Trump Attacker At Rally Made ISIS Recruiting Video On You Tube

Tommy DiMassimo participating in ISIS propaganda video – YouTube: it isn’t taking long, the attackers are swarming all over Trump from mob scenes of raging leftists screaming for blood to ISIS lunatics.  I predicted long ago that Trump would be assassinated if he continued to rise in the polls.


I am pleased that the Secret Service is functioning to protect him, by the way.  Donald Trump blames Sanders supporters for Chicago unrest but Bernie Sanders Says His Campaign Didn’t Organize Protests That Cancelled Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally which might be true but…the guys attacking everyone at a Trump rally were Bernie supporters and he has to denounce them or else he looks like a co-conspirator.


Naturally, Hillary and Bernie blame Trump for all this.  If only he obeyed the Masters and didn’t talk about what really irks the average American citizen, if only he was one of the lying bastards and bitches, he would not be molested.  All he has to do is play the game they are playing, not talk directly to voters about what is really bugging them and no, Hill and Bernie, most voters are not worried it will be slightly warmer than when Washington crossed the Delaware on the ice floes!


Speaking of freezing cold weather, the rag called ‘The Pravda of the Potomac’, aka, ‘The Washington Post’ is screaming angry about Trump and their entire front page is about him with a tiny mention that an unknown lunatic attacked him without telling us it is a Muslim terrorist!

Screen shot 2016-03-12 at 9.12.04 PM

The ‘chaos’ is due entirely to violent leftists, Muslim terrorists and other lunatics attacking physically the people who say things they don’t like.  If people are silent about say, letting in a million angry Muslim males, then there is no violence except if the million Muslim males are violent anyways.  And if no one mentions students going crazy, they won’t attack University presidents in Missouri…except they do, anyways.


These people are ALREADY VIOLENT.  Anything anyone does anytime is an excuse for them to get violent.  Just like inner city blacks don’t need very much of anything to riot.  Hell’s bells, in my neighborhood when the entire city went black due to a freaking thunderstorm, my darling black neighbors thought this was an excellent time to loot the entire neighborhood and then burn the entire place to the ground!


There was no Trump there to irritate them, nothing was happening.  Within less than 30 minutes of the lights going out, the first looting began and the screams and flames and smoke and hellish howling went on all night while I used a hose on the roof to keep the house from catching fire as burning embers and building materials flew overhead.  I wished I had a machine gun that night.


Blaming people who make speeches for violence that happens all the time whether speeches are being made or there is no one paying attention…this is reality. Rioters and murderers kill or loot or burn when opportunities arise.  And ANYTHING is an excuse for them.  Anything no matter how small or ridiculous.  The goal is to justify looting and burning as if Genghis Khan needed any excuse when he did this professionally.


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11 responses to “Trump Attacker At Rally Made ISIS Recruiting Video On You Tube

  1. Jim R

    Wouldn’t surprise my inner tinfoil theorist if TPTB have been scouting around for ‘terrorists’ to keep attacking Trump. There are probably a lot of them available from Syria right now, where they are on the losing side of a proxy war.

  2. floridasandy

    I have no inner tinfoil hat.

    the leftists are are trying to shut down free speech, with the help of those repub losers running for president, Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich-every single one of them wall street sellouts or shills. (the 3 stooges of the right)

    I think this will empower Trump if he can keep from getting rattled, but I saw what happened to Perot when the media maliciously attacked him so he couldn’t win. Hell, they even went after Nader when he wasn’t a serious threat to their establishment shills.

  3. Melponeme_k

    The comments at “liberal” sites such as Huffingtonpost are frightening. People cheering and blaming Trump for the violence. When quite clearly Trump never advocated violence or Brown Shirt behavior. Sieg Heil Huffington.

    The Secret Service breaks ranks and stands with Trump, I don’t believe there will be as much danger as there could be. But we’ll see.

    Also insane leftists always think they are the majority. Which is wrong. The only time they are really successful is when they barnacle themselves onto other popular movements. Citizens of the US are by and large Centrists or Conservatives. Most times both. We are the silent majority. I think it is about time we start making ourselves heard before it is too late.

  4. Check out Chicago political organizer (Saul Alinsky) community organizations: infiltrations into small communities and colleges, violence eventually follows. To them the end justifies the means. Rape, pillage and plunder and shootings follow.
    “There otta be a law”

  5. CK

    Huey Long
    Robert Kennedy
    George Wallace

  6. Jim R

    CK, if your topic is ‘victims of deranged gun users’, you can add Ronald Reagan to the list. And I’m definitely not a Reagan fan. And Gerald Ford, come to think of it. It would be a pretty long list, only including the most prominent victims.

    The question is always whether the assailant had someone whispering in his/her ear, or whether the voices were all inside their heads.

  7. Lou

    ‘The comments at “liberal” sites such as Huffingtonpost are frightening.’

    Only if you refuse to accept reality. The left has been so wrong for so long and so self righteous. Hateful, bitter Whites wanting the rest of us to live in integrated areas, while they live in White areas. And we are considered racist by them.
    And thats that.

  8. I have this feeling that both the left and the right have both left their natural constituencies far behind.

    In the case of Trump the saying that you cannot but this sort of advertising is not true. You can pay a couple of nutters through a proxy and play the victim.

  9. Christian W

    The US has gone ding bat crazy. There is no meaningful political landscape. Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal etc are just empty words, meaningless puffs of air in a totally corrupted political landscape.

    Meanwhile Big Brother marches on.

    It is high time for Americans to find their way back to reality, but I doubt Trump is the man to do that, even if he is somewhat less of a disaster than the outright Zionist/Wall Street bots like Hillary (now there is a scary woman, and no, she isn’t Left or Liberal by any stretch of the imagination).

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