Bankers Panic, Jump As They Freak Out Over Messes They Made As Markets Panic

FTSE 100 sinks to fresh three-year low as investors panic-buy gilts—the panic gripping Europe is understandable.  It was not caused by banks.  It was caused by the flood of aliens who are now utterly disrupting trade, leaning very heavily on taxpayers, causing social chaos and scaring people to death since some of the invaders are real invaders out to destroy Europe.  Anyone expecting Europe to thrive under this invasion is delusional.  China: the NATO nations have decided to turn China into a Dangerous Enemy so that is screwing up trade and business, too.  Then there is Russia: Europe and the US both decided that a strong Russia is Pure Evil so they began a boycott of Russia which is also insane and stupid especially when Muslim nations, not Russia, is invading.


The Latest: European Banks Take a Hammering in Markets –the same forces at work there are at work here.  The US has allowed an army of illegal aliens to come in and depress wages and create crime and tap into social services while resident populations, underemployed and kept in poverty in the cities, leans on welfare, too, since the workers are discarded and unwanted except as consumers.  This never works for long as ancient Rome discovered.


We are witnessing a typical recession caused by over-expansion leading to panic in traders who buy on the margins or who panic very easily when anything happens.  This will cause great misery for regular people and I recall at least five recessions in my own lifetime that screwed up things and EVERY TIME the rulers assure us they figured things out and have now set up systems to prevent their own traders working for them all, to panic.   But then, our rulers panic over something or other and voila: they cause the markets to panic, too.  What on earth do they all expect, anyways?


FTSE  100 overcomes jitters after Fed fails to come to the rescue is a hilarious headline.  The value of money is manipulated heavily by governments and bankers to get trade advantages.  This is the magic dial they all use to control entire economic systems.  Who controls this magic dial and prints the magic money gets to play god here and our rulers think they are  all geniuses at this and we peasants know nothing about this magical tool so we should all butt out.  They assure us they know what they are doing and then PANIC, too, when certain investments they hold and they hold a huge amount of this, go down.  Their panic is severe.


They are VERY PRONE to panic.  Just as they are very prone to producing bubbles.  The bubbly stuff has existed since markets were first created.  Every generation imagines they can control markets and thus, prevent bubbles and bubbles bursting.  Only they are the agents doing this no matter what sort of barriers are set up to prevent this from happening!  They always rejoice when creating bubbles and wail like babies when these burst.  Nothing, absolutely no rules nor regulations can prevent them from engineering this and then squealing like pigs when caught in their own traps they made to trap the unwary.


This is why rich people don’t stay rich forever. Eventually, they trick themselves and lose everything.  Sometimes, their own heads.  Way back in the late 19th century, the Panic of 1873 saw the usual ‘jump from the windows suicide’ messes including one of my own ancestors who shot himself.  My grandfather told me about this and warned me to not be stupid, too.


One would imagine that history would move people at the top to learn some basic lessons but no, it doesn’t work.  The Chinese who first learned about capitalism in our workshops at my home in New Jersey 40 years ago, learned about panics and why they happen (someone big goes bankrupt and spooks everyone else who are carrying too much debt) and all panics are ‘fixed’ in the past via cutting worker’s wages, etc. Which always makes them worse. Add an invasion/war and voila: full blown disasters.  And so…we do this over and over and over and over again and now the Chinese get to do this, too.  Mindlessly like rats in an exercise wheel.


The five year The Long Depression (1873-1878) was actually short.  Look at Japan: in a depression for over 20 years now!  Why is that?  Well, the Japanese industrialists, bankers and rulers all think that giving no pay raises and working everyone to literal death is a great way to get super rich and super powerful.  So they now are.  And Japan is dying.  Literally dying, soon to cease existing unless they create enough robots to run things when the humans are all gone.  And then Isaac Asimov (Author of Foundation) talked about that very thing in his famous series.  An entire planet run by robots with a tiny group of humans being the beneficiaries of this.


Sad planet!  This famous author (who I knew, he lived in Greenwich Village in a brownstone stuffed to the ceiling with books!  My daughter was convinced he was Bilbo Baggins.) in NYC and he was very thoughtful about potential futures.  His story about Aurora is hair raising.  It gave me literal nightmares.


Aurora at its height had a population of 200 million humans, and 10 billion robots. The head of its planetary government was called the “Chairman.” The largest city on the planet was Eos (which means also “dawn”), the administrative and robotic center of Aurora, where Han Fastolfe and Gladia Solaria lived. The University of Eos and the Auroran Robotics Institute were both located within Eos. We see the planet at its height in The Robots of Dawn. It was famous among the Spacer worlds for its refreshing grape juice.


When he created Aurora, he believed 200 million was a lot of people.  And it was.  Now we talk about billions.  China alone, has a billion, ditto India. Incidentally, I met Asimov because I was working with my father on a paper speculating about colonizing one of the planets around the Tau Ceti star.  He was gleefully happy to talk about it.


We humans have some very basic impulses.  We can create epic messes and build epic cities and all cities built by humans in the past ended up in ruins for various reasons, usually stupid reasons.  We are monkeys, after all.  Screaming in the trees and then throwing bananas at each other is normal.


Speaking of monkeys, our rulers set up systems over the years to prevent voters from choosing their own leaders.  They are called ‘super delegates’ and the DNC has twice as many as the GOP.  This is so the Democratic voters not be allowed to select their own leaders.  20%  of the convention voters are elitists. The super delegates chose Obama which put him over the top.  Now,  they reverted back to Hillary this last year and this caused a major revolt in the lower classes who are not rulers and are now in full revolt.


In the GOP, the rulers are for Bushes running things and their favorite time was when Skull and Bones brothers ran against each other, running both parties.  This was not popular with the masses who are, in total, in revolt and voting mostly for Trump which is causing our media giants a huge headache as they try desperately to paint Trump as an outsider without understanding that this is why he is charming the right wing so greatly! Duh!  But then, rulers never stay clever for too many generations.  It is impossible since Darwin natural selection is suspended so the weak or ill-equiped end up trying to run things created by powerful, canny ancestors who fought often literally, tooth and nail for power and money.


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22 responses to “Bankers Panic, Jump As They Freak Out Over Messes They Made As Markets Panic

  1. Henry

    Jump you F##kers (A song for Wall Street)

  2. Sunger

    Elaine- just a quick note here on evolution.

    Species evolution can certainly take a turn to a place where survival is exactly that – tooth and nail and constant violence.

    However, evolution can also can do the exact opposite of the tooth and nail stuff. A species could actually evolve away from violent competition within a species and toward more cohesive group behaviors and/or different genetic selection of traits.

    Evolutionary mechanisms are only about the survival of the species and can respond to all kinds of survival challenges in all kinds of interesting ways.

  3. Sunger

    Elaine said “We are witnessing a typical recession caused by over-expansion leading to panic in traders who buy on the margins or who panic very easily when anything happens.”

    NOT an ordinary recession.

    This is the BIG ONE, folks.

    So get ready.

  4. Lou

    In Spain, the banking sector lost, on average, 25% on Monday, IN ONE FRICKIN´ DAY. Our largest bank, Banco Santander, lost 20,7% on Monday and 3.18% on Tuesday.

  5. Lou

    Does The Trail Of Dead Bankers Lead Somewhere?
    What are we to make of this sudden rash of banker suicides? Does this trail of dead bankers lead somewhere? Or could it be just a coincidence that so many
    [Search domain]…
    DEAD BANKERS: A LIST – Giza Death Star
    The list of dead bankers has grown in line with growth in financial sector (formal&shadow) growth. Nothing new under the sun… it goes with the territory.
    [Search domain]
    Obama’s Dead Bankers – Because I am Breitbart
    At Least 20 Bankers Now Dead! The sudden rash of bankers expiring in mysterious ways has been well documented. Jim Willie revealed last week that we are seeing …
    [Search domain]

  6. Lou

    This is why rich people don’t stay rich forever.
    300 years is no forever but tell ‘rich people don’t stay rich forever.’ to the Rothschild clan.

  7. Sunger

    Lou- yes those bankers may have been killed to keep them quiet.

    This tells us the level of ruthlessness in the higher reaches of the US/UK/Japan financial system.

    But we still have to live with these folks until they collapse. And then we get to collapse with them.

    Fun fun.

  8. Jim R

    Problem is, the selection process is working the wrong way.

    The ones who jump are those with some vestige of a conscience.

    While the psychopathic maniacs just keep on going…

  9. Lou

    Did he fall or was he pushed? HUH?

    Just as we saw during the last financial crisis, the big banks are playing a starring role, and this is definitely true in Japan.

    Right now, Japanese banking stocks are absolutely imploding, and this is what drove much of the panic last night. The following numbers come from Wolf Richter…

    Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group plunged 8.7%, down 47% from June 2015.
    Mizuho Financial Group plunged 6.2%, down 38% since June 2015.
    Sumitomo Mitsui plunged 6.2%, down 26% since May 2015
    Nomura plunged a juicy 9.1%, down 42% since June 2015

    A lot of analysts have been very focused on the downturn in China in recent months, but I think that it is much more important to watch Japan right now.

    I have become fully convinced that the Japanese financial system is going to play a central role in the initial stages of this new global financial meltdown, and so I encourage everyone to keep a close eye on the Nikkei every single night.[end quote]

  10. Sunger

    Major article by David Korowicz evaluating the potential of the global supply chain to undergo fast collapse-

    “It is argued that in the coming years there are multiple routes to a large-scale breakdown in the global financial system, comprising systemic banking collapses, monetary system failure, credit and financial asset vaporization. This breakdown, however and whenever it comes, is likely to be fast and disorderly and could overwhelm society’s ability to respond.”

    “We consider one scenario to give a practical dimension to understanding supply-chain contagion- a break-up of the Euro and an intertwined systemic banking crisis. Simple argument and modelling will point to the likelihood of a food security crisis within days in the directly affected countries and an initially exponential spread of production failures across the world beginning within a week. This will reinforce and spread financial system contagion. It is also argued that the longer the crisis goes on, the greater the likelihood of its irreversibility. This could be in as little as three weeks.”

  11. ziff

    think sovereign debt crisis. gold is up !

  12. Melponeme_k


    The absolute rock bottom that was begun when Reagan screwed the Air Traffic Controllers

    If this passes, the monopolies running our tottering, privatized air fleet will now run down the Air Traffic control and safety. We will have legions of H1-B visa slaves who barely speak english controlling flight traffic.

  13. Ken

    Historically, recessions do not happen in presidential election years. I think we will bump along until 2017.

  14. Hello!!!!! They’re NOT JUMPING, Do people honestly believe that these guys/women are jumping?!?!?!? These BANKER AS*HOL*S HAVE (HAD) INSURANCE POLICIES ON THESE PEOPLE!!!! Yes they have life insurance policies on these people. ….

  15. Petruchio

    Elaine: as you have mentioned numerous times, the US TRADE IMBALANCE is never mentioned in the corporate-owned media. The US trade imbalance is an undeniable negative on the US economy. Yet no mention in the media and no mention of it in the “debates”.

  16. David

    Just do not let them land on me, and stand back enough where the splatter will not hit you. Banker splatter is contaminated with the greed virus.

    Thanks Elaine, for bringing up this topic. You and I do not always agree, but I respect your knowledge of the economic-banking-financial end of things, and your foreign relations opinions for the most part.

    And, as I read the other posters mentioning mysterious deaths of bankers, one begins to wonder if other forces might be beginning a needed housecleaning of the corruption that has been so rampant in recent years.

    Long ago, I got a sense that it might take some powerful established forces to do the house cleaning that is needed to get this corruption cleaned up.

    Could we be beginning to see a bit of this taking place?

  17. Sunger

    Melponeme- why would the “elites” want to bring about an air traffic system that is poorly run and prone to crashes?

    An air traffic control system prone to inefficiency and crashes would be more typical of a 3rd world country. And the first-world “elites” don’t want to lose status and have their home country turned into a 3rd world country.

    It makes THEM look bad personally. “A demotion if you will.”

    Of course, the “elites” love their kids like everyone else. And they do not want their kids get grilled alive in horrific plane crashes.

  18. Sunger

    Petrucchio said “the US TRADE IMBALANCE is never mentioned in the corporate-owned media. The US trade imbalance is an undeniable negative on the US economy. Yet no mention in the media and no mention of it in the “debates”.”

    You are right.

    And even the US Federal Budget Deficit is NOT discussed seriously anymore in public.


    1. The budget is so far out of balance that the problem is not solvable in any reasonable time frame ie the amounts are so big that even the interest cannot be paid. Indeed, interest rates cannot be raised without causing a technical bankruptcy of the US govt.

    2.Our congress-critters have gotten a taste of freshly printed money and they liked it. They started spending the printed money and found that the US economy worked just fine without collapsing. So they will keep doing it forever now until the end.

    Gold rises like a phoenix from the ashes and will soon assert superiority over all the digitally abused fiat currencies. China, as the world’s largest holder of gold will take control of world gold markets and possibly put a new gold standard in place- goodbye western financial system.

    Goodbye digital financial rascals and scallawags all.

  19. Melponeme_k


    “And the first-world “elites” don’t want to lose status and have their home country turned into a 3rd world country.”

    This is rational thinking. The elites aren’t rational because their money prevents them from living in the real world. All they see is MORE money they can extort from the government to run air traffic. They think of nothing else. You see, depending on the markets to make money is hard work. Thinking of ways of cheating that market is hard work. But privatization and being leeches on the public taxes? Easy as Pie.

  20. ziff

    hearing the S. oil ministers this morning ‘ getting together to raise price’ , this ‘crisis’ is easily solved and a bit artificial at the moment i think .

  21. emsnews

    It is real thanks to Russia and Iran.

    The elites hate both.

  22. Jim R

    Here, Elaine, I know you like this stuff:

    And of course, the thing Russia and Iran have in common is oil that those elites do not control. That drives ’em nuts and makes their brains explode.

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