Hillary Panders To Black Voters In South Telling Them, Whites Are Dangerous, Not Their Own Sons

Another Black Student Squares Off With In School Security Officer  At Martin Luther King High School Yet Again No Outrage..Why – YouTube

Hillary Clinton looked at the numbers and found that black primary voters outnumber whites in the Deep South where the next round of primary votes are slated to happen.  So she is now playing up her gangsta status by out-blacking our black President by talking trash about white people in her speeches at ‘beauty parlors’ and churches down south.  She is moving past Bernie Sanders who isn’t pandering to this group of voters and paving the road of racism and driving black voters deeper into the pit they have fallen in with an out of wedlock rate of childbirths approaching 100%.  Instead of telling the truth, she is throwing gasoline on the fire that is destroying the black community rapidly.


First some of today’s oddball news illustrating all this:  Albany students who claimed racial attack will be charged with inciting a riot on a public bus.  There were Black Lives Matter demonstrations at the SUNY campus yesterday demanding that the rioters who were black females, be excused from being investigated and demands were made for white students to kow tow to violent black women or else.


Once the video of this confrontation when some black students who are women, began a fisticuffs with other students at the back of the bus.  Then they lied about all this.  Hoping to get black students on their side, they made up stories about being attacked when it was the reverse.  No shock at this, black students have been allowed to be violent in school for years and years and years while administrators are terrified of disciplining them.


I withdrew both of my children from public schools due to black children attacking them and the administrators refusing to look into this problem because they were terrified of the parents and indeed, in one of my children’s cases, the black aggressors, in front of the principal, high-fived each other cheering their suspension because they planned to play video games at each other’s houses.  I withdrew my own child on the spot.


Buffalo State College student basketball player Bradley Doyley dies in potential hazing incident as black athletes abuse each other.  Nothing will be done to stop this.  Not a soul will talk to the black players about how their own lives matter and they should not abuse or kill each other.  Black on black murder and other deaths are a huge, huge, gigantic problem.  Half of all violent deaths are blacks being killed by each other and they are less than 12% of the population.


This is a gigantic problem and not being addressed at all by the Democrats nor by black parents of these violent people.  Instead, the wrong people are being attacked and demands that white males change continue to be roared in everyone’s ears.

Chicago boy shot in drive-by shooting after ‘not giving Latin Kings gang sign’ as criminal gangs ravage the Democratic city.  Meanwhile, the mayor and his buddies attack their own police who are struggling to cope with out of control black criminals.  Meanwhile, the tensions between illegal aliens and their offspring who are feeling just as entitled as black families, are signs that ethnic and racial warfare is right below the surface and it involves few white males.


Brother of slain cabbie: ‘I feel sorry’ for man charged with murder


“I feel sorry for that kid. He’s only 19 years old,” said Shams Shamji, 36. “What can I say? No conscience before taking somebody’s life. Where are we heading?”


Kamil Shamji, 58, was found slumped over the steering wheel of his Flash Cab around 8 a.m. Monday behind Sulzer Regional Library in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, according to police.


Police say Lamon Weathers, 19, had called for a cab at a McDonald’s at 6740 N. Clark St. on Sunday evening and Shamji picked him up about 10:50 p.m. A camera inside the cab shows Shamji taking Weathers to the library and Weathers shooting him, according to Area North police Cmdr. Kevin Duffin.


This ‘kid’ is the father of a 2 year old, he got a girl pregnant when he was around 16 years old, he never finished high school, had seven arrests, was violent to his girlfriend and to other kids in the reform school he lived at great expense to the taxpayers of Chicago.  Totally out of control from an out of control mother and absent father.


So, now for the big story of how Hillary is pandering to black voters:  Clinton gives blunt talk on race where Obama trod lightly – The Washington Post


Stefanie Brown James, the director of African-American outreach for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, thought that the changes must have been typos.


The statement she’d written for the president honoring Black History Month had been immediately returned with every instance of the word “black” crossed out. They’d been replaced by “African-American,” a term, she was later informed, was considered by his team to be “more generally acceptable.”


“It was my first example as to how nuanced the conversations had to be,” she said. “It was a tight wire act.”…


Her team told her she used the Black Panther words and needed to use the ‘polite’ term instead.  Black political leaders keep changing what they call their own people because they know that bad associations rise in the mind when most people hear about black US citizens.  This constant shape shifting of how they describe themselves is purely political.  Many black citizens happily call each other ‘nigger’ for example without shame.


Nigger is Hispanic and comes from the slave island estates of the Caribbean and is Spanish for ‘black’.  I guess we could use the German term, ‘schwarze’ to describe black voters in the future and this would be appropriate since this is also the Yiddish word, too and our rulers are heavily Jewish which is why nearly half of the Supreme Court is Jewish even as Jewish leaders in the DNC complain about how there aren’t enough blacks (and zero Protestant whites) on the Supreme Court.


As the race turns to Southern states, where black voters make up a significant portion of the Democratic electorate, Clinton is addressing race in increasingly blunt terms, talking about discrimination and inequality in ways that haven’t been heard on a presidential stage since civil rights leader Jesse Jackson’s 1988 run.


Clinton sat beside five black mothers whose children were killed by gun violence and urged white voters to “practice humility” and “do a better job listening.”


“That’s too many deaths. Too many young lives cut short,” she said, prompting a few “amens” from the audience gathered in a Baptist church. “Something is very wrong.”


This BITCH is talking to the mothers of the black crime wave and she says ‘something is wrong’ and they all assume it is the police who have to deal with these raging, out of control, ill-educated, obnoxious children.  We hear these people perfectly well, they are bellowing at us that they are not even slightly responsible for the chaos and murder going on around them, we are!


They say ‘amen’ to the very woman who is very much a part of the machinery that destroyed their own children.  Jobs for high school graduates has collapsed.  Construction jobs do remain but go mainly to illegal aliens!  Blacks pour into cities that lost their economic base to free trade.  There, they mooch off of welfare systems quite happily.  This is destroying black families because you can’t mooch off of welfare unless you have no daddies at home and there are few daddies at home now.


Clinton’s frank language underscores how the conversation around race has shifted after seven years of the first black president, a period some critics say marked little progress on criminal justice abuses and black poverty. But it also captures the relative freedom Clinton, a wealthy white woman from a Chicago suburb, has to aggressively discuss race.


A study by University of Pennsylvania researcher Daniel Q. Gillion found that Obama talked about race less in his first two years of office than any Democratic president at least since John F. Kennedy.


That was the best way to do things for him back then.  Now, he also whines about whites killing blacks even as this is extremely rare and a number of cops being arrested and charged with killing black criminals are minority, either Asian, Hispanic or black.


Her aides believe that Obama’s re-election victory four years ago, where he won just 39 percent of the white vote, proves that Democrats no longer win by wooing white independents but by galvanizing turnout among communities of color.


Notice how the PC crew at the Washington Post is now calling blacks, ‘communities of COLOR’.  HAHAHA.  ‘Them colored folk sure need Hillary,’ the Washington Post writer said as she typed.


“The thing is, a black man can’t be president in America, given the racial aversion and history that’s still out there,” Cornell Belcher, a pollster for Obama, said to reporter Gwen Ifill after the 2008 race.


“Our problem is not all kooks and Klansmen,” Hillary told the U.S. Conference of Mayors three days later. “Let’s be honest: For a lot of well-meaning, open-minded white people, the sight of a young black man in a hoodie still evokes a twinge of fear.”


A ‘twinge of fear’?  How about outright terror.  Why do even blacks fear young black males in hoodies?  This is because the chanced of these guys being criminals or murderers is extraordinarily high!  They terrorize black people!  They are scary as all hell!  No one wants to encounter these creeps especially at night!  For obvious good reasons which this Washington Post article doesn’t mention and which that witch, Hillary, pandering to the mothers of these monsters, openly lies about all this.


It isn’t just black voters who are delusional for bad reasons, Muslim countries should play primary role fighting terrorism, says Saudi prince claiming that the Sunni radicals who are terrorizing the world, are victims!  These creeps figured out the game really well, too.  Note that our President has gone out of his way to say that Sunni radicals are not the cause of terrorism and we should bring in more of these guys and EU leaders demanded the same until the mass murders by killer Sunni terrorists alarmed the voters enough to demand a stop to this insanity.


Now, the ‘liberal’ media that keeps telling us we are going to roast to death unless ladies in England stop heating tea kettles:  EU pauses plans to ban super-strength kettles out of fear it would drive tea loving Britons towards Brexit and out of the EU.  These ruling class monsters want to freeze us to death while bringing in aliens who attack us and then they blame us for all this, too.


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9 responses to “Hillary Panders To Black Voters In South Telling Them, Whites Are Dangerous, Not Their Own Sons

  1. So… do we vote Trump?

  2. Petruchio

    Elaine: thank you for NOT posting a picture of the hideous, lying, despicable, sociopathic hag Mrs. Clinton. Anyone catch Hillary’s latest campaign ad? Wow. This b#itch Hillary Clinton has absolutely no shame WHATSOEVER. This ad begins with some little squirt girl asking Hillary if she is gonna get paid the same as a man if she is elected President?
    Do Clinton and her campaign staff REALLY think that people are that stupid??!! WHO is making pay inequality an issue–before Hillary brought it up herself? Hillary is willing to play the Gender War card!!! Mrs. Clinton would rather fan flames than speak on ANY topic that people REALLY care about. No plans on growing the economy. No plans on reining in Wall Street.
    Oh, wait. Hillary Clinton DID speak about her plans concerning Wall Street. I have posted the link below. Mrs. Clinton makes her US Presidential policy plans crystal clear–when she is speaking before Wall street. She is NEVER that honest anywhere else. The link is posted below:

  3. vengeur

    #2: It’s great that someone is parodying Hillary’s Goldman Sachs “bribe $peeches”, since she steadfastly refuses to make the real $peeches public. bravo.

  4. Christian W

    I saw a a stat that the Black incarceration rate rose by 50% under Bill Clinton. The Clintons got rich selling out the Blacks.

  5. Lou

    CW–I have read similar. BUT how did they betray law abiding Black americans?

    The Clintons and Wall Street: 24 Years of Enriching Each Other
    by Richard W. Behan
    February 26, 2016

    For twenty four years the Clintons have orchestrated a conjugal relationship with Wall Street, to the immense financial benefit of both parties. They have accepted from the New York banks $68.72 million in campaign contributions for their six political races, and $8.85 million more in speaking fees. The banks have earned hundreds of billions of dollars in practices that were once prohibited—until the Clinton Administration legalized them.

    The extraordinary ambition displayed in the careers of Bill and Hillary Clinton defies description. They have spent much of their adult lives soliciting money from others for their own benefit…

    Hillary Clinton’s net worth is forty five million dollars; Bill Clinton’s is eighty million. Measured by family wealth, this puts the couple in the top 1% of American households by a factor of 16. (and they claim to have left the White House ‘broke’)

    The Clintons’ ambition is reinforced by arrogance. Their behavior in the Monica Lewinsky affair is only the most glaring example. Sexual frivolities while holding office are scarcely unusual, having spiced the lives of public figures for centuries, but if the dalliance is exposed, the scarlet official typically resigns in shame and scuttles into obscurity…

    That performance pales, however, compared to the Clintons’ self-serving transformation of the Democratic Party, from the champion of working people to the lapdog of Wall Street—and of corporate America in general. Cleverly the Clintons still pander to the traditional constituency, but in serving its new clientele the transformed party abandoned the less fortunate strata of American society, especially the communities of color…

    Read the entire article at Counterpunch ——

  6. Petruchio

    @#3 venguer: You know, that speech really isn’t much of a parody. Mrs. Clinton probably holds to at least 80% of what is in that speech.

  7. wellwell

    Complete panic has set in on the editorial pages of the Washington Post that Trump might win. He is referred to as a monster in the titles of about half of their op-ed pieces. The ridiculously overwrought offering by Jewish neocon Robert Kagan shows how crazy and foolish these people are – it is hopeless to ask them to stop harming the American people and the wider Western world – only a new broom can sweep these loonies from power and influence.

  8. floridasandy

    black agenda reports has been throwing shade at the clintons,, most recently on Haiti. Hillary is scum, and might even be worse than obama if elected.

    It is hopeless to try to get the media to stop hurting America, BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THEY KNOW.

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