Two Biggest ‘Allies’ Saudi Arabia And Israel Are Vicious Discriminatory Dictatorships

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Starbucks in Saudi Arabia bans women with sign in Arabic and English


According to our political rulers, both Israel and Saudi Arabia are our closest allies and friends.  Both countries have very hideous policies aimed at eliminating as many civil rights as possible.  Israel has a society worse than pre-Civil Rights Southern apartheid rules and Saudi Arabia gives women and foreigners zero civil rights at any time.  Why we consider these two evil places our best allies is due to pure money and power: both use this to buy their way to the top.  Saudi Arabia spreads out bribes and Israel runs our politicians and press and orders us to pay them all for this service and of course, this is never ever mentioned by any giant news service.


Which is why I am stunned that someone who owns our media let this article be published!  LA Times – Why Israel’s schools merit a U.S. boycott:


At its annual convention this week, the Modern Language Assn., which represents 26,000 language and literature scholars, will become the latest academic body to consider the merits of adopting a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. This follows endorsements of such a boycott by the Assn. for Asian American Studies, the American Studies Assn. and, most recently, the American Anthropological Assn., which voted 1,040 to 136 to endorse a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions at its November annual meeting in Denver; the AAA’s entire membership will soon vote on the resolution, which is expected to pass.


The justification for an academic boycott — which targets institutions, not individual scholars — stems from the peculiar relationship between Israel’s educational system and its broader structures of racism.


There is nothing ‘peculiar’ about discrimination by Jews in Israel.  The entire concept of their entire society is totally, 100% all about being extremely racist!  Abusing everyone outside of this closed clan operation is endorsed by their god just as a similar god orders all women in Muslim countries be given zero civil rights and live like slaves.


The consequences are obvious: Schools for Palestinians in Israel are overcrowded and poorly equipped, lacking in libraries, labs, arts facilities and recreational space in comparison with schools for Jewish students. Palestinian children often have to travel greater distances than their Jewish peers to get to school, thanks to a state ban on the construction of schools in certain Palestinian towns (for example, according to Adalah, there is not a single high school in the Palestinian communities of the Negev desert in southern Israel).


These naked forms of discrimination extend into the university system as well. “The hurdles Palestinian Arab students face from kindergarten to university function like a series of sieves with sequentially finer holes,” Human Rights Watch points out. “At each stage, the education system filters out a higher proportion of Palestinian Arab students than Jewish students.”


And this continues into adulthood and until death.  The Jews really think the rest of us are subhumans.  When I married into a Jewish family in NYC, they all treated me this way to the point, I ceased bothering going to even visit any of them and they considered this to be a great victory, banishing the foreign female was mission accomplished.


This, from a LIBERAL Jewish family whose head was a very liberal publisher and who knew all the top Jewish politicians in NYC, no less.  His liberalism didn’t extend past his nose and he was totally unaware of his many insults right in my face. When I protested, he made it worse, never apologized until the last week of his life.  This really saddened me because he lost out on a relationship and he knew it and felt bad about it but it came very late in his life!


This is what the Jewish racism does.  It closes doors.  It is making many enemies.  Saudi Arabia is sponsoring vile wars against much more liberal Muslim dictators.  The Saudi dictators are horrible, terrible people which is why the US endorsed having one of these royals at the UN be the head of human rights!  A very disgusting development indeed.


This news comes from Russia, not our media which keeps us in the dark:  Israel missile program also spied on by NSA, GCHQ under Operation Anarchist – report — RT News.  The deliberate sinking of a US navy ship 40 years ago is also never mentioned in the press nor are the victims honored in any way by our elite politicians and no one mentions anything about spying on the US even after the Pollard affair.


As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear Standards Have Fallen as our liberals push harder and harder to pretend that our children are learning while teaching nothing to minorities and aliens out of Hispanic countries.  No one has to tell Asian students to learn!  They are beating everyone in all learning scales and tests which shows us how culture counts when it comes to learning anything.


Last year, the legislature (in California) required all 11th graders to take a test assessing college and career readiness as well as an exam that measured academic skills needed for most jobs.


The first results, from the ACT college admissions tests, showed that only about a quarter of students statewide were ready for either college-level math or reading. Just 6 percent of black students and 15 percent of Hispanic students scored ready for college in math, with only slightly higher rates for reading. In one poor rural district where most of the students are African-American, graduation rates have risen to more than 85 percent, yet not one student scored high enough on the ACT to be deemed ready for college in reading or math.


In 1968 I won a scholarship to study in Germany at a fine Gymnasium.  It was a university prep school for girls, thus the name.  In Germany back then, students took tests when younger and only the ones who proved they were either smart enough or drilled enough, passed and went on to the pre-college prep schools.


In the US, we are all given the same diploma.  Years ago, one had to pass difficult tests to qualify for college and professors said to us the first year, many would drop out and not return so we better not party to death but work hard.  Now, anyone who breathes can qualify for loans for higher ed.


Even on simpler tests of the cognitive skills needed for many jobs, fewer than two-thirds of South Carolina 11th graders could show sufficient skills in both math and reading.


Here at Berea High School, a rare, racially integrated campus with an equal number of African-American, Hispanic and white students, administrators are proud of the rising graduation rate. Addressing the low scores on the ACT, administrators said many 11th graders had not yet learned the material covered when they took the test. And some educators say such tests do not accurately predict whether students will do well in college or in the workplace anyway.

The poor, poor students!  Coming from the lower classes, told lies about their educational achievements, told that they qualify for college, and off they go…off the cliff.  The debt never disappears.  The minute they make any money doing various forms of hard labor or winning the lottery no matter how small and up pops the previous debt.


You  cannot default on these debts!  And the lower classes who don’t learn very well go off to party at various schools on government loans don’t understand that this is a deep, dark trap never to be escaped no matter how poor they are, if they ever get any money.  It Was Right To Dumb Down The SAT: I took this test many moons ago.  I didn’t do the ACT test because it was considered to be the ‘dumb’ test by high level universities.


When I was young, if you guessed an answer on the SAT, you were penalized so it forced students to leave blanks if they didn’t actively know the answer.  Now, one can guess to one’s heart content and get zero punishment.  Because the SAT remains relatively difficult compared to the ACT tests, more schools are using the easier test to let in more students so they can collect maximum student loans.  It is all about the money, not the students.


Anyway, it’s impossible for anyone but a bureaucrat or academic to say that kids are growing smarter or are better educated. Given the road our culture (and politics) are taking, there is no reversal of these downward trends in sight.


This means it was right for ETS to dumb down the SAT.


Amazing, how the writer for the LA Times says, ‘Well, time to be stupid!’  Why is this ‘reversal’ inevitable?  Asian students breeze through the tests!  This is because their parents make them study very, very hard for these tests.  I remember how I wanted to leave high school at age 16.  I succeeded.


I studied very, very, very hard and signed up for any and all tests and did very, very well and this required tons of hard work on my part.  I didn’t go out on dates, didn’t do all the things high school kids adore, I did make the news and won scholarships based on competitive testing, not goodies handed out due to being born.


If they did not, the quondam SAT would have larger and growing clusters of scores at the low end and fewer and more strung out scores at the high end. Discriminating between students would thus become more and more difficult. (What’s ideal is a test the result of which is a spread out distribution of scores over the enter range of possibilities with the mean score somewhere near the middle.) Considering that the goal of the SAT is discrimination, no other course of action makes sense.


Dumbing down the SAT is thus like a clothing manufacturer retooling his patterns to reflect a population which is growing shorter and squatter. Further, it makes no sense to decry the manufacturer’s sensible and prudent decision.


So, due to cultural reasons, many students don’t bother much to learn anything in high school except if they are from China, and so the gap between the Chinese students and the lazier students will widen even further as time passes and the only solution for this is to dumb down the test so goof off students can pass it handily and the Asian ones will gain no advantage from the hard work they do studying for tests.


Why not retool the tests entirely so everyone goes to college?  ‘Name, address and phone number, please’ could be the test and if filled at accurately, the student passes and gets a college loan that they must repay even if they are reduced to flipping burgers due to inability to learn much harder stuff.


Last of all, a news story that made few big headlines:  US Army generals say that all men AND women should have to register for draft during wartime and no student deferments like during the Vietnam War, either.


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13 responses to “Two Biggest ‘Allies’ Saudi Arabia And Israel Are Vicious Discriminatory Dictatorships

  1. Christian W

    Saudi Arabia is nothing more than a vassal state to the US. It is not an ‘ally’ by any stretch of the imagination, to call it an ally is just propaganda. Saudi Arabia is there to launder petrodollars in various ways:

    *invest back into the US economy (nobody knows how much wealth the Saudis have invested in US treasuries, it is VERBOTEN knowledge – Pepe Escobar’s guess is $8 TRILLION dollars…)
    *buy US military hardware
    *use their Wahhabi extremist sect to saw dissent and disorder in the ranks of the Arab world (much like Israel is doing)
    *buy lackeys and lickspittles.
    *same goes for the City and the UK/France

    All of this is by US/UK/Zionist design going back about a century.

    There is just no way the US would let Saudi Arabia become any sort of democracy outside of their immediate control.

  2. Nani

    If The US and NATO really wanted to fight radical islam and terrorism, they should have allied themselves with Iran and Russia who are actually fighting ISIS and other islamist groups.

    Saudi-Arabia is a cradle of islamic fanaticism. So by supporting this regime, the Western powers are bolstering the creation of more islamic extremism, rather than curbing it.

  3. Lou

    Lisa, Islam is stone age stuff.

  4. Lou

    Employers are not legally allowed to give IQ test to prospective employees so BA or BS was the default.

    50 years ago, USA was 90% White.
    10 years ago [or so] USA was 70 percent White.
    Now 60% White.
    Soon Whites will be a minority [under 50%] in our own homeland.

    read ‘Belll Curve’ and face the facts.
    Blacks and so call Hispanics have low IQs and their cukltures reflect this.

    The SAT had to be dumb ed down for AA-PC reasons.

    re, Because the SAT remains relatively difficult compared to the ACT tests, more schools are using the easier test to let in more students so they can collect maximum student loans.

  5. Lou

    [sorry for the typos]

  6. e sutton

    Completely agree with all the posters. Christian W is right. The Zionists have been in control for over 150 years now. The care not what is right and what is wrong. Their interest is in what makes money.

    Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act, thereby sentencing our country to its current state of affairs in which You Know Who runs the money supply.

    We pay lip service to human rights and civil rights, but when push comes to shove, it’s all about the bank loans to incompetent minority students, housing and car loans to their parents who don’t understand the concept of compound interest and most likely never will. Products of our educational system (sic).

    A stupid, lazy, directionless populace is MUCH easier to control than a self directed, intelligent one. Entrepreuneurs thrive in the latter type of society and are buried alive in the former. To maintain the status quo, it’s necessary for the white man to be exterminated. Questioning, logical people who don’t rely on handouts for their day to day existence is anathema to the PTB.

    In another 20 years whites will make up less than 20% of the population. Most of them will cheer about being the target of extermination. Goebel and Himler couldn’t have wished for a more passive, paunchy, flacid population of sheep.

  7. Petruchio

    ” The Jews really think the rest of us are subhumans.” There are a##holes in every group and not all jews think like that, imho, but this attitude DOES go a long way in explaining why the jews get “pogrommed” out of every country they inhabit.

  8. Petruchio

    “Why not retool the tests entirely so everyone goes to college? ‘Name, address and phone number, please’ could be the test and if filled at accurately, the student passes and gets a college loan that they must repay even if they are reduced to flipping burgers due to inability to learn much harder stuff.” I am sure there are legitimate issues to discuss as to what kind of test most accurately measures a student’s potential performance in College, but imho that isn’t the important pont to note here. What we as a nation MUST do is ‘retool’ our education system. For a long time now I have maintained that, as a whole, Society would be greatly improved if we focused on RAISING standards for student performance at the K-12th grade education level. If we do not do this, by the time these kids start testing for College tests like SAT and ACT it’s too late. I believe that if we as a society have more and more students graduating from HIGH SCHOOL with a reasonable achievement standard, society as a whole will be much better off. We would have a much better political system, as an example, if 80% of the voting population were High School graduates–and that MEANT something–than if we had a very tiny population which had advanced education. As far as the Math and Science whiz kids, special schools for them is fine, but should be secondary.

  9. Christian W

    That sounds like a good plan Petruchio. But there are so many things that has to change.

    In this link there is a chart that shows how 37 banks became just 4 in just two decades:

    First the trusts, financial, media, corporate no matter, all of them have to be broken. Money and usury is the foundation of the elites’ power. Clean up the markets and corporations throw the crooks in jail.

    Clean up politics and the current corrupt system.

    Stop the TTIP and TTP.

    Push Israel back into the 1967 borders or put them under sanctions. Stop all the warmongering abroad

    Sit down with Russia and break up/reform NATO.

    Break up the Pentagon

    etc etc etc

    Israel got at least $30 billion from Bush. Obama increased that to $40 billion. Meanwhile more and more Americans are slipping into poverty. 40 million or so Americans are on food stamps for no good reason.

  10. Christian W

    Free speech is going down the drain in Germany. The German government dictates the agenda for the German MSM according to prominent German veteran journalist:

    I have no doubt that in the rest of Europe, especially in the NATO and NATO wannabe countries (Sweden), the exact same thing is going on.

  11. Sunger

    Christian W- good stuff.

    Lets raise the intellectual heat around here.

  12. Petruchio

    “The Jews really think the rest of us are subhumans. ” Elaine: I have to ask: what part of The Holocaust do these people not get???!!! Isn’t an entire country using its resources–while a WORLD WAR is going on–to systematically KILL off JEWS!!! I would think even sheltered, wealthy Jewish New Yorkers would grasp the concept that there are people out in the world who HATE them! And are willing to do something about it. What about the pogroms that have occurred in virtually every country that has had a large population of Jews in it? These historical facts should give ANYONE a solid grounding in reality.

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