No Firm Winners In Decoy ‘Primary’, Sanders Gets Huge Youth Vote Participation

Hillary is appealing to oldsters while Bernie Sanders Just Changed the Democratic Party by appealing to youngsters.  Young people today face a lifetime burden of deep student loan debts that make it very difficult to start a young family or buy a home for the young family.  This is a very, very serious problem that will last many decades and only get worse as time goes by.  Sanders, at least, understands this while Hillary ignores this:


 As he looked ahead to carrying on the fight in New Hampshire, he used many of his favorite lines. “It is just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics.” “We do not represent the interests of the billionaire class, Wall Street, or corporate America. We don’t want their money.” “The American people are saying no to a rigged economy.” “We are going to create an economy that works for working families, not just the billionaire class.”

Speaking on CNN as it got late, David Axelrod, President Obama’s former campaign manager, made an acute point. One of Hillary’s problems is that her campaign is largely about herself—her experience, her electability, and her toughness. “I will keep doing what I have done my entire life,” she said in her non-victory speech.


Young families and students heavily, up to 80%, support Sanders.  There is also this business, Hillary Clinton amassed a lot of wealth in recent years every single penny of which are outright BRIBES.


Rubio Finishes in Strong Third Place is the headline of the NYT.  All three GOP candidates were literally neck to neck.  Cruz was a mere 3% ahead which is NOT a ‘strong win’.  Bernie and Hillary were literally neck to neck with a very slight win for the Status Quo of the rich.  The GOP was 100% of Status Quo of the rich, naturally.


In utter hysteria, the New York Times has this sub-headline desperately pushing for corruption and continuation of warmongering: The Upshot: How the ‘Virtual Tie’ Helps Clinton.  Clinton got to where she was by demanding everyone bow to her inheritance of the position via being someone’s wife.  All the top DNC potential candidates gave up immediately except for someone totally outside the DNC: Sanders who is really an Independent voter.


She came in neck to neck with a total outsider from the System.  The System of bribes and corruption infesting the DNC is in hysteria and I expect Bernie to be assassinated. I thought Trump would be, too, but he seems so far to be defeated by the entire press owner conspiracy and his own big mouth.  I dislike Trump and he hates me so I don’t care if he isn’t President.


But I am for real elections and our Rulers have made it crystal clear, who they want and it is up to the voters to revolt.  The fact that Trump came in close to the media boys chosen by our Rulers is amazing, but they are yelling that he has been defeated, not running neck to neck with insiders.  He is even more an outsider than Bernie, after all.


The Washington Post has this as their header:  The night’s winners and losers, Ted Cruz may have won the GOP caucuses, but Marco Rubio and others can walk away winners. On the losing side: Donald Trump, Martin O’Malley and Jeb Bush, to name a few. While in the Democratic side,The photo finish on caucus night showed that Democratic voters are looking for qualities beyond experience and electability.


Hillary has won zero elections in the past.  Her ‘electability’ is 100% purchased by rich elites who want someone who is one of them thanks to blatant bribes. Paying this female to give boring speeches is not ‘work’ it is bribery.  She fires up no one except Muslim terrorists.  Clinton wins at least six precincts by coin flip that is, random chance.



Random chance is not a voter here.  So she actually didn’t have six precincts, minus these, she lost by 5 votes.  Of course, thanks to this oddity, she gets to celebrate a phantom victory which looks silly to me.  British media take ‘Congratulations to Ted Cruz on winning the critically important primary state that also gave us President Santorum and President Huckabee’ Cruz trolled by former congressman after his win.  Then point being, neither of these guys who previously won based mainly on the rural counties in Iowa, won any elections.


First-time voters overwhelm the caucus at Iowa university as millennials make their choices which is also barely mentioned at the main power newspapers today.  Bernie brought out new voters.  The oldsters all trooped in and voted for the status quo.


This election shows a collapsing system.  The Democrats, in particular, have gone soft in the head which is why most of the party leaders decided to have a non-primary stupidly thinking that no contest would mean a win in an election of someone not tested by the voters is a good thing.


People supporting Hillary want more of the same.  In the GOP, the fight has shown how media owners control events as they all united against Trump and thus, eked out a very slender defeat of the rogue candidate.  The status quo is very worried but not worried enough to reform anything soon.


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6 responses to “No Firm Winners In Decoy ‘Primary’, Sanders Gets Huge Youth Vote Participation

  1. Sunger

    By the time both the Democratic and Republican fools get a clue, the US empire will have collapsed in a heap of dust.

    All it takes is to keep doing business as usual (BAU). Another and another ME war. More and more US leaders sucked into serving private sector masters. More and more financial sector bailouts. More corruption from Big Pharma, big ethanol, big fracking, big defense contractors. Just like we are doing now.

    And then one day, it all comes down- like a termite infested barn.

  2. Petruchio

    “This election shows a collapsing system. The Democrats, in particular, have gone soft in the head which is why most of the party leaders decided to have a non-primary stupidly thinking that no contest would mean a win in an election of someone not tested by the voters is a good thing.” I think the problem is, the oligarchs have had it their way for so long, they don’t recognize defeat when they see it. Even when it slaps them in the face over and over again. I can’t say I can criticize them for thinking that way. Look, the Elites got a complete idiot like George W. Bush into the White House. That’s power. You have to have COMPLETE control over the Election process to make a George W. Bush Presidency a reality. And note who followed George W: Barack Obama. Obama, in terms of warmongering Obama has “out-Bushed” Bush. And I would argue that–though it is close–Barack Obama is a sleazier, lying criminal than “Dubaya” ever was. When you think about it, it is reasonable to believe that you can SELECT whomever you like to be US President. This explains the Mrs. Clinton and The Jebster’s candidacy. Neither one of these political wh#re criminals is popular with the voters, but still they run for President. REality is going to have to be RAMMED down the elites collective throats.

  3. John Doe

    Bernie Sanders wants raw vote count released after tight finish in Iowa caucuses –

    Remember Santorum won against Romney, but that did not get released until after New Hampshire.

  4. csurge

    The millennials are miseducated, misinformed, and under 30. They won’t be making any smart choices. I’ve seen enough of them on social media to know they are a danger to themselves and to others. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote

  5. John

    The only true outsider was Rand Paul. Not in terms of not being a politician, but in terms of not being a bankster puppet. Trump is one of the guys who pulls the politicians’ puppet strings.

  6. emsnews

    I couldn’t vote when I was only 14 years old. But I did change rules and laws via my lawyers!

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