NYT Now Goes After Border Guards Trying To Stop Mexican Criminals

Life in the Deportee Slums of Mexico – YouTube

The US media giants are attacking Trump now nonstop with naked fury.  One thing they heave at him is his stance on protecting our borders from the flood of illegal aliens our rich people use to avoid paying proper wages to US citizens.  Aside from shipping our manufacturing to Mexico and other places, the elites also let in a flood of violent criminals from the Mexican border.  One of these were shot by US authorities recently and here is the sympethatico story from NYC:  10 Shots Across the Border – The New York Times Nogales is a town I know very well, I lived not far from there when younger. The US population side of the town has grown 10 times bigger than the Mexican side since I lived there and this is due nearly entirely to illegal aliens coming over and settling here.


For the past several decades, the population of Nogales has hovered around 20,000. The population of its Mexican sister city, also called Nogales, has grown in recent years to around 250,000.


Depending on where you’re standing, the abutting cities can start to seem like a single, sprawling Nogales; modest homes cover the surrounding foothills in every direction, and for years, locals referred to the region as a singular entity, Ambos Nogales — Both Nogales. ‘‘A lot of us have families in Mexico,’’ Zuñiga, who grew up on the Arizona side and is 38, told me. ‘‘I still remember, as a kid, you’d have family members from over there suddenly show up at the house. You didn’t ask any questions. People would just go back and forth. Immigration wasn’t that big of a deal back in the day.’’


Illegally entering the US has been ‘no big deal’ until recently because our rulers wanted the cheap labor to kill the unions and yes, the unions have been killed off and this began with Reagan and both DNC and GOP operatives work to make this situation because they find foreign labor that can be deported to be the most easily controlled and exploited.


Blacks have been hit particularly hard by all this and they have been disposed of as ‘labor’ at this point with only token blacks hired to top positions as window-dressing as the elites pet the lower class of useless black labor telling them that cops are evil and out to kill them when they are actually killing each other at a ferocious pace.


Black labor competes directly with illegal Mexican labor and both compete very heavily in crime profits.  The drugs moving from the Mexican cartels to the US via Nogales is hugely profitable and Mexico’s government colludes in all this which is why entire states inside Mexico are so dangerous to visitors, they are actively warned not to go there.  Places I once visited regularly back in the 1950-1970s  decades are now out of reach thanks to drug lords running wild.


The recent escape of the biggest drug lord which was enabled by prison guards, illustrates all this.


Things began to change after Sept. 11, Zuñiga said, when border security became a political issue. Facing an electorate fearful about terrorism and angry about illegal immigration, Congress allocated $90 billion to border security over the next 10 years, which went toward 650 miles of new fence and, for C.B.P. agents, military hardware like drones, assault rifles and Black Hawk helicopters.


The number of Border Patrol agents doubled during the second term of the George W. Bush administration, to 20,000 from 11,000. In 1995, the number of agents in C.B.P.’s Tucson sector, which includes Nogales, was roughly 400; today, it has grown to more than 4,000. There are cameras everywhere — on towers near town, on drones, on the backs of flatbed trucks driven into the desert — as well as thousands of motion-detecting sensors, many of them hidden in rocks or buried in the sand.


It was just amazing after 9/11 which was engineered by mainly Saudis, was so easy to do thanks to the open door policies our rulers insisted we needed.  The door is still open, note how many politicians demand we let in more people from countries destroyed by NATO and the CIA and Mossad!  They are swamping Europe!


Staggering aerial photos show huge refugee camp in Greece – where desperate migrants hold babies to razor wire in bid to get across.  While Spain seizes 20,000 ISIS fighter uniforms being smuggled into Syria and Iraq marked as second-hand clothes in aid packages.  In Germany, The migrant pirates: Refugees are running up huge fines for illegally downloading thousands of films while stranded in shelters… with one Syrian already ordered to pay $1000.


Back to Nogales: when the border patrol found the young men illegally in the US, the guys ran back to Mexico since they were committing crimes over here.  When they tried to scale the new wall, men on the Mexican side began throwing rocks at the US patrols to scare them off.  This is during the night, by the way. Shots were fired and a bystander was killed.


NOW: the real problem is, Mexico does NOT patrol this border.  The Pope went there to give a speech about how the US should let in a flood of Mexicans because they don’t have legal abortions and little birth controls and the Pope wants it this way!  He is eager to increase the number of humans as are the Muslim leaders who make it impossible to get birth controls and thus, are out of control populations which are swamping many places and are open invasions to overthrow governments.

Imagine the US run like Mexico!  Well, we are heading this way with elite rulers living on huge estates using private jets and yachts and armed guards to get around while the masses struggle to eat and live in cardboard huts, etc.  Third world society!  Mexican schools “Barely Passing” — Latitude News reports.  It was always lousy.


“De Panzazo” blames corruption within the government and the teacher’s union for many problems. At one point, journalist Carlos Loret de Mola interviews union head Elba Esther Gordillo, the most powerful woman in Mexican politics, and says he wants her to make a good-faith effort to improve the country’s schools. Gordillo says she wants that too. “Well, do it!” Loret de Mola responds, with more than a hint of exasperation.
The film opened Feb. 24 in 18 Mexican cities. Not surprisingly, it has few fans among the union leadership. But it seems to have become a box-office hit, grossing $870,000 its first weekend, more than several Oscar contenders. On a sales per-screen basis it outperformed any other movie in Mexico.


Like Detroit with the same attitude problem of the people at the top seeing nothing wrong when the system is in chaos.  The US media giants are pushing us to choose between two Cuban candidates in the GOP one of which wasn’t even born in the US at all, to dump Trump who is talking about illegal aliens whereas the two GOP rivals want to continue this mess.


The US Supreme Court has zero Protestants and is all Catholic and Jewish and less than three generations here.  They are rewriting our laws for us and this is totally wrong and is a huge hidden issue which our media doesn’t mention at all and whenever Trump does mention any of this, he is savaged and pictures of him looking ugly are published which is how 1984-style propaganda works.  Subconsciously, we are to see Trump as the most distorted pictures show him in the media.


Mine is bigger than yours: Trump brags about the size of his manhood and furiously denies he has small hands before laying into ‘Little Marco’ and ‘Lying Ted’ during bitter Detroit debate; look at how things are trivialized.  This was no ‘debate’.  It was a silly game run by the media giants who set the rules and the rules of a real debate are utterly ignored.


This is a job interview.  With the interviewers using silly things to judge people.  Not intellectual, open discussion of future plans.  Nope, it is all about seeing who can be embarrassed, who can lie openly with sincerity, who can ‘look right’ for the role of puppet.  And this is why Trump infuriates them, he is the Boss, not the puppet and they can’t pull any strings.  He is an elite who is outside the elite since he is a Mafia-type boss and the people funding his rivals are…MAFIA TYPE BOSSES, TOO!  Ha.  They hide in the dark and pull the strings of the other puppets on stage hoping the US public won’t see them.


Some of these bosses are…gambling bosses!  Just like Trump!  Isn’t this all very sad, meanwhile, Bernie is left to slog along alone with only support from citizens.  And the Hillary Mafia mob celebrates how black voters vote for her though I don’t see her doing squat for them, either, especially their sons.


Commons committee calls for asylum seekers to be housed in Tory shires | UK news | The Guardian: the flood of Muslim alien mostly men has hit England as the rulers there bend to EU demands they destroy England.  England is voting soon on leaving the EU because of this.  The news story here is all about how all these ‘refugees’ who don’t want to fight for their own country, are being housed where poor English people live and none are housed where rich people live.  HAHAHA.  Put them up in the giant palaces owned by the Queen!  Good lord, if this is a good thing, it would be a great thing for the Queen to do this.  Otherwise, kick the broad out.  She is a freeloader, anyways.  And descended from Germans, not Brits.


Now in the news is this big push to replace ‘God Save the Queen’ with this:  English hymn Jerusalem by William Blake. – YouTube which is about Jesus leaving Israel and coming to England.  This is rich!  And what will the Muslims sing?  Ahem.  This is INSANE, replacing the Queen song with this?  The mind boggles.
and the Church Growth Modelling: The Decline of the Church of England is rapidly falling to zero.  Less than a million out of a population of 53 million.


Over a thousand mosques have opened in England in the last 25 years and a many old churches have been either abandoned or converted to housing or businesses.


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14 responses to “NYT Now Goes After Border Guards Trying To Stop Mexican Criminals

  1. Alex D. Varhite

    You are spot on with your analysis as usual! Having experience firsthand with the Mexican educational system, it truly is a scandal that unfortunately too many are just resigned to accepting. The culture of corruption and flagrant nepotism is just so ingrained, it takes a brave individual to stand up for what is right,,,,still many blame the Spanish conquerors, but their sorry fate was to accept the return of the false Quetzalcoatl as foretold.

  2. on Border Patrol: I know one of them and he was required to wear so much protection there was no way he could keep up with the illegals who are in marathon running condition. He did run 3 to 5 miles a day to keep in shape. Check that out.

  3. Melponeme_k

    What is sad is that the criminal gangs are steadily colonizing/invading the US border towns. These areas are quickly resembling the dangerous shanty towns on the Mexican side. I expect to see more ransom abductions here (the gangs favorite butter and egg technique in Mexico).

    We are going to need a full militarized zone between the US and Mexico sooner rather than later. Because the criminals there are armed to the teeth with military grade weaponry.

  4. wellwell

    Jerusalem was Princess Diana’s favorite hymn. A better choice would be I Vow to Thee My Country, written by Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, who was British Ambassador to the U.S. during WWI, and is buried in Ottawa:

  5. Lou

    And who is behind the destruction of USA and Europe? The Leftists and Jews.
    Open borders for Israel.

  6. Petruchio

    “Open borders for Israel.” Don’t worry about ‘open borders’ for Israel. When her enemies come for a visit, they won’t bother “knocking” at the border “door”. In 1973, Israel’s enemies came calling and they came within a hairs width of defeating Israel. Israel rates the 1973 Yom Kippur War as a win, but it was close–very close. And Israel is currently MIGHTY scared of their current crop of enemies, such as Hezbollah. Israel’s time is coming.

  7. Nani

    Ordinary Europeans have no say in regard to this massive migration to our continent. Shut up, and accept it! That is the order from our Bilderberg rulers. Only a few Eastern European countries rejects this lunacy.

  8. JimmyJ

    Did Gingrich really say about Trump, “Well because he’s an outsider, he’s not them, he’s not part of the club, he’s uncontrollable, he hasn’t been through the initiation rites, he didn’t belong to the secret society”?

    I’d love to see this given some MSM coverage or even a Trump response. Really ferret out those childish rituals.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, Trump is an outsider and he didn’t do the rituals and promise the Devil That Is Death that he would obey its orders. HAHAHA.

    To think my own ancestors helped launch this pisses me off. Steele was a creepy guy indeed.

  10. 1. Maybe the “conflict will be between the Muslims and Jews in America?? And who makes the money off this??
    2. Having lived and depended on income from a farm I can tell you there is no one (other than Sp. Americans, who is willing or able to do the “hard, physical work”. This is not a matter or corporations paying decent wages, it is a matter of who is available to do the work. High school boys in the past could “buck bales” and do you think they are in that physical shape now. NO. Cell phones, TV and computers are not conducive to strength development.

  11. emsnews

    Yes, I grew up in the mountains or on a ranch and had horses, cattle, sheep, etc. since childhood and did hard physical farm work in between babysitting neighbors and doing other things to earn money.

    You get hardened working outdoors when the weather is foul or at odd hours or have to go off with the dogs to find the horses and cows after predators spook them and they knock the fence down, etc.

    Then there is birthing which more often than not, is at night and you have to reach into the mother’s vaginal canal to pull out a calf or rearrange the position of twin lambs and remove each one, etc.

    Then there is the shooting at robbers, mountain lions, creepy men from the city, kicking over poisonous Gila Monsters following you home from the bus stop not to mention having to howl at coyotes in the dark when you go to school before sunrise, etc. Not to mention flooding rivers, sand storms and other interesting things forcing you to grow up fast or die…HAHAHA.

  12. Neither growing old or growing up on a farm is for the “faint of heart”. One does develop common sense with a good set of values to make it. A lost generation………..we have now!

  13. emsnews

    Anyone growing up in the wild can take on anything and even horrible dangerous events turn into hilarious stories when retelling them if one is ‘hard wired’ to danger.

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