Flint, Michigan ‘Black Oscars’…Plus The Disintegrating Family Celebrated By NYT Critic

Mad Max vs Mad Max 2 (Original vs Sequel) Part 1 – YouTube

A big row was raised about no black people got any Oscars.  To fix this, the Academy used a black dude to host the TV show but this had very low ratings.  This is due to Oscars going to unpopular movies, etc. and the PC game has drained all the life out of the system with only a few old warhorses like the Star Wars enterprise, rolling on, tiresomely the same.  The destruction eating up the black community is front line this election and Oscar fiascos but it is not being examined in a sane way, it simply says to everyone, ‘Hey, do more of this mess!  You can’t lose!’ when this means utter destruction of society and foretells a very bad future.


Chicago Tribune – While Hollywood celebrated the Oscars, black celebrities rallied for Flint, Michigan which is just slightly north of Michigan’s gigantic disaster area called ‘Detroit’.  Like Detroit, Flint has been savaged by free trade which is why I am so angry that this top issue is no issue to the media nor our politicians.  This mess in Michigan was created entirely by our rulers.  Since the owners of America don’t want anyone to notice this or talk about this, it is never shown to people and any politician foolish enough to talk about free trade enslaving blacks and turning them into jive and jerk fools for the media, movies and music industries to exploit…as black families vanish and chaos destroys entire generations one by one.


Organizers insisted they were not trying to counterprogram the Academy Awards or its all-white acting nominees, but the live-streamed #JusticeForFlint gave the Oscars serious competition in the night’s hashtags on Twitter.


“For us, this is not a hashtag,” Smollett told the packed crowd of 2,000 fans, most of them Flint-area natives attending for free. “This is so much more. We stand with you. We may not be residents of Flint, but we are Flint, Michigan.”


Then he launched, appropriately, into “Empire’s” defiant anthem “I Am a Conqueror” and surprised the crowd by bringing an unbilled Estelle out to sing with him.


Oh yes, everyone there is ‘Flint, Michigan’ aka: a complete disaster.  A terminal stage society one step above a Mad Max movie.  The Tina Turner version of this post-Apocalyptic Mad Max: Tina Turner Beyond Thunderdome – YouTube

Yes, the white dude who is the hero tangles with the super masculine strong woman who is black and who leads savage males into the wasteland…this is a warning to us all, where all this is heading, the future chaos as each generation sees deteriorating conditions with disintegrating families ripping apart dying cities abandoned by the Rulers.
So we have black performers, angry about the Hollywood snub, going to one of the worst places in America, a place being abandoned systematically to poor blacks who are mainly interested in crime and chaos…not a good choice.  Flint, Detroit among nation’s poorest cities, new Census data show right below…Detroit.


Flint came in just under Youngstown, Ohio, where data show 40.7 percent of the population is living in poverty. It was also revealed that Detroit has an impoverished population of 39.3 percent…Since 2005, an estimated 5,000 abandoned homes have been demolished in the city. The population dropped below 100,000 for the first time since the ’20s, according to the 2013 Census. In addition, Flint Community Schools lost its seat as the largest school district in the county to Grand Blanc.


Last school year, Flint had a little more than 300 high school graduates while Grand Blanc had more than 600.


Here is some news from the county where Flint sits: Genesee County high school dropout rates climb. It is nearly 20%.  Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  Well, graduating is easy as falling off a chair.  Google ‘dumbed down school diplomas’ gets this:

Screen shot 2016-03-01 at 7.33.18 PM

Michigan is going full ‘conservative’ due to wild spending on youth being trained to be entertainers and vicious criminals.  Study: Welfare Benefits Pay $28,872 Per Year In Michigan but now are being reduced.


“The current welfare system provides such a high level of benefits that it acts as a disincentive for work,” the study said. “Welfare currently pays more than a minimum-wage job in 35 states, even after accounting for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and in 13 states it pays more than $15 per hour.”


Number of Michigan Welfare Recipients Declines 70 Percent as the families kicked off of the dole leave to find easier places to exploit.


The number of people receiving welfare cash assistance from the state has plummeted since Gov. Rick Snyder took office, partly due to the improved economy but also because the state now enforces a limit on how long beneficiaries could receive cash benefits.


There were 227,490 people receiving cash assistance benefits from the state in 2011. As of August 2015, that number was down to 64,492. The state welfare agency’s Family Independence Program provides temporary cash assistance to pregnant women and families with children. The program also attempts many interventions to get people employed in long-term jobs…


The state is now enforcing a 48-month lifetime limit on cash assistance. Wheaton said the time limit was in place previously but not enforced. The state also enforced federal 60-month time limits going back to the federal and state welfare reforms of 1996.


The liberal lying rag, the New York Times, watching this chaos eat up everything, has this story:  ‘All the Single Ladies,’ by Rebecca Traister – The New York Times


“All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation.” “Since the late 19th century, the median age of first marriage for women had fluctuated between 20 and 22. This had been the shape, pattern and definition of female life.”


The fact, then, that the median age for a woman’s first marriage has risen to 27 is a momentous turn of events.


And the marriage rate for black women is…Let’s Talk Books And Politics: The Decline in Marriage Among Blacks: What Does It Portend?  It was nearly as high as with everyone else but now is falling off the cliff.  The 38% black marriages are nearly all older couples who are still married, the marriage rate of young black women is woeful.

Screen shot 2016-03-01 at 7.38.13 PM

I see a number of articles written by black women claiming there is no crisis and everyone wants to marry black women which is ridiculous.  The Myth Is Wrong: Vast Majority of Black Women Will Get Married In Their Lifetimes – Atlanta Black Star claims.  The claim is, most black women are married by age 55.  But other statistics show this is lunacy.  There may be ‘marriages’ but then this is followed by divorces.  And black men doing this marrying thing then marry several more times, so a smallish group of black males are marrying a large herd of black females.


Even dear friends of mine who were black males had multiple wives while the men around them didn’t marry anyone, they just hooked up with whoever.  Back to the NYT article about families:


Traister brings some intimate knowledge to the conversation, having lived “14 independent years” after college until she married at the age of 35. She draws upon her own experience to illustrate some of the more meaningful freedoms (a measure of control, for instance, over one’s own space and time) as well as the complex considerations associated with being an unmarried woman. Wrestling with the question of whether she would have children if she remained single, Traister came to a decision at 30: “I would plan to have a baby on my own. . . . Even beginning to consider this scenario was incredibly freeing.”…


This writer waited until she was 35 to get married?  Her chances of having a family with children is dropping like a rock.  Getting a child late in life is hard, children are hard and older women struggle to keep up with energetic children, childbirth even today, is dangerous.  I nearly died three times after having my second child which is why I stopped at two even though I love children and was only 31 years old when this happened.


Two interesting graphs:  BlackDemographics.com | MARRIAGE

Screen shot 2016-03-01 at 8.03.12 PM

Why is it, white men and women had a lower marriage rate between WWI and WWII?  Well…the ravages of war led to fewer men available to marry and note the spike during the Great Depression when rates for never married went up for both blacks and whites.  But then beginning with the Civil Rights Act in 1964, the marriage rate for blacks rapidly deteriorated greatly and this deterioration is worse each generation.


Black lives don’t matter if the community embraces destruction.  Being in denial about all this, playing statistical games to hide the truth about all this, means failure.  Just like you can’t drive well if your windshield is covered with dirt and you are driving in the fog, clarity is required for survival.


Super Tuesday Republican primaries: Trump the projected winner in Georgia as the Deep South goes for the candidate the media and our Real Rulers hate with a passion.  The more he is hated, even though he is an elite, himself, the more the disenfranchised, disgusted masses go for him.  Trump got more than 50% of the vote.  It is a done deal for him.


Now, solution #2 will be used.  Character assassination failed.  Now the other assassination will be undertaken.


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15 responses to “Flint, Michigan ‘Black Oscars’…Plus The Disintegrating Family Celebrated By NYT Critic

  1. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Simply appalling that the N(J)ew York Times would advocate and celebrate later marriage or forsaking marriage to its readership. Childbearing at later ages (of both mother and father) is a risk factor for the children, too, not just the mother. And white people having babies later means fewer white babies. Is anyone surprised that Rebecca Tainter is a Tribe member? (Certainly not anyone who has read Kevin MacDonald’s “The Culture of Critique.”)

    Persuasive, succinct, and spot-on, Elaine. Top of your game.

    RE Trump….I believe the Republican establishment has a few tricks up their sleeve to derail the Trump Train short of RFK-ing or Wellstoning him. That seems too obvious — but who knows what they’ll resort to?

  2. Melponeme_k

    “Now, solution #2 will be used. Character assassination failed. Now the other assassination will be undertaken.”

    I don’t think that will work out for the stupid elites either. They keep choosing from the same pool of malcontents to rile up for their dirty work. However those outlier groups, in general support Trump. Trump hits all the buttons and across party lines.

    That leaves the elites to play with fire. If they choose a minority that will unleash the firestorm. If they choose an illegal alien, that will be even worse. A religious fanatic of the non-Protestant persuasion will really backlash against them. They are truly hamstrung.

    Not only that, European citizens are in the midst of a revolt. There are too many pots overflowing. The leaks in the dam are too many now and they are running out of fingers.

  3. Lou

    Mike in Penn, check the blog ‘Crimes of the Times’ and the Oscars
    pushed ‘Climate change’ among other PC themes.

  4. David

    Elaine, it’s called “maximizing profits.”

    At the root of the deterioration of working class Americans and their kids is the elites bought and paid for Neoliberal-Neoconservative (yeah they work together on this) basic premise that it is more cost-effective to not raise a new crop of homegrown American workers here in USA when our big money elites and their henchmen can buy cheaper, already grown and hungry labor from Canada, Mexico, China and India.

    Elites say to themselves, let those Chinese and others raise the kids and supply the social systems and funding for education while we buy their cheap labor for poverty level wages, half the minimum wage here in USA or less.

    Other nations support family life health care, education.

    US elites dislike families. Families cost money and taxes. Families have kids, and kids are expensive. They need education, housing, food, jobs, policing and all of the systems that support human life, and when they age out of the workforce, they need some short of social benefits and health care so they will not starve in front of everyone for all to see (which is really upsetting for people and makes them angry at the rulers).

    So, the solution is do take the jobs away, like in Youngstown or Detroit or Flint, which makes growing American families very difficult in USA, and black or white or ladies of any race who keep having kids, and keep expecting social benefits to maintain them as they grow, will gradually find that those benefits will be shrinking and going away too, which will contribute to growing crime and conflict on the streets as young, poorly educated kids meet a world that has no use for them or jobs for them.

    US commoner working classes are being systematically downsized with austerity while elites profits in the markets are better than ever since they are paying fewer taxes to keep US social systems and education and infrastructure going. Can it last?

    I think not, but elites have the power to hang on long enough to downsize the working population of USA greatly. Buying cheap labor without growing it themselves is what this is all about.

    Got to maximize those profits for big money investors you know.

  5. csurge

    I’m waiting for the gunshot. In the meantime, I will assume the attempt will be sloppy and fail, or won’t happen until after he’s elected.

    I sort of agree with #2, The big picture must be taken into account. The event and the aftermath are not forgone conclusions. The event can be botched for instance, since they won’t have direct control over the assassin, and the laws of chaos are always in effect. Failure has low probability because the assassin will probably be a militant Muslim with experience at this sort of thing, as Elaine has theorized before. The Muslims have assassinated high level officials right in the middle of high security bunkers. The most recent example I can think of was an Iranian General in Syria. Still, one can never be sure when one does not have direct control over the assassin.

    Aftermath is where it gets really interesting. Anything could happen. Retaliation by factions in the government sympathetic to Trump against the Bush and the Clinton clans has high probability. If killer is Muslim, lethal backlash against Muslims and minorities in the US also haa high probability

    S&B are far from omnipotent. I’ve heard rumours that the Pentagon and the CIA are waging secret wars on each other. The East won’t bend. The locals on both sides of the pond are in various stages of revolt. The warning lights are red across the board. Trump is only one of their problems. They can eliminate him, but the pressure on the dam will continue to build. Something is going to give eventually

  6. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Lou #3, thanks for the tip; COTT is definitely bookmark-worthy. DiCaprio, he of the 450-ft. “super yacht,” is the poster man-child for “climate change.” It’s tiresome.

    David #4, it’s worse than that. Europe is letting in a flood of North African and Arab colonizers who don’t even have job qualifications. The goal of our enemy for all white countries is demographic replacement and societal breakdown — especially family breakdown as you say. Greedy “elites” (traitors) are along for the ride and it’s “after me, the deluge.”

    Csurge #5, I’m thinking bioweapon, poisoned food, heart attack gun, the Donald’s 757 knocked out of the sky by an EMP; stuff like that. (Gunshots are so 20th century.) Hope it doesn’t happen. I agree that something’s gotta give….

  7. Melponeme_k

    US Citizens in Revolt

    Voter help lines are being flooded with calls regarding long waits to vote and malfunctioning voter booths. The machines were changing Trump votes to Rubio.


  8. emsnews

    Way back in the dark days of December, 2000, when the Coup happened, I was in DC pushing the Uniform Voting Act on Congress. I argued very hard with the DNC and GOP leadership to co-sponsor my bill and they said they would until the Supreme Court ruled that VOTES DON’T COUNT.

    This still stands! Our votes are illusionary!!! No reforms, no fixes, crappy system set up DELIBERATELY to malfunction so close elections can be stolen.

    NO ONE is suggesting ANY fixes at all. People aren’t demonstrating demanding a fix!!! DAMN. Instead, on the left, they are protesting exhaling air and on the right, demanding WWIII with Russia and China.

  9. JimmyJ

    I doubt an assassination attempt because there are likely a lot of people in MIC who would love to have the Donald as Fearless Leader and they will be working very hard to keep abreast of operations that put him at risk. If indeed he is assassinated, then a real Bad Person will come along soon. Someone the current elites will be sorely missing the Donald over.

  10. Lou

    Mike, one story online is Leo DC had his jet go across the ocean to get some personal item of his and bring it to him [I do not know if this is true].

    David–what about irresponsibility? US elites dislike families. I say Black men dislike supporting or even helping to raise their endless spawn.
    If ‘Elites’ [yr term] dislike the lower class – or lowest class-why has USA population of Blacks gone from –rough numbers–12 million in LBJs time to 44 million now? Huh? could there be an agenda?

    David, what you note is similar to Catherine Fitts ‘disinvestment by elites’ theme, which I agree with, somewhat. I also agree w #6, ‘get rid of Whites and Euro culture.’

  11. Christian W

    Trump is just another Oligarch. The US elections are about as real as Ukraine’s elections, which are basically Oligarch infighting. The US, like Europe, is turning into Ukraine style morasses.

    Atm the US elections are basically a choice between Trump, ie Jim Crow + fascism, or US Empire and WWIII. Maybe, just maybe, Trump is strong and sane enough to be able to stand up to the Pentagon, the CIA, the FED/Wall Street, the Zionists and the Deep State but I will believe that when I see it. Trump ‘the businessman’ will ‘make a deal’ and WWIII will keep getting hotter.

    Trump had better be very smart about his choice for VP…

  12. Christian W

    Speaking of WWIII. Lebanon looks to be the next nation in line to get the ‘treatment’. Turkey and KSA, the US attack dogs, are making noises and arming the Islamists in Lebanon. Probably won’t be long now before Lebanon explodes.

  13. kenogami

    Somebody should do something about the vile criminal terrorist Saudi regime. They have used billions of $ to fund and propagate their sick murderous ideology for 50 years and they will continue until they are stopped.

  14. Christian W

    The Saudi regime was set up back in the day by the Brits to do exactly what they are doing today. The Brits explicitly picked the Wahhabi extremists to create problems within the Muslim world based on the divide and conquer principle. The US took this operation over when it became Dear Leader of the World post WWII.

    Today the Saudis are openly supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon and the US pretends as nothing, or is even actively involved itself in training Al Qaeda foot soldiers, equipping them and giving them intelligence information.

    Nothing can be done about the Saudi sickos as long as they operate within the US global racket. Any change to the system has to start from Washington DC or the Pentagon will protect their little Saudi darlings with military force. Al Qaeda is a primary US foreign policy tool and that is a fact.

  15. Christian W

    Gamal Nasser, the Egyptian President said: “Arabs will never see the light of day as long as these Gulf regimes continue to exist. [the Gulf monarchies set up by the Brits/US]

    The CIA set up Saddam in Iraq and the Shah in Iran. The CIA supports Erdogan and Davutoglu in Turkey. The CIA put Sisi in power in Egypt.

    There is no independence and freedom for the Arabs. Iran is targeted because it got off the leash. Hezbollah is targeted and demonized because it is a genuine movement for independence in Lebanon.

    Yet US/Israeli propaganda paints “Muslims” as evil and backwards based on the actions of US owned Saudi terrorists.

    Talented Arab scientists are assassinated by the Mossad. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Kingdoms are the left hand punch to Israel’s right hand punch in keeping the Arab world under the US boot.

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