CIA Spread Deliberate Lies About Illicit Drone Assassinations

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Here is the hilarious news about how our spooks operate: How the CIA deliberately misleads its own employees by spreading false information in internal memos, calling this ‘eyewash’.  I suppose the CIA is in a tizzy since they realized, way back in 1967, that children of CIA people can spy on the CIA so they decided that lying to CIA agents about stuff would fix that problem, I guess.  HAHAHA.  A constant source of amusement as the CIA continues to try to resurrect the Cold War and fights guerrilla groups all over the planet just like they did back when I was a student activist tormenting the Organization.


 The CIA misleads its own staff by sending its employees false memos known as ‘eyewash’ that deliberately mask details about killings, drone strikes and other clandestine activities, it is claimed.


The practice begins when a regular internal memo is distributed to wider groups of staff containing false advice about operations or agency sources.


A second memo is then sent to a much smaller, select group, explicitly telling them to disregard the previous instructions and passing on the real information.


Got to lie about the illicit, stupid, USELESS assassination program!  I remember the chat way back in my misspent youth about ‘winning hearts and minds’ and I joked, while giving anti-war speeches, about all this saying, ‘The best way to win hearts and minds is to secretly assassinate leaders!’  The ideology of the CIA remains firmly fixed on this lunatic idea: murdering leaders of various movements is a great way to control whole populations.


The idea that CIA murdered leaders become heroes and icons driving movements never, ever occurs to the infantile CIA staff who are hired not because they are smart but because they are firmly STUPID.  After I penetrated several countries (including swimming the Rhine illegally) while still 16 years old in Europe and made contact with people deep inside the Soviet front, in Germany, and discovered several top secret issues, namely, the very secret Nazi rocket caves and even ran down and found former slaves and Nazis who worked there and thus learned about ‘Operation Paperclip’ which was still 100% top secret, the CIA had one plan for me: get this girl the hell away from us!


Was very funny stuff!  When the communist Chinese asked the State Department back in the 1980’s for someone to take care of their officials who were coming to America to learn about the US, they told my father they wanted to live with me!  And they did!  And the State Department and the CIA both were annoyed so they bugged my phone screwing it up and I supervised the crew that had to come and fix the bug and I called the State Department to complain about their lousy telephone tapping skills.


Far from being really hot shot at doing stuff, our spy operations are often rather comical.  This is due to keeping out anyone who has real brains.


Although some criticized the practice, which plants internal misinformation akin to the Cold War ‘mole’ purges, others said it was rarely used but beneficial.


HAHAHA.  Rare???  I will die laughing.  Like all stupid lying systems, it is an addiction.  Used to death, in fact.


A former intelligence official told the paper that a typical example of an eyewash occurred when a mid-level source gained exceptionally sensitive intelligence for the agency.


A memo would be sent out to all those who knew of the source’s existence, informing them he had been ‘hit by a bus’.


Then a second memo would be issued to a select few, informing them the source was alive and well and in possession of the new sensitive intelligence.


These busy bees are too stupid to understand that people can read ‘code’ wording.  I have hosted former communists eager to learn about capitalism and had chats with them about how they figure out what is going on in their own countries via ‘reading between the lines’.  The code words for dirty criminal operations in both communist and capitalist countries were both very easy to ‘read’ by anyone who had any inside knowledge of how the operation works in reality.


I grew up learning on my own, how to read between the lines.  People who think the government isn’t lying all the time accept government information uncritically but if you are inside an organization this is easy to do since you begin by being aware that the government is lying.  The key here is, do you join the lies or fight the lies?  I fought it and the reaction was pure rage at the top who hate anyone seeing their naked, obvious lying bastard ways.


This stupid business makes things worse and worse and worse and do note our messes the last 15 years as we did absolutely everything wrong concerning the 9/11 business beginning with the ‘Saudi pilot training program’ which brought over a bunch of terrorists to the US in the first place. Every possible mistake has been made by our rulers and they plunge onwards making more and more graver and graver mistakes which they are ‘fixing’ by restarting the Cold War in the exact same framework as before because THEY LOVED THAT STUPID TIME VERY MUCH and want to recreate it because they are lazy, stupid and homicidal maniacs who want to rule the world while being stupid.


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4 responses to “CIA Spread Deliberate Lies About Illicit Drone Assassinations

  1. brandycavalli

    Reblogged this on The Pen Hustle .

  2. Jim R

    The problem with lying to themselves, is that they will soon have no idea at all what is going on.

    Between that and their fleet of blind spy satellites, they’ll be reduced to being ushers at official government events . . .

  3. Petruchio

    “Far from being really hot shot at doing stuff, our spy operations are often rather comical. This is due to keeping out anyone who has real brains.” I have spent a fair amount of time reading about the world’s intelligence agencies and how they operate, hoe they achieve their objectives. Among the world’s intelligence agencies, the CIA are regarded as “players who can’t play’. During the ENTIRE Cold War, the Soviets penetrated the CIA almost at will. The Soviets were well informed with loads of insider info. Example: Aldrich Ames, the chief of Counter Intelligence for the CIA. If you are heading an enemy intelligence agency and could pick only ONE spy to place in your enemies agency, Counter Intel would be it. This is scary stuff, because if there were to be a war breaking out, your enemy will know everything you are going to do BEFORE you even do it. The Soviets were very well informed about The Manhattan/Trinity project, the US atomic bomb project. If the Soviets wanted to know about it, they knew about it. Even scarier thought: it is very doubtful the Russians are not well informed about current events.

  4. vengeur

    Russian aggression must be countered (with billions more dollars) :

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