Both Democrats ‘Debate’ Who Will Be Better At Letting In Most Illegal Aliens

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Nancy Reagan is dead but Hillary Clinton is still ticking along, both women collected bribes.  The bribing of US Presidents when they retire was begun by Ronnie Reagan.  It is now totally out of control and is directly responsible for the collapse of wages of the working class, the destruction of US industries and warmongering by all our ‘allies’ who are really leaches.


In the Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Clash on Immigration – The New York Times


Sebastien de la Cruz, a mariachi singer, sang the national anthem before the Democratic debate on Wednesday, and the moderators introduced the two candidates in Spanish.


And this is why the DNC is going down in destruction.  I recall my own family and their neighbors insisting during the ‘Opening of the West’ that everyone coming to the US learn to speak English.  Why is that, I ask?


Simple: our ancestors who were here (uninvited, of course) decided long ago that having many regional languages leads to WARFARE.  We see this clearly in Europe.  Even after the EU was imposed on the place, there is no common language.  Once, Latin was imposed on Europe by the Italians.


This is why most European languages in Western Europe are Latin-based, even the outliers have some Latin such as England which stubbornly clung to various Anglo-Saxon and ancient Norse language oddities.


The language unity imposed from above for generations kept the US as one political unit where everyone can talk to everyone else and be understood.  Now, this is collapsing.  It has terrible future connotations and I expect this country to cease to exist in the next 100 years or sooner due to debt problems and various language groups revolting and leaving the ‘union’.


Mrs. Clinton repeatedly aligned herself with the needs and concerns of immigrant families and stuck to her promise to “knock down barriers” in employment and housing, hoping these priorities would inspire Hispanics and African-Americans and deliver her landslide victories in Florida and North Carolina.


…She refused to let up when Mr. Sanders explained that he thought the guest worker provisions in the bill were “akin to slavery.” Mrs. Clinton argued that she, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Hispanic groups would never have supported such a bill. Her broadsides finally became too much for Mr. Sanders when she accused him of supporting “vigilantes known as Minutemen” on the border.


Well, Sanders has my vote if he wants ‘Minutemen’ on the border!  So, Hillary, who is owned by foreign banking interests, wants to have open borders to keep wages down, she is a traitor to this nation.  Ditto, the GOP hand jobs who want us to believe they will protect us…by bringing in more aliens and reducing any barriers to our industries to zero.


$153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented …Hillary Clinton Made More in 12 Speeches to Big Banks Than Most of Us Earn in a Lifetime: this cannot be hammered enough. This woman who is a crummy speaker, note how irritating her voice is!  Imagine paying to listen to her!  I bet she can’t release the text of her ‘speeches’ to Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank because there are no ‘speeches’.


They probably paid her double to shut up.


“I never made any money until I left the White House,” said Bill Clinton during a 2009 address to a student group. “I had the lowest net worth, adjusted for inflation, of any president elected in the last 100 years, including President Obama. I was one poor rascal when I took office. But after I got out, I made a lot of money.”


The Clintons didn’t invent accepting open bribes from foreign powers:  Eight Days in Japan Earn Ron and Nancy $2 Million—Now That’s Reaganomics :


But was it appropriate, critics asked, for a former President to cash in on his White House luster so blatantly? Of the four living ex-Presidents, Jimmy Carter seems to have done the least for financial gain, spending his time instead on church-, housing-and peace-related efforts. Richard Nixon has published seven books, but accepts no honoraria for public appearances. Gerald Ford has turned himself into a one-man industry, producing endorsements, speeches and public appearances and serving on corporate boards; last year alone he earned an estimated $1 million. All that, however, pales next to Reagan’s $2 million single score in Japan.


I raged about Reagan collecting this obvious bribe.  I went to Congress and demanded he be investigated.  I went all over the place, talking about this bribery.  Nothing happened.  Reagan was a cowboy President who ‘made America proud and strong’ when he really was a BLATANT TRAITOR who was secretly working with the Japanese to undermine the US and take over our industries.


Note how our howling mob of looters in DC are honoring Mrs. Reagan who took her senile husband to Japan to wave mindlessly.  She is deep in this mess.  Now, she is dead and a ‘hero’.  Disgusting, isn’t it?


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10 responses to “Both Democrats ‘Debate’ Who Will Be Better At Letting In Most Illegal Aliens

  1. Melponeme_k

    “Well, Sanders has my vote if he wants ‘Minutemen’ on the border!”

    Elaine haven’t you read his platform issues website? I’ve linked to it before. Sanders will do NOTHING about illegal aliens. In fact he will make it worse. Since he proposes to totally dismantle Deportation policies.;

    The only one who will deputize citizens and let them patrol the border will be Trump. Unfortunately, because I don’t like the man. But dislike Clinton and Sanders even more.


    ELAINE: I never said Sanders would do anything, he is PANDERING just like Clinton!!!

  2. csurge

    lol. None of the real liberals like Trump… but they will vote for him because the other candidates are such shit, and the US needs some sort of band-aid if it is to keep going for another 10 years. Trump is peddling English as the only language of the US. He aims to reverse some of the damage done by Free Trade, and lower the deficit. He’s also peddling unity versus divisive politics. That’s a start. I don’t care about the details, just as long as he begins turning the ship away from the rocks, and starts changing the general thinking among the populace The US can’t be saved in a day. It will be a long road back. Trump can at least start the process

  3. Melponeme_k

    All the gentrified areas of the Prospect park area in Brooklyn are slowly and steadily falling back into lawlessness.

  4. vengeur

    LOL Mel. Three stabbings (of white people) by the same black man. But only ONE of the stabbings is deemed a Hate Crime (guess why)? What a total load of sh*t we are being served.

  5. emsnews

    I don’t live there anymore and don’t do citizen’s arrests because they made that a highly dangerous operation unlike in the seventies when chaos was destroying the city and the government was content to let me arrest dozens and dozens of criminals, sometimes rather violently, that is, tackling them and hammering them.

    Back then, I was infamous in the news for killing this huge sewer rat with a crowbar. 🙂

  6. Petruchio

    “Back then, I was infamous in the news for killing this huge sewer rat with a crowbar. :)” Elaine: now THAT’S the way to deal with Republicans!! HAHA!

  7. Petruchio

    “This woman who is a crummy speaker, note how irritating her voice is! Imagine paying to listen to her! ” C’mon Elaine. The ONLY people who don’t know these “speaking fees” are bribes and/or payola are too stupid to be reasoned with. Not even the proverbial “building falling on them” will convince some people that the Clintons (like the Reagans) are the Political Wh#res–who are bought off VERY cheaply I might add.

  8. emsnews

    Au contraire, Mrs. Clinton is VERY expensive and you have to pretend to like her. How much would you have to be paid to do that?

  9. Petruchio

    @#8 Elaine: I have to disagree with you. Wall Street and AIPAC funnel a $125 million to the Clinton’s and get BILLIONS of dollars in return. It’s relative. Yes, $125 million is ALOT of money, but not if your return on a $125 million is in the TENS of Billions of dollars. That $2 million the lying fraudster Reagan got from the Japanese is another example of small bribe versus HUGE return in proportion to the bribe.
    How much would I have to be paid to act like I like Mrs. Clinton? What would I have to do to “prove” that I like that sleazy despicable hag Mrs. Clinton? Just stand there and not say anything negative about her for 45-60 minutes? I don’t know. $10,000–$15,000. Would I have to physically touch Mrs. Clinton, as in like, shake her hand? I would need $15,000–$20,000 MORE than my basic “fee”.
    Well there you have it. Petruchio will, for $25,000–$30,000 sit or stand listening to a 60 minute Hillary Clinton speech AND then be seen publicly shaking that sleazy bitc#’s hand. Or should I say claw?
    Hillary Clinton is a political wh#re.

  10. emsnews

    THEY ARE ALL WHORES. Trump is one of the bribers so at least we know pretty much where he stands. But the others running for President are all owned by various corporate entities who hide their ownership of their slaves.

    And Hillary is a slave and the two Cubans running are slaves.

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