Did Scalia Die Due To Sex Event? A Meditation On Sex And The Devil

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The news that Scalia, Catholic Supreme Court Justice, died with a pillow over his head and that this was not closely investigated afterwards means to me that he was doing something in his friendly ‘hotel’ for rich people, that was rather irregular.  Or normal for them.  That is, he was having sex with someone and it killed him most likely due to suffocation.  Humans have passed many rules and laws and religious prohibitions regarding sex yet these very things make this worse, not better since people get a sexual boost from breaking the rules and laws, it makes sex more exciting.


Dr. Freud, just before the Nazis rose to power and practiced very deviant, violent sex and rape of entire populations while preaching ‘home, family, be true to the wife’ ideology, talked about the tricky business about sex.  He touched a hot wire there but couldn’t see all the way to the other side of this business which plagues humans.  That is, our evolution and our brains.


Chief exorcist says Devil is in Vatican in 2010- Telegraph: yes, this is a real headline.  HAHAHA.  This goes under ‘duh’.  Anyone looking at church art can see this by looking at the art the Church has decorated all over the place.  Fun stuff!  Heaven is boring and Hell is sex parties, nonstop!


Back to our Papal Inquisitor Supreme who just died: the refusal to do an autopsy or to have a coroner’s report means there is around a 100% chance he died under peculiar circumstances that clashes with his fake image of a good Catholic man who doesn’t do dirty sex stuff.  Sort of like how the Vatican is home to the largest number of sexual ‘deviants’ who preach that these same sex deviants will burn in hell in colorful ways which are painted all over many churches and other venues featuring sexual deviance and how their God hates this so he has to torture them all in curious and exotic and sexual ways.


Ahem.  Obviously, sadomasochism is a hot, hot topic of much interest to the leaders of the Catholic Church to the point, they have to illustrate all the different sexual ‘deviant’ ways of doing sex so everyone can learn how to do this stuff.  Not to mention, their knowledge of how to do this stuff and thus, illustrate it.


They then have to cover up all this.  It stands in stark contrast to the US black community that openly celebrates violent sex, abuse of weaker women, children, other men, boasting about being sexual monsters and sneering about the damage they are causing.  At least they are all quite open about this and think it is a good thing and proof is, how the black community is imploding due to the collapse of marriage which has nearly disappeared, and the criminal incarceration/murder rate in black communities.


The Italian communities which protected the Mafia which is the Italian version of the Skull and Bones which are mainly Protestant white males though they let in Catholics after a while seeing how that group loves satanic stuff a lot and are expert at this, too.  No blacks in either organization.


Sexual deviance is what all humans do.  We are, after all, the crazy apes that ran off and began making weapons and killing and eating various animals and killing each other over all sorts of excuses, not to mention mass murder, etc.  We are lectured about our sexual deviances by our rulers who then exploit this in our media and our culture and plaster this all over kingdom come so long as it brings in lots and lots of money and then punishes us for doing what they encourage us to do, that is, go nuts with sex while neglecting or abusing our children and our spouses or random lovers we pick up.


This nutty way of running a culture went off the rails long, long ago.  I watched this develop since childhood when I was raped by a member of the Skull and Bones who did this because he wanted vast magical powers and I was the kid hit by lightning bolts.  So there.  Anyways, our next Supreme Court Clown will be selected by our rulers without any consultation with the rest of us and they seem bent on ‘inclusion’ in the Court by denying 50% of the population any representation at all in the court.  Zero.


Not that anyone represented us much in the past!  We have free speech in the US but this didn’t stop censorship for generations.  Now, uncensored stuff is sold to our children who learn cuss words at age three but we still can’t say ‘damn’ on public TV even though everyone does this.  Singers can prance around the stage hollering about sex and doing various S&M gestures, costumes and facial expressions while their songs are bleeped.  This is Victorian fussiness coupled with stripper sex dances.

LA Times – Kendrick Lamar didn’t win the Grammy for album of the year, but he’s moving rap to a bigger stage:

At the end of his emotionally charged performance at the 58th Grammy Awards, rapper Kendrick Lamar stood in front of a screen that projected an outline of Africa with his hometown, Compton, superimposed over the continent.


He rapped of police brutality and the shooting of Trayvon Martin in the most politically minded performance of the night, which included sets by pop’s Taylor Swift, crooner Adele and R&B’s Miguel.

Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance 2016 – YouTube (above) in which he snarls about how evil the police and courts are trying to stop black males from being thugs and killing each other at a mad rate is frightfully amusing if one is Dr. Freud.  He celebrates with greatest agitations with nasty dancing that he is a monster and scary and vicious.  He then hollers about how stopping this behavior is happening to him and his ilk by people who are also nasty, scary and vicious and how DARE anyone be that way around vicious, violent thugs, they should all go away and stop trying to stop all this because…self destruction is so much fun!  Invigorating!  Makes money for rich people sponsoring this fun!


To illustrate the near-total collapse of the black culture into the gutter is here, a blog by a black lady who seems very nice and who thinks modern ‘entertainment’ should be cleaned up but still be nasty at the same time:  Is Hip Hop Destroying Black America? – Rap Rehab


 If this doesn’t sound like the kind of Hip Hop you’re familiar with, blame the music industry and mainstream media for bombarding you with a steady diet of rappers talking about drugs, sex and violence for over two decades. Blame MTV, BET, and other networks for trying to redefine what Hip Hop is in order to sell it and shove it down the throats of unsuspecting consumers. It’s easy to blame simple minded rappers for promoting negative messages and images while multi billion dollar companies and shrewd businessmen who market these artists are free from criticism. It’s easy to blame someone like Chief Keef who becomes the obvious poster boy for mindless rap while Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope Records, keeps a low profile and avoids having to address his part in promoting “death through entertainment”. It’s easy to protest flavor of the month Trinidad James who raps about Molly, the industry’s latest fashionable drug, while Def Jam’ president Joie Manda proclaims his new discovery as “the cutting edge of what’s happening in the culture today.” It’s easy to blame talentless top 40 rappers for dominating the airwaves of so called hip hop radio stations like L.A.’s Power 106 or New York’s Hot 97 while Rick Cummings, president of programming for Emmis Communications, which owns both stations, isn’t held accountable for his part in broadcasting filth to millions of listeners.


Let’s see, Michael Jackson was given permission to put graffiti all over a subway station and then sing and dance his tune about destroying the subway system and acting thuggish.  This was very highly popular way back in the early 1980’s and since the station used by him was in MY NEIGHBORHOOD, we were flooded with thousands of violent, destructive teens aping this fool.


It got so bad, one day I had an entire car load of these poor delusional kids arrested!  Appeared in court against them, had them punished by forcing them to clean the subway station they rioted in and they had to listen to me lecture them about this while they worked.  Turned out, one of them was in school to  become a lawyer!  He did turn his life around after interacting with me and changed his attitude.


There NEVER has been any ‘hip hop/bebop’ culture that wasn’t about going crazy with sex and drugs and other things.  Duh!  Hippie music was the same stuff with different tunes and lyrics!  The blues are very old goes back 100 years and it is all about sex and being screwed up due to ingesting interesting and often illegal stuff.


We Are All We Got: Defending Cosby and Perpetuating Rape Culture – Rap Rehab


I encourage black men to ask their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins etc about their experiences with rape and sexual assault with the hopes that perhaps they can develop some compassion and understanding about the lasting effects of sexual trauma and the definition of rape and consent. It is a shame that we have to personally relate to suffering by drawing direct correlations to the people we know instead of compassion standing on its own as a basic component of human decency. But whatever it takes.


In the meantime I encourage black women to get well versed in personal self defense and know that you have every right to use whatever is at your disposal to protect yourself. Keep standing up for yourselves and your sisters. We really are all we got.

Billy Holiday, Lady Sings the Blues – YouTube: like many entertainers, she died due to drink, drugs and other Dionysian stuff.  Which reminds me that Dionysius is very ancient, goes back to the Minoan era and earlier.  Thousands of years ago, earliest civilizations, no less.


Ancient mythology: Apollo ties up and whips Marsyas the sex fiend satyr.  All satyrs are that.  They had a music contest and the god got pissed off at the rap artist and killed him.  That story is at least 3,000 years old, too.

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31 responses to “Did Scalia Die Due To Sex Event? A Meditation On Sex And The Devil

  1. Melponeme_k

    What is the point of all this?

    Pop music has essentially been completely destroyed because it is the same rap screamed over and over again. You don’t have to be able to read music, play an instrument or write your own songs to have a music career. This has also completely destroyed black contributions to other forms of music as well, Jazz, Blues and Classical.

    Why do this?

    It never fails that any time a social case is made to push black artists in the performing arts, they invariably pick the WORST performer imaginable. A recent example is Misty Copeland of ABT. She is a horrible dancer and her story is full of lies. Yet she is being feted as the savior of ballet. In essence, she and her supporter Susan Fales-Hill (Harvard Grad, Mayflower descendant, “Black”?) are skipping over set standards for affirmative action. In the process they are denigrating the achievements of Dance Theater of Harlem all to push Copeland. WHY? Does anyone realize they are throwing to the trash heap real achievements that actually made a difference for ALL black dancers?

    Why must things be destroyed? For what purpose?

  2. Petruchio

    One interesting fact about Texas that applies here: In Texas it is perfectly LEGAL to declare a person dead OVER THE PHONE!! Which in fact is what happened with Scalia. Taken by itself, this doesn’t prove anything, but it DOES leave the door open to all kinds of speculation as to how Scalia died. One thing about this “Over the Phone” law in Texas is this: if you want to declare the cause of death “natural causes” when in fact it was homicide, Texas’ ‘over the phone’ law makes THAT easier.

  3. vengeur

    LOL. if you suffocate someone with a pillow, ARE YOU GOING TO LEAVE THE PILLOW ON THEIR HEAD?

  4. emsnews

    It was an accident, most likely.

    During sex.

    About the new black (sort of) dancer at ABT: There were plenty of black ballet dancers like with the Joffery Ballet and the Paris Opera ballet, for example. Balanchine didn’t hire any. He is already dead.

    His company has been dead last in integrating. This dancer has amazing arched feet and long legs which Balanchine style wants so she fits in with them all. They were not known as ‘classic standard’ dancers even when I hung out with the dance world back when I gave lectures on the history of Dance in the USA.

    Joffery was really pissed about Balanchine’s changes and Joffery did the research of previous choreographers including finding the elderly men and women who were retired and filming them and discussing with them how they did things.

  5. CK

    Ballet has become farce since the death of Diaghilev.

  6. CK

    Scalia died in a democrat controlled town, whatever killed him will be as certain as whoever killed JFK. It is interesting how EMS always tries to attach aberrant sex to the death of any conservative of note. Orgasms are la petite morté not the real morté. The more of them one has the longer one will live and the healthier ( for a man’s prostate at least ) will the orgasmer be.
    If he was embalmed immediately after he was found then any chance of determining c.o.d is diminished. If he wasn’t then an autopsy can still be called for by his family.

  7. CK

    You can breathe through a pillow case, plastic bags maybe not, but cotton or silk pillow cases are ( as the ads like to stress ) breathable.
    Using a pillow enwrapped in a pillow case to smother someone is an old trope.

  8. Melponeme_k

    “Ballet has become farce since the death of Diaghilev.”

    LOL. And he only poached on the left over pickings from the Russian Imperial Ballet. But that is all gone now. Not even the Russians dance the way they used to as late as the 1970s.

    Opera is in no better state. The emphasis on extremely thin, young women isn’t doing the music any great service. The voice matures around mid 30s and reaches it’s height around the early 40’s. And big women means big, controlled voices. Little girls are hit or miss in the notes but they do look more glamorous.

    When I was still in training, there was an unspoken urge to be thin. And I lost the weight. Unfortunately the voice went bye bye. I had to relearn everything without relying on extra padding. Which meant lots of stomach and core exercises. But singers at that time were also leery of weight lifting. Many thought the exercises coarsened the vocal cords. I can’t really say. I was fed up with it all. And unless I cried Racism, I was never going to get a foot in the door because I wasn’t connected in any way. I’m happy I left. Most Operas are fun to watch. But many of the female roles are about death and being jilted. A very depressing way to make a living. I’m not surprised at all that La Callas was batty and ran after the little troll Onassis who repeatedly jilted her. Really he should have been kissing her feet not the other way around.

  9. Petruchio

    @#6 CK: Scalia was cremated. No autopsy possible. Apparently the ‘no autopsy’ rule was imposed by the Scalia family, but who knows?

  10. Seraphim

    It seems quite a typical case of:

    “Erotic asphyxiation or breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal. This sexual practice is variously called asphyxiophilia, autoerotic asphyxia, hypoxyphilia. The term autoerotic asphyxiation is used when the act is done by a person to themselves. Colloquially, a person engaging in the activity is sometimes called a gasper… Historically, the practice of autoerotic asphyxiation has been documented since the early 17th century. It was first used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction…” Famous was the death in 1830 of Louis Henri de Bourbon, Prince de Conde, who died hanged by the neck in what looked like a politically motivated murder. But it became quickly apparent that the old prince was just helped to get an erection by his mistress Sophie Dawes and the scandal died out instantly.

    Hundreds of cases duly documented (mostly “famous” people – not necessarily Catholic). It’s killing hundreds of men every year.

  11. Lou

    Kendrick Lamar rap link is gone.

  12. Silverado

    A “sex event”?? At 79? That would be an event, alright. And way beyond my…imagination hopefully.

  13. wellwell

    The ancients believed in the four humors of the body: blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Scalia clearly had too much of the latter.

    Excess of yellow bile produces aggression, giving rise to excess anger and liver problems. The English word “bilious” (peevish; irritable; cranky) derives from this idea of yellow bile, which is connected with the element fire.

    Just looking at Scalia, you could see the yellow bile in his bloated body and face.

  14. emsnews

    He was fat and angry. Heh.

  15. Melponeme_k

    I don’t see Scalia’s death as deliberate, he carried the Elite’s water like a good water boy. Could he have had a heart attack while with a prostitute? Likely. But we’ll never know.


    Balanchine mostly hired male Black Dancers such as Arthur Mitchell (who went on to found Dance Theater of Harlem) and Mel Tomlinson. He choreographed a solo for dancer Debra Austin in Ballo Della Regina. But no, a female black dancer has not yet been promoted above soloist in NYCB. That doesn’t mean she didn’t dance lead roles, many pics on the internet show that she did, just never promoted. NYCB is very rough on dancers in general. When it happens to a black dancer, it is even more noticeable.

    Currently Olivia Boisson is in the Corps at NYCB. She fits the ideal and I’ve seen her in featured roles. We’ll see how far she goes. But AD Martins is obsessed with tall blondies (not even Balanchine was so particular) and he is currently pushing Miriam Miller.

    I used to attend Joffrey when they were still in NY during the 80s. The number of Black dancers was extremely small.

    This all leads back to culture and valuing hard work. Many black students drop out before they make headway due to monetary reasons or lack of self discipline. Joining the ballet is like joining the military and with no benefits.

    You think Copeland’s feet are nice? You didn’t notice the crippling hyper-extension in her legs. I’ve seen her dance live, her legs are extremely crooked. All the photos of her try to hide this fact.

  16. CK

    Thanks Petruchio. I approved of some of his opinions. That fact no doubt gave him great happiness.

  17. CK

    An opera singer without a superb super structure and great girth
    is like a martini without gin. It may carry the name but it ain’t the thing.

  18. CK

    It is the same as it is at 21 only it takes longer, then it takes longer to reload for the second shot; and the gratitude level is very high. So imagine and enjoy the thought of dying hard and happy and old.

  19. Melponeme_k


    LOL. It’s probably true. When I was a young whippersnapper, I used to work at music stores and all the gay men into opera would tell me point blank that I was too short and too thin to be a singer…a really good singer. Maybe they were correct. XD

  20. Seraphim

    To believe or not to believe?

    “EXCLUSIVE: Justice Scalia was NOT found with a pillow over his face – it was ABOVE his head, reveals sheriff who was first on the scene”
    @ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3449907/Those-people-Washington-got-theories-got-Texas-sheriff-scene-Justice-Scalia-s-death-hits-conspiracy-theories

    “Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 09:59 PM +1100
    America’s wing-nut derangement syndrome: The death of Antonin Scalia & the mainstreaming of far-right paranoia
    You’d expect Alex Jones to have a conspiracy theory about Scalia’s death.” The scary thing is he’s not alone, Bob Cesca@http://www.salon.com/2016/02/17/americas_wing_nut_derangement_syndrome_the_death_of_antonin_scalia_the_mainstreaming_of_far_right_paranoia/

    There was nevertheless something ‘peculiar’ about “Tony”:

    “Antonin Scalia: The US Catholic chief justice who was popular among Orthodox Jews, by Michael Goldfarb, February 17, 2016@THE JEWISH CHRONICLE ONLINE

    “When there was no Jewish justice on the Supreme Court,” Antonin “Nino” Scalia told me, “I considered myself the Jewish justice.”
    @The Supreme Court’s Jewish gentile: My memories of Justice Scalia, by Nathan Lewin, Posted on Feb. 16, 2016@http://www.jewishjournal.com/opinion/article

    Interesting, innit?

  21. emsnews

    HAHAHA. So the top guy has to squelch this! Took him some time to do this. So, when is the inquest? HAHAHA.

  22. Lou

    He was fat and angry.
    Those are common attributes.

  23. emsnews

    You forgot ‘and also a jerk who lied about his own sex urges’.

  24. CK

    You have some source for his “lies”? You have some source that can elaborate on his “urges.” You have anything but a wayward imagination and the great dislike of smart men who do not think you are all that and a bag of chips?
    Scalia was overweight but I have never seen or heard him angry. Wickedly smart and cynical yes but not angry.

  25. Lou

    CK–I am quoting Elaine.

    I know very little about him.

  26. emsnews

    I am SPECULATING. Based on information and actions of the people who should have done an autopsy. Why was he going off alone to a hotel in the first place? Why the questions about the pillow? Why the rush to not investigate a thing? This is a MAJOR person of POWER!!! Not some schmuck from the hood.

  27. Pingback: Auribus Arrectis

  28. floridasandy

    this is such an intelligent blog, with so many intelligent posters-veering off subject, but still connecting the dots and making it interesting.

    no wonder i always read this, even when i disagree a lot. ;0)

  29. floridasandy

    a physician i know that it was odd that there wasn’t an autopsy, based on the fact that he allegedly had a normal day. and no had serious issues before going to bed. What if he had something that might have been contagious?.

    but maybe they already had their answers.

  30. I question whether religion, ethnicity or race should matter in the least in choosing justices for our highest court. (Bernie Sanders, who is the most progressive and genuinely “democratic” candidate to run for the highest office, is the first Jewish-American in my life-time to be a viable candidate.) More dubious is the 2-party system that has become an extension of the old Manicheaen Heresy in in present-day partisan politics in which the court’s decisions are at least 90% predictable because of party affiliation. Hence, the rich, tax evasive, militaristic, pro-NRA types are rewarded and the poor and disfranchised are left further behind in the ever widening gulf separating haves from have-nots.

    But I applaud your writer for “taking music seriously”–whether as a cause or symptom of present day ills, whether as entertainment or art. Where you go astray is in condemning the blues (not to mention a desecration of the god Apollo that would be unrecognizable to a poet like Shelley or a philosopher like Nietzsche). The blues is evidence of the end of slavery and of the new freedom tasted by American blacks. It arose immediately following the Civil War and, though largely a “roots music,” gave rise to personal expression within a timeless form (12 bars with strict chordal and lyric requirements) much as the sonnet did in the early Renaissance throughout Europe). The blues came out of the church and its hymns (Jon Hendricks’ “The Evolution of the Blues”–a Columbia Recording–is one of the compelling sources demonstrating the connection through historical-musical narrative), W. C.. Handy was its single most famous composer (his “St. Louis Blues” has always ranked as one of the top 5 most popular American pop songs of all time). The blues is also a “form” that has been incorporated into the music–compositionally and in improvised solos–by every seminal jazz musician. Billie Holiday sang relatively few blues (a mere several out of the hundreds of “standards” she helped immortalize and establish in the Great American Songbook. The video clip you provide is from an applauded live network show on Sunday afternoon in 1956, less than 3 years before her death. Like so many artists throughout history, she suffered while bringing forth ineffable, inexhaustible beauty, with hundreds of recordings, beginning in the mid-1930s with the orchestra of Teddy Wilson. Part of what she sang is the “missing” African-American narrative, but most of her musical poetry (or more accurate that of Berlin, Kern Gershwin, Porter, Ellington, Rodgers) is a record of the life of all American’s in a free enterprise, modern American society.

    That you would attempt to dance on her grave and desecrate her memory in your sensationalist (but diverting) piece about Justice Scalia (about which I confess a lack of your privileged information) is at once absurd and insulting. Billie Holiday and the music tradition she helped create were as far removed from hip hop as Handel’s Messiah is from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

  31. “Why must it be destroyed?” is the last question of the first response. That’s giving the destroyers too much credit. All they know, on the one hand, is the almighty dollar–billions of them, paid by Apple for rights to stream Taylor Swift or the latest rapper–and, sadly, the ignorance of the public, with no interest in the music that isn’t of the present, knife-edge present moment. They don’t even possess any idea of an “instrumental voice” (or can’t name one). Bob Dylan (who should know off all people) recently denounced the simple, folksy but political music of the ’60s and beyond, saying it all will pass and be forgotten. It’s the music of the great songwriters and musicians prior to the emergence of the scruffy, amateurish, guitar-playing singer-songwriters who preceded his own generation that will endure. Only then will there be hope for our children and their children.

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