US Navy Joins India And Vietnam To Defy China And Dispute Territorial Controls In China Sea

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Q&A: South China Sea dispute – BBC News

In the US election, we see everyone leaning increasingly towards the ‘anti-international war’ candidates, not the perpetual warmongers.  This doesn’t stop the nonstop warmongering at all.  In dangerous waters? US and India consider joint naval patrols in disputed South China Sea, Washington wants its regional allies and other Asian nations to take a more united stance against China over the South China Sea.  As chaos engulfs Europe destroying the borders there in this huge invasion going on, as the US falls deeper and deeper into debt trying to keep up a global military machine used by ‘allies’ to enlarge their own influence at our expense, we have an election which is all about exactly this business and what it is doing to us, namely, destroying our own security.


China is now big, strong and literally rich.  The military side isn’t the biggest on earth but it is the second biggest and unlike the US military, isn’t bogged down all over the planet in various futile military interventions that make things more dangerous for US citizens and the people who are victims of US interventions like say, the Libyans or Iraqis.


China is flexing its own muscle because this is what happens when a nation becomes richer and stronger.  The US once did this as a rich, strong nation.  Now, we are in economic distress, our military personnel are unhappy, the system is very expensive and Pentagon’s big budget F-35 fighter ‘can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run’ and is the DOD’s $1.5 Trillion F-35 Broke the Air Force, for example.


Combine this with The Navy’s Sitting Ducks -our fleet of aircraft carriers, for example.  Navy’s Big Weakness: Our Aircraft Carriers Are (Expensive and defenceless …having huge, expensive systems is a WEAKNESS not a strength if those we fight use very cheap tools to destroy these megamachines.  WWII gave a hint of this.

The US navy lost many ships to kamikaze pilots flying very cheap minimalist planes.  The Nazi subs sank many, many expensive ships while costing very little to build and man.  Bulk does not=power.  Why to Ignore China’s Aircraft Carriers | The Diplomat:


 some readers might be wondering why I argue you should stop clicking on the latest and greatest China aircraft carrier article? Simply stated: such a plan — sinking billions of dollars into carriers and all the goodies to make them a viable weapon — is not worth it for Beijing, and chances are over the long haul China will realize it…


…China’s own A2/AD strategy, which seems bent on relegating carriers into the dustbin of history — something that is achieving real results much faster than China’s own carrier investments. Beijing is pouring resources into ever more sophisticated cruise and ballistic weapon systems to push carriers and other advanced surface combatants away from its coastline. Nations like Iran and even non-state actors have noticed and are emulating such a strategy. Many have made the argument that such weapons, which in various forms have been around for decades, are slowly making carriers obsolete. Heck, they don’t call ‘em “carrier-killers” for nothing.


What is sad about the film from 1945 showing the US and British navies shooting everything they had at these flimsy, tiny planes that caused very significant damage whenever one or more evaded this very heavy fire from the Ally ships.  The planes were very small, flimsy, even.  But well-armed.  This should remind us of all the damage and terror caused by small cadres of suicidal Muslim terrorists.


From today’s breaking news: Suicide-Bomber Girls Kill 58 in Nigerian Refugee Camp.  Also in the news tonight: NATO to Expand Military Presence in Europe to Deter Russians from doing what, exactly?  Invading??? Tonights news: Russia proposes March 1 ceasefire in Syria; US wants it now because our terrorists are losing to the Russians and Assad. And further, pray tell how is Europe going to ‘expand NATO’ when being invaded and destroyed by aliens who are invading by the multi-millions?


The US international experts rejoiced when the USSR went bankrupt fighting terrorists.  But this is happening to NATO!  Right now!  And this election saw the ‘mainstream’ politicians promising more expensive, useless toys to ‘fight terror’ which are utter and total failures, nay, our military hardware makes things worse, not better for us.  No victories! All our ‘victories’ in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, especially Afghanistan!  The place that wrecked the USSR!


All are failures!  Expensive, huge, disastrous failures.  I will note that angry US voters have chosen whoever is against more war fantasies, that is, Trump and Sanders, rather than the warmongers like Clinton and the other GOP seven dwarves.  Yes, Snow White and the GOP seven Dwarves are all for fighting various wicked witches except they are expensive failures.


No strategy to make things work.  Nay, the game is all about stirring up Muslims, weakening Muslim leaders, spreading more chaos and then, to top it all, egg India and the various tiny principalities bordering the Chinese Sea, to go to war against the biggest industrial power on earth, CHINA.  Not the US.  Our rulers sent all our major ‘strong in war’ industries out of our country, many to China.  HAHAHA.  Greed kills yet again.


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8 responses to “US Navy Joins India And Vietnam To Defy China And Dispute Territorial Controls In China Sea

  1. Sunger

    The USA needs to take a breather from all the warmongering business before it bankrupts the country ie the Iraq War alone will be costing us several trillion bucks as we go forward.

    But we’re already bankrupt.

    And then we wouldn’t have ANY economy at all.

  2. Petruchio

    “Now, we are in economic distress, our military personnel are unhappy, the system is very expensive and Pentagon’s big budget F-35 fighter ‘can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run’ and is the DOD’s $1.5 Trillion F-35 Broke the Air Force, for example.” Actually, the F-35 is THE most successful Pentagon spending program EVER. All you have to do is adjust your measurement standards from the stated ones to the REAL ones. The real standard of measurement is, “How much taxpayer money has been wasted and/or stolen from the taxpayer?” Does anyone still believe the Pentagon thieves that the F-35 will be a “cutting edge” fighter when it STILL can barely fly–if it can fly at all?? The F-35 isn’t designed to even fly!! Not anymore. The true standard to measure the success of the F-35 is: “How long can we keep this taxpayer ripoff going and how many of us Pentagon employees can “transition” to cushy, well-paying Private Sector jobs after we are done looting the taxpayer?” I would say the thieves in the Pentagon have done some of their finest thievery with the F-35. In ANY honest system of defense procurement, the F-35 would have been abandoned LONG ago.

  3. Nani

    I wish there was more people like you EMS. People who can clearly see the disastrous path the US is following that will eventually lead to its bankruptcy. Americans need to wake up before its to late.

    We Europeans need to wake up as well, and get rid of our treacherous leaders who hates us, and wants to destroy Europe.

    Time is running out for both Europe, and the US.

  4. ziff

    Jeez i’d say china is pushing it with that map . Thats aggressive.

  5. CK

    The UNCLOS line would leave a large part of the South China sea as open water not controlled by anyone. There is supposedly trillions of barrels of oil and Quadrillions of Cubic feet of Nat Gas under the whole of the South China Sea. So none of the contending nations are going to allow open water available for drilling.
    So China has set out its opening moves in a long term negotiation ( the dotted red line ) and the other nations will respond as they can. The USA will follow a let’s you and him fight policy urging the Philippines and Viet Nam and Brunei to be bothersome to China.

  6. pontiff holysh*t

    Somehow I thought Trump is always bragging about expanding the war against ISIS. Also, he brags about he’ll use torture as well.

    Americans should understand that history teaches that a government that will torture its “enemies” will not draw a substantial distinction based on citizenship.

    All countries have laws on the books purporting to protect the rights of citizens. And courts are adept at finding ways to weasel out of enforcing those laws when it suits them. The U.S. is no exception to that. History is clear.

  7. emsnews

    Um, during the Vietnam war we used torture. Hell, torture is a common government tool throughout all of history. Saudi Arabia is addicted to torturing people and they are our ‘best ally’.

    Hell’s bells, Jews torture natives of Palestine daily and are praised by our own politicians for this.

  8. Jim R

    The “Race To Raqqa” Is Quickly Intensifying

    There is yet unconfirmed news that this situation will escalate very fast:

    The Int’l Spectator @intlspectator
    BREAKING: Turkish official says there will be a ‘massive escalation’ in Syria over next 24 hours.

    The Turkish Foreign Minister said today that the fight against ISIS must include (Turkish) ground operations.

    WWIII starting up in Syria while we watch..

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