Several Ways Beyonce Super Bowl Sexy Dance Makes Racism Worse

Beyonce gets political at Super Bowl 50 with Black Lives Matter-themed performance: this performance during a ‘game’ that causes massive brain damage as well as other body parts, mainly to black players, is riddled with the contradictions that is rapidly destroying the black community.  The list is long.  The singer, Beyonce, has gone to great surgical and other lengths to appear as ‘white’ as possible.  Her dancers were dressed as a burlesque mockery of Black Panthers.  This was supposedly all about black power which has driven the black community off a very dangerous cliff, that is, the disintegration of the family and isolation from all other people.


This is really infuriating for me, I knew all the original Black Panthers and they certainly knew me.  I watched them go, from 1967 to 1970, off the radicalism cliff.  They actually did imitate the communist Chinese and started waving Mao’s Little Red Book which horrified me back then.  They were tracked illegally by the FBI who also tracked me illegally because they knew I knew the Panthers.


The Black Panther Raid and the death of Fred Hampton – Chicago …I knew Fred and I escorted his girlfriend to Chicago for the hearings about all this.  All that wasted energy they had!  Now we have something far worse.  The ‘tribute’ to the Panthers at the Superbowl showed the women as whores who strut around half naked with neo-nazi style bondage gear and this was supposed to do what?


Some of the Panthers I knew did the opposite, they went Muslim power.  Not ‘let’s all be whores’ power.  In general, though, the black community was conned into believing that going ‘whole whore’ is ‘power’ and this was massively pushed this week at the Superbowl and the stories afterwards that praised Beyonce, a lady who has, like Michael Jackson, turned herself into a white woman as much as possible, for being ‘black power’.


Her mockery of black power is powerful.  By accepting this new, degraded version as ‘great and good’ is a knife in the chest of black power.  Jackson’s celebration of vandalism and crime in his subway video was very, very destructive and the station where it was filmed was thoroughly trashed by young black vandals in honor of this stupid video and I had to deal with this mess directly including having some of these vandals arrested.


I even suggested to the organization running Jackson’s business that they pay for all the graffiti removal costs.  They did not.  Not a penny.  Anxious politicians fearful of losing votes refused to demand this, too.  It pissed me off.  The ills ailing the black community which has poured into dying industrial cities, taking these over after internationalists looted the places leaving them empty economic shells such as Detroit, has trapped them all in a downward spiral of Flint’s structural racism: This is why providing poisoned water to the city’s citizens seemed like a reasonable idea because Flint, Michigan is another dead industrial town no one wants anymore.


I used to go into Newark, NJ, to give speeches about saving the city which I gave up trying to do when Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton and Bush Jr all conspired to kill what remained thanks to free trade.  It became impossible to save any US industrial cities.  As the Port of New York grew richer due to the flood of imports, nearby Newark died on the vine.


It should surprise no one that Flint’s water is terrible.  All the manufacturing cities are polluted to some degree and now are worthless hulks.  The population pouring in are seeking benefits, not work since there is little work left.  The death spiral of the black community which still has some gloss at the tippy top where ‘performers’ aping the worst attributes of race strut around half naked, sneering about how sex and violence is fantastic if it is out of control and criminal attitudes are cool…good lord!


This is ten times worse than Blackface and the Minstrel show of the 19th century!  Indeed, Beyonce shows the reverse black face: a black woman altering herself to be much whiter while dancing and singing torrid black race songs!  Celebrating her as ‘black’ is insane, she obviously thinks the whiter one is, the more beautiful!  Her dancers all had Afro hairdos while prancing half naked with this white wannabe slapping around her fake hair, exalting in how much more beautiful she was compared to them all.


Yikes!  The Black Lives Matter business is a dead end.  The media loves it because it isolates black people even more.  It makes things easier for politicians who can pander to this movement while herding even more blacks into dead industrial hell holes.  What the ‘movement’ wants is no more police patrols and guess what?


It is cheaper to have no police, dead cities, blacks trapped in these dead cities and everyone avoids these places like the plague and voila: no more problems since young black males are set on butchering each other at a rapid pace! Trump takes heat for tweet about black murder rates because the rate he cited was slightly wrong.  The others especially in the Democratic race, don’t talk about any of this.


Murder Rate for Black Americans Is Four Times the National Average says the Huffington Post without mentioning that blacks are the murderers who are doing this mayhem.  Whites are rarely killing blacks and this has to be faced by liberals who pretend the most dangerous thing are cops, not crooks.  The police, when they hold their fire, end up dead so they want to go home (even black cops!) at the end of their shifts, not die thanks to wild, out of control, criminal black youths.


Four teenagers shot while sitting on a porch on Chicago’s South Side – as police probe gang linksMississipi Mardi Gras parade shooting leaves two dead and four injured are just two mass murders committed in black neighborhoods just yesterday.  This happens every day.  Can this trap be escaped?  There is no leadership here willing to face up to reality.


College kids protected on campuses can rail on about how evil cops are and race issues that don’t matter much but in Realityland, this is both futile and dangerous because many black students are demanding resegregation, not integration.  The Black Panthers tried this years ago and it destroyed them.


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16 responses to “Several Ways Beyonce Super Bowl Sexy Dance Makes Racism Worse

  1. Petruchio

    ” They were tracked illegally by the FBI who also tracked me illegally because they knew I knew the Panthers.” Well I am certainly glad the FBI didn’t waste their time fighting Organized Crime. Good forbid we in the USA should have to put up with some Black Panthers waving around a book. Nice priorities y the FBI. Of course, this had to do with J. Edgar Hoover being a freak who was getting blackmailed by the Mob, so Hoover had to look like he was doing something useful.

  2. Lee

    Flint, Michigan, it was a black AA hire who decided to pipe the lead-filled water into people’s homes.
    He still has a huge AA job.

    Of course, the best part is that when you Google “Flint water crisis” NO PICTURE of that black idiot will appear under “images”.

    Google and Wikipedia are obfuscating the blame, of course.

  3. Lee

    Whites are rarely killing blacks and this has to be faced by liberals –does it? If so, when?


  4. Melponeme_k

    Beyonce just keeps getting blonder and blonder. And you are right, she is front and center just to show how much better she is than her backup singer/dancers. I refuse to watch the superbowl and it’s half time show because it is nothing but racial contempt against American black citizens and classist against all US citizens as well. We are all just mouth slobbering bubbas to the elite.. It shows all of us at our absolute worst and the worst is celebrated.

  5. e sutton

    The future, sadly, isn’t too good for jobs suitable for obsolete farm equipment. Well over one hundred and fifty years ago, the writing was on the wall for laborers when the cotton gin displaced so many in the deep South.

    Affirmative Action jobs are great for masquerading the “problem”, only sooner rather than later the money runs out, and whites grow tired of covering up blacks’ mistakes, not unlike a cat would cover his deeds in a litter box. Lord knows education has been tried, only to see standards set so low now that an eighth grader in 1910 possessed more knowledge and problem solving skills than today’s “cawlidge gradumat”.

    Funny. You can try and paper over problems or do a Super Bowl dance, bumping and grinding your way around the stage while whining about how unjust, cruel, and unkind the world can be. When the music stops and it’s time to actually do something about the situation, all that’s in the tool kit is more weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    I read in the paper today how automation is quickly taking formerly lower, entry level jobs away (think cashiers, waiters, retail sales, warehouse packers, etc) and the answer to this is more education (to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars of student debt, no less). And what do we now learn in these grand citadels of higher education? Why, it’s all the white man’s fault. It’s really white privilege that keeps the brothah down, not his inherent stupidity or refusal to take an active role in his own betterment.

    No, the solution is to have more keeyids to collect more of the coveted welfare dollars, a more or less guaranteed 18 – 20 year monthly dividend for your average welfare sow. This has worked fairly well for over 50 years and will probably continue to work as long as YT’s money holds out. And that there is the rub. The Chinese and the Russians are giving the formerly powerful US a good run for the money. Possessing abundant energy reserves (Russia) and almost the entire manufacturing base (China), the two most forward thinking countries in the world have little use for a population of whiners with their paws out for more “gibs muh dats”.

    It would appear a rude awakening is in store for many, if not most, in America. The next few years should be very interesting.

  6. Christian W

    Guess that is why the elites have no problem serving the plebs toxic waste and charge them for it, while at the same time destroying the remaining value of their homes.

    Gov. Christie in New Jersey just privatized public water as well.

  7. Christian W

    Meanwhile in the Merry Headchopping Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this farce takes place:

  8. Christian W

    Oh and the mascot is “white” as well, btw…

  9. CK

    And Cam fell to an old white guy and a superb defense. I lost $0 on the SB again this year.



  11. Lou

    WHITE BOY —- Where do you get that?

  12. emsnews

    Chaos in black unemployables will increase with all other ethnic groups over time becoming just as disorganized and alienated.

  13. Coldtype

    What’s with this “whore” business Elaine? It surprises me to hear you embrace such a construct of patriarchy. There are no “whores” Elaine for a woman is no one’s possession.

  14. Lou

    Fact or fiction?


    The prison population would go down by 37%

    There would be 53% less gang members

    Obesity percentage would drop 11% Average IQ

    would go up 7.4 points putting us 3rd in the world tied with Japan

    Average Sat scores would go up almost 100 pts

    Average ACT scores would go up 5.5 pts

    The average income for Americans would go up over 20,000 dollars a year

    Amount of people in poverty would drop 34%

    Homelessness would go down 57%

    Welfare recipients would go down by 42%

    a lot less crime -1000s less murders, 100,000? less rapes.

    a lot less abortion

    Chlamydia cases would go down 54%

    Gonorrhea would go down 69%

    Syphilis would go down 58%

    cities would be livable, no slums [ghettos]

  15. floridasandy

    I didn’t really make too much of the superbowl. halftime show It was worse than some, and better than some. anybody can read what they want into it. If she was critical of the police, those who support the police will boycott her music and that is fair enough.

    I thought beyonce looked a little tired at the end, but a gossip magazine said that she is pregnant, so that might be it.

    Bruno mars really did add energy to that show, and they tried to give everybody something they might like with 3 separate performers and video clips. It is usually better at night when the lighting is so much better for drama.

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