Turkey, Syria, Kurd Wars Heat Up, Putin Warns West This Can Be Disaster

Turkey: 733 PKK militants killed in Cizre, Sur – YouTube


I read foreign news since US news is nearly totally cut off from the rest of the planet as well as much of the US.  As our rulers howl about Assad and Putin, we are kept totally in the dark about NATO ally, Turkey and its aggressive war against…its own people!  The Kurds who are fighting inside Syria and inside Turkey.  This war is heating up greatly now and the US is in a tither about this since we support anyone fighting Assad even if they are al Qaeda but Turkey is our ally, too.  A real mess, of course, with huge consequences.


150 allegedly ‘burned alive by Turkish military’ during crackdown on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)

RAW: Trucks set ablaze by suspected Kurdish PKK militants, gunfire heard – YouTube: I get a lot of news from You Tube that is put there by foreigners.  Just like I used my shortwave radio during the 1960’s and 1970’s to hear news from the other side of the Cold War planet.  I would then write leaflets with conflicting news stories and we broke stories about ‘secret’ bombings of say, Cambodia which lead to mass demonstrations where US students were shot dead by our own forces kept here for obvious reasons.


Our mimeographed leaflets were a major news source back then thanks to our radio and going to various embassies to pick up papers and since I read German fluently and my other friends majored in the Slavic languages, we could even read Pravda.


Pravda told the truth about breaking news from Vietnam, for example while lying nonstop about Russia.  The East German news media would leak stuff about Russia in an amusing roundabout way and we would report all of this, too.  This enraged leftists, of course while the right wing went bananas whenever we broke real news.  The Pentagon and CIA of course, spied on us and persecuted us for revealing this information but they never touched me directly due to my father’s influence which I frankly, exploited.


The World Wide Web was created by the CIA and now it irritates our rulers because we use it to spy on them or communicate with each other which is why 99% of the media hosted forums that thrived 15 years ago are now dead and gone and now people have to use Google to find any communities and these are being rapidly hidden by Google search systems that function worse and worse every year, trust me on this one.


I have been on the web since the very beginning and the freest time was from 1990-2000.  It was wonderful back then.  Now, it is a mere ghost of itself.  We do get, via Russia (AGAIN!) real information about stuff our rulers hide from us.  Here is some interesting news:  MSF admits withholding Syria hospital coordinates from Damascus & Moscow claiming they fear being attacked so…they hide this vital information and then complain when they are bombed by ACCIDENT.


They stupidly decided to hide their hospitals from Assad and Putin because…they were ORDERED to do this by the French rulers who are insane lunatics who allow terrorists to run riot in Paris.  Putin has zero intention of bombing their hospitals.  But how to avoid this if the President of France insists on making these things invisible???


GUESS WHAT!  This is deliberate murder by France because…they want Assad and Putin to accidentally hit the hospitals to score propaganda points.  How disgusting is this?  And then the NATO media machine blames Putin for this screwy business by claiming he didn’t want to know where the hospitals are!


‘Turkey going crazy, jumps in to save & help terrorists tools’ – Assad’s adviser to RT: this is from the Russian media.  ALL sides support ‘terrorists’ just like during the Vietnam War, etc.  Syria is the new ‘flash point’ but then, the US is re-invading Iraq and Libya to fight…more terrorists who were created by NATO bombing/invasions in the first place.


Russian operation in Syria is our salvation’ – top Syrian Catholic bishop to RT: and yes, this is a true story and not propaganda.  The NATO/Saudi support of vicious anti-women’s rights, anti-gay, anti-all other religion rebels who terrorize everyone else including each other exactly like how Saudi Arabia behaves at home.  The Christians are terrified of what is happening around them in the Middle East.


Meanwhile, the Jews continue their own ethnic/religious cleansing of the native population with zero coverage in the US which is occupied territory when it comes to news:  Haaretz.Com


Two weeks ago, soldiers hung posters in the village of Al-Walaja, south of Jerusalem: “Notice of intent to acquire rights to the land and purchase ownership of the land required for public purposes.” In translation to non-legalese, these are orders to confiscate Palestinian land for the purpose of continuing building the West Bank separation barrier near the village.


According to the work plans, the construction of the barrier is scheduled to be concluded by the end of this year. The notice does not explain where exactly the additional land will be confiscated from. A resident who wishes to find out has to go to the Israel Land Authority offices in Jerusalem.


The problem is that the vast majority of the residents of Al-Walaja are unable to enter Jerusalem, because they are residents of the territories without Israeli work permits. That’s but one example of the Kafkaesque story that has made up the lives of the village’s residents in recent years.


As part of the absurdity, Al-Wajala’s terraces were cultivated for many years by the local Palestinian farmers. Now they’re one of the reasons for declaring the area around the village a national park – which, along with the separation barrier, threatens to keep the farmers away from the very terraces they nurtured.


The desire to preserve the landscape was one of the considerations for building the separation barrier almost adjacent to the homes of the residents rather than next to the Green Line (the pre-1967 borders of Israel).


In the name of landscape preservation, the barrier’s present route separates the villagers’ homes from their agricultural land. But the landscape already suffered serious damage when the Defense Ministry drove a wide road through the terraces several years ago. That road became superfluous after the route of the barrier was ordered changed by the Supreme Court.


A few weeks before the notices were posted in the village, the Antiquities Authority, Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Jerusalem Development Authority published a tender for “preservation and development work” in Ein Haniya, north of the village. Ostensibly there is no connection between the notice about the barrier and the tender. In the eyes of the residents of the small farming village, though, there’s a very clear connection: They see the barrier, a national park and appropriation of the Ein Haniya spring as a tourist attraction for Israelis as part of a larger plan to expel them from the area.


I was going to illustrate this story using Google Maps but all the Palestinian lands held by the Jews are totally concealed from view.  All of them!  You can’t see one except if they are right next to Jewish homes and you can see these between Jewish buildings.


I did take some screen shots deep inside the Palestinian Authority lands and Google maps calls this area this:

Screen shot 2016-02-20 at 7.42.04 AM

This is an illegal Jewish settlement on the West Bank on the border of Jordan, deep inside Palestinian territory.  Note the Google name for this area: Judea and Samaria district!  And here is a street sign on the Jewish highway there:

Screen shot 2016-02-20 at 7.35.06 AM

The Hebrew sign is in big big letters, the English, ditto.  The Arabic is tiny.  All signs in Israel are this way and all signs in the occupied lands are ALSO this way, too.  Examples all over the occupied territory are like this.  Here is an example it took me less than two minutes to locate:

Screen shot 2016-02-20 at 7.29.58 AM

The street sign in big letters is all and only in Hebrew and the food stand itself has it in much smaller letters in Arabic, all of this in territory supposedly for native Palestinians.  And worse, deep inside the Palestinian areas where there are no ‘settlements’ by Jews, there is this, on a highway heading towards Jerusalem, deep inside the desert there:

Screen shot 2016-02-20 at 7.38.07 AM

This is one of many, many checkpoints run by Jews deep inside the Palestinian ‘authority’.  There is no ‘authority’ there anymore.  It is 100% run by hostile Jews anxious to torment everyone as much as humanly possible but not allowed to bomb them all unlike the Gaza which is smashed regularly.


This religious fanatical viciousness is support, paid for and protected by NATO nations and everyone today is being lectured about religious bigotry while NATO protects and supports these twin religious fanatic states, Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of which plot to destroy everyone around themselves so they can be even nastier than now.  YIKES.


And here we are, bankrolling and dying for this stupid stuff.  Far from liberalism triumphing, it is crashing in ruins and this infuriates me greatly since I happen to love having basic civil and religious rights and this is being systematically destroyed.


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12 responses to “Turkey, Syria, Kurd Wars Heat Up, Putin Warns West This Can Be Disaster

  1. Meagain

    published date is stated to be … February 20, 2016 · 1:26 pm

    Turkey, Syria, Kurd Wars Heat Up, Putin Warns West This Can Be Disaster

    But current time (EDT) is 08:57 2/20/2016

    So, somehow you published this article in the future.
    (I’m curious to see the date/time on this comment)

  2. Lou

    Google, Facebook, Microsoft > Government tools.

  3. Jim R

    In other ME news, the USA rejected a UNSC draft resolution affirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. (http://goo.gl/FCPVf9 — TASS) And they want Russia to quit picking on Al Qaeda there, too. Remember when Al Qaeda was this planet-wide boogeyman? Well, we are defending the poor things now.

    But, I wanted to post this link, on an unrelated topic but one we frequently discuss here.

    It’s from that earth-wind site that compiles data from NASA weather satellites. The above map is a plot of CO2 levels, and I centered it on South America. You can see a thing that takes away CO2, it’s called a jungle. The Amazon rainforest really makes a visible hole in the planet’s CO2 concentration. The obvious lesson: if you want low CO2 levels, plant a rainforest. Raising taxes does not accomplish this.

  4. JimmyJ

    @JimR: You’ve touched in a sore point for me and I probably sound like a broken record by now. In Canada clear cut logging of both rainforest and boreal forest is going full tilt and what little reforestation being done is slow growing so-called merchantable in maybe 100 years in the boreal forest. You look at a Google Maps of BC and it is all clear cuts. It would make more sense in the context of creating carbon sinks to simply stop logging old growth. You might argue that a house using wood stores the same carbon as a tree, but just the oil used to log, mill and transport the wood reduces the storage value, let alone how a living forest is increasing its capacity not reducing it. I think the forestry issues worldwide show the climate change debate as fraudulent.

  5. emsnews

    Deforestation is terrible. It has many bad effects. And yes, this is a huge element in ‘warming’ because forests are cooler than deserts due to the shade, for example.

  6. Lou

    I thought Canadian leaders are Left Greens.

  7. Jim R

    It goes way beyond shade from the leafy canopy, Elaine.

    Of course there’s the CO2 they take up, as I just pointed out. But the forest also pulls a lot of water out of the ground, from rainfall, or from the underground water table. The evaporation of the water is another cooling effect local to the forest. Water absorbs a lot of heat as it evaporates.

    Finally, the water goes into the air as vapor (which is also a greenhouse gas). But its greenhouse effect is offset by another effect: clouds. And clouds increase the earth’s albedo, thereby cooling it. Another form of shade, far and wide from the forest itself.

    Destruction of trees is a crime against nature itself. Sometimes we have to do it for farming and firewood, but much of the time it is just mindless destruction by humans with bulldozers.

  8. JimmyJ

    @Lou: The ruling BC “Liberals” (not related to federal liberals) are cut from the same cloth as the defunct Social Credit Party- pro business, pro development, pro Public Private Partnerships and firmly in the “lets widen the income gap” philosophy. They just released a new budget that once again favours business and development over social spending with a number of anti human policy changes.

  9. For an interesting perspective on Syria we can watch the Syrian ambassador to the UN speaking about the conflict. It takes some patience, but a little over 3 minutes in he gets down to details.

  10. Jim R

    Here’s a picture of some of the “terrorists” Erdogan is trying to kill.

    … the genocidal bastard.

  11. emsnews

    Hitler was copying Turkey’s holocaust of Armenian Christians.

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