EU Bilderberg Gangsters Angry With Britian’s Prime Minister As He Begs Them To Let Him Stop Aliens Invading England


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Belgium warns there is a “risk of contagion” to other major member states. It complains the UK has suggested only fewer powers for Brussels, and says that Britain’s opt-out on ever closer union “can be no target for other member states.” It complains that the UK has focussed “unilaterally” on itself and the rights of non-euro countries.

EU referendum: David Cameron at loggerheads with Boris Johnson who declares ‘no deal’ after No10 summit to win his backing – live – Telegraph


The EU system has been exploited by various populations to cross borders and invade.  This is causing immense problems in Europe and the working population of several countries are getting restive due to floods of workers from Eastern Europe and Muslim countries.  The rulers of Europe who belong to the Bilderberg gang and who took over unilaterally are desperate to stop anyone from demonstrating against or stopping this plan to flood England and Germany, etc. with aliens who have zero loyalty to local governments and who are driving down wages and eating up social services.  This is happening to the US, too, with 11 million illegal aliens who do the exact same thing here: drop wages and cause crimes.  Stopping this is what most citizens wish and are being thwarted in this and this is exactly why Trump is going to win this election unless he is eliminated the usual way (bang).


In the US, bosses this year continued to tell workers they are being fired due to the jobs being moved away from this country.  Also, they are told there are not enough Americans to do high tech work so they have to bring in foreign labor which barely speaks English to do these difficult jobs and incidentally, they also are much cheaper.  This continues unabated even as candidates during the last 20 years promise they will protect the workers.


This is happening in Europe, in spades and voters in the countries being flooded with cheap labor and people seeking welfare are now exploding in rage with politicians walking the tightrope of pleasing rich people who are doing this to us and keeping the voters fooled even as they bring in allies in this takeover via ‘we need them for the jobs to be filled’ even as doctors now are demonstrating for higher wages and being told there is no money and they will all be replaced with foreign labor if they continue talking about striking for higher wages!


1 in 9 workers in Britain are now foreigners


 The Office for National Statistics said that the number of EU migrants has risen by more than 200,000 in the year up to December 2015 to more than 2million.
The rise means that there are now 3.2million foreign nationals working in Britain, including non-EU migrants, compared to 28million British workers…Since 1997 the number of foreign workers in Britain has risen from just over 1million to 3.22million.


This flood of workers brings in all their relations who get on welfare.  Britain, like the US, is cutting welfare to citizens due to this flood of aliens.  On top of this, since many citizens are losing jobs or being kicked downstairs from union jobs to menial labor at minimum wage jobs, the rulers are cutting welfare services here, too.  Like in the past, this will lead to revolutionary violence.  It could be right wing or left wing.  I don’t know which, yet.  If Trump is killed, it will be right wing rage.  If Sanders beats Clinton and is knocked off, it will be left wing rage.


Since the left has decided to commit hari kari by clinging to the issue of ‘we will roast to death if we consume energy’ and the ‘Black Lives Matter but no one else’ they will not lead the revolt against the State.  The right will get this honor.  Why?  Because 50% of the population is now without much representation and is being tormented by this as interest groups who are minorities get all the goodies and tells everyone how we must live.


It is VERY telling that the GOP leadership representing these increasingly angry voters are telling them Trump is evil and they should vote for a guy born in Canada and is from Cuban parents or a guy born of Cuban parents inside the US, take your pick or you get another Bush.  Oh, goody.  But reading the news, I see one story after another of furious GOP operatives in Congress shrieking like banshees at their OWN voters not to choose the guy who says he will deport aliens and close the borders and horror of horrors, STOP FREE TRADE and bring home the jobs!


More headlines from the Telegraph about the same forces at work in England:

Cameron’s battle to win Boris over


He has been warned he has an “extra mile” to go to persuade eastern European leaders to agree to reforms, notably over curbs to benefits for EU workers.It is understood that Mr Johnson has concerns over Mr Cameron’s proposed “red card” system to block unwanted EU laws.


Mr. Johnson is mayor of London and he represents a huge block of voters who came into England in the last 20 years plus a more potent block of voters: the hedge funds and bankers and others who are economic vultures destroying the overall economy and driving England off the economic cliff.


Britain’s world influence ‘limited’ if it quits EU


“Although there have been some EU foreign policy successes, notably the nuclear deal with Iran and maintaining effective sanctions on Russia, we believe that there is much room for improvement on how the EU’s foreign and security policy operates.”
Confusion over Turkey’s future as an EU state must be resolved because of the state’s role as a “critical buffer state” in the refugee crisis and the fight against Islamic State, peers said.


As Turkey tries to start WWIII with Russia, the rulers of England are worried about the voters stopping this madness?  The ‘effective sanctions on Russia’ are destroying the EU!  DUH.  It is a big reason the EU has plunged off the economic cliff the other being the flood of aliens pouring in.  The voters are told, if they leave the EU and shut the door to aliens, they will be tormented, punished and poor.  Well, this is happening already!!!  The refugee ‘crisis’ is caused by the ruling elites attacking all the LIBERAL Muslim leaders who are not like Saudi Arabia.


All the trashy things being done by the ISIS gangs is identical to what the Saudis do at home!!!  They are THE SAME.  The people being attacked by NATO gave women huge amounts of civil rights, for example, which vanish when the dictators are tossed out.  Replaced by hideous oppression.  Not to mention, the economy of these nations collapses even if they have lots of oil.  Vanishes!  People starve to death or flee to Europe.  A terrible cycle created by NATO.  Period.  It is enraging how this cycle works with our rulers telling us via the media and their mouths in government that Putin and Assad, etc. are causing all these woes, not Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Bilderberg gang.


Notice at the top of my story, the stuff from the Independent News in Britain: Belgium is whining that England is focused ‘unilaterally’ on ITSELF!  How dare they!  Note how Belgium hosts multiple heavily armed terrorists.


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4 responses to “EU Bilderberg Gangsters Angry With Britian’s Prime Minister As He Begs Them To Let Him Stop Aliens Invading England

  1. Petruchio

    “This flood of workers brings in all their relations who get on welfare.” So true. These immigrants may not speak very well–if they can at all–but they know how to “game” the system as if they have been doing this all their lives. My first reform would be: no more ANCHOR BABIES! I don’t care if a pregnant woman sneaks into this country so she can have her baby on US soil if she’s here illegally so is her baby. How tough is this to figure out? If you allow this ‘anchor baby’ loophole, of course people are going to exploit it. Second reform: no automatic drivers licenses for immigrants! They do this in California (of course). And, this makes the immigrants will drivers licenses AUTOMATICALLY registered voters! Third, it is time to END not EXPAND H-1B visas! You know, we really have quite a despicable Ruling Class operating out of Washington DC.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Pope in the dress says we in the USA have to let in more Illegal Aliens. Someone needs to tell this ingrate that he has no say in how the USA protects itself from invasion.

  3. Petruchio

    “This continues unabated even as candidates during the last 20 years promise they will protect the workers.” Longer than that. More like ever since that lying fraudster Reagan was in the White House. It’s absolutely amazing to me. The candidates of TODAY are spouting the SAME talking points the candidates did 30 years ago!! Examples: “I want to grow the economy.” “I want to help Small Businesses.” “I want to reduce taxes.”.Question: WHEN is this “Morning in America” going to happen?? WHEN are the policies of Congress and The White House actually going to GROW the economy?? NEVER, maybe? It should be crystal clear by now that the voters are being lied to; the Ruling Class of DC has absolutely NO intention of improving the economy for the masses. Getting rich or even richer. THAt’S what the political class is all about. Everyone should see that by now.

  4. Petruchio

    “It is VERY telling that the GOP leadership representing these increasingly angry voters are telling them Trump is evil ” They are just showing their TRUE colors. Most members of Congress and most members of the Executive Branch abandoned long ago any sense of obligation to the voters. It wouldn’t surprise me if the GOP leadership do the “brokered Convention” thing for 2016. I can hear the talking points now. “Look, it isn’t a great year for us as far as candidates go. We’ll have to choose a candidate we can all agree on HERE at the GOP Convention.” Further, I wouldn’t be surprised if they select Jeb Bush as the “compromise” candidate. We’ll see….

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