American workers with immigrants.  We are being wiped out systematically.  People of Anglo Saxon/Norman descent are being shoved aside not due to racism but due to the need to exploit cheap foreign labor and weaken the political system of democracy replacing it with hostile ethnic minorities who hate each other’s ethnicity and thus literally Balkanize the EU, US and Canada, etc.
This stupid policy of our Real Rulers is most interesting to me because it is so suicidal.  Yes, they will have the chop-chop-heads off routine in the long run.


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14 responses to “Canadian University Yoga Teacher Removed Because She Isn’t From India

  1. Nani

    OT: A US Navy warship on Wednesday morning received a serious warning from several Iranian destroyers to keep away from their drill zone near the Strait of Hormuz, an incident that can keep frictions high after Iran captured 10 US marines in the Persian Gulf earlier this month.

    The incident was the second naval showdown between the United States and Iran in Persian Gulf waters in just two weeks.

    On January 12, nine men and one woman from the US Navy strayed into the Iranian territorial waters near the Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf. They were immediately captured by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

  2. Jim R

    I suppose Canada will be handing the place over to its surviving first nations people now …

  3. emsnews

    I am lucky, I have some smidgen of Native blood thanks to an ancestress who fell in love with a Mohican who saved her from another tribe that kidnapped her.

  4. nomial

    It was the iroquois, who played Lacrosse, so the coaches should be french speaking Iroquois.

  5. emsnews

    Oui. Tres bien. 🙂

    Wait! They should speak the Iroquois language only and wear loin cloths made out of beaver skins! I’d watch that game! 🙂

  6. Petruchio

    One little warning about all these newly arrived immigrants to the West: they will be polite and friendly UNTIL their numbers get high enough. Then you will see a different side to these folks. They won’t be preaching tolerance or understanding then. Use the Hmong as an example. They live here, they work here, but emotionally they are separate from everybody else. They relate to other members of the Asian community, but they only live in the US because life is so much better here. No assimilation for almost ALL of these folks. Maybe when it suits them, but not much beyond that. And the US Rulers are just thrilled with this kind of outcome. They feel safe. Time will tell if they really are.

  7. Melponeme_k

    “I am lucky, I have some smidgen of Native blood”

    Dang, you missed your chance to go to school as a Native American. You should have sued so many years back then for the right, maybe it would squashed the entitlement, P.C., blood quorum (Naziism at its most pure) nonsense at the root.

  8. wellwell

    York University is a hotbed for this stuff. The student body is very diverse, and each student government likes to makes its mark for “social justice” by creating conflict during the brief time they are there. I would never attend that institution. Hard to say what the future holds, but Petruchio may have a point about numbers. The Western approach is to place confidence in the wonders of capital and technology, but when the 1 percent finally owns everything, and the tinsel waved in our faces begins to pale, all bets are off.

  9. Christian W

    One little warning about all these newly arrived immigrants to the West: they will be polite and friendly UNTIL their numbers get high enough. Then you will see a different side to these folks

    That was pretty much exactly the strategy of the white squatters when they came to the US, no?

    Never mind the Zionists in Israel.


    ELAINE: Yup.

    Well, the natives in the Hudson Valley up into Montreal were ‘friendly’ in that we asked for beaver pelts and they brought these in and in exchange, pretty much, they got booze. The booze was the real killer, no need for guns.

  10. Petruchio

    @#9 Christian W: “That was pretty much exactly the strategy of the white squatters when they came to the US, no?” Yes and no. Yes, what the white Man did to the Native Americans was and is a thing of shame; we white settlers should have been willing to live in harmony along with the Native Americans. But if you want to do the “Who was here first?” argument, you could trace the ancestry of the Native Americans. THEY came from someplace else, probably somewhere in Asia. DNA studies have been done on this subject. So…should the Native Americans leave the USA and Canada because THEY are NOT originally from the USA? By your logic, yes! I don’t think that merely because someone or some group of peoples got to a landmass that that gives them exclusive ownership rights. In my view it does not.#####One other difference between the White Settlers in the USA versus the current Muslim immigration. The current immigrants possess a deep rooted anger towards the West in general and the USA in particular. And they have no intentions of assimilating into the native culture. This is because of the wars AND because of RELIGION. Religion is the root cause of wars in all of history. It is a significant difference, imho.

  11. Christian W

    I see wars as being primarily economic in nature, then religion is used as a psychological tool to get the emotions stirred up and paint the ‘enemy’ as ‘other’ and thus inferior and therefore not worthy of life or home or peace or plenty. ‘We’ always know best of course.

    Utlimately we are all one humanity running around the planet being crazy.

  12. Ken

    I doubt that there is a single piece of real estate in the world that in the past was not under the control of some people other than the ones in current occupancy.

  13. emsnews

    Indeed, humans have been fighting for land since…we were apes, actually. All animals do this, by the way. Insects, too. Fish, no, they stay and fight for water rights!

    This is called ‘Nature in the Raw’ or ‘Reality’.

  14. Petruchio

    @#11 Christian W: It is certainly true that economic factors play a significant part of the “equation” when it comes to the origins of wars. take as an example Great Britain and World War 1. Which organization in Great Britain was promoting the War, telling the young men in Britain to “do their duty and serve in the War?” The Church!! If you look at the historical record in Great Britain, you see that before the War, regular church attendance was at over 90% of the people. Of course after the Great War, church attendance experienced a steep and sustained decline. For large chunks of history, the Church, usually meaning the Roman Catholic Church, was THE most powerful force in a society. Even Kings had to deal with the religious types. Religion, economics. Imho they are intertwined. Not always but many times.

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