US And Turkey Clash With Russia On Russian And Syrian Borders


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The whole of the EU is rapidly approaching total chaos as millions of angry young Muslim men flood into the place.  Instead of fixing what is wrong, the EU and their NATO buddy, the US, have upped the ante by funding and helping Muslim radicals to overthrow yet another stable dictatorship that kept Syria together.  Instead, Syria will be like Libya and Iraq: ripped apart by Muslims hating other Muslim sects and economic exploitation of chaos to commit crimes.  Meanwhile, Putin tries to back a government and is attacked by NATO for this.


The US flies its planes all over the earth and concentrates these right next to Russia and China.  Inevitably, both nations retaliate ON THEIR OWN BORDERS by buzzing US spy planes.  Imagine that!  I remember the Cold War when we were angry if any Russian planes flew next to the US while we buzzed Russia mercilessly.  Russian jet flies within 15 feet of US Air Force plane:


Pentagon officials said the intercept by a Russian Su-27 pilot took place in “an unsafe and unprofessional manner” which put “both the American flight crew and himself at risk”.


The Russian pilot flew as close as 15 feet alongside the US RC-135U reconnaissance plane, before banking to the right “with a heavy amount of power, which caused a destabilising action for the RC-135”, a Defence Department official told ABC News.


US warship sails past disputed island in the South China Sea to ‘assert freedom of navigation’ by buzzing Chinese ships.  This took place yesterday right offshore China, thousands of miles from US ports.


This makes zero news in the US since we live in a dictatorship that keeps out all information that doesn’t push the propaganda about us being pure white clean while Russia is evil: A Russian Diplomat’s Take on the World | Consortiumnews:


See the press conference here:  Annual Results Press Conference by Sergey Lavrov – YouTube

As part of his opening comments, Lavrov said, “Our Western colleagues sometimes declare with passion that there can no longer be ‘business as usual with Russia.’ I am convinced that this is so and here we agree: there will be no more ‘business as usual’ when they tried to bind us with agreements which take into account above all the interests of either the European Union or the United States and they wanted to persuade us that this will do no harm to our interests. That history is over and done with. A new stage of history is dawning which can develop only on the basis of equal rights and all other principles of international law.”


Regarding a similar news blackout that followed another major Russian press briefing, the sharp-tongued Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented, what are all these accredited Western reporters doing in Moscow if nothing gets published abroad? Do they have some other occupation?


During the Cold War, I studied German and won scholarships doing this and my side language was Russian and my dad was grooming me to work for the CIA until I declared war on the CIA back when I was only 16 years old.  Um, since I was studying Russian and my dad had a short wave radio system set up with a huge antenna, I discovered Radio BULGARIA which was great for listening in to news about Russia and East Germany since this was a communist ally state that was  not under total control of the Kremlin.


I got all sorts of interesting tidbits there and passed them on to my father who was sometimes annoyed that the guys running that radio station had all this interesting and real news which totally clashed with the propaganda being fed to the US public by our own rulers.  By watching world events unscroll right before my eyes, I learned how the US propaganda system really works and lo and behold, it is chugging along as if nothing has happened all these years, utterly invincible except the internet screws them all up but they assume most people would be too unmotivated or distracted (global warming, everyone?) to notice they are being fed nonstop lies.


US Treasury Official: Putin the ‘Picture of Corruption’ HAHAHA.  This has got to be the funniest line, ever.  Ahem.  HAHAHA.  Dear readers don’t have to be told why this is a joke.  HAHAHAHA.


The U.S. Has Been Spying On Israel For Over A Decade: Report–Israel, who spies on us mercilessly and unlike Russia, BLOWS UP US SHIPS in the Mediterranean Sea killing many sailors…is whining about the US spying on it.  This is also HAHAHA news since it is so nakedly horribly cynical except 0% of the US public will hear this news.  That is what is wrong here.


German Interior Minister on Refugee Crisis: ‘We Want Clarity on the Refugee Crisis by Spring’ German news claims as riots spread as Germans fight back.  That is a no-no.  Fighting for one’s self survival against foreign invaders is verboten, Kamraden.


Britain is terrified of being turned into Belgium or Germany or Sweden, all overrun by mobs of Muslim males:  David Cameron to force EU crunch meeting as migration crisis deepens – Telegraph


 The Prime Minister will demand an immediate block on benefit payments to EU migrants as the price for Britain voting to stay in the EU. But government sources admitted this so-called “emergency brake” on payments would be just a “stop-gap” measure.  It would fall short of the permanent reform to migration rules that Mr Cameron originally wanted.


England is not longer a sovereign nation.  Their parades with the elderly queen and her feckless son pretending to be a empire, is silly.  They have zero control over their own borders right now and their representatives must go to Germany, Sweden and Belgium to beg them to not flood England with a million Muslim males who are illegal.


10,000 kids missing in EU as criminals ‘exploit’ migrant flow – Europol chief of staff Germany’s Der Spiegel reports.  This liberal magazine cheered the invasion up until the Paris bombings and shootings.  Now, as half of Germany is demanding these invaders be ejected and are now violently demanding this, the liberals at Der Spiegel are back tracking a bit while whining that we should all love each other.


EU migrant crisis: Sweden may reject 80,000 asylum claims – BBC News: unlike Germany, Sweden finally has woken up and is now reacting before the citizens attack these invaders.  This push back is being condemned by liberals which makes them all less and less popular.


Meanwhile, this country gleefully kills and steals from Muslims who are natives of the place:  Israeli Justice Minister Shaked ‘We Will Not Commit Suicide’ as the Jews declare they plan to wipe out all Palestinians who are not slaves of the State, Seig Heil, Israel!  The liberal German news media is carrying this story which is verboten in the US which doesn’t carry any news about Israel if it is about Nazi ethnic cleansing.


Do note that both EU and US media giants don’t say a thing about the blatant ethnic and religious cleansing the Jews indulge in but all the Muslims know this 100% and don’t forget it, either, for even one minute.


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20 responses to “US And Turkey Clash With Russia On Russian And Syrian Borders

  1. Cheer up Elaine. My country is committed to spending AUD $110 billion to that we can go to war with USA against our biggest trading partner China.

  2. Peter

    I am hoping hoping little Justin is less a lapdog than Harper was and pulls all troops out of any and all foreign countries

  3. JimmyJ

    Canada doesn’t really have any sovereignty, we’re a primary colony of the US once they surpassed Britain’s capability to run things. So Trudeau can look like he is going to go rogue but he will tow the line as the Liberal establishment oligarchs defines it. Even dropping the obvious boondoggle F-35 will be tricky, but pulling out of NATO beach parties in the ME I’m skeptical he can do that. It might look publicly like he is but there’ll still be a presence.

  4. Nani

    The deranged fools running the Pentagon are putting the world on the brink of WW3 almost every day with their reckless provocations against Russia and China.

    This is deeply worrying.

  5. Petruchio

    IT is just like when the US Navy does its annual war games in the Asia Pacific are. The “excercises” almost always include the interruption of shipping lanes which most affect which country? If you guessed China you would be right. So much for “protecting the free navigation of international waters”. And, in the last day or two, the US has sent a misslile cruiser to “patrol” just 12 miles off those infamous islands the Chines, the Phillipines and Viet Nam all lay claim to. All this is done to ensure ‘Free navigation in ‘international waters’. Uh-huh.

  6. Nani


    The Pentagon views China as a major threat and rival. I bet they would love to wage a war against China, so they could to teach those evil ‘chinks’ a lesson. However, they seem to ignore that China is a major military power who is nuclear armed. China also has a close alliance with nuclear armed Russia.

    No one, not even the psychopaths in Pentagon, really knows what a US-led war against Russia and China would entail.

    It is extremely irresponsible and dangerous for the US military to play with fire like this. It is endangering the entire world. A small spark can cause a huge fire, noe one really knows..

  7. Melponeme_k

    “It is extremely irresponsible and dangerous for the US military to play with fire like this. It is endangering the entire world. A small spark can cause a huge fire, noe one really knows.”

    They want world war because they know they don’t have the money to repay the huge debt owed to China. Plus China has the power to release all those rubber ducky dollars and kill the US for good. WWIII stops and resets everything.

    And the elites are deluded enough to think that if they just spend a few months or year in their bunkers, they can pop back up like Daisy’s and live in a lovely world without the rest of us.

    They aren’t thinking straight, never have because they have dragon gold sickness of the mind.

  8. Christian W

    @2 & 3

    Justin Trudeau is another Blair. He is only too happy to sell bombs and arms to KSA to support the ongoing genocidal assault on Yemen, along with the UK and US.

  9. DM

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the USA provoking a war with China. They are stupids, but not that stupid.

    And the AUD $110 billion .. well,, that’s just Tribute to Rome. Aussies likewise are pretty stupid. Even although they have never seen a foreign adventure that they didn’t like, they can’t be that stupid !

  10. emsnews

    The psychopaths at the top ARE that stupid.

  11. Jim R

    Yeah, scary that the top-top psychopaths are the ones with their finger on the button.

    One can only hope that maintenance (they are made of unstable stuff and require a lot) on the weapon systems has been neglected like highway overpasses, public health, the environment, etc. etc. and the button is controlling duds.

  12. Jim R

    Ot that they depend on some component imported from Russia and that Russia has been sending fakes made of wheat paste 🙂

  13. Sunger

    Not so good when the nuclear triad ie ICBMs, Nulear subs, land-based bombers- is not maintained

    The system becomes unreliable and can start indicating false enemy missile launches.

    Of course, we then need to launch our missiles before the enemy warheads could arrive LOL.

  14. Sunger


    Syria has been balkanized, split up, blown to pieces, reduced to military ineffectiveness. Why?

    Israel wants all of their ME enemies to be split up, balkanized, and militarily neutered so that those enemies are unable to mount a credible threat.

    They use their US attack dog to do this kind of work.

  15. Jim R

    The Syria conflict is pushing the Syrians (the SAA), the Russians, and the Kurds into an alliance. Meet the Kurds:

    And note that the women are not covering their faces. Not all the tribes in the Middle East are looney fundamentalist Muslims. Quite a few are actually Christian (though NATO and the Pentagram do nothing for them).

    Also note that the MSM will never mention the Kurds, because they do not fit into the popular narrative. It would just confuse the proles..

  16. Lee

    The psychopaths at the top ARE that stupid.
    –Or evil.

    Wars keep the population down.

  17. wellwell

    Meanwhile, in Japan there are plans to build a mile-high skyscraper in earthquake-prone Tokyo – a more insane project has rarely been conceived:

  18. emsnews

    Yes, a gigantic tower as all the remaining Japanese squeeze themselves into a smaller and smaller spot on earth. Seriously, 80% of Japan is nearly deserted and the few living elsewhere are mainly the elderly.

  19. wellwell

    That will make it easy for China or even North Korea to destroy the entire Japanese nation with a handful of bombs.

  20. emsnews

    Good lord, Japan is going to be LITERALLY dead in a few decades. They have virtually no children left in the pipeline. They are committing mass ‘suicide’ right now and it is horrible to watch but they brought it on themselves…now a second time. Ditto, Germany! Really sad watching both cultures die.

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