Crazy Explanations For Scalia Dying With His Pillow, Texas Officials Have Endless Stories

Inside the Luxury Suite Where Justice Antonin Scalia Spent His Final Hours – YouTube

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Pillows fell onto Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia after he died, say cops as doctor reveals he was a smoker and suffered obesity and artery disease.  After announcing officially that this guy died and there were no pillows on his head, another official trots out the fact that the pillow was on Scalia’s forehead.  This mystery pillow certainly has a life of its own!  It just moves all over the place, sort of like in Ghostbusters or a Hitchcock thriller.  I suggest Hollywood make a movie about the Killer Pillow.  I still think he was doing something to himself, sexually, when he died.  But then the idea that someone smothered him creeps in on padded feet.  We don’t know and this is so much like bin Laden’s death whereby the body had to be dumped into the ocean secretly by our military after they cut his head off and possibly gave it to the Bush Skull and Bones operation at Yale.

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This hotel is out in the middle of nowhere, in the desert where it is flat.  Right on the border of Chihuahua, Mexico.  Seems this place is for hunting Mule Deer and prong horns and peccary pigs.  There is little ‘hunting according to this video.  Seems the poor animals, in virtual open land, are gunned down as they struggle up the nearby mountains.

Cibolo Creek Ranch Episode Part 3 – YouTube

They should have done this to Scalia’s head, make it a troika.  This whole business shows clearly how our rulers operate: in secret.  Normally, when there is a sudden death like this, they don’t presume the person just upped and died, they do an inquest. This guy left home where his wife lives and stayed at a very secretive hotel for AMUSEMENT, not business.  He dies suddenly.  Sherlock Holmes has to now unravel this case since the authorities refused to do this and instead, opted for a quick funeral except they decided to salute the corpse by putting it on display which means we can still have an autopsy except he probably has chemicals in the veins now to preserve the corpse.


True, he was one sick puppy.  But presuming this killed him specifically is mere speculation.  The fact that this pillow is placed in various positions by various authorities  after this death, these comments mean suspicion rises rapidly that they are all, every one of them, lying in order to cover up the true cause of his death.  I would surmise, he did this to himself but then, what if someone working there disliked this guy who is very easy to dislike, crept in and smothered him?  It is possible, after all.  The fact that the inquest was a rush to get beyond the facts is very troubling and this story won’t vanish, it will grow over time with crazy stories attaching themselves like barnacles.


Then we have 9/11 when Bush Jr. let the Saudis who created and sponsored the terrorists, were all secretly allowed to leave the US on private jets which were the only planes allowed to fly during that time and Congress did not investigate this and no one put Bush Jr. on the stand to justify this and it is not mentioned by our media, it hardly ever comes up, 9/11 has pretty much vanished down the Memory Hole, too.  We are told over and over that the Saudis are our best buddies even as they sponsor and fund Sunni fundamentalist terrorists all over the place.


Our media owners are responsible for all this.  The latest funky story about Scalia comes to me via the British media which is much more forthright and engaging.  Here is the Washington Post’s back page story today after the Brit press revealed that the pillow was supposedly ‘on his forehead’:  Texas sheriff’s report reveals more details on Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s death which says the pillows were ‘stacked up to elevate his head’ except for the pesky pillow that wandered off over his head.  HAHAHA.


They claim Scalia’s wife demanded no autopsy.  Since when has a wife the right to impede a police investigation?  The fact that he was at this weird hotel by himself without her to do ‘stuff’ that required the wife be far off and invisible, means she has no idea what he is doing behind her back!  Since he is a powerful entity, this requires proper investigation, not a cover up with the wife, probably embarrassed because she knew why he vacations without her at this secretive place, she has to preserve his image of being this sexless, holy roller conservative who doesn’t act like Michael Jackson in private.  All these guys have to pretend they don’t do weird sex!  Which is hilarious, ask any prostitute about this business of being straight and narrow in public and the bizarre sex demands in private!


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25 responses to “Crazy Explanations For Scalia Dying With His Pillow, Texas Officials Have Endless Stories

  1. Peter C.

    I don’t spend much time in hotels but they call that a luxury suite?

  2. Jim R

    Peter C, yes, that is a luxury hotel.

    It’s a place where the creme-de-la-creme go to ‘rough it’, and shoot guns. Remember that time when Cheney shot his hunting companion? That was in a different location, but here in Texas. One of those disgusting ‘canned hunt’ ranches where they shoot helpless little tame hand-raised birds and animals.

    And yes, they are expensive. Lots of things that are expensive like that are not expensive because they are fantastically good. The most expensive wine is often essentially vinegar. Or, think of Jaguar — not the animal, the car.

    As for all the theories, I’m unimpressed. Scalia was always a good little water boy for the crooks of the deep state. There’s no reason they’d want to off him. He was in advancing ‘middle age’, and overweight, and never exercised, and had almost certainly been drinking. He may not have been as unhealthy looking as Christie, but he was certainly a candidate for a massive heart attack and/or stroke.

  3. Petruchio

    I’d like to mention here that in Texas, a person can be declared legally dead OVER THE PHONE by a “qualified” individual–according to Texas law. IF Scalia’s Cause of Death certificate states “heart attack, natural causes” (as opposed to a drug induced heart attack) the way is clear to cremate Scalia’s body. A cremation can cover up a lot of incriminating things. Not saying here that Scalia was murdered. What IS apparent here is that there may not be any “fire” here, but there is ALOT of smoke. The elites operate just like the 5Crime Families of New York did. Every once in awhile, somebody has to get whacked. Either they got out of line or they want to replace him. Who knows? Maybe some kind of a scandal involving Scalia was about to surface? I know this. The elites have NPO qualms about getting rid of anyone that is a threat to the elites.

  4. vengeur

    The man was 79, overweight and a smoker. Why the pillow on the head? Well, if you have ever been around newly dead people, they have a tendency to die with less than flattering expressions on their lifeless faces . Somebody put the pillow on the head out of decency, as is often done over deceased persons, especially such a public one as Scalia (click click goes the camera!).

  5. Petruchio

    @#4 vengeur: maybe that IS what happened, but you don’t know that for certain. That “hunting” ranch is very isolated. Why the need to put a pillow over Scalia’s face? Who would see it? Is it even possible that some paparazzi photographer could have snuk into the bedroom and snapped a photo? VERY unlikely. The truth is Scalia was pronounced dead by some coroner who was NOT physically present at Scalia’s deathbed; the coroner declared Scalia dead OVER THE PHONE! Which is LEGAL in Texas. And we know that Scalia’s body was cremated right after he was declared dead. Anything more about Scalia’s cause of death is speculation. Including yours.

  6. vengeur

    Yes it is speculation, but quite plausible. He may have also had a bunch of heath issues (hush hush). The big laugh was from Glen Beck, who said “Scalia was killed by God so Americans would wake up.” I was thinking, yes , God is very good when it comes to killing off 79 year old , overwight smokers.

  7. emsnews

    The plot thickens, call Sherlock Holmes: Report: Sheriff was told he had no authority in Scalia death – The Washington Post

    “When the body of the 79-year-old Scalia was found Feb. 13 in his bed at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, ranch owner John Poindexter was initially vague when reporting the death to authorities, the report said.

    Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez complained that he was delayed in responding because Poindexter would not reveal during a phone call who had died.

    “I then advised Poindexter that a death reported in Presidio County was under my jurisdiction and that it should be reported to my office,” Dominguez wrote. “He then stated to me that this death was way beyond my authority and that it should go to the Feds.” “

  8. wellwell

    This story is becoming even more bizarre. It turns out that Scalia may have been associated with a secretive international society of hunters dedicated to St Hubertus, and that they dressed up in dark green robes with crosses on them, and gave themselves exalted titles like the masons. Honestly, you could not make this stuff up!

  9. Lou

    Do men 80 years old desire sex?

  10. vengeur

    Yes Lou, I thought the same thing. Realistically, most of us will have long since moved on to other things by that age.

  11. Petruchio

    @#6 vengeur: Ok ,Ok. I don’t know what happened to Scalia or how he died. But I will say this: If Scalia died because he was a 79 year old, overweight smoker, what would be the need to cover that up? What would the harm be to disclose THOSE reasons for the cause of Scalia’s death?

  12. charlottemom

    The robed hunters did it with a pillow in the bedroom. Straight out of agatha christie. Sorry to be so sardonic but this latest story about an ancient hunting order is a headfake meant to misdirect those suspecting foul play. We’ll never know…and that’s how “they” want it. I agree with Elaine – Scalia was doing something with not-to-named men that would tarnish his rep.

  13. Petruchio

    “Do men 80 years old desire sex?” Well, personally, I hope I am one of those that does still want ‘intimacy’. But I got to thinking of that 80 year old perv Hugh Hefner. He still seems to “want it”. Of course he has to take a bunch of blue pills to “put lead in his pencil”, but that’s beside the point.

  14. Jim R

    I have read it somewhere, and it seems about right, pedophilia is not about sex, really. Nor is rape.

    It is about dominance and power. Whether it is priests in the Church, or football coaches, or high level politicians, or some ‘refugees’. They get their jollies by overpowering the small, weak, and vulnerable.

    It isn’t all that different from shooting little tame birds and animals.

    If that is what has been going on at that ‘ranch’, I sincerely hope it is publicly exposed and the guilty parties prosecuted. But you know, that rarely happens. In the Church or in the British government, we might see an occasional story in the news, then it is swept under the carpet as quickly as possible and never mentioned again.

  15. I think it was auto-erotic asphyxia.

  16. vengeur

    79 year old man playing with himself. Yep.

  17. Lou

    I have read it somewhere, and it seems about right, pedophilia is not about sex, really. Nor is rape.

    The ‘rape is about power’ is a feminist fantasy. Read ‘The Dark Side on Man’ and he will offer an excellent critique of that aspect of feminism.

  18. emsnews

    Yes, auto-erotic asphyxia could be what happened. WE DON’T KNOW because there was zero investigation. The fact that this wasn’t done is what is so glaring in this whole business. It is funny, too, watching our Rulers explain away all this. Their attempts are failing. Thankfully.

  19. Jim R

    True that. If the Presidio County coroner had visited the ranch, no brows would have been furrowed. But he ‘phoned it in’.

  20. Lou

    zero investigation.–check
    no autopsy–check
    nothing to see here, move on.

  21. Petruchio

    I think what one needs to do when it comes to Scalia’s death is to note what did NOT happen NOT what did! We all know Scalia died there at the Ranch. NO actual attempt to discover the cause of death. NO body to examine and perform an autopsy because the body was cremated VERY shortly after Scalia’s death. NO investigation into what was going on at this hunting Ranch to determine, for example who saw Scalia last? NO attempt–as I far as I know–to find out all the individual who were present at the Ranch at the time of Scalia’s death. All standard questions to be asking in a situation like this ESPECIALLY if the dead body is a Supreme Court Justice! Remember what the Ranch’s owner, John Poindexter said when the local Sheriff called asking these kinds of questions? “It’s a Federal matter.” No question about it. There’s ALOT of smoke here. You would think there HAS to be at least some fire as well.


    Wow … Just … Wow

  23. Lou

    On the eve of Scalia’s death, there was a very interesting Podesta email about it being a momentous night, wet work, but some having cold feet. It also referenced a locale very near the ranch Scalia was staying at.

    Nothing admissible or indictable perhaps, but utterly damning. The type of thing that should start an investigation. A few days after Scalia’s death, Chelsea Clinton helpfully said at a rally, Now that Scalia’s gone, we can get rid of guns.

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