Clinton Tells Sanders She Is A ‘Real’ Progressive, Just Has Tons Of Banker Bribes

Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 6.20.28 AMThe New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia


Clinton and Sanders debated each other with Hillary struggling to prove she is a liberal and not the creature of rich bankers and petrol kings in the Middle East.  Ever since she retired from government positions, she has gone around the planet collecting huge bribes.  She has tons more money than Sanders but nearly all of this is from rich people wanting favors.  Naturally, she has to lie about all this garbage which makes her a fool.  She could justify this by saying, ‘I support the status quo as do my supporters who are mainly bankers.’


It isn’t just the New York Times crew trying to whitewash Hillary, so is the Washington Post.  The NYT claims that Sander supporters ‘paint a picture’ of Hillary collecting bribes as if this were a fake position to take.  But the truth is, she collects massive bribes in the form of ‘speech fees’ which is obvious since she is a wretched speaker in general.

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Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis – The Washington Post


The WP props up Hillary by claiming that Jewish Zionist Sanders doesn’t understand ‘foreign policy’ which is run by…lots and lots of Jewish Zionists!  Sanders thinks Palestinian people are subhumans who deserve to be kept trapped in open prison camps and Hillary wholeheartedly agrees.  No candidate is free of this since all except for Trump, have to go to Jewish Zionists for funding and the Jews hand out money like mad because they must control the business of ‘how can we ethnically cleanse the Middle East for European Jews without being charged with crimes against humanity?’


Also, Israel collects billions of dollars in tax revenues to keep their state afloat and no one dares tamper with the money spigot on perpetual run pouring our money into that private state that has one of the most exclusionary immigration rules on earth aside from Saudi Arabia.


‘If you’ve got something to say, say it!’ Hillary blows up at Bernie over ‘artful smear’ suggesting she gave Wall Street special favors in exchange for $675,000 in speaking fees and Bernie will continue to say this because…it is true!  Why is telling the truth, a smear?  It shows how insanely greedy and stupid this woman is.


Far from being clever, she is dumb as a Bush family member.  This comes from a feeling of entitlement.


‘Something smells in Iowa’: Calls for an audit of Hillary’s ‘victory’ as chairman of local Democrats who oversaw caucus results is revealed to be Clinton backer and I bet the coin flip was rigged, too.  The fact that Bernie has now contested this caucus business is a good thing.  Hillary should have split the remaining 5 delegates with him instead of getting all of them.


Insiders: Bernie scored in debate with Wall Street slams says Politico.  Yes, the Wall Street slings hit the target which is why she is whining about this.  Did this creature imagine she could gleefully collect obvious bribes (her husband does this a lot, himself, but is a much more entertaining speechmaker) and no one would notice this?


Democratic establishment starts to gang up on Sanders as the GOP establishment does the same to Trump.  The voters are definitely revolting as media giants all gang up on Sanders and Trump.  Their rage is obvious: seeing voters diss them pisses them off.  They were crowing that the Iowa ‘votes’ (sic) repudiates Sanders and Trump but reality is different.


A non-Democrat Independent Party man from Vermont is slaughtering the mainstream power elite candidate and a gambling boss of no party affiliation is slaughtering most of the characters hacking away at being the banker’s buddy in the White House.  What an election revolt this is!


Now Trump packs them in as supporters’ cars bring town to a halt, fire marshals turn away dozens – and the moderator of the Fox debate he boycotted is locked out too, just two days ago, the media was mocking Trump for not totally filling stadiums as if their own chosen candidates are doing better at this.


President Obama Proposes $10 per Barrel Carbon Tax because cheap energy sucks.  I think he wants to eliminate the Democratic Party in the next election.


Last of all, Shkreli takes the Fifth, calls his questioners ‘imbeciles’ as the gangster who bought a cheap AIDS meds company is being investigated for racketeering.  Capitalism at work!  The guy sneers at everyone even as the mob closes in on him.  He richly deserves to be humiliated.  Wish more crooks like him could walk the plank instead of bribing politicians.


Oh, and a UN panel backs freeing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who has had to hide in an embassy in London thanks to our rulers hating him for revealing their super secrets.


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27 responses to “Clinton Tells Sanders She Is A ‘Real’ Progressive, Just Has Tons Of Banker Bribes

  1. shawntoh

    Related to this, what does Bernie Saunders really mean when he calls himself a “socialist”? What type of “socialism” does he subscribe to exactly?

    With the profit motives of [crony] capitalism in America, how will the application of his vision of a better America that he wants to create operate exactly? Which will prevail, his vision or the profit motive?

    Many thanks to William Blum in his latest Anti-Empire Report #143, 2/5/2016 for bringing these issues up.


  2. Sunger

    Hillary Clinton- GACK!

    Any Republican candiate- GACK!

    Bernie Sanders- a good man but his policy approach will is not up to the triad of peak oil, climate change, and economic contraction.

  3. Lee

    Climate change is bunk. Thats why some spend time here. EMS knows a lot about Climate. It has always changed.

  4. Henry

    One question that no one asks the candidates is: Who will be your Attorney General if you are elected president? The Attorney General is the second most important person in the country after the President. It is very important that this person be a controllable weakling for the real people in power. Just look at the last weakling toadies: Holder, Mukasey, Gonzales, Reno. No one ever discusses this. I wonder why?

  5. Christian W

    Someone asked Clinton to release the text of her speeches to the banks, she said “I’ll look into it”. Ha!

  6. John

    Shkreli is NOT capitalism at work. He is a parasite taking advantage of the huge snarl of regulation that is modern government.

    Why do so many travel to other countries for things like cancer and AIDS treatment? As overall good as our private health care system is, it’s in the grip of the government/corporate regulatory structure. It’s that oppressive regulatory structure which allows a Shkreli to even exist. Lots of treatments are prohibited here, because the regulatory structure is set up to protect corporate profits, not to foster the competition that leads to more and better choices.

  7. Christian W

    Re: Bernie’s ‘socialism’.

    Here is an interesting article highlighting what Nordic social democracy really is, vs the misunderstandings about the model Americans frequently have. Written by an American who lived in Norway for a while.

    ‘After I lived in Norway America felt backward, here is why’

  8. Christian W

    @ 6

    Shkreli is NOT capitalism at work. He is a parasite taking advantage of the huge snarl of regulation that is modern government.

    …because the regulatory structure is set up to protect corporate profits

    Exactly. The regulatory structure is set up to protect corporate profit. That is the real nature of capitalism. There is NOTHING capitalism hates more than competition. That is why all capitalist systems invariably becomes monolithic trusts owned by a handful of Oligarchs.

    In a functional Democracy (not Oligarchy, which is another consequence of capitalism) the regulations are there to protect the population and the public good in a broad context, rather than the special interests of a tiny minority of capitalists who make themselves owners of everything.

    Shrekli is a pure capitalist which means he milks the systems for his own profit as much as he can. Capitalism in it’s deepest essence is a parasitic system.


    ELAINE: 100% true! Note the mergers forming massive operations to stick it to the consumers.

  9. Christian W

    @ 5 Clinton’s speeches

    I just saw this: Clinton’s spokeperson said: “I don’t think voters are interested in the transcripts of her speeches”. HAHAHA!

    No, because they are just moronic waffling I am 100% certain, but I am also certain voters would love to see the fact that someone continuously got paid more than $200,000 for babbling incoherently for an hour or so.


    ELAINE: Reagan began this ‘speech’ business.

  10. Christian W

    There is definitely something fishy about the Democratic voting process. I bet Hillary will end up with 101 % of the votes at the end of the day 🙂

  11. vengeur

    So Hillary’s people won six coin tosses out of six. Well, it’s better to be lucky than smart.

  12. Christian W

    @ vengeur

    The statistical chance to win six coin tosses like that is around 1.5%. 50% > 25% > 12.5% > 6.25% > 3.125 % > 1.5 something %.

    Even better than to be lucky is to have someone make sure you are the lucky one.

  13. Petruchio

    Oh No! Do we have to discuss that sleazy, morally and ethically bankrupt, criminal B#TCH Mrs. Clinton? Yes, I guess we do. So here goes.

    I did not watch the Sanders–Clinton “debate” last night, but, while channel hopping I did catch a minute or two. The Dear Lord showed mercy upon me and, while only watching a couple of minutes, I was able to capture the essence of the Clinton Campaign 2016. Mrs. Clinton responded to Sen. Sanders’ claim that Mrs. Clinton was the Establishment Candidate. Mrs. Clinton’s response? Clinton said there is NO WAY she is an Establishment Candidate because she is a woman (!!!). Really? In so many ways, Mrs. Clinton’s answer is just plain repulsive. How stupid does Clinton think everyone is? Hillary Clinton plays the Gender Card, so everyone should back off from criticizing her??!! Oh, that’s a real shining example of Equality of The Sexes.

    I’m sure Vladimir Putin will follow the Guidelines for Political Correctness. The fact that Hillary Clinton would even PLAY this Gender Card shows just how despicable the ( hopefully) soon-to-be-indicted Hillary Clinton really is. I suppose we all should ignore her record as Secretary of State (“No questions about Benghazi, please.”. Or the millions Mrs. Clinton receives for nonsense “speeches” to the Wall Street banks. And no questions about computer servers or missing emails.

    What I found most disheartening is the big applause Mrs. Clinton got for her ridiculous claim that she is not The Establishment Candidate for the simple reason that she is a woman. (Personally I don’t think Hillary Clinton is human, let alone a woman.) Elaine: please, no more pictures of that hideous, lying hag Hillary Clinton.


    ELAINE: I inserted spaces to make it easier to read. Everyone: make paragraphs short because it is easier to read that in this format.

  14. Ziff

    Martin Armstrong predicted rise of third parties last year , pi cycles. Pretty damm good.
    Shreckl , looks like classic psychopath .

  15. floridasandy

    agree 100% john, on the dark side of Norway:
    Hege Storhaug was a self-described “naïve left- wing journalist” when an encounter with an immigrant woman changed her life and her career.

    “In 1992, as a journalist, I met a young Norwegian born Pakistani woman, only 18 years old. And she had been married at gunpoint in Pakistan to her second cousin,” Storhaug recalled.

    “I was so shocked when she said ‘My parents were willing to kill me if I didn’t enter into this marriage, to protect their own honor,'” she said.

    Storhaug now works full-time to protect immigrant women and girls from forced marriage, genital mutilation and honor violence.

    Women, she says, have been abandoned by the Norwegian government and deprived of their rights as citizens – like four Norwegian girls all sent to Gambia for genital mutilation.

    “Their parents just dumped them in Gambia, their country of origin where the girls, ages 3-9, were all genitally mutilated,” Storhaug told CBN News. “They have been stripped of the possibility to become a full member of this society, and we have allowed it, we have allowed it.”

    Storhaug, who works on behalf of the rights of women, has been called a “racist” and “Islamophobe” by the some on the left in Norway

    this is not just in Norway now. READ ANY EUROPEAN NEWSPAPER.

    it is so CREEPY that Hillary is playing the feminist card, seeing where she stands on immigration. I had to laugh when she pulled her “trump card” of “first woman president” on Bernie,

    Culture clashes need to be avoided by an intelligent civilized society. You don’t have to have unfettered immigration, because it isn’t just cultural differences, but difference diseases, vaccination status, education levels, language skills, and patriotism.

    we are at a tipping point here in America–which is why the turnouts are going to be so high. There is a lot at stake now, and I hope we chose wisely.

  16. emsnews

    Yes, real liberalism is under fire…FROM LIBERALS!!! This pisses me of tremendously as it did in the past when radical leftists wanted to destroy democracy which I also love, that is, the right to vote for real and not fake voting!!!

    We are always under siege. Liberalism is a delicate flower that needs lots of watering and pruning to grow. When it becomes a weed, it is killed by right wingers who are bent on reversing history.

  17. Lee

    ‘Liberals’ are reversing and destroying civilization.
    Especially Obama and Merkel. Oh, they arent liberals?

  18. emsnews


    The very secretive Bilderberg operation is the global elites who want to rule secretly so they meet secretly. Above this are various satanic groups like the Yale Skull and Bones, founded by one of my own ancestors, Henry Steele.

    Both GOP and DNC leaders belong to this satanic cult that worships Geronimo’s skull and now has Osama bin Laden’s skull in their rituals every April 15th and we pay taxes that day due to Taft, a Skull and Bones magician president, too.

    AHEM. I feel bad about all this because my own family helped launch all this but then we also invaded Europe during the Dark Ages and England at the Battle of Hastings so we have a bad reputation going way, way back in time.

    For example, the British royals are newcomers from Germany…HAHAHA…I have more a right to the British crown than anyone of that clan of foreign interlopers…except Normans were also invaders, too! I suppose someone in Wales is from the original clan that was kings and queens way back in the Dark Ages…

  19. Christian W

    “Skull & Bones”… ie the good ol’ Jolly Roger. So the elites are pirates, how droll, har har.

  20. Lee

    Elaine, check my link in yr ‘like in US’ page. To ‘The Economist’ cover.
    Let us know yr thoughts.


    ELAINE: Provide a link, please.

  21. Lee

    Elaine, I would like you to define ‘Satanic.’
    Do you believe Satan exists?
    masonic – Satanic rituals are?
    Do Bohemian grove revelers believe satan exists?
    Clue me in.

  22. emsnews

    THEY believe in ‘satan’. Further, they believe they ARE ‘satan’.

    I happen to have Thor for my guy. He hits me with lightning bolts regularly no matter where I hide during thunderstorms.

  23. Petruchio

    @#19 Christian W: A more appropriate name for them is Numbskulls and Boneheads. Nothing elite about these overindulged, overinbred, kids. they are little more than ultra spoiled rotten rich kids, most of whom couldn’t get elected City Mosquito Control Officer in ANY honestly run election system. Example #1: George W. Bush. “Dubaya”, after graduating with Honorary degrees from both Yale and Harvard went on 53 job interviews AND NOT ONE JOB OFFER. Even though his Daddy was head of CIA. John Kerry and Al Gore are other examples. Nothing special about these guys. The only thing notable about them is their willingness to tell any lie, commit any crime, betray any trust and basically wh#re themselves to anyone who will make them rich. Without their family connections–and money– most of these guys would be homeless, unemployed dumpster divers. In any environment where there is a merit based system, these guys would get blown out of the water in a heartbeat.

  24. Lee

    Petruchio, when you are as rich as a Bush, maybe you dont need a job. Didnt he make big money on the Texas stadium?

    Elaine, why do you think S n B have Bin Ladens skull? Why him?

  25. Lee

    Elaine, how many times have you been struck by lightning?

  26. emsnews

    I have been directly hit FOUR times by lightning. A dozen near misses. I only count the times when it actually hit my hands or chest. It is most disconcerting!

    I always wear something on my feet that is rubber which prevents lightning passing through me and generally use my hands to fend off the bolts after two hits early in childhood.

    As for bin Laden’s skull? WHERE IS IT??? Why was his head decapitated by the crew that KIDNAPPED him, killing him in the helicopter??? Eh? And why was it dumped in the ocean afterwards? It is totally insane and makes no sense except one: the skull is now in the Skull and Bones.

    I know this gang very well and if my ancestor is anything like my own family, collecting skulls is quite sensible, even normal, I would guess. After all, the name of ‘Steele’ wasn’t an accident with my ancestors. It was a description of methods used.

  27. Lou

    Derek –know what that name means [the hangman or executions platform is a derek].

    Sanders is promising people free stuff. Hence is popularity.

    A NY Democrat with a poetic wife—

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