Hillary And Trump Win SC Primaries But More Than Twice As Many GOP Voters Came To Polls

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South Carolina Primary Election Results 2016 – The New York Times


Hillary Clinton is doing a victory dance, having knocked down Sanders with her black voting bloc.  But this also reveals why she is hard to elect.  Black voters are very much a minority vote, nationally, less than 10%.  Ben Carson, who is black, got few votes in his primary but this was due to not being on the Democratic ballot so there were few black voters to support him.  The reality here is, North Carolina is not a great sign for Hillary since 737,917 voted for the GOP primary candidates and only 369,526 voted in the DNC primary which is roughly half as large.  This is no great victory for Hillary because she loses in South Carolina in any probable election.


A quarter of the population of South Carolina is unable to vote due to young age.  The overall population there is roughly 4.5 million people in the state and over 3 million should be able to vote.  In the black community, due to high crime, many males can’t vote which is why Hillary focused nearly entirely on black women when campaigning.  Of the many potential voters in that state, the GOP got less than one third and the DNC got slightly more than 10%.


ELECTIONS 2014: SC voter turnout lowest in decades in the most recent election there.  South Carolina’s Black Voters Turned Out Early En Masse in this primary which means, since 71% of the black voters came to the polls in the MORNING and not in the evening which is how nearly all working people vote, on the way home from work.


Clinton took to the campaign trail with the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Jordan Davis, Dontre Hamilton, and Eric Garner. Some voters who remember Clinton’s support of an unjust tough on crime bill in 1994, which led to the over-incarceration of African Americans, believe she has demonstrated a commitment to criminal justice reform.


Nearly all the cases which these sons died, were either very murky or the sons were armed and quite dangerous when they were finally brought down by the police.  This is true of many ‘heroes’ embraced by people, they overlook the reality and romanticize the individuals.  What the black community wants now is chaos.  The social chaos eating up the black community which is harming them greatly, is increasing, not decreasing.  The flood of illegal aliens displaced many, many black potential jobs yet the DNC supports illegal immigration when in places overrun by these such as say, California.


The illegal alien/black power matrix the DNC is exploiting in primaries dooms the party to national defeat so after the primaries, the DNC will run away from all the promises and speeches made during the primaries which the media owners who are all Zionists and who really control the conversation, will attack Trump endlessly hoping to undo this primary mess which reveals how little choice the Democrats had in this primary election.


Herding all the white voters into the DNC camp will be very, very difficult.  Our media owners love to tell us that we are being swamped by foreigners who are not Europeans and therefore, we must resign ourselves to being eliminated.  For example, 50% of the US is Protestant or no religion.  Yet the majority of the Supreme Court is Catholic and the entire court is only Catholic/Jewish.  0% representation of 50% of the people.  This is NEVER discussed by our media bosses.  It is kept buried, in DC, no politician even in the GOP discusses this.


Here is an astonishing analysis about this severe problem:  A Supreme Court without Protestants? – CNN.com


“It’s an amazing irony, given how central Protestantism has been to American culture,” said Stephen Prothero, a religion scholar at Boston University. “For most of the 19th century, Protestants were trying to turn America into their own heaven on Earth, which included keeping Jews and Catholics from virtually all positions of power.”

Many religion scholars attribute the decline of Protestant representation on the high court to the breakdown of a mainline Protestant identity and to the absence of a strong tradition of lawyering among evangelical Protestants.

“Mainline Protestantism isn’t a pressure group,” said Prothero, “It’s not like the National Council of Churches is lobbying Obama to get a Lutheran appointed to the Supreme Court.”

And while Judaism and Catholicism have their own sets of religious laws that date back millennia, many branches of Protestant Christianity do not.


So, how did the Jews get 30% representation and the Catholics, 70% of the Supreme Court?  LOBBYING?  With what, pray tell?  This is the underlying corruption in our system that is screaming for attention.  As for two assertions by the CNN gang, one about how Protestants, who wrote the Constitution and created this system, are incapable of doing this due to their religion and the other, how Protestantism has existed only since 1500…ahem, which is when it started, and therefore, is weak and unable to write laws…this propaganda is designed to defy Protestants and put them down even though they are the majority and have zero representation in the top court thanks to corruption in DC.


Black women are mainly Protestant.  There is a significant Catholic black community.  But like in the white community, half or more are not Catholics or Jews or Hindu or whatever.  The mainstream media Jews, terrified of Trump who is loud about how Protestants have little representation, have put up against him two Catholics, one born in Canada and the other a first generation citizen from Cuba.  The media hopes one of these two will stop Trump while Protestant candidates are ignored.  The hope is, these two newcomers will be servants of our rulers, and they will save this system set up by our rulers, namely, free trade and eternal war with Russia.


The CNN article then goes on to talk about evangelical Protestants and snidely says they are all inferior.  But it doesn’t mention that most of the ‘Protestant’ part of the population is NOT ‘evangelical’ at all and yet they get absolutely no representation at all.  This is a real problem for our country that runs along the same rails as the low voter involvement.  When less than a third of potential voters show up in a very contentious primary, this is bad.


This disassociation from politics is not a good thing.  A crisis can bubble up from below despite all attempts at suppression which we see in Europe already thanks to the rulers there letting millions of hostile foreign males invade and terrorize voters who are now heading towards right wing parties.  What is particularly funny is, Israel has gone very far fascist/rightwing/socialism of the Nazi type with all the media owners applauding this and applauding segregation of very severe sort…while at the same time demanding the opposite in Europe and the US.


And ALL the candidates including the ‘socialist’ Sanders are the same, they all support Jewish Naziism politics in the Middle East.  One cannot hold opposite political affiliations at the same time, this leads to collapse or explosions over time.


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16 responses to “Hillary And Trump Win SC Primaries But More Than Twice As Many GOP Voters Came To Polls

  1. Melponeme_k

    Black citizens are mainly Protestant. This is my experience in NY which as a whole is mainly Protestant. The only black populace that is Catholic are recent legal immigrants (from the islands) or illegal aliens. Hence why they are so gung ho to give illegal aliens any sort of ID so they can illegally vote.

    I’ve said time and time again, I’ve traveled around the US in the past recent years, the majority of citizens are white. The democratic party by encouraging separatism in minority populations will inadvertently destroy us all. Trump is not Hitler despite what all the hollering media states. But if they thwart him, that will lead a REAL Hitler type into power. The more they try to stick their fingers in the dam, the more the pressure builds. The nemesis backlash will be horrible to see. And it won’t only be the US, it will be Europe as well. China and Russia may avoid it, but since our insane leaders are intent on balkanizing their populace, they may experience social upheaval as well.

  2. charlottemom

    The media is instigating race wars with assists from both party’s elites. So shameful!! It will continue to get uglier and if economy goes south, watch out! My hope, if the Reps take Trump down, is that the Republican party falls!

  3. e sutton

    True enough Mel & Charlottemom. The fact that the establishment, both dems and repubs are united in making a pariah of Trump leads me to believe he’s the man for the job. In my life I’ve never seen such a united front against a person trying to hold elected office. If memory serves, McGovern took a lot of flack, as did Jerry Brown, but nothing like the Trumpster.

    Trump is vulgar and a loud mouth, but I love the fact that he’s off the leash. I suspect he’s all for the miitary industrial complex, but has hinted he likes Putin and can get along with Putin. We shall see.

    As for the blacks, anyone who isn’t offering cotton candy, free tickets to the carnival, and a lifetime of welfare is DOA and won’t be elected by them. What they fail to understand is as long as our country continues to support these endless wars in the Middle East and elsewhere our Zionist overlords dictate, welfare, including Social Security, etc. are all going to go bye bye. Hillary will throw blacks under the bus quicker than any of the rest of them, cause that’s a broad who knows who puts the butter on her bread (hint – it’s the same crowd that Hitler and his gang threw out of Germany in the Thirties.

  4. wellwell

    The greatest loss to America from sidelining moderate Protestants is their belief that problems are to be solved, not wallowed in forever. In fact, Elaine shares this ethos, as does Donald Trump. Other groups, who feel that life is one long grievance, have shouldered aside Protestants in both the courts and the media. Trump’s religious leader during his youth, Norman Vincent Peale, sets it all out in this typical sermon:

  5. ziff

    so how will the Trumper as president overcome party politics inertia?

  6. CK

    Unmarried and unmarriageable women always vote for the gimmedat government candidate. Having the government take care of you is easier than being married and you can still have all the kids you want. Admittedly it is more difficult to divorce the Govt. Daddy than it is some boring beta provider. It ain’t the colour of the woman, it’s the loneliness of these future cat ladies. As did Obama, I expect Hillary will pull about 65% of the unmarriageable white women and 90% of the black female vote.

  7. CK

    In almost every national election in the USA, approx. 1/3 of the eligible voters vote Rep, approx. 1/3 of the eligible voters vote Dem, and approx. 1/3 of the eligible voters stay home and preen their “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for either”, cynical superiority. In my local experience, many of the “cynically superior” folks have decided to vote … for Trump. Which is what EMS is suggesting when she shows the vote count/party in SC, and NV.

  8. floridasandy

    Carson has been treated badly by the media, but so was Ron Paul, Ross Perot, and Trump (nobody treated worse than Trump, IMO).

    Super Tuesday will tell us a lot, and just wish I could vote-but Florida isn’t until the middle of March.

    i would be surprised if ANY male voted for Hillary with her extreme vitriol and lawlessness. With all the media BS, i think both clinton and sanders have the same number of delegates so far, so it isn’t over yet-not by a longshot.

  9. John


    Insipid hipster girly-men will vote for her – if they can muster up the courage to step foot out of their safe spaces long enough to go to the polls.

  10. Melponeme_k

    If Salon.com is posting articles like this:


    Something is up. I wonder what the elite gameplay is now.

  11. wellwell

    oops, in my post above, I celebrated Trump’s Protestantism, but it turns out his father may have been an active KKK member – this may or may not help him on super Tuesday ,,,


  12. floridasandy

    haha nice try, wellwell.
    rubio has been spreading a ton of gossip, talking about donald’s spray tan, while trying to appear to take the high road-although he has NEVER talked about issues. Market ticker has had a lot of good information on him.

    this REALLY smacks of desperation from the establishment. We will see how super tuesday goes, right now i think Trump is unstoppable. They tried to bribe Carson to get out, but he is too honorable for them.

    Voters want the fence built, jobs, new energy, no mandatory health insurance purchases, better negotiations, and an alpha male in the white house. On a side note, i see that Obama gave 1.7 billion taxpayer dollars on that hostage trade-you know, where we traded 1.7 billion and 5 guys for 1 guy we are trying to court martial now. That is INDEPENDENT of the released Iran funds, which Kerry openly admitted will partly be used for terrorism.

    you can’t make this up.

  13. wellwell

    I am not “trying” anything, floridasandy. Take a chill pill.

  14. charlottemom

    A positive development in this news cycle – the unfounded racist slur accusation doesn’t have the sting it used to. If we can shake off political correctness muddying discussions maybe cultural poliical and economic problems and issues can be identified approached and then addressed.

    Ps when did David duke endorse Trump? Missed that endorsement. Did cnn seek Duke out and get this story rolling. I’m sure this was totally organic..
    this reeks of what republican party did to McDaniel when he beat Thad Cochran in Mississippi. Will it work this time?

  15. Melponeme_k

    Muslim males try to invade Macedonia. Notice the distinct LACK of females and children among the “Refugees”.


  16. floridasandy

    how great would it have been in david duke had been smart enough to endorse hillary.

    He could have started a media meltdown– or maybe they would have just ignored it.

    of course, duke wasn’t smart enough for that, but political “correctness” isn’t what it used to be either.

    wellwell, maybe i do need a chill pill. :}

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