Sanders, Trump Win, Clinton And GOP Clowns Lost In Granite State Vote

Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Well, it is done.  Hillary Clinton tried to tie up all the stuff secretly in backroom deals with the ‘leadership’ of the DNC and voters repudiated this sneaky, back door sleaze and she didn’t understand this at all.  Wiped out by Bernie!  The Donald did the same to the GOP insider gang, too.  Voters do NOT trust either party.  Neither Trump nor Sanders belong to ANY part of ANY operation within EITHER party.  They are both very much ‘outsiders’ and note how the US media giants toiled mercilessly to tear down both men and elevate their rivals.  This failed because the voters are pissed off at the media owners, too.  Imagine that!

The Robert Kennedy Assassination – Actual footage – YouTube

This is going to be a most interesting election.  Bloody, even.  Wall Street is in a panic, Europe is collapsing due to a literal invasion, Russia isn’t collapsing nor is Syria’s government, this is pissing off our rulers no end and voila: the US voters go on a full revolt.  Wow.  I am shocked, frankly.  Watching the sewage spewed by the media giants and DC insiders all over Trump and Sanders only to see both come out clean and clear, fresh as daisies after a golden shower.  Epic, mythical, this ability to endure tons of shit and shine is…hilarious.


Ever see two flocks of crows fight?  I have and having crows as pets, I know a lot of their internal ‘language’.  They caw and scream at each other and dive at each other and flap the wings vigorously and dodge back and forth, landing in two separate trees to make lots of noise at each other: quite deafening.  Then a hawk flies overhead and they all fall silent and watch only to go back to yelling at each other fighting often over the right to eat some roadkill which the hawk is now examining.


Our elections are a joke but sometimes it becomes real and this is when someone rises up and turns the tables.  They HATE this.  News is, more people braved cold and snow today in New Hampshire to register their rage against the System and it worked!  We had real democracy.  Now the people who own our country and run it off the rails to get richer, are in a tizzy.  How to get rid of both of these guys????


Well, we all know the answer: assassination.  Long ago, Dr. Spock was running for President, not the Star Trek guy, the children’s doctor.  I was one of his body guards.  I stood behind him facing away from the crowd to cover his back, the Secret Service guys watched the crowd in front.  I walked him to his hotel rooms and checked halls and elevators before he entered or left.  I told him, ‘No one will go after you, you have zero chance of winning.’  And he survived.  Some haven’t especially the pesky Kennedy brothers.

Reagan Assassination Attempt – YouTube

Even Reagan.  He thought, choosing Skull and Bones magician of Evil, Bush Sr. as his front man, no one would try to assassinate HIM…OOOPS.  Bush had to wait a tad longer to take over.  Note that no one has popped up to kill any Bush guy.  Kennedy family: walking dead.


And we were supposed to not notice this information about that ‘assassination’ that failed:  Bush 41 And The Reagan Assassination Attempt


George Bush Sr., who was President Reagan’s Vice President, was really the “President” during most of Reagan’s term in office, especially after the failed assassination attempt carried out by John Hinkley Jr.. What never came out in the corporate controlled media is that the Bush family and the Hinkley family were good friends. Bush Sr. and John Hinkley Sr. were both oil men.John Hinkley Sr.helped raise funds for Bush Sr’s unsuccessful attempt to wrest the Republican nomination for President from Reagan…pretty far out!!!


Time to place bets when Trump will be eliminated.  The rulers are not scared of Bernie entering the White House but Trump?  Holy cow, do they hate him.  He says openly what they say behind everyone’s back! The pearl clutching in our media about how mean Trump is and how he blurts out stuff is silly since they all do this…in private!  They emphatically do not want him in the White House but eliminating him now is too naked, they will, ahem, urge him to ‘fix things’ by selecting someone, say, JEB BUSH to run with him and voila: kill one bird with a bullet and keep the other bird in power.


Just wait!  This is what will happen in the convention.  You heard it first here.


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18 responses to “Sanders, Trump Win, Clinton And GOP Clowns Lost In Granite State Vote

  1. e sutton

    Dear lord, I hope you’re wrong. Nothing quite sickens my stomach than to think of that glib, fat oaf, Jeb as our next president. Frankly, I give the Donald more credit than to hook up with that mealy mouthed mamma’s boy.

    I imagine right about know the neocons are sh*tting bricks. I’m thinking a scandal will surface as Trump becomes the likely nominee. Perhaps they’ll do a Paula Dean on him, digging up a crusty recording of him using the ‘n’ word in 1962 or something. Bernie on the other hand looks like a big pushover and ultimate friend to the Zionists – absolutely no threat at all.

    I’m looking forward to the crestfallen expression on Hillary’s face as she heads to the welfare bastion state of South Carolina, where she will promise her voters unlimited freebees and other assorted goodies. Funny thing is, you listen to her talk and it is quite clear that even SHE doesn’t believe a word that’s coming out of her mouth.

    Your point is a good one, however. Grab some popcorn. This election promises to be a real show.

  2. emsnews

    Look, Jeb moved up to third or fourth place from near-dead last! Within striking distance, no less. Nearly the same votes as the other two guys at the top after Trump who stomped all of them collectively.

  3. Meagain

    millions of people have been saying Trump will be assassinated, for many months now! has been one of the top web searches!

    I just Googled “trump assassination” and see there is 1.54million web-site hits!

    Top hits include:

    Russia WARNS Donald Trump OF Assassination Plot ..
    2 GOP Strategists Call for Trump’s Assassination – DOJ Silent..

    So, I’m sure Trump takes this very seriously, and I’m 100% certain he’ll never pick Jeb Bush as a running mate, since he’s well aware of the assassinate-to-get-VP-in-power scenario. … And, besides, he hates the Bushes as much as you and millions of others do.

    So, Trump will pick a VP mate which the establishment will fear as much as himself. Someone Like yourself, for instance .. hehe.

  4. MadSklz

    Why can’t Trump win…and then select Bernie as VP?

  5. ziff

    i guess there’s a logic to killing ones that won’t follow orders, they might be dictators. When i was trying to think of examples there were only the few that Elaine has here, more are Cia operations in other places.
    and as i said even more remarkable, Martin armstrong predicted this with his pi waves.

  6. MadSklz

    @1 Trump HATES Jeb so there’s no chance of him being selected, along with the other top GOP candidates

    Sarah Palin? lol

  7. vengeur

    Yes Elaine, there is obviously very bad blood between Trump and Jeb. Trump needs a smart, strong, successful woman for VP. There is NO chance Jeb would be his pick.

  8. Petruchio

    “Bernie on the other hand looks like a big pushover and ultimate friend to the Zionists – absolutely no threat at all.” I was shocked when Bernie Sanders said he RESPECTED and ADMIRED Mrs. Clinton!!! I understand that in a civil debate, you don’t launch personal attacks on your opponent. That said, there are limits to what you should say and there is NO WAY Sen. Sanders should EVER say “I respect and admire Hillary Clinton.” Just no way in hell. It is suspicious to me. I suspect Bernie is gonna hang on in the campaign, but come nomination time, Sanders is gonna fold, leaving the way open Mrs. Clinton. I suppose this all makes sense. The elections are rigged so why not the nomination process? It all fits together in a sick way.

  9. Sunger

    Are you folks insane?

    Trump is a crook. He has spent his entire life stroking his own ego and amassing money for himself. He has no ability or history in public service nor does he give a shit.

    Trump cannot even handle some slightly tough questions from Megyn Kelly without totally over-reacting. Do you think he will be able to deal with a real leader like PUTIN?

  10. Melponeme_k

    Sanders will fold and give the nomination to Clinton.

    All you have to do is look at his website and read his platform issues.

    He supports the lies of the elite, from climate change to pushing the issues of illegal aliens over citizens.

    This man needs to go to the US Border Towns at war with Mexican drug gangs to see the DREAMING HOPE and INTEGRATION of these aliens. He would get pot shots taken at him.

    Not only that he feeds into the Black Lives Matter Mao rhetoric without addressing the cultural decline among Black Americans due to FREE TRADE.

    This man is nothing but a liar.

    So is Trump. But at least Trump will close the borders.

  11. Christian W

    Yes, Bernie is another fraud. He has been with Israel every step of the way in promoting the insane Zionist wars in the Middle East.

    He is the socialist part of Zionist National socialism.

  12. ziff

    Media now talking ‘revolution’ , not bloody likely, so many involved behind the scenes. give m what they want then back to business.

  13. Lou

    Sunger, how did Bernie Sanders act in the face of the Black Lives matter women?

  14. Melponeme_k


    The media owners and elites don’t know the meaning of ‘revolution’. Revolution is when the weather changes, crops fail, finance really collapses for good and the hungry masses start pulling out guillotines, pitchforks and rifles for the elites.

    We aren’t even close to revolution yet.

  15. Seraphim

    I was about to hope that some sanity prevailed. But reading the comments (from people more knowledgeable than me into the lunar – or lunatic – landscape of American politics), most of it was dashed.
    Bernie Sanders is a Zionist shill like any others. That’s the only thing that matters. Moreover, he looks almost gaga, he would be just a sock puppet.

  16. Lou

    We aren’t even close to revolution yet.
    USA is one EBT payment from riots. Is that revolution?

  17. csurge

    Trump will not take Bush as a running mate. No way. Jeb was first on Trump’s hit list from day one, and Trump hasn’t stopped beating on Jeb throughout the campaign. Also note that Trump has targeted Hilary from day one and not bothered much with Sanders

    Trump is leading in the winner-take-all state of Florida. Poor Jeb (fifth place) can’t even get support in his home state…

    XD Jeb and the Bush clan are Trump’s favorite punching bags… and the public love it. Trump recently called Hilary “evil”. Much hilarity in this campaign.

    Will Trump get popped? Probably. But I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts all the same

  18. Lou

    Trump is leading in the winner-take-all state of Florida. Poor Jeb (fifth place) can’t even get support in his home state…
    I wonder what pay outs he offers to spanish speaking?

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