Social and Political Chaos Leads To Economic Distress: The EU Collapse Meets Middle East Collapse

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PHOTO: American Tech Workers Defiant as GOP Lawmakers Push to Expand Foreign Labor Programs

Stocks Resume Drop as Banks, Miners Sink and in Germany, destroyed by a million Muslim invasion, industrial production continues to decline.  Russian hopes that sanctions will end, sees these continue as the EU continues to commit hari kari.  Meanwhile, Bloomberg says he may run for President seeing how the race is in total confusion now.  And the global oil glut continues!  Whoopee.  Social chaos cause economic dislocations as we see clearly in the EU which is collapsing internally due to several obvious factors.  Language differences plus millions of aliens invading=social chaos that is very expensive and which drives down wages of the lower classes to the point French taxi drivers clash with police in anti-Uber strike, for example.  Retired General Faces Charges After French Anti-Islam Rally which, like Germany, forbids citizens protesting the wave of Muslims.  Way to go to destruction, France!   Say hello to Gemany on the way down for me!


It should be obvious: social chaos leads to economic chaos.  When people cease being civil, we get internal wars.  Thousands march in Paris rain to protest state of emergency | Deseret News


The state of emergency gives more power to police and administrative authorities, allowing for searches without warrants, house arrests and other measures.


“My France of liberties, where are you?” read one banner.  The parliament is expected to approve the prolongation of the exceptional measures in voting later this month. The current state of emergency expires Feb. 26.


Jean-Baptiste Eyrault, of the Right to Housing movement, said: “Democracy is moving backwards … at the expense of judges and the rule of law, freedom to demonstrate and (freedom) of expression.”


Last week, a French high court upheld the measure, saying the danger “has not disappeared.”


Opponents of another plan to revoke citizenship for dual nationals convicted of terrorism claim the move would feed racism, creating a two-tier system of citizens. Many dual nationals are Muslims, and some feel they are blamed for attacks by Islamist extremists.


One problem for the left is this inability to understand how out of step with the greater masses who are hammered by liberal policies, they really are.  That is, when the flood of aliens was encouraged by the left, the right would exploit this cheap labor and undermine rights of citizens in tandem and then when citizens get mad about all this, will turn on the temporary labor and be heroes kicking out the people the right wing invited in!  Meanwhile, the left fights this removal of aliens tooth and nail and attack workers who are citizens!!!


PHOTO: American Tech Workers Defiant as GOP Lawmakers Push to Expand Foreign Labor Programs


In 2014, the Northeast Utilities Company in Connecticut — now known as Eversource Energy — allegedly laid off around 200 of its American tech workers and replaced them with low-wage foreigners admitted on H-1B guest worker visas.


Now a photo has emerged depicted the workers’ final, silent patriotic protest — silent because the workers reportedly were forced to sign non-disparagement agreements to shield their employer.


The image depicts the display of American flags around cubicles of the company’s IT department — circulated by trade magazine ComputerWorld — before the Americans were replaced with foreign labor.


See how voters swing from one party to the other only to be totally betrayed by BOTH?


This is a total catastrophe for the left that shows they don’t give a damn about citizens who work in areas being flooded by aliens.  For example, construction labor has been nearly entirely taken over by aliens in the US because they are cheap labor!  The drum beat on the left on behalf of non-citizens is highly destructive and it why so many governments go far right.  Right now in the US, the working stiff part of the population is fleeing the Democratic Party that depends on sex issues and free handouts to former labor (aka: welfare which destroys families) to maintain power.


I am all for rights for women and gays and other people because I like it for myself.  Duh.  I despise the GOP right that wants to control my personal life in hideous and violent ways (such as forcing women to be pregnant when they don’t want to be pregnant).  The GOP believes gays are subhumans and this pisses me off, this is also personal when it comes to friends and family.  Menacing us over personal life issues is a huge turnoff.  But then, so is Hillary who expects us to make her President because she is a female.


She is a Goldman Sachs Girl.  She represents rich banking operations and hobnobs with world dictators who menace all of us, collects bribes openly via ‘speeches’…I sincerely hope her victims sit and listen to these after bribing her!  Due punishment!  National polls show Bernie Sanders nearly even with Hillary Clinton while in the Granite State, Final WMUR Democratic poll: Sanders continues to hold huge lead.  Huge!  Not small.


Hillary is 100% Wall Street and Wall Street, responding to the crunch overseas, is in chaos right now.  We can’t have smooth sailing when our rulers raise giant hurricanes hoping this will destroy that nation or another.  These things tend to go out of control.  The stupid boycott of Iran, for example, limps onwards as the Russian one slays Europe.  Dumb and dumber!  Any ray of sunshine is shattered by our rulers who have an agenda and it leads to world wars as we have seen over and over again.  They can’t stop this from happening, it ‘works’ for them all so they habitually go into ‘let’s create another world war’ mode whenever possible.


Now, if they can only shove China into fighting on behalf of Russia and Iran and other nations our rulers hate, well…that will be WWIII and our hope of ‘winning’ that with nary a scratch at our home base of NYC and DC is very slim indeed.  Actually, impossible.


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14 responses to “Social and Political Chaos Leads To Economic Distress: The EU Collapse Meets Middle East Collapse

  1. Melponeme_k

    Not that I’m gloating or saying told you so….But the H1-B visa mess in regards to tech circles is the end result of the arrogance of US tech workers themselves.

    I remember fighting with these naive people on the internet years back on almost every board technical, game etc. I told them that the fact that they didn’t unionize was killing them. But they were so convinced that Ayn Rand Libertarianism would set them free. Well it set someone free alright…the elites. And now tech workers are pushed out or can only work for dog wages in jobs that formerly commanded a decent salary. It used to be American Workers would get tough and bring their bats when they were replaced. Now we all just weep and wring our hands.

    That is Ayn Rand for you. The only ones who didn’t understand her were the little peon fools who loved her. Greenspan? He knew exactly what she was about.

  2. Nani

    Our so-called ‘liberal’ ruling elites are not liberal at all. They are actually quite authoritarian, and love to poke ordinary people in their eyes with their sick, twisted ideology. Everyone who disagree with their agenda is automatically labeled as a racist, nazi, or fascist. These people are truly treacherous, and evil.

    If they remain in power for too long, countries like Germany and France will most likely experience a civil war. This will happen simultaneously with the collapse of the EU.

  3. Petruchio

    @#1 Melponeme_k: your comments are roight on the money!! All these tech workers thought they were too good to be a Union member; they thought their skillset would keep them secure. They were and ARE wrong!!! And that reality is getting RAMMED down their throats. Of course, management knew this all along. Why do you think they fight Unions so fiercely?? I sincerely do not like to see people lose their jobs no matter how foolish they were in their attitudes. That said, if ANY of these tech workers STILL vote Republican, I have no sympathy for them. I can hear these Republicans talking now: “Ya pick yerself up and ya move on, blah. blah, blah” Here is a news bulletin for them: there is NOTHING like a dose of REALITY to change ones point of view! A few months of depressing job searches will do wonders for these “Ya pick yerself up and ya move on” types. I know how some of these type of folks think, so I can figure out their mindset–in the beginning. A few months after these “I don’t need no stinkin’ Union!!!” types get jobs at Walmart of the local Coffeehouse is usually enough reality for most people. Too bad it is too late by then. (BTW, Union-free tech employees: management knew ALL ALONG you were idiots to not form a Union!) Oh well, live and learn… “Ya pick yerself and you move on…” LOL!

  4. Melponeme_k


    “All these tech workers thought they were too good to be a Union member; they thought their skillset would keep them secure.”

    EXACTLY right. This was a misplaced form of classism. They thought they were above us blue collar and regular middle class folk. Well how soon they were thrown out of the dinghy to doggy paddle like the rest of us.

    Incidentally, talk about scary, do you know that you have to actively search Youtube to get a clip of the “Norma Rae” Union scene? The PTB are even afraid of an old fluffy hollywood flick giving people ideas.

    If only there had been a Norma in IT way back when. There wouldn’t be H1-B visa slaves taking jobs from citizens.


    ELAINE: All of Norma’s jobs are in China now.

  5. vengeur

    I totally agree with you guys, in that there is ZERO solidarity among American workers. And nobody gives a rats butt about someone else’s job, as long as they feel that THEIR job is secure. Some of us here are old enough to have had parents and grandparents who actually experienced working conditions in America were like BEFORE unions were formed in the US! And because they knew, they were die hard union members, they didn’t want to go back to having no rights and no seniority! The republicans used to push this idea: if you work harder for your employer, your efforts will be recognized and rewarded and you will be paid more, that is capitalism.. That is total bullshit. Your employer will pay you as little as possible. The republicans have pushed this idea so long that unions are bad, lots of people accepted it as NORMAL.

  6. Jim R

    Watching that Norma Rae clip, it struck me that all those people have been replaced with robots by now.

    We now have self-driving cars (if still in an experimental stage), and robots have arrived at an intelligence level somewhere above that of an insect now. Maybe not smart enough to understand Asimov’s Laws of Robotics, but smart enough to replace all those textile workers.

    That means more than joining unions, it means we need to dust off some of those old Asimov and Clarke books, and continue the discussion about the nature of work, and the relationship of humans with technology.

    Or else we are heading for the nastiest, messiest, ugliest reset of civilization, since civilization was invented.


    ELAINE: Robots are far more expensive than cheap Asian labor.

  7. Petruchio

    If an employee only knows ONE THING about his/her job it should be this: YOUR BOSS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!! I’m not saying you can’t be on friendly terms with management. You can, but when push comes to shove and somebody has to be let go or not get a pay raise, friendship aint got nothin’ to do with it. I can remember what MY management said to me–about three months before I got outsourced. Addressing the whole Department the Head Manager said to us all: “Be good little soldiers. We’ll get through this.” Yah, “we” got through this alright. He just forgot to mention to me that the “we” didn’t include “me”.

  8. Petruchio

    “thremone” read: three months. Sorry. We should have an “edit” feature for posts, imho.


    ELAINE: I am the ‘edit’ feature and look, I fixed the mistake! Hope it works for you now. 🙂

  9. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    No, Asimov and the rest have crap all to do with patriotism and unification of the masses.

    I suggest you read Jaron Lanier. He gave the very advanced idea that we should all be paid for our contributions to the Internet. Every blog post, every photo, every little comment that we give to the big corporation sites should be remunerated with a micro-payment. Can you just imagine how much pain THAT would cause Facebook.

    It isn’t a matter of going Sci-Fi, it is a matter of researching how the dragon hoarders make their money, how much WE contribute to it and that we are fairly compensated. Content just doesn’t magically appear on the internet, we work to put it there. And it is WORK. I think we need a massive rest of the mass mind regarding what is WORK.

  10. emsnews

    Melponeme, I would be a billionaire by now! I used to post LOTS of stuff at the old NYT forums, for example, They let me design and run entire sections of the comment pages which were SELF MADE. Then they began censoring me after 9/11. Guess why! Ahem.

    The Washington Post, ditto. Banned me after 9/11, too. Then all the forums vanished or were greatly diminished until there is nothing but the fringes of the internet left.

    They HATE us bloggers with a passion.

  11. Melponeme_k


    They hate bloggers but they LOVE the Ad revenue they generate.

  12. Lou

    ELAINE: Robots are far more expensive than cheap Asian labor.

    Agenda 2130. Its about control and depopulation.
    There are too many hidden costs in ‘cheap yellow labor.’

  13. ComputerSmith

    I have worked in IT for almost 30 years now and have always kept my technical skills current.. changing from Mainframe COBOL to “Midrange” RPG, then to C# and Java on Linux, and now Go and Ruby. The problem for most in IT is they think they are actually talented when they are just mediocre. They have been working on the same legacy systems for so long and getting pay increases yearly to the point where they are too expensive to have around as a “Maytag repairman”. If they had always kept their skills current, they would at least maintain and possibly increase their value as they are now Subject Matter Experts with up-to-date skills.

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