Both Clinton And Sanders Pander To Violent Black Criminals Promising Even Worse Police Protection In Hoods

In the most recent debate, Clinton, Sanders on ‘Racial Blind Spots’ at Debate in Flint, Michigan.  They had to prove that blacks are being terrorized by cops and the rare white person who enters their hoods.  This pandering to black power shows why the Democrats will lose this election:


Sanders told a story about going to a meeting in Washington 20 years ago with a fellow congressman who was black. “He was sitting there waiting, and I said, ‘Let’s go out and get a cab.’ He said, ‘I don’t get cabs in Washington, D.C.,’” Sanders remembered. “He was humiliated that cabdrivers would go past him because he was black.”

Fire him! Clinton and Sanders call for the head of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder as Hillary declares it is ‘raining lead’ in Flint during Dem debate – but he reminds voters they ‘Won’t be staying to solve the crisis… I will’ in live-tweet defense | Daily Mail Online: yes, this headline is from Britain, not the US media.  And yes, these two idiots did call for the Governor to be annihilated due to him telling the truth.  Of course, the governor is a Republican.


Sanders called for Governor Rick Snyder’s resignation more than a month and a half ago and did so again tonight.


Neither candidate was willing to call tonight for the head of the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, however. Guns, religion and race relations in America also came up; the candidates said they empathize with blacks but can’t know their pain.


They were discussing the water problems in Flint, Michigan.  Flint used to be a productive city before Free Trade destroyed it.  It is now going bankrupt and the water system is falling into destruction like the entire city.  The water is as bad as water was in NYC way back when I lived there in 1974.  Dirty, that is.  Nasty stuff.  But then, to fix this means spending money and this means a city has to have some reason to exist aside from catering to an idle population that is actively destroying it after the elites ruined its industrial base.


Back to the DNC debate about race issues:  Sanders claims he couldn’t hail a taxi when he was with a fellow upper elite who was black.  Let’s begin with that obviously fake little story.  First, if white cabbies in DC were ‘racist’ they would have picked up the middle aged Sanders even if he had a well dressed black man with him.  Secondly, I have used DC cabs in the past.  Nearly all of them are…black drivers!  And they eagerly pick up any black male wearing a business suit who is coming or going from the Capitol Building of Congress or to any of the upper class black neighborhoods.  They always pick up white people.


This story is obviously false and recounted in order to appease black voters who don’t seem to understand why most cabbies in most cities dominated by blacks, don’t like to pick up many of them.  The chances of ending up poorer or dead thanks to black criminals, is way too high for any cabby to take a chance.  This is why, when I lived in a mainly black neighborhood and was next to Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn back in the 1970’s, could only use gypsy cabs since regular ones never picked up anyone, black or white, in my community which had rife crime when I moved there.


Hillary Clinton also said this during the debate:


For her part, Clinton received a question about her use of the phrase ‘super predators’ to describe black kids in gangs in a 1996 speech on crime.  ‘I think it was a poor choice of words, I never used it before, I haven’t used it since, I would not use it again,’ said said.


Good lord!  This Creature from the Black Lagoon is ripping herself in two!  Yes, she did actually mention the truth long, long ago when she and her hubby wanted the White House power.  But now, since she is pandering to black women so they will vote for more destruction of black communities, she will never, ever talk about blacks committing crimes ever again, no sir.  There are no black gangs anymore!  Ask NYC about this!  It will come as startling news.


This inability of Democrats to discuss who is causing crime waves in major cities is why the Democrats are losing ground across the country.  Only on occasion, now, do they win the White House and they lost both Houses of Congress.


Then Sanders recounted a more recent story, about a discussion with a young woman in the Black Lives Matter movement. He said she told him that “you don’t understand what police do in certain black communities. You don’t understand the degree to which we are terrorized. I’m not just talking about the shootings we have seen that we have to end, I’m talking about everyday activities where police officers are bullying people.”

White DISABLED Baltimore Man SAVAGELY BEAT By Black Teens In Front Of His Own House!! – YouTube

More teenagers charged as adults in beating of Dundalk man, a radio station reports in Maryland last May, Richard Fletcher faces $400k medical bills after near fatal attack in Baltimore and what did this white, elderly man do that got these teens, around 50 of them, so scared and angry?  He tried to stop them from fighting on top of his car.  These teens are so scared of the cops, this is how they timidly go around the neighborhood near their school:


 Joe Lamb, who owns a business nearby, saw the attack and said he wasn’t all that surprised with what happened based on how the neighborhood has been, WBAL reported.


He said: ‘It has gotten out of hand now, gone too far. (Every day…) ‘The kids walk on top of cars, kick dogs, let dogs out, throw trash, steal milk from school and throw it at houses, threaten neighbors with bodily harm.’


And they are all scared to death that cops might show up except no cops show up at all, do they?  The beating was filmed and the film turned over to the police, was a public place and the beating went on and on and on and witnesses saw this and the cops were called and came a long time later and the blacks left the man to die but he didn’t die, he barely survived.  Oh, the precious, poor, misunderstood, helpless students!  NOT.


Note how the young girls, none of whom is over 18, are violent, screaming, furious and very dangerous.  Far from being timid lambs cringing due to scary whites, they are arrogant and vicious and openly disrespectful.  They terrorize everyone around them and this is true in all black communities.  Instead of black teens being scared of anyone, they are the most least scared people in America.

From my state, NY, Blacks beat up White man for not letting them cut in line, no hate crime there, all college students. – YouTube

Former Erie football star charged in restaurant assault – – Erie, PA


 Markese Pullium, 18, a defensive back at Strong Vincent and now in his freshman year at Alfred State College in Alfred, N.Y., has been suspended from the college and kicked off the football team, school officials said Monday.


The five other Alfred State football players charged in the Oct. 10 incident also have been suspended from school and dismissed from the team. The six men will attend a disciplinary hearing at the college “in the near future,” said Steven Tyrell, Alfred State’s vice president for student affairs.


Alfred Police Chief Tim O’Grady said Monday that the six men could be charged with gang assault and committing a hate crime because the victim is white and the defendants are all black. O’Grady declined to elaborate, and said officers are still investigating the incident.


So, the scared, helpless football players were so terrified by this fellow white student they had to beat him up, gang style.  It is reality that anyone, black or white, who encounters a gang of black kids under the age of 21, usually are terrified of the gang.  And for very good reason, these gangs are terrorizing many cities now and are so happy that liberals are pretending they are helpless, they are laughing to death.


Interactive Map Lets You See What Gangs Are Terrorizing Your Neighborhood: Gothamist in New York City:

Screen shot 2016-03-07 at 6.34.43 AM

“It’s a fearsome reality: violence for its own sake,” NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told the News. “The gun has come to define manhood for these young men, and the willingness to use it has become a rite of passage.”
The NYPD estimates that there are 375 gangs or street crews currently operating in the city. The highest concentration is in Brooklyn, where an estimated 130 gangs or crews operate. There are an estimated 87 gangs or crews active in the Bronx, 75 in Queens, 40 in Manhattan, and 13 in Staten Island.


So, the cops are terrorizing NYC, making it difficult for gangs to carry guns and shoot everyone.  The previous mayor did annoy these little helpless babies by checking them for guns over and over again, disarming them all.  Murders went down but the whines of the baby crew rose to the heavens and they elected a new mayor who let them all carry guns so every day, these gangs shoot someone dead and then scream at the cops when they show up to try to arrest someone for shooting someone else.


Latino Gang Members in Southern California are Terrorizing and Killing Blacks who were accustomed to terrorizing and killing whites and everyone else.  Now, illegal aliens which the Democratic leaders also love, are doing the same, in between killing and terrorizing white citizens who are increasingly angry about this.


“The way I hear these knuckleheads tell it, they don’t want their neighborhoods infested with blacks, as if it’s an infestation,” says respected Los Angeles gang expert Tony Rafael, who interviewed several Latino street gang leaders for an upcoming book on the Mexican Mafia, the dominant Latino gang in Southern California. “It’s pure racial animosity that manifests itself in a policy of a major criminal organization.”


“There’s absolutely no motive absent the color of their skin,” adds former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Michael Camacho. Before he became a judge, in 2003, Camacho successfully prosecuted a Latino gang member for the random shootings of three black men in Pomona, Calif.


“They generally don’t like African Americans,” Pomona gang unit officer Marcus Perez testified in that case. “If an African American enters their neighborhood, they’re likely to be injured or killed.”


Both Hillary Clinton and Sanders think that both black teens and Hispanic illegal alien teens are helpless children who are scared when a middle aged white woman wanders into their hoods.  These babies are being killed, mainly by each other, 99.9% of the time.  But we are supposed to believe that they are really victims of  terrifying cops who on rare occasions, actually try to arrest one of these children when they are violently terrorizing everyone and killing each other. Oh, the humanity.


Where on earth are the adults in this story?  No Democratic leader dares tell these precious monsters that they are causing chaos, destruction, vandalism, murder, theft, rape and other crimes at an astonishing rate far higher than white or Asian communities.  This isn’t even mentioned at all and the mayhem grows worse and worse and as our rulers deindustrialize our cities, what remains for these out of control children?  We all know the answer so why isn’t this part of the debates?


The government is now charging Hispanics with ‘hate crimes’ when this is in reality, typical gang warfare which involves killing or driving away people of other ethnic/race groups.  Ask anyone from a formerly mainly white neighborhood, how this works when blacks move nearby.  They ‘colonize’ the hood via terrorizing whites viciously until all of them move out, the rents and housing values fall like a rock and more black groups can easily move in.  This ‘slash and burn’ style of living has decimated many inner cities and suburbs.


Within 20 years of colonizing a neighborhood this way, it is worn out and so vandalized, it is no longer habitable and the gang moves onwards and outwards.  It is ridiculously easy to find cities with a dead inner core utterly destroyed this way.  Renovators in reviving cities take over these ruins and rebuild them again and most of these renovators, and I was certainly one of these, are white or Asian.


Sanders struck an odd note at one point in his answer when he said that “when you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto. You don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

On social media, some people pointed out the obvious: Of course there are white people who live in ghettos and are poor.


This is all about pandering to the black community which is in such a state of utter denial, even when facts and reality howl at them all that their own children are killing not only each other, but any unfortunate person that comes anywhere near them all…except for Hispanic illegal alien gangs who are from a very violent culture in Mexico!


Clinton was more general when she was asked about her racial blind spots.


“Being a white person in the United States of America, I know that I have never had the experiences that so many people in this audience have had,” she said. “What I have been trying to talk about during this campaign is to urge white people to think about what it is like to have “the talk” with your kids, scared that your sons or daughters, even, could get in trouble for no good reason whatsoever like Sandra Bland and end up dead in a jail in Texas.”


What the hell?  Every black kid and adult who has been brutally murdered in the last 50 years, aside from the very tiny handful who died when having violent confrontations with cops, was killed by fellow blacks.  Elderly black folk are scared of black teens!  Whites of any age gets increasingly scared the younger the blacks are who are approaching and no sane person lets a group of more than four black teens, into stores or their homes or near their cars, etc.  We are all utterly terrified of black teens and even if you have a gun, if you shoot any of these teens, you are arrested and put through the grinder by howling mobs of political bosses and agitators who love to pin murder on a white person because a white killing a black is extremely rare.



Neither candidate seemed to have an especially thorough or well-thought-out answer about their own specific racial biases. Sanders’ “ghetto” comment was especially uncomfortable. But the simple fact that the question was asked, that two presidential candidates had to debate their own racism, shows that the issue is finally center stage in 2016.


Evidently, neither candidate flailed themselves sufficiently.  They should walk through Newark, slapping their backs with whips, crying out to be forgiven for being dangerous and scary towards blacks.  Of course, they would be beaten to death long before reaching the end of Martin Luther King Boulevard.


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21 responses to “Both Clinton And Sanders Pander To Violent Black Criminals Promising Even Worse Police Protection In Hoods

  1. floridasandy

    i hate the whole racial aspect of this election. We should have stopped talking about race years ago, and looked at each other as just people. Playing the victim card always hurts societal evolution.

    tribalism always divides citizens and makes them easier to “manage”. (look at africa with all its assets, just basically 3rd world status)

    the sad part is that priebus? and the RNC are so busy trying to destroy the republican party and its base that hillary might just win the election, even with all the new republicans that trump has brought to them. hillary has the media and DNC to get rid of sanders for the general election.

    the democratic debate was SO creepy, as they were trying to outdo each other in political correctness and appropriate sound bites. I needed a bath when it was over. i loved the part where hillary was trying to pretend she was a unifier, copying trump, when all she has ever done is divide people to conquer and loot..She took the white house furniture when they left, and had to return some of it.

  2. emsnews

    I could not bear to watch any of the clown show debates. They were NOT debates, they are interviews run by media owners who are the creepiest creeps on this planet. Not to mention, stupid.

    But they still control things which is why Americans are once again ripping each other to shreds over which cruel person will rule us all after LYING to us nonstop. This is very tiresome.

  3. Melponeme_k

    The rampaging street warfare is how the elite’s plan to keep the population of blacks and illegal aliens in control. But the numbers game will favor the Illegal aliens.

    This street warfare will metastasize until it engulfs regular citizens who will be prisoners in their own homes, subject to abductions, home invasions, car jackings etc. Welcome to Brazil, Mexico or any other 3rd world hell hole.

    People think the elite care whether the world turns into a toilet around them. They don’t care. As long as they are in their armed compounds the world is a good place. In fact they get a little zing from all the beggars hanging outside their gated communities with their hands out for change.

  4. Lou

    off topic—-

  5. Lou

    The rampaging street warfare is how the elite’s plan to keep the population of blacks and illegal aliens in control——————

    Nonsense–the elite is adding non White non Christians to all White nations. The jews plan to genocide these first world nations is well underway.

  6. CK

    Thanks to planned parenthood, the percentage of the population of the USA that will have originated in Mexico, Central and South America will have risen to over 30% by 2020; while the percentage of the population that is black will stay at 13%. Reducing the policing of the majority black parts of Urban America will be an assist in keeping the black population percentage stagnant.
    Planned parenthood kills black children in the womb, lack of policing allows the black teens to kill each other. For the democrat party this is known as a win win.

  7. Petruchio

    Elaine: did you hear about Chris Rock at the Oscars? Rock was emcee of the show and, during the show made the comment that Hollywood needs to find MORE opportunities for blacks. Really!! Gee whiz, like what do you mean Chris? Like all those movies you have been in? How about Oprah Winfrey? One of the richest women in the Entertainment Industry? Or the world for that matter. Watch TV today. Count how many black actors are in commercials. Count how many black actors are in movies. There is NO question about it. Blacks have made enormous strides in acting. They get more movie parts, they get more commercials parts, but STILL this isn’t enough for the likes of Chris Rock. I think this is a clear example of what happens when you pander to a group and just give them jobs–instead of giving them an opportunity, a fair chance to earn acting employment on their own merits. I get the feeling that blacks like Chris Rock will still be complaining if 90% of all acting parts are given to blacks. It is the difference between GIVING someone a fish and TEACHING someone to fish, imho.

  8. floridasandy

    how would you like to be a teacher in the baltimore school system, or have to live in that neighborhood?

    that is tragic, and all those kids could have been obama’s kids. 🙂

    after watching that video, you know damn well those single parents are on welfare. They should cut their aid off if they can’t act like human beings. They need more police, but not happening on obama’s watch.

  9. Petruchio

    “They need more police, but not happening on obama’s watch.” Flo, you’re pretty quick to blame Obama. Why not blame the MAYOR of Baltimore or blame the GOVERNOR of Michigan for the putrid water in Flint Michigan? Why not blame the REPUBLICAN majorities in BOTH the US House and Senate? I have no respect for Obama, but let’s put the blame where it’s due. When it comes to education, the politicians in Maryland have more responsibility for the education system in the State than Obama. And the REPUBLICAN governor of Michigan deserves ALL the blame for the smelly, disgusting water in Flint than Obama, but No!! Don’t blame a Republican. EVER.

  10. vengeur

    As Elaine points out AD INFINITUM, Detroit and Flint have fallen into abysmal disrepair because of years of bankrupt US trade policy ( and the foreign currency manipulation that underpins it) . Blaming it on a Governor, Republican or Democrat, is ridiculous.

  11. Lou

    Michigan, Flint——

    The single most culpable figure in the whole incident was Darnel Earley.
    He is black so he’s immune from criticism.

    He is never mentioned because he is black and incompetent, stupid. If politicians would mention Earley’s name people would notice his race and be uncomfortable because he was so stupid.

    Earley made the decision unilaterally to use the water from the Flint River. There is no evidence that he even consulted with anyone in either the Flint or the Detroit water department. Earley was a professional city manager. As it happens I have known some of these people. It is career path for people who get a Masters in Public Administration.

    In academia and the professions not all people with advanced degrees are equally intelligent. Those in physics tend to be among the smartest while those with doctorates in education are the least sharp. In the professional degrees those with the MPA (Master of Public Administration) are well documented as the dumbest. This embarrasses me a little because I have an MPA. I know whereof I speak.

    Personally the MPA academic track was good to me because I was interested in math and there was no competition from my classmates. So I was given a full academic scholarship and won many competitive fellowships. I taught calculus and computer subjects to the MBA students. MPA seldom took such subjects. They took Political Science.

    Earley was one of those MPA dunderheads who took Poly Sci. And he was black. He has a fine appearance but his head is empty. He was smart enough to figure out that water from the Flint River was cheap but he wasn’t smart enough to wonder why none of the professionals in the water department had ever chosen to use it. The water in the river is acidic – not so much that it tastes bad but enough that it dissolves the internal coating that forms inside the lead water pipes.

    Darnel Earley is the one clear villain of the piece. His name should be plastered across every newspaper in the land. His incompetence should set off a new reform movement to improve the quality of the whole City Manager profession.

    But he is black so he’s immune from criticism.

  12. emsnews

    I remember the Clean Water Act. We ALL used crappy water back then. I remember encountering crappy water in Texas when I was a child. It tasted like OIL.

    I remember my parents starting in 1958 onwards, buying drinking water in Arizona because the water there was so crappy. I have quite a memory of what water looked like when it was so polluted in places, it caught on fire.

    We now expect very clean water today. Even in the former now useless industrial cities.

  13. floridasandy

    i didnt say i blamed obama, -what i was trying to point out is that he ignores bad black behavior, and doesn’t call anyone out on it. If whites did this, they should be called out and they would be. obama would never say those “beaty, stabby, shooty” kids are his collective kids.

    obama likes to play the “blacks as victims” card, which truly doesn’t help anyone. The police are LESS likely to help because they are being blamed and denigrated, and it’s human nature to react. Black people should DEMAND protection in the cities, and the president should make sure that they get it.

    when it is this out of control, it is long past time to act.

    that behavior wouldn’t be tolerated down here by the parents, the mayor, the governor, or anyone else.

    we ALL need a law and order president, hello trump!

  14. Lou

    Even in the former now useless industrial cities.
    China grows stronger. What will USA be like in the future?

  15. Melponeme_k

    Elites and their stooges planning their coup.

    Whatever Trump hoped to accomplished with this bid for the Presidency, where it did succeed was lay bare all the skullduggery of the elites. There desperation is highly revealing and the people are acting accordingly. He is the tipping point, whatever else happens.

  16. Melponeme_k

    Obviously the richest of the rich in silicon valley would rather let their arts community founder because they like to spend money to destroy Trump. And you know, paying Ray Kurzweil to freeze their heads so they can be one with the machines is much better than watching beautiful human beings dance.

  17. Petruchio

    “Elites and their stooges planning their coup.” Trump just shows that the elites are not all-seeing or all-powerful. If they were, Donald Trump wouldn’t have gotten this far in the GOP nomination campaign.
    The elites are powerful and they have a singleness of purpose, but they can be defeated. Usually this requires a groundswell of revolt from the elites’ plans by the “soiled masses” the elites so DEEPLY hate. This ‘groundswell’ comes in the form of Donald Trump.
    Is Trump merely a puppet to drive GOP voters into the Clinton camp? I don’t think the elites are that clever. And even if they are, just how many GOP voters are going to vote for Hillary to spite Donald Trump? The GOP elites will but the elites have no power unless they can bring a sizable chunk of gullible voters along with them. This isn’t happening.
    Romney has floated the idea of a brokered GOP Convention. I’m betting that is where the GOP elites will try–by honest and/or dishonest means–to ignore Trump and put their candidate in place. It won’t work, but these elites are far too smug and arrogant to figure that out.

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