Sexual, Race And Religious Contradictions Point To WWIII Looming

Björn Borg awards ballet dancer Stephanie Kurlow with the Game Changer Scholarship – YouTube

Meet the Muslim schoolgirl who wants to be world’s first hijab-wearing ballerina – We are seeing another multiple level world war building up as contradictions abound with religious fanatics, cold war fanatics, dictatorships, corporate power and other forces pile into each other leading to yet another mass blood letting like WWI and WWII.  The dynamic forces at work are quite powerful and difficult to stop as social and economic chaos conspire to shove war forwards as our Real Rulers think they can muscle everyone even though obvious revolutionary and reactionary forces are rising rapidly.


The new computer age is now all about censorship.  China set to ban all foreign media from publishing online is a futile attempt at stopping information.  The mainstream media in Europe and the US have done this, too.  Once upon a time, way back in 2003 or earlier, all the major media had open forums for debates which raged on and on and I was a very dominate force there.


Then, very, very quickly, that disappeared.  First they simply banned lots of people, usually the best writers who contradicted the media messages.  Then they made the remaining tripe be in very small print that you can’t enlarge.  Then they had limited forums and then no forums then they had comments only on one or two articles a day, usually ones that matter little.


Then it vanished entirely from huge sections of the internet.  I have been on the internet ever since it was run by the government so that agents could communicate with each other.  This was 40 years ago when it was first conceived and I used my father’s terminal in his office to plan demonstrations against the government, hahaha.


Well.  Now that it has changed the world, it is being systematically trimmed.  Cut down.  No surprise to me!  I am relegated to the outer fringe of the internet because I am neither left nor right and as thing divide down these terrible twin polar lines, I see bad stuff in the future as power struggles being played through innocent bystanders gets even more bloody.


US deploys tanks and equipment to classified Cold War-era caves in Norway near the NATO-Russia frontier: this is NOT NEWS IN THE US.  Duh.  Well, it is happening.  Europe is aware of this.   They are told, Putin will destroy them as if he is the one who wrecked Ukraine.  Innocent bystanders who are being dragged into war, the Europeans are terrified of the army of very dangerous young Muslim males pouring across their borders.


These men plan to force women backwards into sexual slavery!  The Catholic Church is OK with all this because…it, too, really wants to do this which is why it is against birth control though the Pope did say, a woman might use contraceptives if she doesn’t want Zirka babies.  Sort of.  But he still claims the right to order women what happens to them.  All women supposedly have zero say in how they live or die.


This war against women’s rights is right here in the US with the Catholics who dominate the Supreme Court and the Republican Party coming out for ‘we control your bodies, not you, you bitches’ regime that is totally anti-women’s rights.  The ballerina who wants to be sexy and viewed by men while she prances on stage but wearing a scarf while doing this isn’t a great idea or freedom.  It is illogical and vicious since it says, ‘You can lose your basic civil rights and still be a sex object for men while being a good girl’. Impossible.


My grandmother, Hannah Pettit, was a famous woman for her swimming feats.  She campaigned hard for women to wear sane swim suits.  She was a woman’s right fighter for many things, one of the earliest women to earn a science degree from a men’s university, for example.  I had to sue my school system for discrimination way later in the 1960’s, fighting my grandmother’s battles all over again. This is a huge issue for me.


‘You think men like these are afraid of uneducated 125lbs punks who hold their guns sideways?’ Heavily-armed Louisiana police captain taunts gang in video challenge: and then there is the pressing issue of our cities being occupied by black males killing each other at a mad rate since no one wants to hire them, a flood of aliens from Catholic countries came in and took over jobs for people like those who now are idle in our biggest cities like Detroit, all of these being former industrial centers now decimated and destroyed by free trade.


Whew!  I do NOT blame black men for their horrible, nearly impossible to escape disaster.  They think the cops are their enemies whereas their real enemies are the Bilderberg gang which destroyed our industrial base by moving it to China.  The original Black Panthers, I knew very, very well and talked with them about economics and international politics way back in the late 1960’s in California.


They did not approve of prancing around in formation wearing underwear and jackets, pumping fists and yelling.  They were rather puritanical, like the Chinese communists.  The frontier of sex and politics is a hot spot due to humans being crazy creatures and it is heating up greatly as mobs of wannbe rulers attack women’s civil rights which are greatest in Europe and North America, two targets of terrorists who want women shoved aside again.


Obama gathers generations of civil rights leaders at the White House for Black History Month reception – but Black Lives Matter activist stays away and blasts the event as a ‘sham’ which it is but not for the reasons these ernest students believe.  The entire abuse of black populations to keep Democratic rulers who belong to the Bilderberg gang and the Skull and Bones, has to stop.  These people who are supposedly friends of black voters are actually slave masters keeping them locked up inside of dying cities as deals are made overseas to make the rich richer and keep the blacks confined in self-inflicted ghettoes they cannot escape since so many people make money off of black entertainers who dance around like slaves on a plantation, beating drums and making sexual gestures and teases which gives the Rulers happy jerks inside their clothing which is stiff and not sexual at all.


This ‘entertainment’ relies on blacks being outside of society, dirty, dark, nasty and mean to each other and incapable of being intellectual and being violent: that’s entertainment!  Even little rabbits like Michael Jackson who really wanted to be cute, cuddly and Disney happy, had to pretend to be tough, cruel, snarling, snappy, vandalism spreading monster to make money.  He celebrated being a dangerous black criminal who scared whitey while desperately trying to make himself whiter and whiter and thus, killing himself due to ingesting and injecting toxins.


Then there is this business: ‘Steve Jobs would have fought for privacy’: Steve Wozniak says Apple co-founder would have defied court order to hack terrorists’ iPhone while Twitter and Facebook join Google in backing Apple’s decision to refuse to help the feds get into encrypted devices. How nice of them all.  NOT. These corporations censor people online, they want to control what is going on.  They also are hypocrites: Why has Apple taken a stand over hacking terrorist’s iPhone? How tech giant has unlocked DOZENS of other devices for authorities in recent years for other reasons.

All of this shows how the contradictions of society can cause mayhem up close and far away.  And our rulers want all this because they want people to be delusional, tear themselves apart, go crazy, etc. so long as the super rich can make more money off of everyone.  This always ends very badly but the rich never learn any lessons despite the efforts of historians and people like myself who can remember more than three days ago, what happened in the past.


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28 responses to “Sexual, Race And Religious Contradictions Point To WWIII Looming

  1. Melponeme_k

    “The ballerina who wants to be sexy and viewed by men while she prances on stage but wearing a scarf while doing this isn’t a great idea or freedom.”

    While this is part of the aim, the true reality is religious propaganda. This dancer appearing onstage in a scarf will telegraph the message that she is devout and spiritually pure while the rest of her fellow dancers are heathens who deserve to be burned.

    You see, in today’s world you just have to scream racism or religious persecution to get a job in even the most exacting professions such as Ballet. It isn’t about ability or talent just who can scream the loudest (Thank you Misty Copeland! Who by the way was supported by a WHITE ballet teacher in her youth) Obviously the elites want us to have NO artistic culture. High Art requires goals, hard work and hope. All of which the elites do not want to instill in the greater populace.

  2. Jim R

    And meanwhile, the Zioligarchs of the Ukraine are shocked shocked, I tell you, to find evidence of anti-semitism among the Nazis they have bankrolled to overthrow the previous government there. Shocking.

    And likewise, the Pentagram is sad that the headchopping liver-eaters they have armed and trained and turned loose on Syria are a bunch of useless cowards when they go up against the Russians.

    These, too, are signs of WWIII. . . . .

  3. Lou

    Off topic–Yahoo keeps up the ‘AGW scare tactics’—-
    New data from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration suggest that January of 2016 was, for the globe, a truly extraordinary month. Coming off the hottest year ever recorded (2015), January saw the greatest departure from average of any month on record, according to data provided by NASA.

    But as you can see in the NASA figure above, the record breaking heat wasn’t uniformly distributed — it was particularly pronounced at the top of the world, showing temperature anomalies above 4 degrees Celsius (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) higher than the 1951 to 1980 average in this region. Indeed, NASA provides a “zonal mean” version of the temperature map above, which shows how the temperature …

  4. Lou

    Black History Month. A bad Joke. Blacks contributions to STEMs in last 500 years? To Medicine? To Inventions?

    Blacks are primitives. EMS does not want to face the facts.
    The Black Panthers. Some of them killed that woman and threw her in the SF Bay.
    I dont share the ‘the poor oppressed Blacks fantasy.’ No thanks.
    With 500? Whites killed by Blacks a year in USa and 40,000 White women raped by jigs. And who knows how many White males raped in jails – prisons.
    Facts—Did you grasp that 4% of the total population creates ALL of this misery!!
    U.S. Federal Government
    Young black males, the main perpetrators of all crime in this country, make up only about 4% of the total US population.

    REPEAT: 4% of the American Population commits all of this crime:

    2013 FBI Black Crime Statistics:
    – 56.4% of ALL Robbery
    – 52.2% of ALL Murders
    – 33.9% of ALL Aggravated Assaults
    and gov rigs stats so latinos are lumped w Whites so to make a ‘false equality.’ That Blacks are Whites kill-maim at more similar rates. The now gone site ‘Thug report’ had pics of so called Whites that were not but gov lumped them in on reports.

    I was looking at UK Daily mail yesterday.
    Lets see–Lonnies trial. He may have killed 200 women. [grim sleeper serial killer]

    Black woman cuts open White woman and kills her baby [oh, here at EMs I should call it a fetus]. White woman met her thru Clist.

    And the black immigrant who killed the socialite family in DC, his trail is happening. he had nearly 40 priors and hadnt been deported or jailed.

    thats just one days news.

    and so it goes as EMS regales us with her BS tales of the 1960s,
    The Valiant Panthers,
    The Protests and her fantasy of Black Victim hood [caps on ‘V’]. what a bunch of BS.

    Sorry, I dont buy it.

  5. Lou

    White children brainwashed—-

    It’s where seventh-graders are required to read “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.”

    Where a Common Core-endorsed book called The Jacket explains to fourth-graders how a racist white boy named Phil wrongly assumes that it was a black kid who stole his brother’s jacket, even though, if you want to get all racist and technical, black Americans are statistically overrepresented in property crime.

    It is a magical world where crude, pseudoreligious parables of collective guilt and intergenerational racial karma substitute for math and verbal skills.
    It’s where everything is the fault of whites and nothing is the fault of nonwhites.

    Low black test scores and high black dropout rates? Blame white racism.

    High suspension rates for black grade schoolers and high schoolers? It can’t possibly be linked to disproportionate black misbehavior—blame it on white racism again.

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  6. Lou

    Whites are being attacked, by Blacks and Browns and Mu slimes as well as by gov

    Your governments have been waging racial war against you for decades opening your borders to the worlds majority racial populations who they have allowed to enter your homelands by the millions to supplant you in the lands of your ancestors.

    The masses of non-Europeans that have entered our nations over the last 50 years are weapons of a demographic war that most Europeans don’t even know is happening. They have been brought into our lands to displace us, to outbreed us and to dominate us.

    And at the same time they are being empowered by government and the leftist academia who teach them to hate us. It really isn’t a future any of us should want for our children, yet the majority have sat idly by as this has been allowed to happen right under their noses.

    The fact of the matter is that it isn’t blacks and other non-whites being discriminated against. They have never had it so good.

    The only racial group being discriminated against and targeted for demographic Genocide is the White European.

    The only racial group it is deemed acceptable to criticise and demonise is the White European. The only racial group having their nations destroyed by state enforced multiculturalism are white European nations.

    We said the other day that everything is racialised and Europeans better realise it quick before we lose the right of self-determination through sheer weight of numbers.

    To think that other racial groups do not operate in their own interests is insane, they do. Everything is about race, politics especially. Blacks, Asians and Jews ALL vote for whoever benefits them as blacks Asians and Jews, but whites don’t vote for people who represent us and our interests as whites.

    Maybe that is starting to change with whites flocking to Donald Trump in America but time will tell. We don’t have long left to be able to effect change. Once we lose our majority status then we lose that self-determination.

  7. Lou

    Try to get a job in any branch of government and you’ll see who holds the privilege. Check pay grades at Freddie Mac and fannie Mae and see that most ‘working’ there are –guess. At 200k a year.

    Blacks hold it over EVERYONE today, in education, government, the military. BLM is a tyranny of reverse racism terrorizing schools,
    campuses and the workplace. And still, the only answer forever more to the question, “How much is enough” will only be answer by, “MORE!”. The tide is turning.

    As Hispanics and Muslims become the majority, the Blacks will be ignored as finally been rewarded with “enough” and then some.
    They were awarded 100 of the biggest cities in the United States and ruined and rendered them uninhabitable. Enough already. Enough. Black Lives Matter? No, not really.

  8. Lou

    Vegas Incident—-
    But remember the black woman who ran over 40 people a few weeks ago, allegedly after muttering something about their privilege?
    It’s now memory holed.

    No one talks about it. Fewer even remember it…and that’s not an accident.

  9. Lou

    The 1960s–The BS foisted on us by the Left –found this at takis, if I recall.

    Having once lived about a block away from where Kitty Genovese was murdered, although a couple of decades later, this piqued my interest. For anyone interested, it was at the Long Island RR station in Kew Gardens, Queens. The scene looks pretty much the same now as it did back then. The whole Kitty Genovese legend, about how neighbors ignored her cries, is a fabricated lie.
    The whole story was completely made up by Abe Rosenthal of the New York Times. You would have to wonder how anybody could come up with an exact number of neighbors who heard screaming. If you are at the actual scene, it’s obvious that nobody nearby could have seen anything happening because there are buildings blocking all views, which is why Mosely probably picked that spot.
    So, what was Rosenthal’s motive to cook up this lie out of whole cloth? Did he want to spice up what would have been just another local crime story? Or, did he want to deflect attention of a black-on-white crime, at a time when NYC was undergoing a massive immigration of southern blacks, and indirectly blame the murder on the residents of Kew Gardens, at the time an almost all white neighborhood?

    Winston Moseley was used because responsibility for his crime is officially shifted onto the white bystanders who allegedly did not save Kitty Genovese. The story isn’t true, of course — many people reacted to the first attack, but Moseley appeared to go away. He returned and attacked Genovese in a blind alley and then her apartment hallway, and that time only one person heard: he was very drunk and frightened but fled to safety and contacted police.
    Moseley became a hero to the New York Times, and the Times helped him appeal for release. He claimed he was rehabilitated and he became a spokesperson for offender rehabilitation. He also spoke publicly about how he blamed the bystanders who should have stopped him — that is except for that time when he escaped to rape and murder again.

    The Times tried to free him after that escape.

    There is no degree of social degradation that is too much to heap on victims raped while white by a preferred minority.

    ERGO–as Jews -NY Times pushed integration, some spin had to be made of her murder–IT WAS YTs fault [Yt = whitey].

    The 60s–ha.

  10. Lou

    Blacks are discriminated against? Guess again—-

    Siemens Corporation has been firing a lot of white engineers.

    This is the black head of human resources at Siemens corporation, Janine Kugel.

    She has a passion for “diversity and inclusion”, you know, white genocide.

    In this interview, in Spiegel, she is asked why Siemens is training refugees to take Siemens jobs, why she demands increased immigration to Germany, when there are 2.8 million unemployed Germans.

    She answers “there are not enough Germans, we need immigration”.

    The reporter did NOT point out that Siemens is firing Germans and REPLACING them with refugees. So, she is lying that there “are not enough Germans”.

    Siemens is hiring blacks as fast as they can in the USA.

    “Black Collegian magazine calls them a Top Employer”

    The blacks Siemens is hiring can rarely perform engineering tasks. They eat up budgets.

    If you own Siemens stock, your CEO is not trying to increase shareholder value, he is pushing Cultural Marxism at your expense.

  11. Lou


    It’s a commonplace that you tend to most ferociously denounce what you most fear to be true. That’s not always true, but it’s true often enough.

    Real research on the genetic basis of IQ is moving ahead just fine…in China.

    What loosens up the purse strings for serious funding in research isn’t reason, it’s fear. Fear that another country is getting ahead of us in a key technology.

    Trying to reason with the John Horgans’ of the world is pretty much pointless, in terms of getting serious money directed towards finding out why there is such a large variation in human intelligence.

    We need an evil empire out there supposedly threatening our way of life, that is how you get millions for research. We can talk to each other on blogs like this that it is incredibly important to fund research on the genetic underpinnings of IQ but nothing sells like sex or fear, not even drugs not even beer.

    We need US Senators scared shi—-ss that Chinese genius babies are going to grow up and take us over and we better do something before it’s too late.
    Then and only then will the real money flow. As a US senator once said “spend a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking real money.”

  12. Lou

    ‘Scientific American’ and ‘ban race-DNA studies that go against the narrative?’
    If so, please leave a link.

    John Horgan

    As with all liberal scientists he mocks creationists while wanting to suppress politically incorrect studies related to evolution and race. He wants a “review board” which means a political board that suppresses anything that might undermine the liberal narrative of race not existing. Would he have suppressed research on BiDil?

    The comments on that thread have been censored. When it was first published they were overwhelmingly against him.

    BTW Scientific American is owned by a German left-wing publishing company.

  13. Lou

    PC says white people can’t be victims of ‘racism’.

    White people cannot be victims of ‘racism’. But they can be victims of black robbery, thuggery, rape, bullying, rioting, looting, and murder.
    White people cannot be victims of ‘racism’. But white people can be victims of Jewish financial thievery and Wars for Israel(that led to over 5,000 white men in body bags).

    White people cannot be victims of ‘racism’. But white people can be victims of mass migration that threatens to overrun Europe and demographically displace Europeans in their own homeland.
    White people cannot be victims of ‘racism’. But white people can be victim of communism(engineered by Jews) that destroyed so many churches and killed millions of Slavs.

    White people cannot be victims of ‘racism’. But white people can be victims of Mexican drug cartels that sell meth and other harmful drugs to poor white communities and destroy so many lives.
    White people cannot be victims of ‘racism’. But white people can be victims of white collaborator elites who sell their race down the river for 30 pieces of silver.

    White people cannot be victims of ‘racism’. But white people can be victims of Hollywood and homosexual decadence that encourages white boys and girls to degrade and ruin their lives by emulating the likes of Miley Cyrus and other trashy celebrities promoted by Jewish and homo entertainment oligarchs.
    With white people being victimized by so many things, it’s good to know that they are at least not victimized by ‘racism’.

  14. Petruchio

    “They did not approve of prancing around in formation wearing underwear and jackets, pumping fists and yelling.” I can recall Malcolm X’s advice to blacks to form Gun Clubs! Malcolm X wasn’t subtle but he sure knew how to scare the bejeesus out of whitey. Kind of strange, imho. The FBI made Martin Luther King #1 on their hate list, but some guy who calls on blacks to buy guns and practice shooting–to eventually shoot at whitey–does not get #1. Anyways, Malcolm was murdered by fellow Muslims.

  15. Lou

    And now Marty King is a veritable God in USA –streets and buildings bear hos fake name. The only un elected leader w a national holiday.

    Blacks want money from fake AGW via UN—–

  16. JimmyJ

    Lou might consider getting their own WordPress blogsite and post there instead of monopolizing the comment section here and exhausting my old eyes.

  17. vengeur

    Lou buddy: You might want to cut back on how much coffee grounds you use per pot.

  18. Jim R

    LOL! Lou’s on a roll today!

  19. emsnews

    He illustrates PERFECTLY the evil that is brewing.

    In Germany, in England, in France, in the US, all over, this is rising to tragic levels. The hatred, the need to attack other religions and other ‘races’ and so forth is rising, not falling, just like in 1930 and for the EXACT same reasons especially how the Bilderberg gang rules by undermining various citizens and sheltering aliens who are on the attack…

    THIS IS ALL DELIBERATE: DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Fighting this without hate is nearly impossible now because no one wants to consider the needs and feelings of the others. ALL HUMANS HAVE BASIC HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS.

    It doesn’t matter if you are smart or stupid. Young or old, big or small, black or white. We are further and further, not closer to this, because of both the right and the left wings going ideologically crazy on us.

  20. Seraphim

    @Björn Borg awards ballet dancer Stephanie Kurlow with the Game Changer Scholarship

    @While this is part of the aim, the true reality is religious propaganda.

    Yes, and a shameless PR exercise. The little girl who is just 14, is a convert! Now she is “asking for $10,000 for all education and utilities for 1 year needed for my chosen career path to inspire the world. If 335 people gave only $30 we would have raised over $10 000 already! Please SHARE this post!”. Sounds like racket money!
    Borg is another example of “Europe” lowering down her pants to allow the Islamic penetration. Cultural, of course!

  21. Lou

    I am not evil. I am a realist. Whites are being hunted. Crime stats prove that.
    EMS is ‘stuck in the 60s, glorifying the Panthers’ [more on that soon.

    Here, my dear,
    Adam Falk, president of $50,000/year Williams College, nestled in lily-white Western Mass, cancels talk by John Derbyshire. His letter is an hilarious example of advanced cuckery, even down to the absurd hypocrisy of him saying “Free speech is a value I hold in extremely high regard.” Obviously he views it with fear and loathing.

    “Today I am taking the extraordinary step of canceling a speech by John Derbyshire, who was to have presented his views here on Monday night. The college didn’t invite Derbyshire, but I have made it clear to the students who did that the college will not provide a platform for him.

    Free speech is a value I hold in extremely high regard. The college has a very long history of encouraging the expression of a range of viewpoints and giving voice to widely differing opinions. We have said we wouldn’t cancel speakers or prevent the expression of views except in the most extreme circumstances. In other words: There’s a line somewhere, but in our history of hosting events and speeches of all kinds, we hadn’t yet found it.

    We’ve found the line. Derbyshire, in my opinion, is on the other side of it. Many of his expressions clearly constitute hate speech, and we will not promote such speech on this campus or in our community.

    We respect—and expect—our students’ exploration of ideas, including ones that are very challenging, and we encourage individual choice and decision-making by students. But at times it’s our role as educators and administrators to step in and make decisions that are in the best interest of students and our community. This is one of those times.”

    I’m sure if Derbyshire were advocating white genocide Falk would be fine with it. But having an articulate polymath like Derb pollute the virginal minds of his very special snowflake students? VERBOTEN.

    –there are lots of ‘liberal’ anti Whites like Falk and EMS.

    EMS is a feminist? She ignores rape statistics.

    White women in USA, 35,000 raped by blacks in one year.
    Black women raped by Whites, ZERO.

    Then theres Crystal Magnum and Tawana Brawley. they hunt White males.

  22. Lou

    The founder of ‘Ramparts’ [jewish, of course] gave up on the Panthers after Betty Van Patter turned up n the SF Bay.

    Eldridge like to rape White women, wrote a poem in ‘Soul on ice’..s

    Sweet peter jeeter the womb beater..genius, huh?

    One guy SWEARS, he saw eldridge kill several people while Cleaver lived in Africa, presumably to avoid charges in USA.

    who can forget [jewish] Leonard Bernstein having a fundraiser at his place for the Panthers? They also shook down or tried to shake down Jimi Hendrix.

  23. Lou

    EMS has criticism for me but NONE for ‘Scientific’ American [it is neither, its owned by leftist german company]–

    She ignored this– John Horgan wants to ban study of race.


    ELAINE: Your rants don’t do you any favors.

  24. Seraphim

    If you think that only “Europe” is lowering down her pants to allow the Islamic penetration, think twice.

    “What Is Canada Doing Celebrating Hijab Day?, by Shabnam Assadollahi
    February 21, 2016:

    “This Thursday, February 25, 2016, the city of Ottawa will be holding a public event celebrating the hijab, Islam’s physical repression of women.
    The City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) organization, backed by the City Council of Ottawa, is hosting the Ottawa Hijab Solidarity Day celebration, also called “Walking with Our Muslims Sisters,” at City Hall. According to CAWI, the main purpose of this event is to encourage non-Muslim women to wear a hijab to understand life as a Muslim woman.”

  25. MadSklz

    “making sexual gestures and teases which gives the Rulers happy jerks inside their clothing which is stiff and not sexual at all”

    LOL i had to laugh at this one Elaine x)

  26. Lou

    Seraphim, Trudeau will do what he can to ruin Canada.

    Found this online. Another woman gets the ‘Nicole Brown Award’ and her daughter was raped? killed as well. But look at how Gov -media spins these things.

    Child murdered by mothers ‘friend’ [mama liked BBC, I d guess].

    The first thing that struck me in PK’s article was the quote from the Amber alert. Note that the police are desperately seeking for a small girl and the man who abducted her. Descriptions of the suspect would help the public to come to their aid. So, what do we get?

    Amber alert—-
    Savannah has blond hair and blue eyes. Hightower, a parolee, is 250 pounds and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.
    That’s right, folks. We are looking for a blonde, blue-eyed girl in the company of a fat man of medium height, race unspecified. That is how the media spins this.

    [Mama mated with a convicted molester- felon].

    And like this—Movies , media , Hollywood, magazines and commercials always makes the white men bumbling idiots, weak and inferior to the “noble ” “rightous” and heroic black male.[cough].
    This is all in an effort to manipulate weak minded women into thinking black males [1 in 3? is a felon] are to be desired.
    They also make movies about slavery or EVIL white men and such in an effort to incite black rage towards whites! I think everyone knows who is at the root of all this s–t!

  27. Lou

    From Snyders site—-perhaps we can all agree on these—

    Sadly, desperate people do desperate things. Already we are starting to see signs that the fabric of American society is starting to be ripped to shreds.

    So what is going to happen if the economy gets even worse?

    There is a limit to how many people we can actually put in prison. The reality is that the number of Americans in prison has nearly tripled since 1987.

    Our prisons are already dangerously overcrowded. As society falls apart, many communities will simply not be able to shove more people behind bars.

    Even with our prisons stuffed to the gills, many of our largest cities continue to be transformed into absolute hellholes.

    Detroit is now the 3rd most dangerous city on the entire planet and

    New Orleans is now the 9th most dangerous city on the entire planet.[due to Black Males,[I will note].

    So what are our leaders doing about all of this?

  28. Lou

    BLM will ignore this–
    Consider the case of Kevin Watkins. Never heard of him? Good reason, he’s black.
    Kevin is a 49 year old bail bondsman. Kevin should have blm clowns hounding him day and night, hell, they should have burnt Indianapolis to the ground by now in outrage; except for two things, both he, and his victims are black. Were black.
    Police were only able to recover blood, bone fragments, and brain matter of his two teenage victims.
    Dionne Williams,16, and Timmee Jackson. Seems Kevin suspected these fine young aspiring rappers of stealing several guns, and a flat screen TV from his residence the previous week. Who knows for sure? After years of dealing with this dysfunction on a daily basis, I’m sure he had his reasons for suspecting the two. This was on Christmas Eve, by the way, traditionally a time of family togetherness.

    Anyway, one of the boy’s mother found blood on Watkins stoop, and called police. They found the boy’s hoody, with bone fragments, and brain matter in his garbage can. More of the same was found at his business office.
    Kinda makes Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown pale in comparison, eh?
    Heard any thing from Farrakhan, Obama, or Lynch about this? Any blm assholes trying to stop rap concerts, or shutting down highways in protest? You won’t, they know thugs will shoot their useless black asses.
    They only go for easy targets, like responsible white people.

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