Black Lives Matter Only During Elections: Another Black Massacre, Facebook Freaks Out Over Its Own ‘Graffiti Wall’

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I found photos of this mass murder event on the British Daily Mail Online news feed, few if any US feeds carry the above photos on a front page.


Kansas Workplace Shooting Suspect Identified as Cedric Larry Ford, Sources Say – this is a black employee who has a criminal record and who was still hired because the company wanted to show they are not ‘racist’, this guy got in a verbal tussle with someone and then went out, like the terrorists in California recently, and shot up his workplace until he was shot dead by the cops.  This week, we learn that Apple is seriously trying to prevent the FBI from discovering other terrorists by accessing the iPhone of the California killers.  Sorry, Apple: most people want you to unlock that iPhone, a poll shows.


“The implications of the government’s demands are chilling. If the government can use the All Writs Act to make it easier to unlock your iPhone, it would have the power to reach into anyone’s device to capture their data. The government could extend this breach of privacy and demand that Apple build surveillance software to intercept your messages, access your health records or financial data, track your location, or even access your phone’s microphone or camera without your knowledge,” said Cook (at Apple headquarters).


This noble declaration would be believable except Facebook and Apple cooperate with Israel to do exactly this!  Not to mention, both do this in China, too.  I would suggest, this ‘freedom’ is a front, a publicity action that is not really believed. We live in a country that is totally controlled when it comes to information.  True, one can go to Russian news services still to find out the other side of stories that are plastered over with propaganda in the US, such as anything about Syria or Ukraine.


Getting real information is increasingly difficult here, I can’t tell how much censorship is going on in the internet but I do know that nearly all major media outside of a few like the  Daily Mail Online which allows nearly unfettered feedback.  We just had another race/religious mass murder and no one is allowed to discuss this in public, we just get to watch the news and of course, in England, they still can talk about this at a major news site.


Now back to the story of Zuckerberg telling workers not to cross out “Black Lives Matter”, he is imposing on his employees his personal political point of view and is furious they disagree with him.  All the protest against his posting is saying is ‘ALL Lives Matter’ which is totally innocent and quite correct, I would hope.  Instead of accepting this and smiling, he is a raging monster who wants to silence anyone who doesn’t buy into his scam about black criminals being persecuted when black crime is exploding, destroying black communities as thoroughly as a WWII mass bombing raid.


Univ. of Missouri fires instructor after student run-ins when a white, female professor threatened to cause harm to a white male student who was an official reporter for the school newspaper when he attempted to photograph a ‘black lives matter’ tent demonstration on campus.  These morons thought that building this camp right smack in the middle of the campus and then KEEPING EVERYONE OUT and even attacking photographers, was a great way to illustrate ‘black lives matter’ and how cops and courts should not be allowed to operate.


Freedom.  Yes, the freedom to have a secret demonstration in the middle of business or school is what these guys


Back to ‘freedom of speech’ at corporate headquarters in California:  Zuckerberg condemns Facebook staffers for anonymous tags on “signature wall” | Ars Technica


According to a Gizmodo report, Zuckerberg took issue on Wednesday with someone crossing out part of the phrase “Black Lives Matter”—which was written on the company’s giant, dry-erase wall next to other staffers’ and guests’ signatures and drawings—and changing it to read “all lives matter.” The Zuckerberg memo alleged that this had happened multiple times to the Facebook signature wall, and he called out the anonymous activity: “Despite my clear communication at Q&A last week that this was unacceptable… this has happened again.”


A closer look at Google and Yahoo’s recently-revealed diversity math.
The story also calls to attention Facebook’s publicly disclosed diversity figures, which counted a 2-percent count of African-American employees in both 2014 and 2015. Zuckerberg’s memo, with mentions of “a history of oppression and racism,” clarified his issues with the tags, seemingly targeted at the company’s non-black staffers: “‘Black lives matter’ doesn’t mean that other lives don’t; it’s simply asking that the black community also achieves the justice they deserve.”


The last thing activists want is ‘justice (black males) deserve’.  The push of this movement is to remove interest in why black males are on the rampage and instead, they want to celebrate crime in song and dance while committing 50% of crimes by 5% of the population as ‘good’.   ‘Unintelligible yelling’: CNN subtitle writers can’t keep up with fiery debate as candidates hurl insults at one another over the issue of illegal workers at last night’s debate.


Aside from the audience which was, like previous ‘debates’, filled with paying partisans supporting the ‘official’ candidates and zero Trump supporters, Trump had to hold his own in the face of media and GOP open hostility and the more hostile that is, the more voters support Trump.  Trump did use alien labor as ALL businesses including Facebook and Apple, do the same.  Attacking Trump for doing what all GOP and DNC supporter businesses do in private is silly but this is what we have come to today: everyone is a faker in one way or another, all are against us here in the US, they really secretly hate our freedoms and this includes the Facebook and Apple executives.


Freedom of Expression: Facebook “Likes” |


employees of the Hampton Sheriff’s Office in Virginia were fired because they “Liked” the campaign page of Jim Adams, who was running against the incumbent sheriff. They claimed in response that clicking the “Like” button constituted “substantive” political speech, which was therefore constitutionally protected, and that they could not be fired for having supported the losing candidate.


Fortunately, the U. S. Court of Appeals in Richmond agreed, likening the clicking of that button to posting a political sign in your front yard, already ruled protected “substantive” speech by the Supreme Court. That, though, raises a host of other issues. What if your click is not political? If I “Like” a company for any reason or no reason, can I lose my job if my employer sees that as promoting the competition?


From 2013, about Facebook censoring Muslims and anyone who writes unflattering stuff about Israeli Jews, Facebook must decide: does it value free expression?  Because it doesn’t, of course.  Censorship is already rampant, it is merely hidden and not talked about in US public forums run by executives of various kinds.  The internet still has a level of freedom higher than before we had the internet but it is a thousand times less free than say, 20 years ago.


I notice now that search engines are getting screwed up deliberately.  If you Google very specific words knowing very well where various sites really are, if they touch on say, Israel, you get a few leads but most of the ‘search engine results’ are trash totally unrelated to the query.  This screwball way of operating search engines started suddenly just this last year and it irritates me no end.


Even if I am searching for stuff about how to take apart a car’s engine of a specific car make, I get few useful results now.  This is absurd and ads have proliferated online during this same time period and will swamp everything as search engines seek out these first for a payback.


Trump slams former Mexican leader over profanity-laced border wall comment: new in Europe and little in the US.  We are not supposed to know that the Mexican leader cussed us from stopping his people from invading.  All first world countries are being assailed in this fashion now and it is causing huge problems for the local citizens who are told, they are less interest to their rulers than foreign interlopers and of course, Trump hires overseas, too, for the same exact reasons Apple or Facebook would do this.


Black males, in particular, are hard hit by all this and for example, black men who were in construction jobs which I sponsored, for example, are cut out of this by alien labor from Europe and south of our borders.  Now, for the average black male leaving high school, there are few or no jobs in this field for them.  Aliens are causing huge problems for citizens which are ignored, sneered at or open lies are told to keep blacks in their places in inner cities as criminals and slamming all the doors shut to jobs they normally would have gained before this flood of 11 million aliens was allowed to swamp us.


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23 responses to “Black Lives Matter Only During Elections: Another Black Massacre, Facebook Freaks Out Over Its Own ‘Graffiti Wall’

  1. Jim R

    Sometimes black lives matter, and sometimes they don’t.

    This thing happened in Austin recently:

    It didn’t make the national news because, meh, nobody cares.

  2. Melponeme_k

    I’ve hung around tech cirlces and VR for going on 10 years now. These people were NEVER about freedom. They were NEVER about hippy ways.

    They mega majority of the founding techsters were big into cults like EST. EST and it’s practices are all encoded into tech companies and behavior. I’m surprised you never wrote about this Elaine.

    From the get go, tech has been all about “You will get what I say you want to get, nothing more and nothing less. PLUS if it is time for things to CHANGE, your product will break or no longer work then you must buy it all over again.” Dealing with these people is akin to asking for a bathroom break at one of those old EST meetings.

  3. Nani

    OT: Japan’s population continues to shrink. During the last five years the population decreased by almost one million people. 39 out of the total 47 prefectures registered decline in their population. Out of the eight prefectures who registered growth, four was located in the capital area.

  4. Lou

    Zuckerberg telling workers not to cross out “Black Lives Matter”, he is imposing on his employees his personal political point of view and is furious they disagree with him–what else would I expect from an anti White Jew?

  5. Lou

    This is in Elaines area—Black SUNY Students being called Niggers, not—–

    3 black women are being charged with assault and falsifying a police report.
    —breaking news: at SUNY at Albany, two weeks ago, three black female students alleged that twelve white men, and a few white women, assaulted them on the bus while calling them n*ggers!!

    They were very graphic in their description, saying they were held down by multiple white men while others punched and kicked them. They said they had facial lacerations, concussions, the whole nine.

    This prompted protests drawing HUNDREDS of students, including BLACK LIVES MATTER, BLACK WOMEN MATTER, and a bunch of spineless white SJWs. The PRESIDENT of the university issued a public letter apologizing and speaking out against racism and violence, etc.

    after THIRTY FIVE WITNESS INTERVIEWS and FIVE different sets of VIDEO FOOTAGE, including the BUS SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE, it turns out that what REALLY HAPPENED was that the three black women violently assaulted a WHITE WOMAN STUDENT and beat her and kicked her senseless while CALLING RACIAL SLURS.

  6. Lou

    In New England, Omar killed a few and his mama blamed YT [whitey]. Then there was Lovell Mixon, etc.

    And this trial is happening–

    Grim sleeper –Lonnie–may have killed 200 or more women.
    Now Blacks are blaming Whites for the deaths.
    BUT NO, I have read enough to know why this went on so long. And that is
    The ‘no snitch’ rule. Lonnie was involved in stolen cars and who knows what but Blacks didnt want to snitch. and Yt gets blamed.

    there were actually at least 6 serial killers (Ivan J. Hill, Michael Hughes, Louis Crane, Chester Dewayne Turner, Daniel Lee Seibert -the only white guy-, and Grim…) of mostly black women in the LA/ South Central area at the same time as Grim- mid 80s through the 90s. they were all lumped together as one killer sometimes called the South Side Slayer. at this point in time the LA police were particularly useless and in the middle of the ‘Ramparts’ scandal ( where minorities were specifically hired from their communities into the police force and were actually still active gang members…) as well as with the crack cocaine explosion..
    this all overlooks the fact that the majority of the victims worked (some at least casually) in the largest pool of serial killer victims- prostitutes and escorts- and no matter what their color there is often a general malaise and lack of interest (and man power) in solving such crimes.

    the New Bedford Highway killer murdered mostly white women- and that hasn’t been solved. Green River killed mostly white women and wasn’t stopped for decades (even though in the 80s a pimp led the police right to his doorstep when the man’s girlfriend went on a date with Ridgway and never returned.). there are a mountain of unsolved serial killings of women of all colors across the USA. solving the murders of those who put themselves in high risk situations repeatedly and belong to the lower and criminal classes still is not a high priority with police departments. stranger murders are never easy to solve and the suspect pools for sex workers on the street can be both vast and hard to track down.
    it is advances in DNA technology that are solving these crimes- and that technology was brand new and largely untested in court in the 80s. there is also allegedly one other survivor of the Grim Sleeper but she is either unable or unwilling to testify against him-or perhaps no longer with us at this late a date from the crime.

  7. Lou

    What libs [Elaine included] dont want to face are facts. Facts like who most killers in the USA are.
    People like me are ‘racists’ and ‘ranters’ according to EMS.

  8. Lou

    From SBPLD site—The no snitch rule, again,

    Black male employee gets fired and returns at quitting time with AK – 47 and starts shooting. 6 people shot 2 or 3 dead.

    Happened at Excel lawn mower factory in Hesston Kansas.

    February 25, 2016 at 5:05 PM

    Yep, the fired lawn mower factory worker really was a black male and he really did shoot up the place with an AK47.

    I wonder what monkey king osambo will have to say to his sycophantic media about this mass shooting. Oh that’s right, the shooter was black, and also an ex-con with convictions for burglary and grand theft, so there will likely be no words forthcoming from osambo’s purple lips about this mass shooting. Of course, the mass shooting that happened in Kalamazoo Michigan earlier this week was done by a middle age white male Uber driver who had no prior record and no problems with his employer, so osambo wasted no time to get out in front of the cameras to talk about that mass shooting.

    Quote from the linked article above: “Ford, a father-of-two, has a history of burglary convictions, grand theft, and prowling. It is not clear how he managed to obtain a weapon given his criminal record.”

    Anonymous said…
    Anonymous Sick’nTired said…
    OT, but just saw the news story about the mass shooting in Hesston, Kansas. They only gave the shooter’s name and showed the WHITE police chief explaining what happened, but no description of the shooter. A quick Google search and sure enough the shooter was a dindu. Let’s see how quickly this story goes away, my money is on 3 days.

    February 25, 2016 at 7:19 PM

    The Kansas shooter’s name is Cedric Ford. I don’t really think that anybody other than a male dindu would have a first name of “Cedric”.

    Also, this male dindu Cedric Ford had multiple felony convictions related to burglary from what I have read, yet this same male dindu had multiple pictures and at least one video posted on his Facebook page of himself being in possession of firearms and shooting them too.

    Apparently none of his close family or friends ever said anything to anyone about that, because that would be “snitching” I guess. Meanwhile, I can still recall a story from about three years where a white guy in New Jersey posted to Facebook a picture of his 10 year old son just holding his legally-owned .22 rifle, a rifle that merely looks like an AR15 rifle, and it was only about a day or two later when both the police and child services suddenly showed up at the white guy’s house and demanded to be allowed inside the house for investigative purposes.

  9. e sutton

    But, but, but, lou, those blacks were clearly discriminated against. Again, you ignore the long, long, and turbil, turbil, legsee ob duh slaybaree. It’s the white man’s injustice that must be culled. And blacks aren’t violent, they is oprressud. It’s because there ain’t no jobs dat dey do these crimes. It’s a real crying shame you blame black folk for these misdeeds when it really is YT’s fault. Please, please, please take the red pill and join the rest of us who seek troof, just-us (sic), and the Merkin’ way for all duh misunderstood black folk who dindu nuffins!

  10. vengeur

    Elaine does “get it” and is a true liberal in the sense that she refuses to parrot the often absurdly contradictory false narratives promoted by BOTH the establishment democrats and republicans.

  11. Christian W

    Gee I don’t know. I find the focus on the ‘Blacks’ or ‘Mexicans’ or ‘Muslims’ or whatever so upside down it isn’t even funny.

    Let’s look at the Power totem pole in the US.

    Whites rule (or ruled until they sold out to the Zionists).

    At the top of the totem pole are the

    Bankers – who control
    A. The Corporations
    B. The Media
    C. The Political and Judicial system
    D. The Military, Intelligence, Law enforcement

    These in turn control the lives of the Middle class, the Working class and the rest of the population. At the very bottom of that population we find the “Natives” and the “Blacks” who have ZERO power. Do note that there are no genuine “Blacks”, “Mexicans” or “Muslims” allowed within the power structures which is COMPLETELY White/Jewish. A token black like Obama is there only for show.

    Yet the White Middle class refuses to fix the real problem. Instead the White MIddle class is busy kicking down for all it’s worth (see the popularity of Il Trumpo). I see why, but the hypocrisy is sickening.

  12. Christian W

    This screwball way of operating search engines started suddenly just this last year and it irritates me no end.

    No, the censorship of the search engines started the day Google got incorporated into the Wall Street/CIA system. They are only fine tuning the censorship mechanisms now as the moral rot and corruption becomes increasingly difficult to keep out of the headlines.

  13. tio

    I am a teapot.

  14. Lou

    E Sutton, cut out the ebonics.

    Most crimes are committed by white people. I know this from TV commercials.

    Whenever I see a white man in a suit, I always hold my purse a little closer. Didn’t you see the commercial set to the song “Getting to know you” where the hapless black man has his credit cards scanned and his ID stolen by 5 or 6 random white folks?

    I also found out, from watching security monitoring commercials on TV, that home invaders are white men.

    The newest thing I found out from TV is that all alcohol abusers are white men.

    A commercial has a woman walking through the city singing the musical question: “Where are all the good men?” While she sneers at and abuses passed-out, white-male drunks.

    She is joined by sisters of all colors as they walk through the city where drunken white men sleep on trains, on park benches and in hotel lobbies.

    Finally, a noble young Hispanic male who has been drinking responsibly, is shown refusing another beer from an admiring white female bartender.

    Young white men have a lot to learn from black and Hispanic men and women of all colors, if they’d only open their eyes…. And, of course, turn on the TV [via SBPDL].

  15. Lou

    No, the censorship of the search engines started the day Google got incorporated into the Wall Street/CIA system.

    I assume that is part ? all? of Facebook and Googles stock value.

  16. emsnews

    All systems are crappier online now. Google maps which used to be easy to navigate and the cameras were accurate now have this stupid camera that distorts everything and the screen is jumpy and the coding is screwy, it is nearly impossible to negotiate through a neighborhood now.

    My own web host, for example, has made posting stories VERY annoying with pop ups and unnecessary crap that gets in the way and doesn’t help at all, it is all ‘busy work’ crap, I hate it and I used to love WordPress. Now, I despise it.

    This goes on and on and on with things online. If something is elegant and works, they tinker with it until it is nearly impossible to use and is very annoying to look at.

  17. Lou

    I used to love WordPress.–but how does it make money?

    Google Maps, yes I agree. A few years [?] back they changed something that was excellent to something almost useless.

    I tired of googles nasty leftist politics by artwork and avoid using them.
    They regularly would post Chavez on easter, Blacks whenever they could and on and on.

  18. Lou

    Long ago Yahoo had a search for its users of emails where you could search any image that had been in a Yahoo email in yr account.
    Then one day that was gone.
    And yahoo keeps changing its look -design- user interface for email users.

  19. Lou

    Breaking news. A [fat, ugly] White woman faces 10 years. She supplied him w guns or a gun.
    She also has 2 mulatto chillun by him [that makes her even more pathetic].
    And this has disappeared from the news faster than you can say, Saint trayvon.

  20. Lou

    Here, if she isnt disgusting, what is?
    Maybe she will do 7 of the 10 years she deserves.
    Pix at bottom.

  21. “I notice now that search engines are getting screwed up deliberately. If you Google very specific words knowing very well where various sites really are, if they touch on say, Israel, you get a few leads but most of the ‘search engine results’ are trash totally unrelated to the query. This screwball way of operating search engines started suddenly just this last year and it irritates me no end.”

    Oh, it’s even worse! What shows up first, unless you look for a particularly esoteric subject, like “Crucifixion in ancient Assyria” (HAHAHA that never happened), the first several links you’ll get will lead you to ads or marketing websites. ‘Bing’ is particularly egregious in this matter.

  22. emsnews

    Yes, aside from the ads. The censoring of search items is rampant now. I can google ‘information about auto parts for this car’ and get tons of NOTHING. The more precise the words I use, the worse it gets in its search.

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