Yemen Slaughter Leading To Future Saudi Defeat And Collapse

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One of the most repressive, evil dictatorships on earth outside of maybe North Korea, is our dear ally, Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis have been fighting Yemen, a neighboring ‘nation’ created after WWII, bombing civilians there in this endless war due to Yemen being a slightly different repressive Muslim regime system.  This goes back to the ancient war between Muslim factions that began upon the death of Mohammed.  The US, as per usual, is on the side of the nasty Saudis telling us they are our good buddies even after 9/11.  This policy of coddling some of the most evil rulers on earth in the name of ‘freedom and democracy’ is stupid, destructive and very expensive.


Iranian news story giving a point of view totally and utterly hidden from US populations by media interdiction: The Debate – Saudi War on Yemen (Jan 15th) – YouTube

The Jewish staff working for the NYT have a silly article supposedly talking about the history of the present Yemen/Saudi blood bath:  Quiet Support for Saudis Entangles U.S. in Yemen – The New York Times


 Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s urbane, well-connected ambassador to Washington, arrived at the White House last March with the urgent hope of getting President Obama’s support for a new war in the Middle East.


And as per usual, he got what he asked for: another endless, stupid war which we have to support for no sane reasons.


 Iran had moved into Saudi Arabia’s backyard, Mr. Jubeir told Mr. Obama’s senior advisers, and was aiding rebels in Yemen who had overrun the country’s capital and were trying to set up ballistic missile sites in range of Saudi cities. Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf neighbors were poised to begin a campaign in support of Yemen’s impotent government — an offensive Mr. Jubeir said could be relatively swift….


Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of Yemen embassy air strike – Al Jazeera not to mention bombing hospitals.  Saudis strike in response to Houthi Scud attack as forgotten war rages on last October.  The US has taken over the British Foreign Office’s role in Muslim countries and this role is fatal to the US itself as it is draining our nation of unity and wealth.


A year later, the war has been a humanitarian disaster for Yemen and a study in the perils of the Obama administration’s push to get Middle Eastern countries to take on bigger military roles in their neighborhood. Thousands of Yemeni civilians have been killed, many by Saudi jets flying too high to accurately deliver the bombs to their targets. Peace talks have been stalled for months. American spy agencies have concluded that Yemen’s branch of Al Qaeda has only grown more powerful in the chaos.


These aggressive and very, very, VERY unforgiving religious lunatics want us to fight their many, many, many bloody religious wars just like the Jews in Israel want us to fund and support their religious war against all Muslims.  This super mess was created by the collapse of the British Empire.  We are paying the price of previous dominion.


This is the very same ‘foreign entanglements’ George Washington warned about when he retired.  Here is a video made by the Houthi fighters showing how the Saudis park tanks as stationary targets and the Houthis then blow these away while chanting ‘Allah Akbar’.

Yemen War Houthi Fighters Battle Saudi Arabian Tanks On Saudi Soil – YouTube

yemen Forces control new Saudi military sites In Asir and Destroy weapons stores – YouTube


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2 responses to “Yemen Slaughter Leading To Future Saudi Defeat And Collapse

  1. John Doe

    What happens when the Al Saud regime falls and all the sofa men have to flee? These men have no technical skills, are not willing to work hard and have a Wahhabist view of dominance that is alien to the rest of the world. The Al Sauds have been exporting the Wahhabi doctrine across the world for many decades, supported by their guarantors the United States and its client states, and they look like they will reap what they sow.

  2. nomial

    The saudi oil reserves are not infinite, one of these days, the last barrel will be pumped. It may be closer than you think. Read “Twilight in the Desert”.

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