Pope Preaches In Mexico Demand That US Allow Total Flood Of Illegal Aliens Forever

Donald Trump rails against immigrants in presidential campaign launch – YouTube


Pope Francis decries suffering of migrants at US Mexico border.  ‘A human tragedy’: The Pope calls for action on America’s migrant crisis as THOUSANDS push up against the US side of the border fence to see him speak just a few feet away in Mexico.  Both the Muslim leaders and Catholic leaders are DEMANDING that the US and EU take in many, many millions of migrants due to both entities forbidding birth controls.  Both oppress women, both religious groups encourage idleness.  The whole idea of ‘work ethic’ is from Protestant reformers in Europe and the Americas.


Pope Francis celebrating Mass near U.S.-Mexican border – YouTube
This is a key cultural issue!  I remember going to various Catholic countries and you knew you were in them when you see people lounging about at midday.  I come from the German/British ethos of Protestants going back to the Reformation.  We grew up in a culture of ‘work hard or else’ and we did work hard.  The Industrial Revolution came entirely from the bowels of the Religious Reformers of the Protestant branch.  The nervous energy of societies that were focused on the honor and dignity of work is what created ‘democracy’ in the first place.  The idea of democracy hatched by our ancestors was via the Protestant belief system, not the Catholic or Muslim systems.


The Pope himself is against stopping the propagation of too many humans.  This situation is due to modern scientists doing all sorts of medical reforms and cures so 1/3 of the population doesn’t die of the plague in one year.  Since we no longer have to have five children for one or two to survive, we have to practice birth control.  I come from a family of seven children but none of us had seven children.  We all used birth controls.


The Pope had a lot of gall, standing on our border and encouraging foreigners to invade our nation.  This is a DECLARATION OF WAR.  Europe stupidly let in a flood of illegal aliens, mostly Muslim males, who are now on a full blast crime and terror spree there and their leaders are happily announcing they will expand this to infinity and are very much at war with our entire culture and ethos and political systems.  How else can one describe this?


Mexico is bursting with crime.  It is nearly totally out of control, it is as bad as say, Iraq, which the US illegally invaded and is now a frightful place where religious leaders behead 14 year old boys for listening to music, for example.  A bomb just went off in Turkey today killing many people as religious warfare rages there.  Syria is torn to shreds by religious fanatics many of whom work for Saudi religious fanatic leaders as well as the US and EU and Turkey.  This monster of a mess is tearing apart the countries that sponsor all this.


The US Supreme Court has more Catholics than all other groups and the Jews have the rest of the court and Protestants have zero representation there and two of the GOP front runners are Catholics who are recent immigrants.  And…this will lead to explosions of anger.  Already, many are upset with our top court trending towards aping Catholic radicalism demanding women lose their civil rights!  How dare they do this to us???  I fought hard, in the courts, for my rights thanks to the ACLU.  And I won.


It took years and years to force the schools to stop sexual segregation and forbidding girls from taking technical courses, for example.  The Catholic leaders want to set back the clock.  So do the Muslims.  I want neither group into my country due to this.  If both were to reform and obey our civil rights laws, I wouldn’t mind so much.  But both have made it perfectly clear, they are invading us even illegally and they intend to destroy my personal civil rights and impose draconian rules on myself and my female offspring and I have no say in all this as far as these foreign interlopers are concerned.


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11 responses to “Pope Preaches In Mexico Demand That US Allow Total Flood Of Illegal Aliens Forever

  1. Lou

    Off topic but important——-http://www.naturalnews.com/051823_chemtrails_mysterious_fibers_microscope_photos.html

  2. Peter C.

    Interlopers..always liked that word

  3. Petruchio

    “The Pope had a lot of gall, standing on our border and encouraging foreigners to invade our nation.” I’m glad he’s not my Pope; I don’t have to listen to him. That said, his Holiness is not only WAY out of line to speak for open borders his focus is ALL wrong. Hey, how about this your Holiness the Pope? Why don’t you tell the Mexican government to treat THEIR OWN people more fairly?? They ARE after all MEXICANS. Doesn’t the plight of Mexicans make it a MEXICAN problem? It would seem so. Instead, the Pope’s solution is just to dump everybody’s social problems onto the US. Let the US taxpayer fund these immigrants into a better lifestyle. I mean, God forbid that ANY country should take responsibility for its OWN PEOPLE. Of course, the Pope isn’t a man of the people; the Pope has almost always been on the side of the elites–whomever they may be at the time.

  4. e sutton

    My god, you people really don’t get it, do you? Especially surprised at Elaine. Look, it’s all about a One World Government. Bush the First alluded to it in his “Thousand Points of Light” speech, which incidentally one of my high school classmates (a staunch, Irish Catholic – Mary Kate Grant Cary) wrote for him. The goal is to eliminate rights – rights for women, rights for equality, rights for freedom, rights for dignity, right to pursue work – as in your OWN business. Socialism, my friends. It’s why they’re pissing their pants over Donald Trump. It’s why they’re PAYING the Black Lives Matter crew to organize and protest. It’s about CONTROL. Overwhelm the country with people who have no interest in working to improve their lot, but would rather rely on Big Daddy Gubmint for his cheeze doodles, curly fries, and grape drank – all guaranteed to f’n KILL you if you digest them over long periods of time.

    Confusing? Not a bit if you’re paying attention. Sad? Well, yeah, but when exactly do you put away the crying rag and stand up for your right to self determiniation? Oh, I forgot…..that rayciss! All I can say is, you’ve allowed this nonsense to go unfettered for fifty years….and NOW you’re upset??????

    As my Chinese friends would say, “give me blake, peas!”


    ELAINE: You either have memory problems or reading difficulties.

  5. ziff

    Trump going after healthcare scam ? dead man walking ,, 30 min mark http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=231128

  6. Silverado

    “This Pope is very political”…
    I don’t remember who just said that yesterday but THAT sure seems like the truth to me and I would agree completely. Very political and I can’t yet say whether I approve or not…

  7. Silverado

    Oh and I forgot about my quick personal observation about BIG govt, BIG business, BIG pharma, BIG ag, BIG education, etc, etc and not being real religious although I do believe, I always equated the Pope and his digs in Italy with BIG religion to go along with all those other BIG things I just mentioned. And being more Libertarian than religious that kind of bothered me about the Pope and his societal message and angle real and imagined on certain things. Anyway…

  8. emsnews

    The Catholic Church has been a totalitarian organization for the last 1,000 years.

  9. Did you see the video of the representative of god lose his temper when he was pushed against an invalid in a wheel chair? Anyone can lip read to see if he was using 4 letter words?

  10. CK

    The deadly sin of envy still walks the Vatican

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