Trumps Talks 9/11, Pisses Off Bush Crime Family, More US Manufacturing Leaves, Scalia Dies, Everyone Fights Over Next Justice

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Finally, there is a real debate going on as the candidates go on the attack.  FINALLY, someone points out the Saudi connection to 9/11.  Bush Jr. let only one group of people fly their jets after 9/11: HIS SAUDI BUDDIES!  Right after they attacked us.  I was furious.  I actually saw some of these private jets flying out of NYC, epicenter of the attacks.  I was furious the news didn’t mention this tidbit much and our ruling class never talked about it but now Trump is, bravo!  He will be assassinated for this, of course.  And saying that the illegal invasion of Iraq engineered by the same people covering up the Saudi attack, was illegal: Bravo again, Trump.  Whatever he may be and I dislike him, he is the only GOP candidate telling the truth.  The others are liars and crooks but then, Trump is a crook, too.  But then, who isn’t in government these days?


Here is the Washington Post whining about how Trump dials up personal attacks; S.C. voters will tell us if it worked


Refusing to toe the line of political orthodoxy, Donald Trump tore into one of the most revered families in Republican politics and sent a message that he’s not backing down, no matter how withering the fire becomes.

Going after the Bush crime family!  How dare he!  HAHAHA.  Who Won? Bush and Rubio Bask in Sunny Reviews: the NYT looks at other media conspirators who hate Trump to discover that everyone loves Bush yet again.  Huh?  Up until this last week, Bush’s numbers were single digits.  Now, he is being pushed hard as an amazing person we should all love after he let 9/11 conspirators train in his state, at an airport right near the Bush family secret compound on Jupiter Island.

Battle for the Supreme Court: Obama leads tributes after sudden death of Justice Scalia, 79, and sets up seismic clash with Senate Republicans as he vows to nominate his successor.  Obama is President but Congress is GOP.  I do hope a neutral person is nominated but the chances of that is nil.  The Democrats will choose someone who believes in my civil rights but wants to disarm me and freeze me to death here in upstate NY and the Republicans will want someone who hates my civil rights but believes I should be allowed to continue burning coal since my home is where it is extremely cold during winters.  Gah.  Doomed by the right and doomed by the left.  We need a ‘realist’ party.


Syrian army gains ground around Aleppo, looks to Raqqa thanks to Putin.  The US and Saudi Arabia want to have ‘peace talks’ really fast to stop this surge in fighting which is defeating the terrorists who want to impose Saudi rules on women in Syria who normally live quite modern, free lives under their ‘evil dictator’ like the women of Libya before it was destroyed.


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated accusations that Russia was hitting “legitimate opposition groups” and civilians with its bombing campaign in Syria and said Moscow must change its targets to respect the ceasefire deal.

The conflict, reshaped by Russia’s intervention last September, has gone into an even higher gear since the United Nations sought to revive peace talks. These were suspended earlier this month in Geneva before they got off the ground.


Turkish forces shelled Kurdish YPG militia targets near the northern Syrian town of Azaz on Saturday, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said, demanding that the group withdraw from land it recently captured.


The United States urged both Turkey and the Syrian Kurds to step back and focus instead on tackling the “common threat” of Islamic State militants who control large parts of Syria.


NATO ally, Turkey, is bombing the Kurds.  Kerry is OK with this.  This lunatic began by being antiwar when I was antiwar to being a warmonger.  I am still antiwar but I am not anti-save-your-nation-from-terrorists!  And terrorists invaded Syria.  Self-protection is OK.  Of course, the Jews are allowed to kill, build walls, bomb barely-armed civilians in large cities and steal land while imposing one of the most ferocious apartheid regimes since Hitler…and Kerry is perfectly fine with this and demands we fund this for them!


Contradictions like this do not go on forever and ever.  There comes a point where it breaks and Trump, again, unlike Sanders, is breaking this by talking about how it is wrong.  He also talks about how the invasion of Europe is wrong, too and how the European people have a right to defend themselves from invaders.  What a charming idea, one that has our media overlords spitting mad.  Then there was the moment in the debate last night when the two Spanish candidates chattered away in Spanish.  Ahem.


Funniest headline from England today: Vladimir Putin wants to destroy Nato: the Syria war may offer him the chance.  And how is he going to do this horrid thing?  By supporting the anti-Saudi style of radical Muslim oppression, the Russians are winning.  Unlike NATO who supports crushing women and enslaving them.  Sheesh.  And the Democrats bray about how they support my civil rights?  If only they could be consistent here.  I support Putin because he is fighting for my type of rights in Syria.  Unlike the US and EU who have supported the most odious people on earth including their Saudi allies who are extremely noxious.


The quiet rebellion of Conservative England which is very angry about EU policies which have opened the door to disasters.  Same is happening in Germany now, too.  The backlash is beginning.  Contradictions abound which is typical in times of changes.  And back in the good old USA, the hemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs continues:

‘F–k you!” Workers don’t react well to news of 1,400 jobs leaving for Mexico — WARNING, STRONG LANGUAGE: The business announces they are abandoning the US.  Closing everything and moving to Mexico because of free trade makes it cheaper.  The people nearly rioted as he said, ‘This is MERELY a business decision’.  And we will see these people voting for GOP guys who speak Spanish?  Never.

Carrier employees, local businesses reel after announcement of move to Mexico – YouTube: my little town of Berlin, NY, was totally devastated after free trade opened up Pandora’s box.  My sheep which sold for $250 a head went to below $50 a head in one year.  The local grocery store, the bank, the hardware store, the huge green house business, all vanished.  Abandoned houses all over the place, now.



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12 responses to “Trumps Talks 9/11, Pisses Off Bush Crime Family, More US Manufacturing Leaves, Scalia Dies, Everyone Fights Over Next Justice

  1. vengeur

    You know, I saw a clip the other day of John (Gone) McCain riding his paradoxical high moral horse, lamenting the use of waterboarding. Now here is a man who, by supporting Bush’s illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq and Obama and Hillary’s destruction of Libya, is directly culpable for the horrible deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s and Libyans. And now he wants the same for the people of Syria! This is all evil, and he is doing it in the name of the American people. Yet he is OPPOSED to waterboarding, LOL.

  2. e sutton

    Many excellent points, as per usual, Elaine. You give the people far, far too much credit, however. See, the allure of the democratic voters is all about open borders and inclusiveness. We MUST have Muslims in our country, we MUST allow them to dismantle Judeo-Christian society, we MUST allow Mexicans into the country without benefit of speaking English, and we MUST allow our businesses to transfer all jobs/manufacturing to Mexico. Why, you ask? Because NOT doing so is RAYCISS! Yes, it’s the go to word/orthodoxy of our time. See, you’re just being xenophobic, wanting US jobs to stay here in this country.

    Women and gay liberals are in for quite the rude awakening as Sharia law makes being seen with a mini-skirt or kissing your gay boyfriend cause for an attack with a machete. What? You say you didn’t hear about the Muslim who entered a restaurant called “Nazareth”, asked the Israeli, Christian born proprietor where he was from, and commenced hacking people with his machete? No, didn’t hear about that, did ya?

    Well, I can’t blame ya, really, cause the news outlet that carried the story her in the good ole, USA heavily sanitized the story, with cops on the scene quoting, “Gee, I don’t know WHAT set this guy off!” yeah…..big f’n mystery. Much like you’ll never hear about the feral black youth who kidnapped a white pizza delivery college boy, relieved him of eighty bucks, locked him in the trunk of his car, drove around, then fired something in the order of ten rounds through the back seat into the trunk, permanently lodging bullets into the man’s body for the rest of his (lucky) life. What?? Didn’t hear about that either??? Gee, I wonder why………………….Happy Black History Month, ya’ll!

  3. Petruchio

    It keeps amazing me. It has been 30+ years since that sleazy, corrupt, fraudster Ronald Reagan was President. Reagan started this “transition” to a lower taxes and reduced regulation on business.
    Now, simple logic would tell you that, after 30+ freakin’ years of tax reductions and de-regulation there should be AT THE LEAST a strong record of job creation even IF the tax and de-regulation environment were not perfect. Has this, in any way, shape or form happened? Of course not!!. But here we are, the year is 2016, but the Republicans are STILL claiming that taxes are too high and that the government is to intrusive.
    Now let’s apply some logic here once again. The question that every REAL journalist should be asking these Republicans is: “What have you guys been doing in government for the last thirty years?’ Or, how about this question: “How many Republican Presidents and Republican controlled Congresses and how many Republican governors and State Legislatures is it gonna take before the tax and regulation “problem” gets resolved?”
    I mean Jesus H Christ, you would think there would be at least a MODEST record of job growth after all these tax breaks and de-regulation. Maybe the tax and regulation environment isn’t perfect, but nothing in the world is.
    About the Carrier layoffs. Notice how, as ALWAYS it is NEVER management’s fault for business trouble! It is ALWAYS those damn Union wages. There is a solution. Tax every single Carrier product made in Mexico with a $1500 tariff before it can be sold or used in the United States. Just one tariff. That’s all it will take.

  4. Jim R

    With the “Idiocracy” dynamic in full force now, I can just picture a replacement SC Justice who hasn’t even read the Constitution.

    I mean, the .gov has always been dominated by politicians, but they seem to me to be even more stupid and psychopathic than ever.

    Back in the heyday of Rome, the men in the highest offices had also been to war with the Huns or Visigoths or something. It had one desirable effect: the stupid ones would be killed off in battle. At the rate we are going, we’ll have one Pentagon department fighting another…

    This process of winnowing the stupid does not seem to be working. So no more Eisenhowers in the pipeline. Heck, I even miss Nixon. He was a creep, but at least he was a smart guy, and tried to keep the country out of a nuclear war.

  5. Sunger

    Look at the GOP lineup. And the DEM line-up ie Hillary.

    Then compare these folks to the giants of yesteryear- Teddy R, Eisenhower, FDR, Kennedy(even).

    Foreign govts are looking askance at the US. And wondering if they should start positioning nuclear subs off the US coast.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, this election looks more like a Clown Car.

    But then, we don’t have a ‘democracy’ that died in 2000 when we didn’t amend the laws with the Uniform Voting Act which I wrote up and delivered to the Senate while the farce of the Florida vote counting was going on.

    NPR even discussed this Uniform Voting Act on TV and radio but didn’t dare mention my name.

    Since then, we have sailed along with a crappy voting system that is easily corrupted and controlled and no one can stop it. The GOP and DNC both exploit the present, corrupt system and good old gerrymandering continues, too, for the same reasons.

    This is ridiculous and dangerous and doesn’t work and leads to corruption and our system is very corrupt now. Sad stuff.

  7. Lou

    NPR even discussed this Uniform Voting Act on TV and radio but didn’t dare mention my name.—NPR = disinformation.

  8. Mr Bill


    This comment is totally out of context for this EMS post, but I wanted to respond to your earlier comment about us annual deficit. I wanted to make this comment back then. I apologize for jumping in line Here goes….

    Yep. The MSM, the various talking heads and Congresscritters rarely address the US trade imbalance, the Federal US Budget Deficit or other important economic issues. And when they do, they obfuscate, talk in circles about incomplete and thus useless information. It is obvious that the “powers that be” do not want the public to understand what is going on. Unfortunately, judging by what and how the useless information is presented, I think those in the above groups are ignorant of the situation as well. I cannot speak to the uber wealthy movers and shakers, but I suspect that group is either grossly ignorant or grossly evil. None of which bodes well for the public.

    I have done a lot of research on economic issues, including US Federal Budget Deficit. I recently updated my information on the on the Total US Federal Budget Debt. and US Federal Budget Deficit. I can discuss these topics fairly well.

    First, my source of information is This site has Total US Federal Budget Debt databases archived annually for the years 1934 to 2015. I focused mostly on post 1970. I chose 1970 because (1) that was the before the US currency left the gold standard and (2) there has been no US Federal budget surplus since that time. The US government has been in full bore deficit spending ever since.

    The second point is that Elaine and other alternative media folks have often described the graph of the archived total debt data over the years as an exponential or hockey stick curve. Fortunately, there is a very reliable test criteria that either verifies that the graph is an exponential or fully rejects that assumption outright. Simply graph the natural logarithm of the actual total debt by year. We can either use a scientific calculator with Ln() and Exp() buttons to compute the logarithm or, as some of us may recall, use semilog graph paper to plot the actual debt data on the vertical axis versus year on the horizontal axis. If and only if the Ln() graph is a straight line over a specified time frame, then the archived database is exponential over that time frame. Written out in algebraic form, the straight line equation is

    Ln(Yn/Yo) = a * (Xn -Xo) , n =0, 1,2,3…

    where Xo and Yo reflects an initial starting point for the graph for. the time for the set n=0, 1, 2,.3.. etc over the full time frame and, a, is The linear slope, a, should have a constant over the full time frame or the straight line. In practice, many data sets .may be shown to be “true” exponential over large time frames, while others may be shown to be a series of “piecewise” linear segments with smaller time frames than the full time frame.

    Now lets discuss the Total US Federal Budget Debt and the Annual US Budget Deficit in a more rational way. Y refers to Total Debt ($Trillion) and X refers to time (Years). Technically, Total US Federal Budget Debt refers to the cumulative debt incurred since about 1790, from the beginning until year n.

    Basically, Annual US Budget Deficit. for any specific year, n, is defined (definition 1) as the Total US Federal Budget Debt for that specific year, n, minus the Total US Federal Budget Debt for the prior year, n-1. But, there is another important equivalent definition (definition 2) :: Annual US Budget Deficit for any specific year, n,. is equal to Total US Federal Expenses, for the specific year, n, minus Total US Federal Revenues for the same specific year, n. Technically , the results from the two definitions should be equivalent. If we rearrange the above definitions we have an insightful alternate definition (definition 3) which will provide valuable clues about the systemic factors within the real world government operations that are the root cause for the exponential trajectory for the total debt. over the years. That is, Annual US Budget Deficit for any specific year, n, is equal to (Exp(a) -1) * Total US Federal Budget Debt for the prior year, n-1, where a is the constant linear slope over the appropriate time frame.

    Stated in more plain language, if the trajectory of the Total US Federal Budget Debt database is a true exponential (constant slope, a, over the appropriate time frame) , the government budgeting process will always generate an Annual US Budget Deficit for any specific year, n, that is basically a constant fraction of the Total US Federal Budget Debt for the prior year. This clue essentially verifies that the systemic government budget process is another typical bureaucratic activity which works from a flawed premise. Many of us have heard this before – ” Well, I gotta put together a budget for next year! I am just so busy and there so many more important tasks now. And the bosses will change the budget anyway. But, the preliminary budget is due upstairs next week. I know, I will just use this year’s numbers as my base, then add a constant incremental fraction to get to next year’s numbers.” Voila, there you have it.,at least similarly. The Annual US Budget Deficit case specifically uses last year’s Total US Federal Budget Debt as a base. Then a constant fraction of that base is added back to the base itself to establish the Total US Federal Budget Debt for this year. That constant fraction is the above parameter (Exp(a) – 1) which is then multiplied by last year’s Total US Federal Budget Debt. This systemic configuration always leads to an exponential trajectory, with a trajectory predominantly influenced by the value of the linear slope, a.. A more sinister view might be the image of a bankerman entity that comes around at the end of each year, determines the total debt for that year, then declares that it will continue to float the debt to next year, with the fee to be a fraction of the total debt determination for this year.

    So, what does the archived data tell us?

    Back in 2010, using the information discussed above, I used linear regresstion on the variables Ln(Yn/Yo) versus (Xn-Xo).to identify the best “true” exponential trajectory for the 40 year period (1970 – 2010). .That study gave us

    Ln(Yn/Yo) = 0.0936 * (Xn -Xo)

    with Xo = 1970, Xo = $0.3709 Trillion. The linear slope is, a = 0.0936, or a compound rate of 9.36 percent per year. The statistic, R = 0.9963 indicates a pretty good “best”. fit.

    Now lets see what else this equation may tell us. What about a projection from the 1970 starting point to 2010, so (Xn – Xo) = 40 years? So, the estimated answer is $15.6767T, based solely on the the 1970 starting point and the value of the linear slope, a. The official answer was $13.5616 T. Pretty close after 40 years of debt under the bridge!
    Here is my arithmetic:
    Ln(Yn/Yo) = 0.0936 * (Xn-Xo) = 0.0936 * (2010 -1970) = 3.744
    use Exp() key on calculator
    Yn/Yo = Exp(3.744) = 42.2667
    Yn = Yo * (Yn/Yo) = 42.2667 * $0.3709T = $15.6767T
    Regarding the Annual Deficit, back in 1970, the starting year, The actual Annual Deficit was $0.0273T compared to the exponential estimate of $0.0.037T. By 2010, the actual Annual Deficit was $1.651T and the estimate was about $1.4T, the same ballpark..

    I also found there were at least 8 segments over the 40 year period that were exponential, but with shorter time frames. The linear slope of these segments tend to correlate with the Presidential administration in the White House.

    I more recently updated the new starting year to 2000.. So, we have To = 2000 and Yo = $5.6742T. The linear slope in this time frame (2014 -2000) is
    a = 0.0810. If we do the arithmetic, we can estimate that, in 2014,
    Yn = $17.6358T. The actual for 2014 is $17.824. Again a good historical fit over 14 years.

    I will leave you with this flag. The estimate for annual deficit based on definition3 above is about $1.5T, but the government reported data is less than $1T. .There is a big offset. We need to resolve the difference between these perspectives.

  9. emsnews

    The stupid deficit business began with…THE VIETNAM WAR. I made speeches about this way, way back on US campuses (I traveled all over the nation doing this after doing this in Europe) starting in 1968.

    No one listened to me back then and anyone who visits my blogs and postings online over the last 20 years knows I have talked about this and it is the Dark Horse in the US economic race everyone at the top ignores.

  10. Mr Bill

    I think you are spot on! If I recall history correctly, there was a lot of world pressure being applied around that time, led mainly by France, to legally demand debt payment for the US balance of payments debt in gold. This included the expense programs for both the Vietnam war and the Great Society plans. Nixon, chose to totally drop the gold standard rather than follow the international law regarding debt payments with gold. I think the situation was dramatically escalated when the US government switched from the gold standard to the fiat petrodollar standard.

    I am totally lost on the history of how the Vietnam mess actually got started in the first place. I recall that Vietnam had long been a colony of France. S0o, what was the dynamics that led France to pull out of Vietnam? And what led the US military to move in and replace France?. Yeah, there was the cold war sindrome and Communism. But the old switcharoo between France and US in that part of the worls confounds me.

    So, here we are today. All these movers and shakers obfuscate, talk in circles about incomplete and useless information, so any rationl dialog or debate is impossible. I put forth that simple Logarithm equation and tediously walked through key definitions, criterla for establishing validity for the exponential growth and worked through some real (and hopefully simpe to grasp) calculations. All of this math may look complex, but, with a little oractice, it does provide a “strawman” basis that can be rationally debated.

    Lets take one more example on how to apply this analysis. This example was published in the financial media within the past couple of weeks.To paraphrase the article, “the total US Federal debt is expected to reach $30 Trillion within the next decade”. .The most recent debt data is for the end of 2015. It was officially reported at $18.1T, but that was updated a month later to $18.6T. In Jan 2016, the media has been consisting quoting the newly updated figure as $19.1T,
    Which debt figure should we use?. We could debate it, but I will go with Xo = 2015, Yo = $19.1T. A decade later, we are at Xn = 2025, Yn = $30.0T. So, what does this mean and what are the implications? Start with the Ln(),

    Ln(Yn/Yo) = a * (Xn -Xo)

    Rearrange to a = Ln(Yn/Yo) / (Xn-Xo) = Ln(30.0/19.1) / 10 = 0.04515. Rearrange to (Xn – Xo) = Ln(Yn/yo) / a and
    set Yn/Yo = 2.0 (which also lmeans double). This is called the “doubling time”., (Xd – Xo) = Ln(2.0) a , which rounds off to (Xd-Xo0 = 0.70 / a. = 0.70 / 0.0452 = 15.5 years.or lets say 2031. The doubling time.This is our best estimate for a and (Xd =2031., using the only two data points available. Well, it means that our government estimators are forecasting 4.5 pct compound growth in the total US Federal debt through 2025. and Yd = 2.0 * $19.1T = $38.2T by Xd = 2031.

    My first debate question – Is this estimate even believable? My answer is no, based on the debt trajectory for the past 45 years. There have been no cases over those years where the compound rate was sustained below 5 pct for 10 years. The .total US Federal debt meandered around 9.2 pct historical average compound growth from 1970 to 2014.-.A second analysis for (2000 – 2014) similarly meandered around 8.1 pct . The Clinton Treasury claimed a balanced budget (0 annual deficit) in 2000 – 2001, but the media shows a lot of shifting in Social Security Trust Funds during this period. Furthermore, the total US Federal debt meandered back above 9.2 pct growth rate after 2001. .In 2014 and 2015, the Obama Treasury apparantly ceased reporting monthly changes in the total debt data. It was reported in the media both years, but the report was unclear. shows that, basically, Treasury essentially reported virtually no month to month changes in total debt for several months. Following September (fiscal year end) of each year, there came adjustments, corrections and higher reported monthly debt data. These last minute year end figures were in the $1T range. It was pointed out that the 2015 reported “updated’ total :debt was $19.1T, but the “official” total debt is locked into the archives at $18.1 . For our further discussion I assume that 8.1 pct growth rate will be
    more representative over the next decade. The 4.5 pct rate seems to be a low ball estimate.

    So, on to the implications. We are talking about projecting ahead 10 years to 2025. We had previously determined a $30T .total US Federal debt for the 4.5. pct rate trajectory. We can similarly estimate that the 8.1 pct rate trajectory would be at about $42.9T. But, lets also look at the doubling time impact. Both of the pct rate cases, 4.5 pct and 8.1 pct , start at To = 2015, Yo = $19.1T. So, a doubled debt would be Yn = $38.2T, period. The doubling time for the two cases are16 years, or Td =2031. and 9 years or Td = 2024. This translates into only a 7 year difference between the two cases.. Lets switch to a table format to summarize the comparisons between the 4.5 pct rate and the 8.1 pct rate cases.

    Growth rate, pct 4.5 8.1
    Total debt, 2015, $T 19.1 19.1
    Total debt, 2025, $T 30.0 42.9
    Doubling time, years 16 9
    Td, year 2031 2024
    Total debt @ Td, $T 38.2 38.2
    Annual deficit est , 2015,$T 0.9 1.6
    Annual deficit est , 2025,$T 1.4 3.6
    Annual deficit est , Td,$T 1.8 3.2

    The main points from the math and the above table is that this US Total Debt and Annual Deficits issues can be organized and debated in a consistent way. We can relate to how the pieces fit together.We may disagree on details but we can dialog and explore fixes.

    Lets do one more comparison for effect. Lets consider doubling the total US Federal debt a second time, the 4.5 pct rate case from $38.2T in 2031 and the
    8.1 pct case from $38.2 in 2024. The doubling times for each remain unchanged from the previous table, So, the total debt for the 4.5 pct case will be at $76.4T in 2047and the 8.1 pct case will be at $76.4T in 2033. In this case, the annual deficits for the $.5 pct and 8.1 pct cases will be up to about $3.5T and $6.5T per year. This does not appear to be sustainable. It is not sustainable in 2015! Sure, the talking heads keep telling us not to worry, the US will never default. But, in fact, late term exponential functions can become unstable and uncontrollable. They will collapse rapidly. Keep in mind that a nuclear explosion represents a rapidly expanding exponential growth..

  11. emsnews

    I remember when I paid rent of $28 a month on apartments that go today at $250+ per month. I remember the old, old days! All that loot vanished into the sludge of inflation that makes trillions worth far less than hundreds in my childhood.

    Ah, Germany took this to infinity after WWI, didn’t they?

  12. Mr Bill

    Absolutely. But the Wiemar Germans, due to prior circumstance, were on a very steep exponential trajectory to infinity. So, they exploded after a very short period!

    On the other hand,,the USA has been on a slow motion trajectory to infinity. But the trajectory is steadily. increasing, and no actions to control it are to be seen. Its hammer to the metal. So, how far off the cliff will the US debt travels before the deep drop to the explosive bottom (visualize Thelma and Louise driving into the canyon).

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