US Media Giants Deliberately Make Trump And Carson Look Stupid Whereas ABC News Screwed Up, Not Them

The ‘debates’ are all rigged.  They are not ‘debates’ at all in the classic sense. They are mainstream news media interviews with the candidates at the beck and call of industry puppets set up to do the bidding of our Owners.  There is a video all over the internet showing how the entrance of these candidates was all screwed up by ABC News crews who are vandals and fools but the mainstream media has chosen to make fun of Trump and Carson because they were mishandled and they are blamed for this which is insane and naked propaganda by our Real Rulers.  This manipulation of media events is classic communist/fascist behavior.


Dr. Ben Carson came to the mouth of a backstage hallway at St. Anselm College too early, as his name was to be the second called. With applause ringing through the hall for Chris Christie, he never heard his name. Carson stopped just short of entering and was stranded in no-man’s land and in view of a TV camera trained on the entryway.


Before he could figure out what to do, Ted Cruz’s name was called. And then Donald Trump’s. Trump stopped to stand with Carson, seeming to tell him that he should already have been on stage.


When Marco Rubio’s and Jeb Bush’s names were announced, the two men were still blocking their way. They had to sneak past, with Jeb smirking and bumping into Trump on his way out.

Screen shot 2016-02-07 at 8.21.48 AM

The TV producer should have escorted Carson, who was obviously confused, out  to his podium entrance.  But no, the guy ducked back behind the curtain…shades of Wizard of Oz!!!  And then Trump went out and he tried to help Carson but was startled when other GOP creatures were introduced.  The cheering for the other candidates came from an army of donors (aka, bribe givers) who were 90% of the ‘audience’.


The whole business stunk from top to bottom.  Trump and the others were allowed 20 partisans each at this debate. But then ABC let in an army of ‘non-partisan’ people who were VERY and deliberately partisan on behalf of the Real Rulers’ candidates which are not Carson nor Trump. So each of these critters were cheered during this fake debate while Carson and Trump were not cheered.


Note the racism here which was shown by the other candidates who brushed past Carson, smirking while only Trump tried to make sense out of this mess created by the ABC gang!  A number of comments at the foreign Republican debate starts in chaos as Jeb Bush bumps into Donald Trump | Daily Mail Online in England.  Comments there get what really happened unlike all the mainstream media articles:


Cindy, Houston TEXAS, United States, 2 hours ago
I barely heard Ben Carson’s name called so he surely didn’t. Yes, he should have gone out when the guy behind the curtain told him “GO OUT” but he didn’t know what to do. Trump seemed to be standing with him to keep him from being embarrassed. That stuff just isn’t important to me though. The debate was substantial in the questioning and wasn’t mean spirited like so many have been. Trump is getting better at them – considering he was never a politician to begin with.


BiggsyBHOY, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Trump showed his class. Carson’s name was called second, he didn’t hear it and the announcer continued, the rest all walked past him. Only Trump stood there until Carson’s name was called again and let him go first. As to the booing, the candidates only had 20 tickets each. The rest were all given to donors and since the RINO’s want Jeb Bush or Rubio as the chosen one, then it’s no surprise that the audience was filled with donors that would support both. By calling the audience directly on it, Trump again showed his mettle. Trump should win and hopefully gives a place in his cabinet to others like Carson.


Xavier Mangosteen, Stamford, United States, 3 hours ago
As a former Marine I noticed something that most people will overlook and apparently even laugh, I saw Trump stand next to Carson probably confused himself as to why Carson’s there not moving, but the moment the other candidates started walking by them one by one I thought immediately about businessmen walking past a homeless person or “lesser” people without much regard. The fact that Trump stood there WITH Carson instead of leaving him behind even after he saw the others walk past and getting the hint tells me a lot about his character, he even whispered to Carson “they got mixed up”, you can hear it clearly if you rewind the tape. Over the past few months he’s probably gotten to know Carson well, he seems like a very socially awkward person, someone that might get anxiety in a confusing moment like that, but Trump stood right there next to him, like a friend. Call me crazy but I led young Marines for a long time & I developed a great sense of who’s a leader and who’s not.


With videos available to see replays, it is interesting to see how our owners struggle to retell lies that are totally at odds with reality.  Unfortunately, few voters will see this reality clearly without the story telling garbage dumped all over it.  Seeing reality is difficult if this reality is being interpreted by a bunch of evil propagandists desperate to push some storyline that is fake no matter what.


The media giants hate the internet which is why the majority of them no longer allow comments.  Way back in the 1990’s to the 9/11 events, we had lots of comments at lots of news media sites that were huge, immense!  Little censorship.  After 9/11 heavy censorship started and then suddenly all the mainstream media killed comments entirely or made them unreadable. For example, the Huffington Post has comments in super tiny print so it is hard to read and if one enlarges the page to see better, all the text gets bigger EXCEPT the comment that remain tiny no matter what!


Most media simply allows no comments.  I use the British Daily Mail so much because it allows comments on every article it posts and you can enlarge these for easy reading, too.  Nearly alone in major media, I salute them for this.  Virtually none of the comments are censored, too.  Amazing.


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11 responses to “US Media Giants Deliberately Make Trump And Carson Look Stupid Whereas ABC News Screwed Up, Not Them

  1. JimmyJ

    Many websites that still allow Comments used Disqus which is designed to make it much harder to leave one. Then Disqus moved toward being a Facebook kind of entity. So now since they brought it up, many websites are simply switching away from Disqus to Facebook comments where you have to use a Facebook account with all the lack of privacy and blatant profiling that entails. And Facebook has become pretty censorious lately so only gossip and drivel will prevail.

    You could see the writing on the wall for the end of the useful internet when Google Search went from catering to technical folks to catering to reality show audiences. Now it’s just joyful censors mopping up the remnants.

  2. vengeur

    Thank you Elaine for posting this. In that unscripted, unplanned “foul up” Trump showed real class by standing with Carson. Bush couldn’t pass by the two fast enough, LOL.

  3. Melponeme_k

    I never thought I would say this but Daily Mail is a bastion of Democracy in a sea of Propaganda.

    I suspect they hide their real journalism under a sea of fluff and salaciousness. However how long will it be until the hammer gets thrown on them. There is still, I suppose.

    The past election results were jimmied, I’m sure of it. Ever since the Florida Bush/Gore hijacking, the elites have been puffed up and zealous about throwing elections in plain sight.

    Trump does have a FDR air about him. Amazing. When he never seemed like there was much floating around inside his brain.

  4. Christian W

    A highly respected former general of the French Foreign Legion has been arrested for protesting against the influx of ‘clandestines’ into France.

  5. floridasandy

    you try to defend your country and you will be accused of all kinds of things, or now even arrested in some countries. Google the killing of farkhunda {sp ?) video to see what civilized people and countries are up against.

    the only thing that is not politically correct is citizen rights.

    I am voting trump, no question.

  6. Sunger

    Melponeme said – “Trump does have a FDR air about him.”

    How old are you?

  7. emsnews

    FDR was an elite who was also a reformer.

    The world is full of contradictions. And it was a liberal Democratic President who dropped two nuclear bombs on civilians to end WWII.

    No one can escape the hard business of ruling and fighting. Fighting, in particular, leaves everyone with blood on their hands.

  8. Sunger

    The US industrialists and financiers were paranoid that the Great Depression would result in a Bolshevik Russian style communist takeover here in the US.

    So a number of social & economic programs were instituted for several reasons-

    1. Take the steam out of the social reform movements- particularly organized labor. Unions were given organizing rights at this time.

    2. Public infrastructure projects like Hoover Dam as well as various types of “money printing” were instituted to ramp up demand and break the back of the powerful deflationary spiral and the depression psychology.

    Unfortunately, the financiers & imperialists have been able to operate the US economy by Keynsian policies during BOTH good times and bad times. Not as intended by Keynes. And now Keynsian policies won’t be effective as a tool to deal with future busts.

  9. Sunger

    Yes.Trump = FDR

    The only way that Trump measures up to FDR is that they both go to the toilet at least once each day.

  10. Melponeme_k


    FDR was one of the elite who broke ranks and sided with the public. And after that they forever hated him. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was told Club Skull & Bones hang his photos in their crypt and throw darts at them. He is the bogeyman to them.

    And any time anyone of their group shows any inclination to copy him, they practically draw and quarter them. Trump is nowhere near FDR’s caliber. But the fact that he speaks partial truths are enough to start the elites hyper ventilating.

    Why he wants to take them all on is the more interesting question.

  11. charlottemom

    I actually think Trump is nearer to Teddy Roosevelt than FDR

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