Harvard Might Remove Veritas Shield ‘Due To Slavery Money’…Black/Hispanic Students Demand ‘Handicap’ When Competing With Asian Students

Community College… – YouTube, a hilarious song about going to school.

Harvard Law School might remove official seal over links to slavery: The shield they are complaining about shows three bundles of wheat and says ‘Veritas’.  Absolutely nothing racist here.  The guy who funded this school happened to use slave labor several hundred years ago.  A number of our Founding Fathers did, too.  I expect to see future demands to change names of Washington state and DC due to this and blowing up half of Mt. Rushmore’s statues.  Meanwhile, the destruction of the black community roars onwards as it turns out, very few qualify for scholarships, etc. due to poor scholarship.  The fix is simple and dangerous: DOUBLE STANDARDS.  This is eating away at many systems as ‘minorities’ and others demand standards be lower for all of them due to being unable to succeed due to hard work and diligence.

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Fewer black, Hispanic teens get in to elite public schools – NY Daily News: NYC has a specialized school system.  Way back when I was competing ferociously for scholarships and taking up challenges to win things like a year in German schools due to winning a very severe test of my skills, I met a number of high level students from all over the world.  We quizzed each other as to where we went to school, etc.


Many of the top contenders were from New York City.  I marveled about this and they told me about their specialized schools and I wished I had that, too.  The other thing was, a huge number of us were all children of professors.  I volunteered to teach reading to struggling students when I was in high school (for less than three years, earning a scholarship to go to university by age 16) and they were all ‘street smart’ but ‘book stupid’ and we got along because I asked them to teach me ‘street smarts’ in return so we had an exchange.


Schools don’t operate like this.  It is a one way street with teachers telling students what they need to know.  Now, we are in a crisis in the cities due to black and Hispanic students actively refusing to learn anything but ‘street smarts’.  Since manufacturing and other jobs have vanished, where do these kids all go?  To the streets as criminals!


The facts in NYC are stark: nearly none of the black nor Hispanic students are good enough to go to the ‘elite’ and ‘special’ schools.  The fix: put them in, anyways, and have them displace students who work hard to get there.


At the city’s eight specialized high schools, 4% of offers went to black students, 6% to Hispanic kids, 27% to white kids and 54% to Asian kids.  In 2015, black and Hispanic kids, combined, accounted for 11% of offers at the elite schools.


New York City Parents Union President Mona Davids said the dismal admissions numbers for black and Hispanic kids reveal an unfortunate form of educational apartheid in city classrooms.


“Black and Hispanic children are receiving a second-class education,” Davids said. “The schools they attend are sub-par schools, and the data now show that this has gotten worse under the current administration.”


So the city is going to fix this via the usual means: lowering standards for ‘minorities’ and cutting off any ‘whites/Asians’ who work very hard to compete for positions which means taking extra classes, doing homework religiously, etc.  Note how the Asian students are overwhelming all the others.  Why is that, we must ask?  Are Asians superior or do they all work much harder at earning a slot via study and expanding their horizons?


When I was one of the nation’s elite students, I noticed the number of Jewish students in my cohort outnumbered other religious/ethnic groups.  We even discussed this amongst ourselves.  I will note that ever since Jews decided to be brutes in the Middle East and have an apartheid regime that is utterly odious, the ability of Jews to excel in intellectual matters is collapsing due to delusional thinking systems starting early on and it is exactly how white supremist thinking in the South and elsewhere in the US led to ‘white Protestants’ being DUMBER and DUMBER over the centuries.


That is, there was no competition due to racism which included racism against Jews and Asians, and this made whites stupider and stupider over time.  I had lots of respect for my Jewish and Asian competitors back in high school not because they were ‘superior’ or whatever but due to the fact that they all worked as hard as I worked to gain traction in the competition to be #1.


This ‘dumbing down’ process has hit the University system hard:  College grade inflation: Does ‘A’ stand for ‘average’? Worries that rewarding everyone leads to no one being rewarded is also a problem.  Grade inflation is also due to dumbing down everything so that everyone can pass a test.  Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses,


The book cites data from student surveys and transcript analysis to show that many college students have minimal classwork expectations — and then it tracks the academic gains (or stagnation) of 2,300 students of traditional college age enrolled at a range of four-year colleges and universities. The students took the Collegiate Learning Assessment (which is designed to measure gains in critical thinking, analytic reasoning and other “higher level” skills taught at college) at various points before and during their college educations, and the results are not encouraging:
45 percent of students “did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning” during the first two years of college.
36 percent of students “did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning” over four years of college.


Yes, people go to college to get a piece of paper and then…off the cliff it all goes.  I saw this years ago when white males of high status would glide through college cheating and goofing off and then take over daddy’s business only to drive it off a cliff, too.  The more this is encouraged, the more it destroys the students ‘benefiting’ from this.   Babying students so they are happy is no way to learn.  Students should be challenged daily and forced to rethink things and learn how to explore and discover, not snooze.


Below is a young teacher at a college commenting about all this:


…of course there is no rigor in college courses. First, students will punish professors who assign a lot of work, and until the malign influence of course evaluations on tenure and promotion stops, you are going to have junior and mid-level adjusting course demands so as to maintain high scores and positive comments.


Nobody sane is going to martyr themselves on the altar of academic integrity.


Second, in my experience, class sizes have ballooned beyond all reason. This past semester, I had 170 students in my Introduction to Literature class, and two graders. It is simply not possible to ask these kids to write a 10-15 page paper and grade it within a reasonable amount of time.


Third, forgive the generalization, but in my experience, students either cannot or will not do the reading. For many reasons, they have lost the ability to sit down and read a book from start to finish, and any attempt at asking them to read multiple books over the course of a semester has been (again, in my experience) doomed to failure.


And this is how dumbing down operates.  Swamp teachers with too many students, collect the loot from the students, then pat them all on the head and praise them for ‘graduating’.  Asian students, not Jewish ones, are now the top tier students when competing for scholarships and special schooling which requires hard intellectual work.  This doesn’t surprise me at all and my grandson is half Chinese and is being raised the Chinese/Jewish/Protestant way thanks to grandparents and parents pushing hard for intellectual challenges.


And he will be competing with children who don’t work nearly so hard and who expect to get ahead via protest and demands and whining, not working.  I have known several kids who were very black who competed with me back in the 1960’s and they were all very intelligent and focused and won due to their own hard work and ability to learn.  Now, they are the exception.  And fewer each generation which now expects apples to fall into their laps.


On a side note, Oberlin college head defends not sacking Joy Karega who claimed Jews are behind 9/11.  So, the Jewish President of the college isn’t punishing a Jewish professor.  Got that.  If she wasn’t Jewish, she would be kicked to the curb.


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16 responses to “Harvard Might Remove Veritas Shield ‘Due To Slavery Money’…Black/Hispanic Students Demand ‘Handicap’ When Competing With Asian Students

  1. Jim R

    Pfft. Harvard no longer has any credibility at all.

    Not since Larry Summers, at least.

  2. Petruchio

    “The facts in NYC are stark: nearly none of the black nor Hispanic students are good enough to go to the ‘elite’ and ‘special’ schools. The fix: put them in, anyways, and have them displace students who work hard to get there.” Yes and the folks who first implemented and who continue to maintain this “education” system fully intended it to be that way. The students these “educators” want to displace are mainly Middle Class kids. From the very beginning, the elites have been laser-focused on Class Warfare. Destroy the Middle Class. That has been the primary objective all along.

  3. Melponeme_k


    EXACTLY! The middle class is the generator of law, social change and advancement. At the heart of every revolution there are middle class men and women. It has been a race to destroy this bulwark ever since the American, French and Russian revolutions.

    Unfortunately the age of revolutions is incomplete. England’s middle class failed to pull the trigger and it remains to be seen if they will ever have the will to free themselves. We all would have been in a better or at least a different place if there was no British Queen and a band of leeching royals sucking the lifeblood out of the populace.

  4. Petruchio

    I say a nation’s education system shouldn’t focus on the scholarship winning type students. A country as a whole will be MUCH better served if they can raise the FLOOR of educational achievement. This means a primary goal of a nation’s education system should be to increase the number of people who graduate from High School with a basic, but good, solid level of competency in reading, writing and math skills. Sounds a little Utopian, doesn’t it? Well maybe it is, but it is not an unattainable goal. Besides, the Math and Science whiz kids will still be there in this system; they just won’t be coddled. The brightest kids will ALWAYS find their way into elite Colleges and Universities in a “ground up” education system.

  5. e sutton

    You bring up many salient points as usual, but neglect one obvious one (as usual). Can it possibly be that Jews and their white friends simply cease trying so hard in academia land simply because no matter how hard they try, they will be passed over by some negro who doesn’t have the first impulse to crack a book? When you are constantly being told you are the oppressor (from age six onward, no less!), and that everything you, your forefathers, ancestors did is evil and wrong, and every exam you take will automatically get a ten point grade reduction so that LaJayveeyus and LaQueefah sitting next to you can appear intelligent, it kinda gives you the impetus to say, WTF!

    Not that anything I say will sway you from your assessment that it’s whites and Jews getting dumber, and to a point I agree with your assertiton that culture plays a role in all this. Rather, your blatant disregard for scientific data concerning IQ, the Bell Curve, that consistently point out differences in racial intelligence simply ensures that our culture will indeed continue into a downward spiral due to embracing the negro standard of intellect and effort.

    As a former teacher for ten years, I saw all of this up close and personal. A fifth grader fifty years ago could out score a college freshman on any aptitude test given today. It amuses me beyond measure to see these Affirmative Action college “graduates” smirking their way through life when it’s painfully obvious their degrees were all dependent upon the complete dumbing down of our educational system.

  6. Petruchio

    @#% e Sutton: It can get even worse!. I recall in my hometown city when the push was on to get women into the Firefighters. Men, mostly white males, were physically FORCED to stop taking the qualifying exam. These very same applicants were then given “Incomplete” as their qual. test grade–and then these guys were FAILED on the qual. test. Why did they “fail” these guys this way? Because they are sleazy little weasels for one thing, but the other is this: these test “monitors” of the qualification test could say that the failed firefighter applicants did not complete the exam. And, literally speaking that would be true!! Of course, these very same folks wouldn’t mentio that the applicants were physically FORCED to stop taking the test so their “Incomplete” grade was FRAUDULENT. And also of course, those failed applicants were labeled as “whiners” because they failed.

  7. Henry

    Elaine, I think that you are mistaken about Joy Karega being Jewish. Actually the reason she wasn’t fired is because she is Black!

  8. shawntoh

    Elaine, you’ve made more sense than anyone pondering this issue because you have practical life experience dealing with academia mode and street mode and you have put your life on the line for “the revolution” (how we want to define that –I know, it’s contentious, –but please bear with me), and now I note this–

    I have a question for you, is what you have described a cultural version of “Gresham’s Law”? In this case, bad practices ’cause good students to go elsewhere because the system is becoming dumber and dumber?

    My concern is this could then lead to a reinforcing feedback loop that would cause cultural collapse of the USA that would be catastrophic I would imagine –not exactly the “imagine” that Mr. Lennon hoped and died for and that I hope becomes real in our lifetimes.

    Yeah, maybe it’s happening already, that’s the problem and you keep sounding the alarm but as Freddie said–

    “Menschliches, Allzumenschliches”!

    Bis später alligator 🙂

  9. emsnews

    ‘Intelligence’ is CULTURAL. Europe was mired in barbarian culture of kill or be killed. My own ancestors ‘visited’ countries in order to burn them down, rape and steal stuff. Then, magically, over time, after digesting the English countryside, they calmed down a tad only to have to flee the place because…they were violent.

    They came to America and were…VIOLENT…did some trading and did a good bit of stealing stuff, piracy, etc. Then became capitalists and founded schools and sent their brats to school and these were under orders to study very hard or else.

    And then I came along, studied very hard in order to collect as many prizes as humanly possible to pay my own way in school, thanks to scholarships and all that…because my parents were mad at me and wouldn’t pay my way unless I did this.

    NOW…student loans are deadly deals easy to get impossible to get rid of and so anyone can go to school but they end up deep in debt! I didn’t even when they killed my major (German language, of all things!) and my possibility of using my high level skills was limited to working for the CIA…HAHAHA…which I declared war on when I was sixteen years old so can that prospect!

    The fact is, they just today released a new ACT test for college students to see who is smartest and it is DUMBED DOWN GREATLY so that more marginal students can pass it! More about that.

  10. Anonymous

    It’d be awesome if, one day, Elaine could bring up the topic of class warfare without having individuals like venerable Grand Dragon e sutton attempt to turn the comments section into a Stormfront facsimile.

  11. billibaldi

    It looks like we have forgotten the lessons of WW2. It was the high standards of the European educational system that played a very important role in the outcome of that war. The Brits were saved by gifted amateurs.

  12. Petruchio

    “NOW…student loans are deadly deals easy to get impossible to get rid of” Yes, student loans can’t be discharged by way of declaring bankruptcy. The Bush II Administration made certain of that. Of course, any business can accumulate MILLIONS in liabilities and still declare bankruptcy. Not students, oh no.
    BTW: notice how student loan debt is not an issue in this Presidential campaign? No one in the media is bringing it up. The candidates don’t want to talk about it either. So much for free and open discussion. Student loan debt and the US Trade deficit. There’s two subjects that are verboten. I’m sure there are others.
    “The fact is, they just today released a new ACT test for college students…” In any honest testing system, there would be three or four ACT (and SAT) tests and students wouldn’t know which ACT test they are taking beforehand. Standardized tests can be “gamed”. ACT “prepping” is a cottage industry. Students taking tests like the ACT can be “coached up” and they can boost their test scores by taking prep classes.

  13. Lou

    In either ‘Bell Curve’ or one of Tom Sowells books he has NJ high School entrance exam quiz–circa 1900. Tough test.

    re,uA fifth grader fifty years ago could out score a college freshman on any aptitude test given today. [or maybe college grad].

    Check the old exams online and get back to us.

  14. Lou

    EMS–I agree with you that this is similar to the Maoists and their Cultural revolt—heres a laugh—


  15. Harvard University should just refuse Federal Aid and even Federal Tax Exemption if necessary and JUST ADMIT CHILDREN OF ALUMNI ONLY into its colleges and schools.

    That’ll solve the racial/political correctness problem there right quick.

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