Merkel Losing Regional Elections

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Five weeks after storm, Düsseldorf gets its Rose Monday parade

Merkel’s party being slaughtered in German elections.  Like here in the US, people are increasingly fed up with mainstream politics that obvious doesn’t work too well. The left is not winning anything due to these developments, the growth is mainly on the right and only the right wing that is working stiff sectors, not students and not well-off, the students are the saddest part, they are being conned into going deep into debt for a very uncertain future.


Naturally, the real issues are not addressed here or in Germany.  The US has a problem of huge proportions, many of our youth are being lured into deep student debt that is immediately charged to their bills and must be paid at the time in life when they should be building a family and personal wealth like investing in property instead of renting.


The market for housing, for example, will be hammered by student debt overhead costs.  Families are already being formed later and later.  In Germany and Japan, family building has collapsed.


Social problems are accumulating more and more seriously and on top of this, the endless wars in Muslim countries most of which were launched by Zionists in the US, are now eating up Europe via a massive crusade of aliens from these countries.


Anyone expecting the left to win on a platform of ‘We are going to roast to death unless we stop consuming or breathing’ coupled with, ‘How dare we stop illegal aliens from invading?’ and then ‘We need to embrace Muslims who are attacking us’.  This is foolish and insane.


In a perfect world, we would not consume anything, we would embrace everyone and we would all be happy as oysters at high tide.  But in the real world, this is impossible.  NATO ally, Turkish coast guards are caught on camera beating a rubber dinghy full of refugees with sticks as they sail to Greece sinking the little boat.


Bloodshed at the bus stop: At least 34 people killed and 125 injured after massive car bomb blast in Turkish capital Ankara just weeks after Kurdish attack as the dictator running Turkey pushes harder and harder for war with Kurds and Russia.


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12 responses to “Merkel Losing Regional Elections

  1. Christian W

    Social problems are accumulating more and more seriously and on top of this, the endless wars in Muslim countries most of which were launched by Zionists in the US, are now eating up Europe via a massive crusade of aliens from these countries.

    Maybe people are starting to wake up to the fact that they are getting shafted big time by the powers that be.

    Look at Turkey. Turkey is Europe’s equivalent to Mexico.

    It is yet another nation going down the drain very rapidly thanks to elitist corruption and profiteering. Erdogan, another hopeless ‘leader’ supported by the US/EU/Israel, is blackmailing Europe to ‘stop’ the invasion of ‘Muslim refugees’. He has zero intention of doing so, of course, he is just using the money the EU sends him to wage war on Syria and profit personally while turning Turkey into some kind of Islamist cartoon of backwardness and stagnancy. (Or maybe Turkey is just reverting to type).

    Turkey is supposed to have Visa free travel to the EU starting later this year, around August I believe. Can you see the Elitist plan? 75 million poorly educated Turks are now cooking in economic regression (not the least thanks to the downing of the Russian Su-24 that made Russia slam sanctions on Turkey + some timely bombings to stop the European tourists, which means losses to the tune of billions of euros), political oppression, corruption and an increasingly insecure domestic safety situation thanks to ethnic cleansing of the Kurds.

    The ‘social problems’ you talk about are manufactured by the Elites and their insane policies. Just like in the US they are preparing to pull the rug from under the ‘welfare’ states and use ethnic tension as distraction from the theft of wealth and freedoms.

  2. tio

    Did you know that if you shave a poodle hard enough it will develop sepsis and go quite mad?

    “When I look at politics today, I am not terribly sure that I quite understand it” – T. Bliar (EU President).

    “Some time in the next couple of months we are told that Imperator Potussy himself is going to arrive in this country, like some deus ex machina, to pronounce on the matter.” – BoJo (lurking Turk)

    @Christian W – The Kurds need a homeland, no one thought it would be Germany. I’m sure it’s the emergence in Frau Merkel of latent Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, one too many tainted British burgers?

  3. DM

    Well, you are correct, Mad Cow seems like a fitting epithet for Frau Merkel

  4. Melponeme_k

    Merkel refuses to alter Migrant policy despite the will of the people shown in the recent election.

    How much are the elites promising to pay her to destroy her own reputation and humanity? It must be a lot if she thinks its worth being the figurehead of ire for millions of angry Germans.

  5. tio

    There is something very wrong with this picture.

  6. floridasandy

    Greece and Macedonia are fighting now to see who has to take the “refugees”. It is getting ugly, as the countries start to turn on each other over this issue. Macedonia just had a huge influx and is going to send them back.

    Merkel deserved to lose, and did. These elites are starting to lose all over Europe for ignoring the will of the people. Yeah, and Tony Blair is nuts too.

  7. floridasandy

    there is a lot of reward for some of those who sell their countrymen out: (Wikipedia)

    Blair’s financial assets are structured in a complicated manner, and as such estimates of their extent vary widely.[203] These include figures of up to £100 million; Blair has stated he is worth less than a “fifth of that”.[204] A 2015 assertion, by Francis Beckett, David Hencke and Nick Kochan, concluded that Blair had acquired $90 million and a property portfolio worth $37.5 million in the eight years since he had left office.[205

    Kasich who definitely tried to screw Ohio out of its pension funds through Lehman is another candidate promising amnesty in Ohio. That might not play well in a blue collar state if enough people know about it, but the media sure won’t tell

  8. vengeur

    Hmmm, a 15 year old female immigrant in Hannover stabs a policeman, but it doesn’t make ANY news. LOL,attacke118.html

  9. Petruchio

    The immigration invasion, the student loan debt “bubble”. It’s all part of the same objective of the elites. The leadership of the folks pushing these policies know full well what kind of social problems a debt bomb and an immigrant invasion will cause. That’s the WHOLE point!! These moves by the elites are one final F@CK YOU!! by the elites to the masses. The elites know their time is short. The US Dollar is losing its Reserve Currency status and the warmongering is not going anywhere even close to the neo-con plans. Before they leave, the elites are going to do their best to destroy the Middle Class in as many countries as they can.

  10. tio

    “…misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. At any rate, the last two are certainly much less frequent.” – Goethe (1774)

    May I present our shape shifting foreign policy overlord ..

    Hey Bubble Boy .. POP!

  11. emsnews

    Worse than ‘misunderstandings’ we have ‘make deals with the devil’ going on!!!

    The Evil One told our rulers, if they do these dumb things, they will be super rich and super powerful. Lo and behold, this did happen to them.

    The Skull and Bones people rejoiced. Then the Devil that is Death (their own words for Him!!!) then opens the Gates To Hell and voila: they are destroyed utterly.

    People learn absolutely nothing from History. And History writes by dipping her feather in blood and writing down the deeds of men and nature.

  12. Lou

    EMS, you believe the devil exists?

    I can read your words now, ‘No, I have met him.’

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