WP Neocons Wonder Why White Working Stiffs Desert GOP Traitors

My examination today will get people to call me a ‘racist’ when I attempt to explain how ‘divide and conquer’ works as politicians adroitly pitch white males against white females and other groups and then attack the white males, making fun of them and telling all the other groups, they should stomp white males into the dirt for resisting the New World Order which is what Bush Jr. triumphantly announced after 9/11.  This election is seeing white males finally revolting against the NWO manipulators who have used these guys as their castrated mules.


Ben Carson plans to endorse Trump: interesting news, the only black running for President this year.  The entire stable of Washington Post warmongering liars are freaking out about Trump’s successes.  How America’s political decay has fueled Trump’s rise howls Ignatius, a notorious war crime hit man, for example.  Another WP writer whines: Republican primary rules are helping Trump lock down the nomination…how dare he do this legal thing!


Then there is their fake liberal, Gerson, whining and lying about history:  Trump is the demagogue that our Founding Fathers feared – The Washington Post: as the desperate dudes at the Post go nuts about Trump’s rise, they can’t figure out why their two candidates, both first generation Hispanics, aren’t popular with US workers and others at the bottom of the social pit.  The left and the neocon globalists both have deserted this large group of voters who are now in open revolt and it is easy to see why.


The proximate answer is a durable plurality in the Republican primary electorate, concentrated among non-college-educated whites but not limited to them. They are applying Trump like a wrecking ball against the old political order. And it clearly does not matter to them if their instrument is qualified, honest, stable, knowledgeable, ethical, consistent or honorable.


Starting with Reagan, have any of the GOP gang been ‘honest, stable, ethical or honorable’?  They certainly have been consistent!  They are New World Order gangsters, after all, meeting at Bilderberg coven meetings and hanging out at Israel Über Alles song fests.  They all pander to de jour topical smash and grab games and at the same time they stab white male workers in the back, thanks to free trade, they tell them all SECRETLY that blacks and women are the ones stealing these jobs.


To back this up, the GOP leaders sit back and grin ear to ear as the Democrats smack white working males hard in the balls, pushing women and minorities in front of them and also supporting a dangerous tsunami of excess babies from the neighboring, poorer countries while at the same time, supporting free trade, too.  Blacks who manage to finish school get jobs at the universities and government handed to them on a silver platter while white males must compete harder and harder for the remaining jobs not slated for these new privileged groups.


Or maybe the establishment invited a backlash for insufficient toughness on illegal immigration — though it is hard to imagine why public urgency would spike just as the flow of illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle. Or maybe a parallel establishment of conservative talk radio, PACs and websites gains listeners, funds and clicks by inciting conservatives against Republicans.


The Washington Post’s stable of neocon men, most of whom are Jewish white males, is floundering about wondering why white males aren’t clinging to these Zionists anymore.  They heaved everything they had at Trump, smearing him daily in double and triple doses and all this does is anger their audience.


No one is ‘inciting conservatives against Republicans’!  Poor Rand Paul thought he had this group behind him only to be stomped by Trump but this was his own fault, he was not antiwar enough like his dad and he tried to pander like the more polished gang that are experts at kissing ass.


The working white stiff would have fallen again for false promises if it weren’t for Trump who has very loudly expressed the frustrations and fury and fear of white males who have a great deal to fear these days.


  …maybe, as reform conservatives have argued, Republicans have not adequately responded to 25 years of economic dislocation and wage stagnation — challenges faced by blue-collar families that simply don’t yield to a circa-1981 GOP agenda of tax cuts and deregulation.


The problem? All these same arguments were being made by the same people before Trump arrived on the scene. A new and unexpected development in U.S. politics has managed to confirm everything people already believed, suggesting that not much learning is taking place…


it is necessary to say that Trump is to blame for Trump. The fact that he is appealing to understandable concerns does not make him a valid or responsible voice. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, for example, President George W. Bush could have chosen to blame Islam and stir up prejudice. He didn’t. In the aftermath of the Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., attacks, Trump did, picking on a religious minority for self-serving political reasons.


Wow…this neocon commentator at the lying rag, the WP, hits a land mine! Right after the biggest terror attack in all of America’s history, Bush grounded ALL domestic flights.  Except for Saudi Arabians who sponsored these terrorists.  This astonishing move which Bush lied about and which was noticed by alert Americans, I even saw one of these jets fly out of New York, is still never, ever discussed by US mainstream media even today.













US HYSTERIA OVER NORTH KOREA IS VERY STUPID | Culture of Life News from years ago, today’s news: Kim Jong-Un threatens to turn the US into ‘flames and ashes’ as he orders more nuclear tests and oversees another ballistic missile launch.


Not only that, the fact that Bush and the neocons in both the GOP and DNC then turned around and attacked and destroyed an entirely innocent bystander, Iraq, claiming falsely that Iraq had WMD.  Back then, the US is also howling at North Korea back then as we see in this old story of mine, and today as NK lobs missiles all over the place while the neocons talk about restarting the Cold War or even WWIII with both Russia and China simultaneously.


In a dangerous world, fear is natural. Cynically exploiting fear is an art. And Trump is a Rembrandt of demagoguery.


The entire stable of ‘commentators’ at the WP are demagogues.  Warmongering, pandering, putrid pundits.


The founders had little patience for “pure democracy,” which they found particularly vulnerable to demagogues. “Men of factious tempers, of local prejudices, or of sinister designs,” says Federalist 10, “may, by intrigue, by corruption, or by other means, first obtain the suffrages, and then betray the interests, of the people.” A representative government is designed to frustrate sinister majorities (or committed pluralities), by mediating public views through “a chosen body of citizens, whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of their country.”


And this is why we had the Civil War!  HAHAHA.  The problem with the Civil War was, the South had weighted votes for the elites there that counted slaves as ‘3/5 a vote’ who could not vote, their owners got this boon.  The excuse for this was at the founding of the nation with the slave owners claiming this privilege and Jefferson and Washington who were both slave owners, claimed slavery would soon die off so why worry about this.


Which was ridiculous.  Both men were dreadfully wrong and the horror of these ardent ‘freedom lovers’ who couldn’t love freedom for women or slaves, yapping on and on about basic human rights lies at the dark heart of our country’s inability to cope with the concept of ‘freedom’.


Hillary Clinton moves to Obama’s left on border policy because she is pandering now to Hispanics this week even though the huge unemployment rate for black males is very much due to most jobs they used to gravitate to are now handed over to cheap foreign labor and illegal aliens!   Hillary Clinton’s secret multi-million dollar ‘speeches’ is all about bringing in foreign labor for the super rich to exploit.


This is why reverse civil rights has been embraced.  Way, way back, over 50 years ago, the elites decided to fix racism and the dark history of abuse of women and minorities by promoting both no matter how ill-equiped these groups are in new positions.  We were told we needed this crutch because we were all weak and helpless and white males could out-compete us.  It was supposed to be temporary.


But it isn’t, it is getting worse.  The more crutches are applied, the weaker women and minorities grow and the less they strive to be as good as possible and the more they demand jobs while unable to do the work.  One striking minority group illustrates the insanity of all this: Asians.


Hard working, studious and pushing to do their best, the various competitions for scholarships that require tests are now heavily, heavily dominated by Asians.  I once took these tests and was one of the few girls to win against males, nearly 50 years ago.  I enjoyed the competition and would have been insulted if I was given bonus points for being a girl.


With the theory of a presidential nominee as a wrecking ball, we have reached the culmination of the founders’ fears: Democracy is producing a genuine threat to the American form of self-government. Trump imagines leadership as pure act, freed from reflection and restraint. He has expressed disdain for religious and ethnic minorities. He has proposed restrictions on press freedom and threatened political enemies with retribution. He offers himself as the embodiment of the national will, driven by an intuitive vision of greatness. None of this is hidden.


Wow, a neocon home run!  HAHAHA.  Remember Bush and the neocons hammering the war drums illegally against Iraq?  Stampeding angry Americans who didn’t even know that it was nearly entirely Saudis who attacked us on 9/11?  Oh, and Trump having a vision of greatness?


HAHAHA, so does Hillary.  And the Cuban twins.  And this is a great and wonderful thing so long as Bilderberg gangsters sneer and stomp around talking about starting wars with everyone!  How responsible is that???


And then there is this ethnic minority (white males are not the majority at all, far from it): who stands up for them is attacked mercilessly.  The white males were corralled for a while by the Bush clan and with Reagan, their puppet.  But now the white males are revolting because…jobs are vanishing, wages stagnate, job opportunities at the top are locked out and they are told to go to war and die fighting the wrong foes and are told, it is good for Hispanics and Muslims to invade foreign countries by the millions and take away jobs, etc.


I remember when most home builders were white males, I worked with them!  Now, they don’t speak English.  This shifting of jobs, the overrunning of systems with foreigners is very much a very hot topic in both Europe and the US and is going to get much, much hotter as the mainstream politicians push harder and harder for displacing white males with hostile foreign labor that is easier for the elites to control.


Another story from our dear NATO ally that was taken over by Islamic fundamentalists:  Turkish president’s wife declares that harems were ‘educational centres that prepared women for life’ as sex slaves!  South Sudan’s government allows fighters to rape women as a form of PAYMENT while children and the disabled are butchered and burned alive, shocking UN report reveals and of course, Europe must let them in, too.

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14 responses to “WP Neocons Wonder Why White Working Stiffs Desert GOP Traitors

  1. Melponeme_k

    I think the elites are finally starting to realize they are a sitting on a nascent revolution. They forgot the insane spirit that caused a bunch of farmers to thumb their noses at the most successful monarchy ever back in 1770s and that spirit still lives on despite them trying to balkanize it.


    They MUST support Trump if he wins, because if they don’t the American public on the rampage will make the current European citizens burning a few buildings look like a garden party.

    And now Carson dropped a HUGE bomb on them by throwing his support behind Trump. Now even the racism ploy they have been using is backfiring.


    Oh but it is fun seeing all of them in full fear mode.

  2. emsnews

    The GOP globalists exploited white male anger for decades. Now this will bite them in the rear unless they can engineer another ‘patriotic war’. I saw this at work during the Vietnam war.

    White male students made fun of my antiwar work back before Nixon killed the student deferment plan. Suddenly, these guys were on the line to die in Nam and my office was filled with frantic male students begging me to save them.

    I did my best! We had a HUGE antiwar demonstration on campus that week and…were attacked by the cops and the military and this happened across the nation and…the war dragged on and on and on and girls were never drafted, of course.

    Black guys were drafted a lot and I got a ton of them at my office, telling me horror stories of the jungle battles since they were often the front ground troops.

  3. Melponeme_k

    “the war dragged on and on and on and girls were never drafted, of course.”

    I suspect that will change in the future. Especially since there are far too many educated womenfolk running around the USA. They would prefer American women to be more like 3rd world women, uneducated, unmarried and saddled down with a million babies.

    This frightens me because I’m still a relatively young woman. If draft statutes of WWII were put into place (including women), I am still young enough to be sent right over the wall. In fact women my age are the ones they most need to get rid of…pronto.

  4. Joseppi

    Oh, the frailty of humanity, wracked and trembling by “frustrations, fury and fear ”

    Well, Elaine, another masterful posting! Thank you.

  5. wellwell

    Elaine, all of your prescient analysis over the years qualifies you to make this damning assessment of the powers behind the American throne, whose arrogant dismissal of working class Americans is more dangerous to democracy than Donald Trump could ever be.

    Conrad Black shrewdly observed that FDR saved capitalism and the patrician class (who never voted for him) by helping the average American. That may be Trump’s role in history, or maybe he will be more like Andrew Jackson. Either way, the Augean stables in Washington DC badly need cleaning.

  6. Melponeme_k


    Cesar Millan’s BS is finally getting called out.


    All the families who have had relatives mauled by Pit Bulls largely due to him pushing them as family pets should sue his backside from here to the moon.

  7. Lou

    Mel, all dogs are dangerous. A pommie killed an infant, for instance.

    I dont think people who owned Pits can blame CM. I dont admire CM but it was the individuals choice to get a pit or dobie or whatever.

  8. Lou

    from Mels link—

    “Cesar Millan has dedicated his life to helping dogs and to showing how even the most difficult ‘problem dog’ can be rescued and rehabilitated,” said a channel representative, per KNBC.

    As EMS notes ‘no kill shelters’ are a problem. some dogs are aggressive and should be killed.

  9. Lou

    displacing white males with hostile foreign labor that is easier for the elites to control.–I say that is not the reason. The tribe is anti Christian and
    anti White. Bingo.

  10. vengeur

    Poster boy for black on white violence :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxot145bg-A

  11. Christian W


    It is not really ‘the Tribe’ though. It is Zionism. Israel’s fiercest opponents are actually Jews.

    The real problem is the corruption at the top. A tiny group of elites + their handymen/collaborators run entire nations now. Zionists are now openly running the foreign and economic policies of the US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia etc never mind what puppets are in place there atm. This is why Trump is off target with his anti-Muslim or anti-Mexican immigration rhetoric. Nothing positive will happen until the Zionists are kicked out and law and order restored.

    Just now a US judge ordered IRAN to pay $10 billion in damages for 9/11.. In this (black) judge’s kangaroo court Iran apparently failed to prove it had nothing to do with 9/11 (ie failing to proving a negative). Could it be more blatant that the Zionists run the US legal system too.

  12. Lou

    having lived in NYC [in the same area as EMS] and other large cities in USA, most Jews I meet are as intolerant as they are leftist.

    In any case, came by for an update on the Cultural Revolution and its unintended consequence,


  13. emsnews

    Thanks for the link. Yes, that female professor wrecked the entire university. Land grant colleges are a democratic feature which the Victorian US citizens voted for because they didn’t want rich, elitist schools, these were a true revolution in education.

  14. wellwell

    Here is the latest “political commentator” to go off the deep end about Trump!


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