World’s Biggest Container Ship Arrives From China, Only Trump Mentions Trade Deficit In Speeches

My ex-husband worked in the offices of several international import/export shipping corporations who had offices in Manhattan.  I used to go down to the ports there to watch the ships come and go and when we lived in Coney Island, I would go to the ocean with binoculars to see the ships coming in from Europe and then call David’s boss and tell him what was going on, he liked that.  This was way, way back in time when the US had normal trade relations with the world and we exported US-manufactured goods.  Now, it is almost all one-way ‘trade’ and no one mentions our trade deficit when running for office here.


Biggest container ship ever to dock in America Benjamin Franklin arrives in Long Beach | Daily Mail Online


The quarter-mile-long Benjamin Franklin, which is bigger than the Empire State building, can hold up to 18,000 units and 116,000 tons of produce…Velibor Krpan, the captain of the Benjamin Franklin, told CNN: ‘The larger the ship you have, the more containers you can carry.


‘It’s cheaper to have bigger ships, containing more products, because you have fewer things to pay for. It’s more efficient in every aspect.’However, it will take a while for America to acclimatize to this new style of importing and exporting, which has become popular in Asia and Europe.


Note the lie in the story.  The US was perfectly capable of running shipping in the past.  We were #1 until ‘free trade’ decimated our economic base and destroyed nearly all our manufacturing systems here.  What are we exporting now?  Raw materials!


Note how the EU gang in France, which built this huge ship, named this after a very famous American, a Founding Father who was very intelligent and who was a protectionist because the entire point of the US rebellion was over TRADE ISSUES, that is, England forced the colonies to consume English goods in exchange for raw materials which is exactly what is going on today.


CMA CGM – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CMA CGM ship, the Nevada.

In 2015, CMA CGM’s fleet gathers: – 445 vessels – 2,244,509 container TEUs – 185,000 reefer containers
This fleet sails 170 maritime services and calls 400 ports in 160 countries – there are 521 commercial ports in the world at the moment.


This French ship from a global conglomerate operation based in the EU, is hauling goods from Asia to the US ports.  It returns empty or nearly empty.  The definition of ‘trade’ is you exchange one thing for another.  The natives of the New World did this with the European invaders, for example.  In NY, they killed beavers and got goodies in return which were all cheap foreign goods.  This ended up very badly for the natives.


My own ancestors were very much involved in this lopsided trade with the natives in Albany, NY, in the cold 1600s.


The video above shows US elected officials having a PRIVATE ceremony but using public ships to spray water and do funky things while they praise the EU shipping company for coming to US ports from Asia, brining in one way trade.  This makes me ill, thinking about the irony of all this.  And as our Enormous, Humongous Trade Deficits Widen, Further Exposing Failed Policy, the politicians running for office never mention this.


Hillary Clinton’s position on free trade? It’s (very) complicated. Because she has to lie about all this.  She belongs to The Candidates on Trade – Council on Foreign Relations.


With the surge in the U.S. trade deficit to China, the growing practice of outsourcing jobs to countries like India, and deep concerns about the fallout in U.S. manufacturing towns, free trade is the subject of increasing skepticism.


This old article from the CFR has this tidbit which reminds me how the media and our ruling elites run our ‘elections’:


Mike Gravel
Democratic Primary Candidate

Gravel has called NAFTA “a disaster for the working class of both the U.S. and Mexico” and has said that it should be either changed significantly or repealed altogether. Gravel has called for an increased focus on fair trade “if we are to rebuild the American middle class.”

Editor’s Note: Mike Gravel ended his bid for the Democraticnomination on March 26, 2008. He then ran for the LibertarianParty’s presidential nomination before announcing the end ofhis political career on May 25, 2008.

Click here for this candidate’s position on other top foreign policy issues.

Dennis Kucinich
Democratic Primary Candidate

Rep. Kucinich (D-OH) has been one of the most adamant congressional critics of free trade, saying it is responsible for lost jobs in the United States and abusive working conditions abroad. He voted against the creation of FTAs with Oman, Singapore, and Chile, and against the Trade Act of 2002. He says if elected, he will withdraw the United States from NAFTA immediately. In November 2007, Kucinich voted against legislation authorizing an FTA with Peru. That FTA passed in the House, however.


Both left politics entirely after the Obama CFR-supported Obama won the election and then proceeded to increase the trade deficit.  The GOP generally supports ‘free trade’ but hit the Democrats hard on race issues, for example.  Both parties cynically play on voter concerns while we watch our rulers decimate our major manufacturing cities turning them into hell hole traps for blacks and Hispanics who are encouraged to embrace the gangsta culture which amuses our rulers as these poor people try to entertain their way out of these ghettoes.


Very sad, watching all this.  Racists love to blame blacks and Hispanics for their cultural collapse inside our empire without realizing they are playing into the cynical hands of the twin ruling parties which have bitter elections and such in public and embrace each other, laughing, in private.


So, who is the ONLY guy mentioning the trade deficit this primary cycle?  Easy:  Trade Is What Makes Trump’s Campaign Tick!  Yes, he is talking about this and the media owners and the Bilderberg gang don’t want this talked about and so I can find articles like this one by searching the web, but it isn’t front and center in this ‘election’ because…no one at the top wants it mentioned at all and the media blasts us with pictures and videos of Trump saying crummy or stupid things and they mock him but note the previous election where serious candidates against free trade were treated EXACTLY the same way, all their bloopers and stumbles were broadcast with commentators sneering at them and they all are no longer in politics while Hillary charges onwards, no matter what she does.


“We’re going to beat China, Japan, beat Mexico at trade,” he said in his New Hampshire primary victory speech. “We’re going to beat all of these countries that are taking so much of our money away on a daily basis.”


This isn’t well received by everyone. Every time Trump mentions China, it produces enough eye rolls among media members to be labeled a mass event. To them his buffoonery seeps into everything he mentions, and “China” is no different.


The CRF dogs working the media for the Real Rulers all jumped on Trump for a mistake in how huge the trade deficit with China is, he said around ‘500 billion dollars’ when they sneered, it was ONLY ‘slightly less than 400 billion dollars’!  Holy cow that jumped over the trade deficit moon!


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30 responses to “World’s Biggest Container Ship Arrives From China, Only Trump Mentions Trade Deficit In Speeches

  1. Being There

    Trump is cleaning the floor with this issue and he knows the Neoliberal and neoconservative ideologies accepted by everyone else is a loser for the people of all sovereign nation states globally.
    He may not be allowed to say it, but the American people understand.
    So here’s the thing. He blames other countries for this when this all about the CEO and banking class of America.
    Our CEOs want the lower currency values so they can make money on the differentials.
    The American govt. represents their interests.
    Trump knows this but cannot say it.

  2. Lou

    Huge ship arrives.

    I read the Baltic Dry Index is at a low and someone can rent a huge ship at the same price a Ferrari auto rents for.

    I am glad the BDI is at a low. Americans have run out of money for cheap chinese ‘goods’ [of inferior quality].

    Maybe now things will change for the better.

  3. Being There

    Trust me things aren’t going to change for the better because the CEOs are the culprits and it’s their ideology that runs this show.
    They are going for new markets and we will be left high and dry.
    you should listen to some economic history of the last 50 years to get the picture.
    Look out for the term Neoliberal and you’ll get the picture. I highly recommend reading Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine, the Rise of Disaster Capitalism and listening to many interviews on this site: not just he most recent but all of them:

  4. JimmyJ

    Since we’re talking about shipping it’s worth reminding folks about this interesting ocean shipping tracking site, now with apps too.

    @BeingThere: Michael Hudson wrote a book about “neo-feudalism” but I haven’t read it, nor Klein’s and my friends tell me I better get reading Klein now. Problem is all these authors also write great essays on the interwebs and I dont have time to read both. Here’s a good recent article by Hudson’s thesis:

  5. Petruchio

    “Trump is cleaning the floor with this issue and he knows the Neoliberal and neoconservative ideologies accepted by everyone else is a loser for the people of all sovereign nation states globally.” Almost ALL of these “neoliberals” and “neo-conservatives” KNOW FULL WELL that their “economics” they preach and promote DO NOT grow economies OR create jobs!!
    These guys are about as believable as Alan Greenspan saying that “Markets are self-regulating” or that markets are acting with “irrational exuberance”. Nope. Alan Greenspan, like the neoliberals and neo-cons is NO IDEOLOGUE. Greenspan is a silk-suited THIEF.
    These guys, the Alan Greenspans and the ‘neoliberals’ are REALLY, if they were to be labeled accurately, would be called, Mouthpieces for Wealth Transfer to the Already Wealthy. Of course, that name, though HIGHLY accurate, imho, would work; too honest.

  6. vengeur

    @#1: “So here’s the thing. He blames other countries for this when this all about the CEO and banking class of America.” Totally wrong analysis of Trumps message. He does not blame the other countries for doing what is best for THEMSELVES. He himself does business with all of those countries. No animosity toward THEM, but rather his ire is toward the stupid and corrupt politicians and “trade negotiators”(bought and paid for) on the US side. He says these thing constantly in his stump speech.

  7. CK

    There is no place in the USA that could build that ship, no foundries left to cast the parts, no domestic engine manufacturers to compete for the engine build contract. There is no lie. The USA is astoundingly incompetent at capitalism. It will take a few minutes for America to become acclimated to ships that size and efficiencies that large; it will take generations to come close competency. As the progressives and the SJW’s take more and more control of the culture, the rule of the crab bucket becomes the American norm. In the crab bucket, the competent the strivers the productive are pulled back to the mediocracy’s level.
    I like Trump, have for decades. I expect he will be the next president. I do not expect he will be able to bring the productive jobs back; he will try, tariffs and arm-twisting and such will be tried. The thing is that once you give up your lead, once you stop worrying about improving your product and start working to raise all the boats with holes below the waterline, the rest of the world just keeps on trucking — faster and faster— and the USA keeps losing its lead, losing it values losing its heart. The USA is a government driven country. Try to open a business as a independent capitalist and see how long ( measured in days ) before some connected pseudo-competitor sics his captured regulators on your ass. Try to open something like a foundry and see how long measured in hours before the press and the SJW NIMBY’s file suit to prohibit you from proceeding.

  8. Jim R

    On a positive note, you can make a great living shelter out of those empty containers. A little insulation, cut a window or two, and bingo!

    (just ask that dumpster-life guy here in Austin, hahahahahah)

  9. CK
    Just add Bella wood flooring ( and somewhere for the formaldehyde to escape.

  10. Lou

    Jim R –you are too much. Ever read of Agenda 2030? Its a
    Live in a box law.

  11. emsnews

    Hell, I once lived in a literal junk yard!

    The US has dropped its industrial base off and thought we could still be a top nation and this was insane and stupid especially…if a WAR breaks out and voila! There goes everything.

    We cannot go to war with China because we have no industrial base that can be switched from civilian to military production. Our few military production sites can easily be bombed and that would be the end of that.

    Talk about stupid: we are being told that China and Russia want WWIII and we must get ready for this…what? By shipping more stuff from China???

  12. Lou

    USA has no large shoe factories.
    If China inc cuts the cord [or when it does] Yikes.

    Clinton gave very important Super Computer technology to China.
    So they can make war.

    What will happen to the price of gold when the Chinese complete their purchase of the Chicago Stock Exchange ?

  13. Lou

    By shipping more stuff from China??? Bush, right after 9 11 told us to ‘go spend money’—
    Bush said… “go out and shop”,

    page 1 –
    He said that after 9/11 Bush had told the people … of thing that Bush said after 9/11? … absolutely did tell us, to take our stimulus money….go spend …

  14. ziff

    ? is trump for real or just a dog a pony show to blow off steam?

  15. Jim R

    Yup, Elaine, you’ve noticed. Back in the ’80s, defense contractors had to make everything out of USA-made parts. They’d have to use microprocessors that were a generation behind the ones in your PC, because the silicon fabs were already being done in Japan and Singapore and Taiwan and Korea, etc. In the USA – old, dumb, clunky electronics, but they worked…

    Then in the ’90s, the defense contractors went to a ‘COTS’ system to save money — “Commercial Off The Shelf”. In other words, just go by Radio Shack and get the stuff there (more or less). You’d think with all the money they saved, we wouldn’t be spending ten times as much as everybody else on our military by now.

    Finally, as we have discussed here before, we can’t even make a magnet without using rare earth minerals imported from China. Or a motor without one of those magnets.

    If a war breaks out, all China or Russia will have to do is sink a couple aircraft carriers and damage a few subs, and that will be that.

  16. Jim R

    Lou, remember that story out of Los Alamos, about the Chinese American scientist they accused of spying? I don’t know why it really happened, but it seemed like a joke, even at the time. He had misplaced a floppy disk or something, which didn’t matter at all, because China already knew everything they knew at Los Alamos, as a matter of public fact.

    I recall watching a suspense movie in the 90s, can’t recall which one it was just now, but I laughed when they revealed the ‘secret’ at the heart of the plot. The bad guys were smuggling some sort of computer chips to China. In the movie, this was a big deal, with a cardboard box of chips in anti-static packaging. In reality, if the Chinese wanted them, they could just swing by the factory and pick up a box. Ha Ha

  17. Lou

    China already knew everything they knew at Los Alamos, as a matter of public fact. ————–
    Only because of the Chinese and our traitorous government.
    Like I posted, USA doesnt even make shoes in large enough quantities.

    What about Pollard? Hmmm.

  18. Lou

    Hell, I once lived in a literal junk yard!
    No, hell is many years in a tent when its 50 below in the winter.

    Junk yards [not trash dumps] are nice. We once found a packard hubcap in one, in yr area.

  19. emsnews

    I worked on cutting edge computer fabrication back in 1972, I remember in 1971 my boss coming back from Texas waving the very first computer chip! IT WAS CREATED IN AMERICA, not Japan. IBM.

    I built these Application Specific Integrated Circuit Boards, it was a very delicate matter using many different sized drill bits that were quite tiny and delicate.

    The new Microprocessor Integrate chip was an American creation. All of this was done in the USA. Japan copied us.

  20. Jim R

    That was 1971. By the 1980s, they were moving the fabs (fabrication) to Singapore. They would etch the silicon wafers in America, and send them overseas for cheap labor to cut the wafers and attach tiny gold wires to them. That was also being done in Dallas in the ’80s, but it was being phased out. The Asians could do it cheaper.

    We have chip makers in Austin, right now. Ironically, one of the biggest is Samsung, out of Korea.

  21. emsnews

    My point remains, the US was the leader in this technology, a field I worked in myself. Now, it is vanishing along with our manufacturing. This draining of our system of everything that made our country ‘great’ irritates me no end.

  22. Jim R

    We made ASICs at TI in Dallas.

    The term ‘ASIC’ is not very specific, though. My design went into a fully-cusom chip, but TI called it an ASIC because that was what it was. Not a complete microprocessor, but a special chip that did one thing and did it well. It was built with a hardware design library, and laid out using the big IBM mainframes they had, and masks were made up, and it was etched into silicon.

    In other settings, people would refer to a thing made from an FPGA as an ASIC. An FPGA is just a bunch of logic gates, and you set it up with a programming interface, blowing fuses or setting bits in a PROM area, to cause the gates to interact in a certain fashion. Sort-of an ASIC.

    Nowadays, the microprocessor has gotten so cheap and small that if you want to just blink an LED, you program a processor to set a bit ‘on’, then waste some time, then set it ‘off’ and so on, and loop on that.

    I don’t even know if ASICs are made into custom chips any more. I think there is still some design work being done in California and Washington and here in Austin, but most of that sort of work has moved to Asia along with the fabs…

  23. Lou

    I was listening to Andy Hoffman [X22 report] on Youtube.
    He said that in this January, there were zero ships moving goods.
    Baltic Dry Index went from 12000? to 200.

    ‘They’ may have built some huge ships BUT if white people do not have the money to shop theres no point in moving the ships.

    Web search, ‘rent a ferrari for the same price as a freighter.’

  24. Petruchio

    “Lou, remember that story out of Los Alamos, about the Chinese American scientist they accused of spying?” I believe this person’s name is Wen Ho Lee. He worked at Las Alamos, but was in fact a spy for China. Lee was caught red-handed (hey, that’s a pun! lol) with two massive disc drives FILLED with sensitive data. It was a devastating security breach, but of course, NO ONE lost their jobs. In fact, the damage Wen Ho Lee caused was so devastating the US Government BURIED this spy scandal. Too many questions would be asked and in ANY environment where ACCOUNTABILITY mattered even a tiny bit some people would have gotten fired. So the government decided to pretend as if Wen Ho Lee had NEVER become a spy for China. This is what happens when abunchof ultra, ultra spoiled rotten rich kid Ivy Leaguers gain control of the reins of government. You get people in your government–in powerful positions-who belong to secret clubs like The Numbskulls and Boneheads, people who would be homeless, unemployed dumpster divers were it not for family connections.

  25. Jim R

    “… secret clubs like The Numbskulls and Boneheads, people who would be homeless, unemployed dumpster divers were it not for family connections.”

    Which brings us around to the topic of this thread 🙂

    When the war crimes and financial fraud trials are done, and sentences passed out, make those rotten kids live in shipping containers!

  26. Lou

    Off topic, one of my Favs, Chem trail plane spraying as it lands.
    Explain this one away.

  27. Lou

    Pet, Pollard was much more recent. At least his ‘being returned to Zion.’

  28. Jim R

    That was the one I was thinking of, Petruchio. Wen Ho Lee.

    I thought they had already given all the data away to places like Pakistan and Israel, with some leakage, and anyone who cared, anywhere in the world, could have all the technical details they wanted…

  29. Jim R

    Just finished reading the Wikipedia page on him. The FBI makes the Keystone Kops look organized by comparison.

    Of course, the USA always did suck at human intelligence.

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